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4.8 out of 5
4.8K Ratings

4.8K Ratings

Silly Brunette ,

Enlightening !!!

Candace speaks from experience. She is so fair and loving while shining her love for All people. She doesn’t agree with All people because she has her own mind. She speaks tough love and truth. Thank you!

SlotLover Disappointed ,

Important Podcast Every Leftist Should Heat

Candace and her guests have the ability to point out logical and practical truths. I wish I could get a room of friends & family who can’t even hear the name Trump without going ballistic, in a room with Candace. They even judge Candace without listening or reading about her. I personally don’t get it! The anger and fabrications that stem from lies reported by our corrupt media need to be righted. Candace keep speaking out and addressing the issues that plague our nation, a nation ready to crumble in ruins. A friend recently posted “I’ve haven’t lost friends over politics, I’ve lost friends over morals. If you support Trump I can’t be friends with you anymore.” This is the mentality that has divided this nation.

Manthoney ,

Love your shows

Every time I hear or see you speak I sincerely hope your messages are getting out to the right listeners

I find you extremely intelligent and entertaining

Thanks and keep spreading the word

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