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Creative Spirits Unleashed is about becoming more of who you really are by changing your relationship with mistakes, pressure and criticism and adding more balance to your life.

Creative Spirits Unleashed Lynn Carnes

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Creative Spirits Unleashed is about becoming more of who you really are by changing your relationship with mistakes, pressure and criticism and adding more balance to your life.

    #51 Kate Neligan: The Less than Perfect Road

    #51 Kate Neligan: The Less than Perfect Road

    My guest for this episode of the podcast is Kate Neligan. From the first minute I spoke with her, I could tell Kate was the kind of coach that facilitates true change. In this episode, she speaks freely about her own transformation, and the less-than-perfect road that led her to embrace the journey more than the end goal. Kate also has a point of view about what makes a good coach and a good coaching fit. Most importantly, Kate realizes that the journey is never complete and continues to work on herself (which is one of the gold standards of a good coach from my perspective.)   
    Like many of us, she got ahead in the corporate world by saying yes to her own detriment. Balance went out the window, along with her sense of self. Through having a good coach, she found her way to a more fulfilling success, and now she helps others do the same. 

    Kate Neligan is an Equine-Partnered Life/Business Coach who helps her clients with their intuition, emotional intelligence, and empowered leadership both virtually and in-person with horses. Kate left her VP of Marketing career at a movie studio to pursue her calling for the transformation that is possible from the human-animal bond. She is certified in Equine Experiential Education and has a Master's degree in Spiritual Psychology. Kate is passionate about helping women to thrive and is a best-selling author with stories in the books “The Power of Being a Woman” and “Women Will Save the World.” She is also an Animal Communicator & Healer and is published in the books “Animals” and “Nature” by Common Sentience. Kate is a motivational speaker with a TEDx talk on perfectionism. The Awakening With Equines certification program she created is for new or next-level equine-partnered coaches.

    Contact Information
    Website: www.kateneligan.com
    Social Links:
    IG: https://www.instagram.com/kateneliganequinecoach/Facebook Group:https://www.facebook.com/groups/awakeningwithequinesFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/KateNeliganEquineCoachYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@KateNeliganLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kateneligan/

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    #50 Sarah Barnes: Trust Your Intuition

    #50 Sarah Barnes: Trust Your Intuition

    My guest for this episode of the podcast is Sarah V. Barnes, author of She Who Rides Horses. If you have ever wondered if intuition is real or questioned whether you could really trust your instincts, this podcast is for you. Sarah practiced in the logical world of academia before becoming an author. Working with horses taught her to move beyond logic. As she said in the podcast, “I feel like I’m reclaiming my birthright.” I couldn’t agree more. Sarah has a lot of wisdom to offer, both in this podcast and in her book. 
    The book She Who Rides Horses is a historical fiction account of the first person to ride a horse in about 4000 BCE. The story dances the tightrope between the hard evidence of what historians know about that time period and that which can’t be known. It’s a gripping tale of life, love and spirit in an era long past. 

    Given her background, Sarah is well-equipped to tell this story.

    Sarah V. Barnes is both an historian and a horsewoman. When she is not writing stories, she practices and teaches riding as a meditative art. She also offers equine-facilitated coaching and wellness workshops. Sarah holds a Ph.D. in history from Northwestern University and spent many years as a college professor before turning full-time to riding and writing. She has two grown daughters and lives with her husband, her dogs, and her horses near Boulder, CO.  
    Website: www.sarahvbarnes.com

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    #49 Amanda Held: Creating a Clear Path

    #49 Amanda Held: Creating a Clear Path

    How can horses help a person be a better leader? So started this podcast with Amanda Held, an accomplished leader in a variety of settings. She shared compelling stories of what she has seen and experienced, along with quotes like this: “If you ask a question, you have to respect the answer that you get.” Early on, she tells a story of a toxic leader who transformed in a moment after getting a mustang to do something truly remarkable. Except he failed to remark, and it led him to a life defining moment that changed everything.  
    More than once, I was moved to tears in this conversation. Amanda truly dances the tightrope between hard-edged science and the magic of an open heart. Several times, I asked her to repeat what she said, because it was so profound.  

    So, who is Amanda Held? She would be the first to tell you she is much more than her bio. She truly shines through in this podcast episode. Here’s what her bio says.  

    Amanda Held is a Founder, CEO, Horse & Human Potential Practitioner, Healing Facilitator, Published Author, and Air Force First Sergeant. Through decades of studying horse and human behavior, Amanda has developed powerful insights and evidence-based solutions that help both horses and humans actualize their full potential.

