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With a passion for storytelling, Mill House is more than a fishing podcast. Comprised of in-depth conversations with innovators, legends, and pioneers of the outdoors, we expose untold and compelling stories from industry leaders.

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With a passion for storytelling, Mill House is more than a fishing podcast. Comprised of in-depth conversations with innovators, legends, and pioneers of the outdoors, we expose untold and compelling stories from industry leaders.

    Tom McGuane - King of Words

    Tom McGuane - King of Words

    Tom McGuane is a giant among legends across all continents and countries. His boundless heart and endless determination tackled dreams only he could’ve accomplished. Tom’s extraordinary writing is in the record books and for the rest of time he’ll be remember as one of the greats. His literary spectrum includes ten novels, five screen plays, and countless short stories. His work has received a page full of awards culminating with his induction into The American Academy of Arts and Letters. But then there’s the fishing, the hunting, and the HORSES; cutting horses. Tom McGuane is a savant of many talents!
    Although he was born in Michigan, his heart ventured west. As a young man he worked on a ranch in Wyoming where he first got his boots dirty. After the success of his book and movie “Sporting Club," he bought a ranch in Montana and property in Key West. His life on a horse became extremely important to him and he became a great “cutter” often beating the best in the world and eventually was inducted into The Cutting Horse Hall of Fame.
    But it was in Key West where Tom McGuane caught fire. It was there, when his writing was young and his aspirations were as vibrant as the blistering sun. Literature, fishing, and adventures after dark took on a life of its own. It was there, where of a handful of friends, all writers too, became a brotherhood that challenged life’s offering to its fullest. Jim Harrison, Russell Chatham, Guy De La Valdene, Jimmy Buffett, Hunter S.Thompson, and Kurt Brautigan did what the rest of the world wished they could do. They had more fun than the law allowed and were brilliant with everything they touched. Each would become extremely successful and famous. But as much as anything else, they loved to fish. What most the fishing world doesn’t know is that these guys put Tarpon fishing on the map. And they made a movie about it called, "Tarpon." This production showed what a magnificent, beautiful, ageless fish it is. It loves to eat flies, it’s big and jumps majestically.... It's the most perfect fly rod fish one could ever have the privilege to catch.
    As much as Tom McGuane has accomplished, his greatest success is having Laurie Buffett as his wife and their daughter Annie. And fathering two other children, Thomas and Maggie with former wives, Rebecca Crocket and Margot Kidder.

    • 1 hr
    Ted Juracsik - "TIBOR"

    Ted Juracsik - "TIBOR"

    Ted Juracsik, the creator of Tibor Reels, has one of the most interesting and inspiring stories I know. As a young Hungarian in Budapest, he was the smartest of his friends. At age 17, he was the youngest Hungarian ever to be awarded Master Papers and went to work in a bicycle factory. Not long after the Hungarian revolution began and was in full swing against the Russians and Soviet Union, Ted escaped to Austria. Leaving his family and his sister behind, the big world of the unknown was before him.
    Eventually, he immigrated to the the United States and started a successful tool and dye business. One day in the World Wide Sportsman store, he met Billy Pate who needed a better fly reel to fight the monster Tarpon he was chasing in Homosassa. Ted told him he could design a better reel for him and the rest is history. The Tibor Reel company became the salt water fly reel of choice for all the world record chasers for the next few decades.
    On todays podcast, we travel with Ted through his legendary life and the hardships along the way.

    • 1 hr 18 min
    Ryan Seiders - The "YETI" Story, Tarpon Fishing, & Hunting Big Whitetails

    Ryan Seiders - The "YETI" Story, Tarpon Fishing, & Hunting Big Whitetails

    Roger Seiders was always building and tinkering with things he thought he could make better. It soon became his motto, “If we can’t find what we want, we make it!” And so he and his two kids did. The father started to build fishing rods but found that the clear coat used to glue the thread cracked when casted. He soon produced his own called “Flex Coat." It worked like a charm and became an instant success.
    Ryan and Brother, Roy, jumped in the game head first. Ryan built a fishing rod and company called, "Waterloo Rods," that he would sell after a few years of traveling the trade shows. The two were passionate fisherman and would end up in the Florida Keys standing on makeshift coolers as casting platforms looking for Tarpon. Their minds couldn't let go with how to improve the caved in Igloo they were standing on and in 2006 after diligent research and design, they launched their own cooler, Yeti, and the outdoor world would never be the same.
    Over the years we would hang with Ryan and get to know him as he started to compete in The Golden Fly Tarpon Tournament, which he would eventually win with Capt. Rob Fordyce. On today's podcast, he sits with us and talks about his life in a creative family, how his success with Yeti evolved, and the passions he pursues today....
    We hope you enjoy...

