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CX Connoisseur, Steve Pappas, shares his insights on how to turn your customers into loyal brand ambassadors.

Known for his relentless pursuit of all things 'customer', Steve knows how to help your business and create experiences that customers respond to.

Listen to Steve's insights. Learn to grow and accelerate your business.

Learn more: www.scienceofcx.com

Science of CX Stephen Pappas

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CX Connoisseur, Steve Pappas, shares his insights on how to turn your customers into loyal brand ambassadors.

Known for his relentless pursuit of all things 'customer', Steve knows how to help your business and create experiences that customers respond to.

Listen to Steve's insights. Learn to grow and accelerate your business.

Learn more: www.scienceofcx.com

    Dustin Reichmann: How Do You Develop a Bond With a Customer Before They Are a Customer?

    Dustin Reichmann: How Do You Develop a Bond With a Customer Before They Are a Customer?

    Dustin Riechmann is a business coach who helps ambitious entrepreneurs get unstuck & rapidly increase their profits with confidence. 

    Unlike many coaches, everything Dustin teaches is based on real-world experience growing three successful online businesses. 

    Dustin is best known for his Partnership Marketing System, which he has used to grow FireCreek Snacks into a 7-figure business without paid ads.

    Dustin’s expertise covers different topics, including;

    How to create a Partnership Marketing System to rapidly grow your online business for freeHow to create a steady flow of highly-qualified leads for your B2B service business without paid ads3 keys to low-pressure high-ticket salesHow to use Podcast Guesting as a strategic marketing channel (the smart way)

    If you’d love to grow your online business and network with other mission-driven entrepreneurs, have a listen to my interview with Dustin today. 

    Key Takeaways

    Dustin’s background and the genesis of his thriving business venturesHow Dustin and Ryan managed to make FireCreek such an exceptional product. And a product that stands from its substitutes in the marketThe power of a genuine business story. How Dustin has been able to leverage his media appearances as a way to share information, and simultaneously grow his businessHow to properly prep for a podcast interview; and build great relationships along the way tooTips on how to draft an attractive and irresistible email pitchOther forms of partnerships besides podcasting; Dustin’s win-win-win formula, and how he uses it to partner up with a network of future business partners

    Connect with Dustin

    LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/dustinriechmann/  

    Website (Coaching) -  https://simplesuccesscoaching.com/  

    Website (FireCreek Snacks) - https://www.firecreeksnacks.com/  

    Twitter - https://twitter.com/EngagedMarriage  

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    Kristine Scott: Conflict Resolution in a Post Pandemic World

    Kristine Scott: Conflict Resolution in a Post Pandemic World

    In 2008, Kristine took an AmeriCorps job running a meal program for unhoused young people, and almost 50 hungry youth arrived on Kristine’s first night. What happened next was terrifying for a young, small-town white woman. 

    Her purse went missing, there were fights and screaming guests, and after this, Kristine vowed to never return, until something unexpected happened. A 17-year- old guest instantly turned the chaos into quiet, polite behavior with a single phrase. 

    This began Kristine’s journey of learning from those she served, people living in constant threat and conflict. Through their mentoring and hundreds of incidents, she began to see conflict as a place to deepen a connection and counter social inequity.

    Kristine has since trained thousands of people on how to respond not react, and how to lean in and not lash out. She particularly enjoys working with women who are naturally skilled at de-escalation after they debunk the false narratives around gender roles. In her free time, she hangs out with her backyard ducks and sculpts scrap metal.

    Key Takeaways

    Understanding what conflict resolutionary is, and how it can be beneficial The different types of workplace conflict that Kristine has been brought in to helpWhy it’s important for companies to include conflict resolution as part of their employee training Effects of conflicts within a corporate setting where a leader has poor management skillsHow poorly skilled supervisors can cause an organization to lose top performersKristine’s take on why “customer service in person” organizations e.g. restaurants and hospitality have seen a big increase in turnoverSigns of burnout that people can look out for in their workmates, and also in themselvesThe techniques one can apply in order to gain calmness and resolution in a tough situationHow managers can become proactive in helping their team gain the necessary skills in handling conflict

    Connect with Kristine

    LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/kristinemariescott  

    Website - https://www.seattleconflictresolution.com/  

    Email - kristine@seattleconflictresolution.com 

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    Dr. Michael Young: A Patient Walked into a Hospital...then What?

    Dr. Michael Young: A Patient Walked into a Hospital...then What?

    Gary, Indiana-born Michael Young spent nearly 30 years as a surgeon while living and practicing medicine in Chicago. He is the author of a memoir/assessment of the current medical system titled The Illness of Medicine: Experiences of Clinical Practice. 

    Currently, Dr. Young is on the faculty of the Department of Urology at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Within the department, Dr. Young is the Director of the Division of Urology Innovation and Technology.  

    He works with bio-engineering and medical students, Urology residents, and fellows, as they do their research in designing/ developing medical devices and surgical instruments. He has also invented and patented various medical devices. 

    In addition to his writing, Dr. Young is also a talented photographer, including underwater photography. 

    His fine photographs are seen throughout this site. He is a collector of modern art, a purposeful traveler, and an avid golfer.

    Key Takeaways. 

