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Amazing Applications show is for Microsoft Business Applications creators who want to build amazing Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agent and Power BI applications that everyone will love. The podcast is hosted by Microsoft Business Applications MVP, Neil Benson.

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Amazing Applications show is for Microsoft Business Applications creators who want to build amazing Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agent and Power BI applications that everyone will love. The podcast is hosted by Microsoft Business Applications MVP, Neil Benson.

    Advanced Estimating Q&A

    Advanced Estimating Q&A

    126. Thanks for all your questions about estimating business applications. In this episode, I tackle four tricky situations when it comes to estimating Dynamics 365 and Power Platform applications.
    Should we re-estimate items in our backlog after we’re done because they were easier or harder than originally expected? — TanikaIf we don’t complete a story by the end of the sprint, should we re-estimate how much work is remaining and split the story points across the sprints in which the work got done? — JaneShould we estimate user stories or estimate tasks of the user stories? — NazShould our developers include the time spent in scrum events in their estimates? — DipeshResources
    Estimating Business Applications, my new course available for free from Customery Academy."When Will It Be Done?: Lean-Agile Forecasting to Answer Your Customer's Most Important Question" by Daniel Vicanti. Support the show

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    EY's PowerPost reduces lead times by 95%

    EY's PowerPost reduces lead times by 95%

    #125. In this episode of Amazing Applications, Emil Hovgaard and Sheelan Bhana of EY Nordic Tech Hub share the story behind EY's PowerPost application and how it has made the General Ledger posting process easier and faster for the EY organization. 
    Emil’s background and his role at the EY organizationSheelan’s background and his role at the EY organizationEmil’s favorite Microsoft applicationSheelan’s favorite Microsoft applicationWhat Emil did during his time in the EY strategy team in AustraliaThe internal purpose of the EY organizationThe business challenge that Emil’s team had to solve that led to the creation of the PowerPost applicationThe approach that Emil and his team took in building the PowerPost applicationSheelan talks about connecting to SAP from a Power Platform application and the challenges that came with thatWhat the PowerPost project team looked likeEmil’s definition of a Fusion teamSheelan’s experience working with Fusion developersWhat drove members of the EY Global Finance and ERP teams to support the creation of the PowerPost application?How Sheelan and the team gathered requirementsThe tools that Sheelan and the team used in building the PowerPost applicationThe testing approach that Sheelan and the team usedHow long did the PowerPost project take?The challenges that Sheelan and the team faced during the course of the PowerPost projectHow did Emil and his team approach user interface design?How Nordic Tech Hub is responding to the possibility of users demanding more from Microsoft business applicationsThe results that EY managed to achieve using the PowerPost applicationWhat’s next for Nordic Tech Hub?Resources
    EY helps enable entry at source for a global finance process with Power Platform, reducing lead times by 95 percent on Microsoft Customer Stories.Emil Hovegaard on LinkedIn Sheelan Bhana on LinkedInSupport the show

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    Documenting Your Agile Applications

    Documenting Your Agile Applications

    #124. When you're using an agile approach, like Scrum, how and when should you document your Dynamics 365 or Power Platform applications? After all, the Agile Manifesto says, "We value working software over comprehensive documentation", right?

    Before projects start, my teams document requirements in a product backlog, visualise the backlog in a user story map, and discuss the project during a solution blueprint review workshop.

    During sprints, we're writing unit tests, functional test cases, describing our features in wiki pages and tracking our decisions in a decision register.

    Towards the end of the project or before a production release, we'll export the wiki as an as-as-built solution design document  and hand it over the axe-wielding psychopaths who will be supporting and maintaining our applications.

    And, of course, we'll produce all the other documentation our product owner asks us to if she create documentation-related items and prioritises them in the product backlog.

    Customery Academy student celebrations
    Congratulations to Olha Kucheriava for completing my Scrum for Microsoft Business Apps, to Adeel Arshad and Simon Williams for achieving their Scrum.org Professional Scrum Master certification, and to the teams from ITK Consulting, SynSci and AppRising for completing my Winning Agile Projects masterclass.

    Visit Customery Academy to find out more about our programs to help customers and partners build amazing, agile Dynamics 365 and Power Platform applications.

    Microsoft Learn: Create a solution blueprint for Dynamics 365 solutionsFastTrack Solution Blueprint presentation templateWrite unit tests with FakeXrmEasySupport the show

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    Sprint Goals for Microsoft Business Apps

    Sprint Goals for Microsoft Business Apps

    #123. Learn how to use sprint goals to communicate to your stakeholders what your team has committed to building this sprint. If you can write your sprint goal in the subject line of the sprint review invitation to your stakeholders, and they stampede to accept your invite and beat down the door at sprint review, that's a great sprint goal.

    This episode includes examples of sprint goals for Dynamics 365 and Power Apps projects and answers sprint goal questions like:
    What's the benefit for having a good sprint goal? How do we write good sprint goals?How can we use sprint goals?Can we have more than one sprint goal?How do we create a sprint goal for lots of different unrelated items?What sprint goal is your team working on? Let me know on LinkedIn.
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    Can You Build an App Without a Product Owner?

    Can You Build an App Without a Product Owner?

    122. Ethan is a scrum master for a Power Platform team and his team is trying to build an app but the customer's product owner hasn't shown up yet! What should he do?

    If your team's product owner is missing in action, in this episode you'll learn how to prevent this situation from happening, what to do to recover, and what could happen if you don't. 
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    Power Platform governance at a global scale with Rene Modery

    Power Platform governance at a global scale with Rene Modery

    121. What's it like trying to manage 10 Microsoft 365 tenants with hundreds of environments, apps and citizen developers. Rene Modery, Power Platform Technical Lead shares his journey at global advertising company, WPP. 
    Managing ten Microsoft 365 tenants for a global company with hundreds of subsidiaries.Power Platform environment policies and other guard rails to help makers.How do you know what apps have already been built and what problems have already been solved within a large organisation so that makers don't reinvent the wheel?Which data sources and connectors are proving to be the most popular in your Power Platform environments? SharePoint, Microsoft Lists, Excel, Azure SQL, Dataverse?Why Rene is not ready to ask makers to standardise on Dataverse quite yet.How the new Fluent UI controls will help app makers build apps that are better looking and more useful.If Rene could direct the Microsoft product teams to improve one thing, it would be...licensing!And he'd love to see some of the Center of Excellence features brought into the Power Platform Admin Center too.  And in person events are returning to the Power Platform user groups in Singapore.Resources
    Rene Modery on TwitterRene Modery on LinkedInRene's book, Hands-On Microsoft ListsSingapore Power Platform User GroupSupport the show

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3 Ratings

Jlindstrom ,

Everything you need to know about Scrum

Neil is the best there is when it comes to agile implementation methodology and why you should use it with Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Business Applications deployments. His podcasts and videos are great, and you should listen to them.

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