    Amanda's passion is to deliver powerful event that create a clear path for participants to access deep levels of awareness and move into cohesion and self-mastery. Amanda has earned a place in the 2022 Success Magazine's "125 People of Influence" by spending over a decade empowering veteran, equestrians, mental health practitioners, facilitators, executives, and businesses gain the clarity and confidence necessary to obtain their high-level goals with ease. 

    She also accepted the award for the Horses for Mental Health prize winning film at the 2022 EQUUS Film Fest, where we met at the beginning of December. The documentary trailer, HOOVES Healing Our Veterans was produced by Amanda Held and directed by Josh Nagel Productions. A beautiful and powerful message of the healing horses can bring through the wonderful programs providing these services. You can watch the 4-minute video here.  

    ·      What is it that makes a horse a better leader than a human? 3:25
    ·      Treatment Resistant Depression. 8:59
    ·      What happens when you have a heart-opening experience. 14:31
    ·      How do you open your heart so you can change? 20:32
    ·      People that have high Iqs often have a deficit in people skills. 24:32
    ·      The importance of being authentic and being human. 31:25
    ·      Horses are their prey animals and they will typically flee before they will fight. 37:15
    ·      You can’t dance with what’s happening if you’re not willing to dance with the change. 45:19
    ·      What is entropy?  48:55
    ·      The difference between growth and entropy -. 55:10
    ·      Every time you prevent someone from feeling uncomfortable, you’ve robbed them of the opportunity to grow. 1:07:16
    ·      The root cause of depression is a fantasy. 1:10:02
    ·      Dancing the tightrope of attachment. 1:14:57
    ·      Describe what you’re doing on that land for the veterans with the horses. 1:20:33
    ·      How to empower your clients to be self-led and self-organized. 1:26:02
    ·      When you can be that person, what will that allow you to do? 1:28:54
    ·      The universal bitch slap if we ignore the feedback of our environment. 1:34:33
    ·      Why your life matters to you. 1:40:50

    Amanda's Webs

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    #48 Christine Dickson: On the Path of Transformation

    #48 Christine Dickson: On the Path of Transformation

    Have you ever noticed how one thing leads to another, then leads to another and so on? This episode came about because I fell off a horse and found Warwick Schiller, who teaches people about horses on Facebook. Except he’s really all about personal transformation. He was a guest on this podcast in May 2020, and then I was a guest on his podcast September 2021. In that episode, I told a story about a pivotal moment in daughter Jen’s addiction journey. Fast forward to the summer of 2022, I get a message on Instagram from a woman in Los Angeles who had listened to that podcast and described how moved she was by that story. 

    In early November, 2022 I went to Warwick’s Journey On Podcast Summit in San Antonio, where he gathered many of his prior podcast guests to share their wisdom in person.  
    One of those podcast guests, who was not a scheduled presenter, was Christine Dickson. Now here’s where it gets interesting. I had listened to Warwick’s podcast with Christine in August and really connected with her approach and her wisdom and her wit. I was thrilled to see that she was at the Summit as well. At the first break, she came to introduce herself and guess what? She was the Christine from Los Angeles that had reached out to me on Instagram in the summer.  
    We connected in person as well as we did by Instagram, and the next step was a no brainer. I had to have her on my podcast. We started this conversation with the topic of transformation. She has a story about her own transformation that both inspired me and reminded me that we are one choice away from the inner freedom we crave.  
    This conversation is one I will want to listen to more than once and I suspect you will too. 
    Here’s a little bit about Christine:  
    Christine Dickson is a Transformational Mentor, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Equine Assisted Coach. She works with people to map out their vision and reframe their limiting belief systems to create radical shifts in their lives. She has a solid background in working with people moving away from addiction and co-dependence and supporting their quest to align with their life purpose. Her ideal client is a fellow traveler who has come to a crossroads and dares to pursue a more purposeful life.  
    A self-described “Late Bloomer”, she travelled a slow but steady path to rewrite her subconscious conditioning and take responsibility for her own life. By becoming more self-aware and intentional she was able propel herself into taking meaningful action that changed the course of her life. Now, she helps others do the same. What does your heart long to bring forth into the world? When that small inner voice whispers to you what you know to be true, do you listen?  
    By the way, while she was not a scheduled presenter at the Podcast Summit, on Saturday, Robyn Schiller asked her to close out the Summit on Sunday afternoon. Christine tells the story of how she decided to say yes -and that story is for anyone who has ever experienced a moment of self-doubt and wanted to find a more empowering way to approach challenges.  
    Guest contact information:   

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    #47: Marla Steinberg: A Simple Trail Ride Turned into a Life Changing Moment

    #47: Marla Steinberg: A Simple Trail Ride Turned into a Life Changing Moment

    This latest podcast takes a whole new turn for me. Yet it makes complete sense in terms of the Dancing the Tightrope podcast series. Remember that this series falls under the category of “it takes a village.” In my case, the village I needed was made up of the friends, family and trainers who helped me get back on the horse after my fall in 2017.   