    Dr. Micheal talks about what got him interested in Medicine and the driving factors that motivated him to write his book; “The illness of medicine”The metrics by which physicians and medical practitioners are measured and how they have changed over the yearsIs the business side of providing healthcare responsible for some problems that have risen throughout the industry in recent years?The corporate system and the role it plays in crushing the ability of healthcare providers to provide the best services to patientsHow the system has thwarted the association of doctor-patient relationships and made the experience more robotic, cold, and frustratingWhy a lot of practitioners are selling their practices to hospitals or retiring earlyDissecting the American healthcare system; Understanding why it is the costliest in the world, and yet its quality still leaves a lot to be desiredThe role that health insurance  has played in making healthcare services in America more expensive and keeping people in the darkWhy doctors no longer have control of their domain; thus leading them to either have to sell out or coalesce into groups

    Connect with Dr. Michael

    LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-young-b445531/ 

    Website - https://michaeljyoungmd.com/ 

    Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/Illness-Medicine-Michael-Young-M-D/dp/1882383583 

    Email - gm@gmbooks.com 

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    Thomas Watkins: Capturing Your Client's Attention Through Great UX

    Thomas Watkins: Capturing Your Client's Attention Through Great UX

    Thomas Watkins is a thought leader, speaker, and industry practitioner located in Houston TX. 

    He is a life-long learner who has a passion for bringing greater clarity to the world. Thomas has made it his career’s focus to combine technology with design psychology in order to drive business success. 

    He specializes in helping his business partners bring their own brilliant ideas to life, by translating complexity into simplicity. 

    The scope of his work has included interface design for mobile, SaaS system architecture, usability research, and data visualization.

    Key Takeaways

    Defining UX design and the psychology behind itUnderstanding how a user’s mind reacts to new interfaceHow has the user community changed over time and how the industry has adapted in order to cope with the new demandsTips on how businesses can better invest in designUser touch points that Thomas and his team are involved in fixing The concept of MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and how to make better judgments without cutting any cornersUser feedback and the effect it has on a company's strategies and cultureTransforming an idea into a user-friendly product 

    Connect with Thomas

    LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/watkinsthomas/ 

    Website - https://www.3leaf.consulting/ 

    Twitter - https://twitter.com/3LeafMethod 

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    Tammy Fink: Making More Moments That Really Matter to Customers

    Tammy Fink: Making More Moments That Really Matter to Customers

    Tammy Fink is a loud, lovable, and full of laughs business personality who helps corporations and businesses create meaningful and memorable connections with their memberships, attendees, customers, and clients. 

    She is also a customer experience consultant and author who works with entrepreneurs to create an amazing and strategic connection with their followers.

    Tammy has over 30 years of experience working in marketing, design, and events and created her own business in 2004, Blue Water Designs & Supply Company. Her Wow! Factor program offers essential training, consultations, and support needed to create deep connections, more engagement, and build a loyal tribe. 

    Join Tammy on our interview today as she shares tips and tricks for breaking through the noise of the online community space. 

    Key Takeaways. 

    Differentiating your business brand from the rest.Profiling your target customer as a way to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors. Adding a VIP touch to your employee and customer interactions. Insights and tidbits into how you can ensure a memorable and meaningful customer experience for all your clients. Delivering products or services that are unique to your business identity.Ways to invest in your clients, and how this increases the client retention rate.Stories that your clients are telling about you; and why they matter. Getting your customers to provide great testimonials and refer your services to friends and family.

    Connect with Tammy

    LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/wowtammy/ 

    Website - https://www.wowtammy.com/  

    Twitter- https://twitter.com/TammyFink 

    Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08WS7X6X2

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    Mark Newsome: Exponential Business Growth Through Marketing

    Mark Newsome: Exponential Business Growth Through Marketing

    Mark Newsome, aka Mr. Marketing, is a small business direct response, cash flow generation strategist.

    He helps profit-seeking entrepreneurs convert what they previously considered dead or greatly underutilized assets or resources into long-term income-generating assets. 

    He routinely does this for literally pennies on the dollar.

    Key Takeaways

    Mark's career path. His industrious and humble beginnings in the real estate niche to become the Mr. Marketing we know today. Mining the real wealth and gold in business, i.e by leveraging on everything your current customer can do for you. How you can work alongside other existing business owners to effectively advertise your products and services. Converting a one-time sale into a perpetual income stream for your business. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Why it’s important to diversify your sales and marketing channels. Email list building. Understanding why owning a personal email database is the key driver for business growth. 

    Connect with Mark

    Website - https://www.youcanmarketonlinenow.com/ 

    LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/askmarknewsome/ 

    Email - mark@youcanmarketonlinenow.com

    • 35 min

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5.0 out of 5
747 Ratings

747 Ratings

oliviabaker13 ,

A feed-favorite!

Steve is one of the best podcast hosts in the game! The conversations he leads are incredible engaging, as well as informative and inspiring. Go ahead and give Science of CX a follow, it will quickly become a favorite in your feed!

howardtnyc ,

Straightforward and highly informative

Learned a lot about customer experience. The guests provide fantastic insight and deep probing into customer experience. I learn a lot from each episode. Steve's way of driving conversations with guests is second to none.

David M. Godinez ,


You have such a wealth of knowledge and are so generous to give that to us.

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