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3rd Floor Views focuses on health, education, and living with kids. The team from Chesapeake Family Life and their guests will discuss topics that are currently on our minds, as well as get helpful advice from experts.

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3rd Floor Views focuses on health, education, and living with kids. The team from Chesapeake Family Life and their guests will discuss topics that are currently on our minds, as well as get helpful advice from experts.

    Homeless Kids in Maryland

    Homeless Kids in Maryland

    The number of homeless kids in Maryland is about 1.8% of all kids enrolled in public school.* That means that for a high school with a total enrollment of 1,000, 18 of those kids are homeless.
    Anne Arundel County Homelessness
    In Anne Arundel County the number of homeless kids has risen by 58% between 2018 - 2021. The Light House Shelter notes that there are 1,000 students in the public school system that are currently homeless. The Governor’s Office for Children states that these children are prone to being disconnected and socially disengaged, at risk of physical and sexual abuse, and reports higher rates of mental, behavioral and physical health issues than their peers. 
    For some perspective, the National Alliance to End Homeless estimates there are approximately 6,360 homeless people in the entire state.
    The Light House Shelter
    Today we are discussing homelessness in Anne Arundel County and what The Light House, a homeless prevention center in Annapolis, is doing to help individuals and families get back on their feet. Joining us are Heather Cassity, Executive Director of The Light House, and Corine Sheridan with Friends of the Light House, which works to raise funds for The Light House.
    The Light House Shelter
    *data from the Governor’s Office for Children  

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    The Importance of Art Education

    The Importance of Art Education

    Art education is important in any community because of the many ways in which art can tell stories, inspire and empower better than most other mediums.
    Alison Harbaugh and Darin Gilliam are the founders of ArtFarm, a space that inspires others to create, encourage artistic innovation and bring together the community in Annapolis.
    Alison and Darin join us to discuss how art education can benefit kids and adults alike, as well as some of their recent and upcoming community projects,  including their newest endeavor AND.

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    Poverty Amidst Plenty

    Poverty Amidst Plenty

    Poverty Amidst Plenty, is the seventh Needs Assessment undertaken by the Community Foundation of Anne Arundel County (CFAAC) in partnership with Anne Arundel County Partnership for Children, Youth, and Families. Pamela Brown, Ph.D., currently the Executive Director of the Anne Arundel County Partnership for Children, Youth and Families, is the author of the study.
    We spoke with Mary Spencer, President and CEO of CFAAC about the results of the 2022 Needs Assessment. The report examines the gap that exists between the current state of Anne Arundel County and the desired state of Anne Arundel County in terms of the key measures of community well-being. The study will be used to align the grant making done by CFAAC with the most pressing needs of the community.
    Well-being measurements for the report included health, mental health, food access, gun violence, transportation, homelessness, child care, the environment, labor shortages and social media. Anne Arundel County has consistently struggle with, and has a shortage of public transportation, affordable housing and childcare options. Since the COVID pandemic the county has lost 42 childcare facilities.
    The report draws on qualitative data gathered from 14 key informants and 18 focus groups. Focus group areas included emergency department personnel, behavioral health providers, Hispanic residents, advocates, representatives of philanthropy, public and subsidized housing residents, pupil personnel workers, disabled residents, seniors, and a host of others representing a total of 168 participants.

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    Student Festival Raises Money for Chesapeake Bay

    Student Festival Raises Money for Chesapeake Bay

    Persistence paid off for high school student Reed Spaulding as he planned the Tributary Festival to raise money for the Chesapeake Bay. After a two year COVID delay Reed held the first Tributary Festival in 2021, followed a year later with the second concert raising over $20,000 to protect the Chesapeake Bay.
    Reed grew up kayaking and digging for oysters on the Chesapeake Bay and as he entered high school, felt compelled to protect the Bay. He decided to pair his passions for the Bay and music to make a difference. 
    His 2021 event on the Inner Harbor of Baltimore drew more than 500 attendees who donated to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. The free festival featured live music from a half-dozen professional and student bands, including Reed’s own band. 
    A drummer since age 10, Reed had formed a rock band in fifth grade and had seen music festivals rally entire communities behind a cause. He launched into staging a festival to benefit the Bay. When the pandemic twice delayed his plans, he maintained momentum by staging a backyard concert and hosting a live-streamed festival of pre-recorded band performances. 
    Shortly before the 2021 festival, Reed founded the Tributary Club at his high school to help plan future concerts. “With hard work and determination, you really can bring your goals to fruition,” says Reed. “I’ve learned I’m more capable than I thought and that students can make a massive impact.”

    The Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes honored Reed in 2022 for his efforts. Established in 2001 by author T. A. Barron, the Barron Prize annually honors 25 outstanding young leaders ages 8 to 18 who have made a significant positive impact on people, their communities, and the environment. Reed says that this prize has given the Tributary Festival a big boost in visibility in the community.

    More podcasts: https://www.chesapeakefamily.com/category/podcast/

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    Stress Management for Athletes

    Stress Management for Athletes

    Dr. David Baron joins us to discuss the importance of stress management for female athletes and what can be done to slow down the rate of tragedies. 2022 has been an unthinkably sad year for NCAA athletes. Lauren Bernett, a 20-year-old softball star from James Madison University, killed herself a few weeks ago. Her suicide follows Sarah Shulze, a cross-country athlete at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and 22-year-old Stanford soccer captain Katie Meyer who took her own life in early March.

    Sponsored by Annapolis Pediatrics

    If you are the parent of a student athlete you should be aware of both the upsides of youth sports but also of the pressures they face. Young kids can be pushed too hard, they burn out and there are even instances of cyberbullying. The joy and fun can be taken out of youth sports in pursuit of a good college and scholarships.
    “The suicide rates amongst NCAA female athletes are both heartbreaking and unacceptable. All athletic programs must treat the mental well-being of their athletes as they would the physical well-being of their athletes,” explains Dr. Baron.
    What Can Parents Do?

    How can parents support their student athletes? Dr. Baron says to show support and be engaged. Ask your kids if they are having fun? Did they have a good practice? Praise them for their progress, not just when they are winning.
    Ask yourself, “What can I do to make this a more enjoyable experience for my child.” Don’t talk to the coach about playing time. Support your athlete from afar with a positive attitude and make sure there is a safe, confidential place to get help if it is needed.
    Talking to Student Athletes

    Dr. Baron recently met with student-athletes from the University of Oregon to discuss mental health in athletes. There’s no denying the stress balancing athletics, academics, and a personal life puts on athletes.

    “Modern athletes have modern problems. Research is showing factors like a global pandemic, social media, and financial stress all play a role,” explains Dr. Baron

    Growing public support for sports mental health is crucial to fixing the problemThere is an incredible amount of pressure and anxiety on college athletes, and they must have resources to help them manage that stress.

    David Baron, DO, Osteopathic physician faculty in the Department of Behavioral Medicine and Psychiatry at WesternU’s COMP and COMP-Northwest
    International Society of Sport Psychology
    Dr Dave McDuff
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    The Benefits of Arts Education

    The Benefits of Arts Education

    Gaining self-confidence is only one of the benefits of arts education. Coordination, verbal skills and learning a good work ethic are only a few reasons to introduce children to the arts. According to a report released by the National Endowment for the Arts in 2019, the sector accounts for 919.7 billion, nearly one trillion, to the U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

    Our discussion panel dives into the positive impacts that art education has on school children. The panel includes from the Vice President, Nicole Caracia from Chesapeake Arts Center, Emily Carey from Ballet Theatre of Maryland, and Jeanne Calderon from Music Together Chesapeake.

    Sponsored by Annapolis Pediatrics

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