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Have you ever doubted? In Help My Unbelief, we understand doubt is not the great enemy of faith but a meaningful part of the journey toward Christ.

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Have you ever doubted? In Help My Unbelief, we understand doubt is not the great enemy of faith but a meaningful part of the journey toward Christ.

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5.0 out of 5
20 Ratings

20 Ratings

Corey Seachris ,

Thank you for this very needed podcast

I was raised in a Christian family but in early adulthood, I struggled with doubt and was practically an agnostic for a few years. I ended up coming back into Christianity and am now a convert to Orthodoxy. I still struggle with faith and doubt. I am very thankful for your podcast.

ProfessorAlan ,

Love this show!

The hosts do an excellent job of having real conversations about the concept of "Lord, I believe -- help my unbelief!" Wonderful.

Ortho Jo ,

Why are you a Christian?

“Why are you a Christian?” My struggling-to-be-a-Christian friend asked out of desperation for answers. I sat there for a bit trying to think of an answer that didn’t sound like it came out of Sunday school. I was so embarrassed because this huge question challenged everything; my school, relationships, leadership, lifestyle, pretty much my identity, and I couldn’t think of why I was actually a Christian.

I told him I couldn’t think of a solid answer and that I’d get back to him; he was satisfied with my honesty.

But that question, or even that word, “why?” is a haunting one. It forces oneself to look inward, and deeper, it’s not satisfied with rote, packaged answers. The only answer I could conjure up was that I had always been a Christian, my family raised me that way. But that wasn’t a good enough reason, that didn’t mean Christianity true.

I searched high and wide for answers to objections to the faith via contemporary apologetics (mostly Protestant and Catholic) and found some satisfying responses. I bulked up on my understanding of science, philosophy, scripture, culture and it’s contemporary issues. At the same time I was asked to start working with the high school Sunday school group and I began doing this research not only for myself but for them.

Now, as the Youth Director, I receive questions all of the time from searching and unsatisfied youth. We leaders must learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable with these questions, doubts and push backs. We must do the work to actually know the answers to these questions that they are dealing with, even if we don’t wrestle with them ourselves. If we don’t know, then be honest and authentic and say you don’t know and that you’ll get back to them.

We live in an age where any answer to any question can be asked and answered. If our children and youth do not feel that they can safely ask a question or get a substantive answer, they will go some where else where they can get satisfactory answers.

I hope this podcast, with Orthodox hosts and perspectives, can engage with these issues and provide a space of healthy questioning and vulnerable doubt. I appreciate Nicole and Basil and their efforts; I know that some do not understand or appreciate the value of this sort of program. I encourage our hosts and pray for them, I think it’s high time the Orthodox publicly engage with the intellectual and existential problems that plague the faithful.

Oh and by the way, I came up with an answer and finally told my friend. I told him that I’m an Orthodox Christian because there are saints.

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