    My guest for this episode is Marla Steinberg, who happily went along with me when I finally decided to ride a horse again – in late 2018. In other words, well over a year after the fall. In this case, I decided to start with an “easy horse” at Cedar Creek Stables here in Lake Lure. 

    Listen as Marla and I take you through the twists and turns of what appeared to be a simple trail ride on the surface. It turned out to be life changing for Marla and also showed me how well I hid my fear – at least at first – about the whole idea of riding a horse again. I was busted as soon as we walked into the barn. 

    Marla and I share that story and many more in the episode.  

    Here’s a little bit about Marla. She’s one of my closest friends. She used to have a house in Lake Lure and we have spent many summers playing together on and around the lake. My first time to meet her involved magnificent, chef-quality food, which I’ve come to understand as her normal. No one puts more love in their food than Marla! She has three grown children who I also count as good friends, as well as her husband Hank, who has never met a stranger.  

    Podcasts are usually about some kind of business topic; rarely do you get to eavesdrop on two friends reflecting on some shared experiences. However, that’s exactly what you will hear in this episode. I hope you enjoy it!  

    Outline of Episode 
    ·      Marla’s story of how she got into riding. 3:54
    ·      Marla’s experience with her father‘s horse. 8:13
    ·      How Scott never had a bad experience on a horse. 13:56
    ·      Horses are the ultimate uneducated human. 20:05
    ·      The second time we went on the trail. 23:43
    ·      What is a fox hunt? 29:47
    ·      The importance of having a vest. 36:04
    ·      How to deal with the fear of horses. 42:54
    ·      Breathing exercises to make sure your head is clear. 46:46
    ·      Using fear to fix fear -. 50:24
    ·      How to build a horse that can do anything. 56:02
    ·      Develop your mental tools, especially listening, to tune in. 1:01:14
    ·      What happens when you’re nervous. 1:06:41

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    #46: Lee McLean: The Balancing Act Between Discipline and Feel

    #46: Lee McLean: The Balancing Act Between Discipline and Feel

    I’m continuing my podcast series on my book Dancing the Tightrope with Lee McLean, Author and  Horsewoman of Keystone Equine in Alberta, Canada. Lee is an incredible writer. She is one of those rare people who knows how to use Facebook to share her messages about horses. She is also a balanced thinker, and that’s what made me ask her on the podcast. Well, actually, it started when I read a post that beautifully described one of the many balancing acts with training horses. She agreed to allow me to include that post in my book – and because of that, I had to have her on the podcast. You are going to be so glad I did.  
    If you are a horse person, or a leader, you are going to want to listen to this podcast. Lee’s wisdom goes far beyond the barn. Better yet, she has her own book coming out about the same time as mine! According to her publisher, Red Barn Books, Love and Rules, Life Lessons Learned With Horses is a new collection of essays that covers the spectrum of love, fear, winning, loss, ageing, growth, illness and recovery — all through the medium of horsemanship. The book is now available for pre-order and will ship mid-November of 2022.  
    Her book is a collection of essays, and if her daily musings on Facebook are any indication, the book will enlighten, humor and “courage” you. If my use of the word courage as a verb caught your attention, it will make more sense when you read Dancing the Tightrope. Lee McLean knows a thing or two about courage, as you will hear in the conversation.  
    So who is Lee MeLean? Per the publisher’s website: A stroke survivor, horse trainer, and best-selling author, Lee McLean has over 40,000 followers on Facebook, a national magazine column, and she appears at events from small-town horse shows to sidesaddle racing at the Calgary Stampede.

    Outline for Episode

    ·      What falling off a horse taught me.0:02
    ·      How to find the signal in the noise of social media. 4:35
    ·      We compare ourselves so easily and unconsciously with the people who have dedicated their entire lives to perfecting this thing. 12:13
    ·      What should you look for in a coach? 17:56
    ·      The importance of finding the right horse. 23:07
    ·      Horses are not known for strong decision-making skills. 29:51
    ·      The importance of learning how to handle pressure. 37:34
    ·      We would rather not do something wrong than do something wrongly. 41:54
    ·      We all need to plan for the day when our horses won’t suffer anymore. 47:45
    ·      What doesn’t matter anymore. 55:24
    ·      The book is written for people who are not afraid to speak their truth. 1:01:43
    ·      How do I cope with this? 

    Guest contact information:   

    • 1 hr 19 min

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6 Ratings

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