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Freudo-Marxist podcast hosted by
@mcrumps and @DanielTutt with editing and more by Lawrence Massick.

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Freudo-Marxist podcast hosted by
@mcrumps and @DanielTutt with editing and more by Lawrence Massick.

    Trotskyism Today with Ian Parker

    Trotskyism Today with Ian Parker

    Marxist theorist, literary critic, military leader and exiled opponent of Stalin, Leon Trotsky is one of the most important figures of 20th century Marxism. But how are Trotsky's ideas being lived out today by revolutionary socialists?
    To help us understand Trotskyism, its history and legacy today we are joined by Ian Parker, Lacanian psychoanalyst and revolutionary socialist. He has written over 25 books to his name and he works in the fields of critical psychology, Marxist psychology, and psychoanalytic theory. 
    Parker is a fellow of the British psychological society, Emeritus Professor at the University of Leicester, and the managing editor of the Annual Review of Critical Psychology. Parker is also a practicing psychoanalyst analyst.
    For those interested, you can see Ian Parker and his co-author David Pavón-Cuellár this Friday November 12th at 2 pm EST for a conference hosted by Study Groups on Psychoanalysis and Politics centered around their new work, Revolution: Critical Psychology for Liberation movements. Join us with speakers Isabel Millar, Gabriel Tupinambá and Nadia Bou Ali to discuss this work at 2 pm this coming Friday November 12th - RSVP (on Zoom):
    In this episode, we discuss history of Trotskyism and its main ideas and how Trotsky’s ideas can help us address creeping fascism and build and world that has gone beyond capitalism. 
    Chip in $5 - $10 to support us and help keep us going:

    • 1 hr 40 min
    The Last Days of the Dialectic with Robert Boncardo and Bryan Cooke

    The Last Days of the Dialectic with Robert Boncardo and Bryan Cooke

    We are joined by philosophers Robert Boncardo and Bryan Cooke to discuss the philosophical and political thought of Alain Badiou. Boncardo and Cooke's research is shedding light on how Badiou's concrete political militancy from 1969 - 1981 shaped his first major work Theory of the Subject (1982). 
    We discuss the communist group Badiou was part of from 1969 - 1981 UCFML, the SONACOTRA Rent Strike, Badiou's relation to Maoism and how these more practical activities serve as a crucial backdrop for understanding the otherwise enigmatic concepts Badiou develops in Theory of the Subject.

    • 2 hr 43 min
    Deciphering Nietzsche/anism Part II

    Deciphering Nietzsche/anism Part II

    We continue to probe Nietzsche and Nietzsche/anism, picking up on some problems and questions that were opened in our last interview with Geoff Waite. We begin with a reading of Nietzsche from two radically different positions: Georges Bataille and György Lukács. We then go on to discuss Nietzsche and Marx, consciousness, antihumanism, antiphilosophy, liberation, Nietzsche's politics and more.
    Does Nietzsche/anism address a real problem that Marxism can’t account for? Or must we work to discard all traces of Nietzsche/anism in order to champion a more liberated world and a more egalitarian version of philosophy?

    • 44 min
    Deciphering Nietzsche/anism with Geoff Waite

    Deciphering Nietzsche/anism with Geoff Waite

    We seek relief from our "Nietzsche fever" with Nietzsche scholar Geoff Waite, professor of German Studies at Cornell University. How does one go about reading Nietzsche? How does one get out of Nietzsche's system, and not fall into its abyss? The influence of Nietzsche is arguably more profound than even Freud or Marx. Nietzsche/anism has "won" in the sense that a world of rank order and capitalist exploitation is all around us. In that sense, Nietzsche/anism is the air that we breathe.
    It is necessary for the left to read Nietzsche because to do so is to understand the enemy, to understand the profoundly elusive and esoteric strategy he developed in his philosophy. In this conversation, we discuss the legacy of Nietzsche for today's left, how to read Nietzsche, the recent 1,000 page translation of Aristocratic Rebel by the Marxist historian and philosopher Domenico Losurdo, and Geoff's strategy for deciphering Nietzsche/anism. 
    Geoff Waite is the author of Nietzsche′s Corps/e Aesthetics, Politics, Prophecy, or, the Spectacular Technoculture of Everyday Life
    Warning: this may be a conversation for everyone and no one
    Music: "Your Red Dress" by Alaska in Winter and Mihâly Vig's music from Béla Tarr's film "A Torinoi Lo" (The Turin Horse)
    Photo: The "Yung Nietzsche" (without beard, lol) 

    • 1 hr 36 min
    A Manifesto for the Working Class with Cynthia Cruz

    A Manifesto for the Working Class with Cynthia Cruz

    We are joined by writer and thinker Cynthia Cruz for a heartfelt and real conversation about the working class. Cynthia has written an incredible new book called The Melancholia of Class: A Manifesto for the Working Class (Repeater Books, 2021). We discuss the experiences of being working class, of leaving one's class roots, alienation, working class artists and the current status of the working class in America. 

    This conversation is not to be missed!! 

    Music: Joy Division "The Eternal" 

    • 1 hr 5 min
    Cuteness and Cringe - A Lacanian Theory of Online Culture

    Cuteness and Cringe - A Lacanian Theory of Online Culture

    Daniel (@danieltutt) and Mike (@mcrumps) are joined by Bonni Rambatan (@bonni07) and Jacob Johanssen (@Jacob_PhD) to discuss their forthcoming book Event Horizon: Sexuality, Politics, Online Culture, and the Limits of Capitalism. 

    We discuss Bonni and Jacob's theory of online culture, a Lacanian analysis of social media, trolling, incels, and a theory of why the Internet is all about cuteness.

    Music: Alice Coltrane - "Reflection on Creation and Space" (A Five Year View) LP 1973

    • 1 hr 55 min

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5.0 out of 5
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19 Ratings

NoEasyAnswersPodcast ,

Such a cool pod

Love this podcast. They've got some really great interviews - and I'm happy to find more folks thinking with authors like Losurdo and Waite about Nietzsche.

notoriousNTB ,

Lacanian Marxist philosophy

What more could you want

wmp224 ,

Love a podcast

get better microphones

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