    • 1 hr 20 min
    Bob Clouser - Fly Tying, Smallmouth Bass, & Stories with Lefty

    Bob Clouser - Fly Tying, Smallmouth Bass, & Stories with Lefty

    I first met Bob Clouser during a trade show in Somerset, New Jersey close to 15 years ago when I first traveled there with Hardy. The industry is small, everyone knows each other in about 10 minutes. But it's people like Bob that give you that special bonus of going to a show. Many of these guys have been in attendance for decades, they’re the foundation of our sport, and Bob was one of my guys.
    Clouser has a big, boisterous laugh that is full of love. His heart is with Smallmouth Bass and the Susquehanna river. Always has been and always will be. The Smallmouth Bass was was Lefty’s favorite too.
    Bob’s life changed when his father bought him a fly tying vice at a young age, but it was thirty seven years ago when he tied the Clouser Minnow that would be a game changer. It was a baitfish pattern that would catch the largest variety of fish that swim. Lefty said he caught 86 difference kinds of fish with it. Bonefish to billfish this fly is deadly.
    Bob has been a guide, tying and casting instructor, author of two books and lecturer. But Bob’s biggest story is one about love, the love of fish and his friends.
    We hope you enjoy...

    • 1 hr 10 min
    Jose "Pepe" Lopez - 16lb Bonefish, Wind Knots, & Cracked Crabs

    Jose "Pepe" Lopez - 16lb Bonefish, Wind Knots, & Cracked Crabs

    Jose "Pepe" Lopez is a legendary big bonefish catching giant. He learned his craft from many of the old school, iconic guides such as Harry Snow Jr., Billy Knowles and Timmy Carlile. His family, like many other well know angling families (such as Chico Fernandez’s,) left Cuba in 1959 when Castro became the infamous nightmare he evolved to. Pepe was one year old at the time and ten years later his Dad built a house on stilts near mile maker 17.
    Sugarloaf and its surrounding water would become his playground. With a 15 foot Mitchel boat he named "REEL THING" and a 40 Evinrude, this young man was destined to become the man to beat in the All Tackle Bonefish Tournaments many years later, which he won five times with the late Capt. Billy Knowles. He also won the IGFA (International Game Fish Association) World Championships and The Redbone Series. No one cares how many times you get second, but there were plenty of those for this driving force of an angler.
    All Tackle tournaments are just that. You can use bait, jigs, flies, spinning reels, bait casters and fly rods. To win these things you need to have a vast spectrum of skills as an angler and as a guide. The points per each division vary with the difficulty of options. The biggest bonefish in the world lived in the Florida Keys at one point, and the All Tackle Tournaments caught the largest ones because of the option of bait; crabs and shrimp were the food of choice for these dinosaurs. Yes, they caught large fish on fly and jigs too, but believe me, those monster fourteen and fifteen pound bonefish loved meat!
    On today's podcast, we hang with one of the most driven people I know. His business acumen is international, expanding on what his father did for a living which was electrical distribution. It’s hard to believe he’s an introvert when you're around him but he is, and his time whacking trees and pulling weeds in his yard is what he cherishes most. His privacy is his home water now, a self proclaimed loner. The drive down from his main home in Miami is daunting with terrible traffic but his heart is in the Keys, always will be. Unfortunately, his fishing days are all but over.
    It’s sad, here’s a man who’s caught over 200 thirteen pound bonefish, won all the great bait tournaments, was raised during the prime decades of the Florida Keys fishery and now at 64, Pepe lives a fishing life through his vivid memory bank filled with stories mostly dreamers see.
    He said “When the big bonefish left with the freeze in 2010 my heart went with them!”
    Here is Pepe Lopez everybody, one of the greats!

    • 1 hr 27 min
    Capt. Mike Holliday - "Mexico Returns"

    Capt. Mike Holliday - "Mexico Returns"

    Mike Holliday’s spectrum in the fishing realm has been expansive and varied. He graduated with a degree in Marine Science but his adventurous mind pursued many facets, including time as an ocean lifeguard EMT, an extensive writer authoring six books, editor of two magazines and had bylines for ESPN, and The Miami Herald. He also worked as a marketing visionary for two major companies during their infancy, Maverick Boats and Costa Sunglasses, both became giants of our sport. He also authored seven books and was a highly sought after guide for close to 40 years. All along he's watched the slow decline of his beloved resource, which has ultimately lead him to his finest hour as a conservationist. He’s driven to save the habitat and fish he loves so deeply. And his voice has incredible impact, inspiring fellow guides and anglers alike to join his army. Working with Captains For Clean Water, he and many others convinced Tallahassee, lawmakers, and Governor DeSantis to “Kill The Bill 2508” which was a success. Hell Yea!
    Holiday doesn’t dabble with anything he puts his mind to. He engages, grows and refines his craft he’s committed himself to. His energy is infectious. I know that whenever i’m going to be in his presence good things happen, just like on this compelling podcast with him.
    It’s impossible to dislike the guy, because his attention to you is true to his core.... No b******t with Mike Holliday. Sure we all like to joke around, but when Mexico is in town, just stand back, watch and
    listen, it’s a hell of a ride!
    We dare you not to love HIM!
    Thanks so much for coming on, Mike!

    • 1 hr 32 min

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4.9 out of 5
708 Ratings

708 Ratings

Rey de Plata ,


Andy and Nick with Tom… where the fark do you guys go from here? Somewhere amazing, as always!!! Thanks!!!

dirtbag60 ,

So down to earth

Just listerned to the first podcast with Tom McGuane. It was great and waiting for part 2.

cdr1917 ,

The stories shared are always compelling.

Enjoyed learning about Ryan and Yeti The foundation of the company and the vision of the founders.

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