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Every last woman, even the glossy picture of perfection who intimidates you to bits, has a story that would stun you. It's time we hear it. Let's discuss it all, learn it all, figure it all out - but not all at once.

But Not All At Once Anne Smith

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Every last woman, even the glossy picture of perfection who intimidates you to bits, has a story that would stun you. It's time we hear it. Let's discuss it all, learn it all, figure it all out - but not all at once.

    The Birds & The Bees

    The Birds & The Bees

    Nothing about growing up is easy, whether you have kids or not. To be candid, my four children have done nothing but make clear how NOT grown up or prepared I am for the realities of life with children in 2022.

    Today, Meg and Mary Flo of Birds & Bees are here to save us. And maybe our sanity and a whole lot of face while they're at it!

    Every part of parenthood requires a deep bench and lots of backup. Today, I hope you'll hear how many folks are in your corner. Whether it's learning to label "vulva" with the same calm countenance as "elbow," your backup has arrived.

    If you're ready for a deeper bench, word-for-word scripts, and even more help in talking to your kids about their weird, amazing bodies and the wild world of procreation, Meg and Mary Flo are offering But Not All At Once listeners a discount!

    Use BUTNOT20 as a discount code to receive 20% off their online course for parents of kids up to 10 years old.

    The aim is to get ahead of these topics, establish yourself as an expert, and have many small conversations with your children instead of one awkward big one. We're getting rid of "The Talk" and invite you to join us in a "But Not All At Once" approach to the birds and the bees!

    • 1 hr 25 min
    Where We Are & Where I’ve Been

    Where We Are & Where I’ve Been

    There aren’t words for today, just loosely connected thoughts and a deep, aching well of feelings. If you need a friend’s voice right now, here’s one. 💗

    This episode was released earlier today on Patreon. 

    • 23 min
    Spring Break for Grown-Ups

    Spring Break for Grown-Ups

    Do women have hobbies? Do grown-ups know how to blow off steam? Is it possible to relax while both doing and NOT doing something?

    Let's dive in to what spring break could look like for grown-ups. Come back later this week for a meatier interview; in the meantime, let's imagine we've rented the largest beach house known to mankind and dedicated each room to a different fantastic activity. (Yes, napping is an activity.)

    I can't wait to hear what the perfect solo spring break would look like for you? (Solo meaning no partner, no kids, no pets, no mortgages, no responsibilities. Just you, maybe some like-minded ladies, and oodles of the snacks of your choice.)


    • 1 hr 6 min
    We Were On. A. Break! Let's Pick Up Where We Left Off...

    We Were On. A. Break! Let's Pick Up Where We Left Off...

    It wasn't an announced break, but we WERE on a break - and now it's over. Delighted to catch back up with you about how I've been, how you've been, how the world has been (eep), what the royals are up to, and what we can expect in the months ahead.

    Have missed you, friends!

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    Margot Guy's Long Road to Motherhood

    Oprah's Sussex Interview

    The update to Margot's episode will be available on Patreon early next month!

    If you'd like to participate in the "Postcards as Pick-Me-Ups" project, keep your eyes on my Instagram. Can't wait to send them everywhere!! xoxo

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    Hope is Worth the Wait with Megan Scherer

    Hope is Worth the Wait with Megan Scherer

    In the midst of a challenging season (say, facing your high school sweetheart's metastatic cancer diagnosis), it can be hard to see anything beyond the moment ahead. Envisioning the future, or even making it through the next step, can seem downright impossible.

    Megan Scherer knows that feeling well, and her family has used it to change the lives of others'. The Scherers' charity, Worth the Wait, provides emotional and financial support for cancer patients hoping to preserve their fertility or, once their health allows, grow their families through IUI, IVF, surrogacy or adoption.

    A single question from a doctor led Megan's husband to bank his sperm and leave the Scherers' options open post-cancer. Even so, it took seven IUIs and countless prayers before they were able to meet their miracle baby, Elliott. Though their initial hope had been to have a second baby, Megan says that isn't in the cards - and counsels friends, family, and curious fellow parents not to pry into others' family-planning.

    The Scherers' story is one of healing, hope, and offering the same to others. You can support Worth the Wait here and learn more about its work on Instagram.

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    Chat with you soon! xo, A

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    Bonus Episode: What Makes a Hot Mess and Is Grief Really Gratitude?

    Bonus Episode: What Makes a Hot Mess and Is Grief Really Gratitude?

    Here's an extra chat for you this week based on a through-line in my conversations this week. My colleagues and friends (and I) seem to be feeling, thinking, crying over, looking like and worrying about things that may resonate with you too.

    Listen first, and then have a cookie. Take a nap. Send someone else a chicken pot pie. Ask for a break. Cry all the tears. Punch some pillows. Give yourself a sanity walk. DM me. Allow yourself to be an unkempt, actual hot mess - not an Instagram one. Or put on makeup and fluff your hair if that helps you! Just cope as you can.

    Grief can be a form of worship. At its heart, I believe, grief is gratitude - and right now we're all grieving something. Let's not do it alone.

    Anne, who's trying

    • 44 min

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4.9 out of 5
378 Ratings

378 Ratings

megs7304 ,

Never miss an episode!

This podcast is fantastic. Just listened to the “good parent” episode and it was just what I needed to hear when I needed to hear it. I can go back and say that about so many of these episodes. The topics are relevant, the conversations are so engaging and the resources she and her guests recommend are on point. I just bought and have almost finished “Try Softer” recommended in her last episode and it has been so helpful. Also-Anne has the most calming voice and is so articulate. She brings vulnerability and humor to hard topics and gives you wisdom to take with you into your day.

Jmii821 ,

Like chatting with a friend

Anne’s content is always relevant, insightful and enjoyable! I appreciate her broad range of guests and touching on topics that are often ignored. These podcasts are the best for my rare alone time in my car!

iaidun ,

Anne is truly a joy to listen to and so relatable

Highly recommend this podcast to everyone!!! Anne has so much wisdom to share, and is an incredible interviewer! She is truly an amazing human and I look forward to listening every week to her podcast!

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