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CX Connoisseur, Steve Pappas, shares his insights on how to turn your customers into loyal brand ambassadors.

Known for his relentless pursuit of all things 'customer', Steve knows how to help your business and create experiences that customers respond to.

Listen to Steve's insights. Learn to grow and accelerate your business.

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Science of CX Stephen Pappas

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CX Connoisseur, Steve Pappas, shares his insights on how to turn your customers into loyal brand ambassadors.

Known for his relentless pursuit of all things 'customer', Steve knows how to help your business and create experiences that customers respond to.

Listen to Steve's insights. Learn to grow and accelerate your business.

Learn more: www.scienceofcx.com

    Craig Andrews: The Power of Irresistible First-Time Offers

    Craig Andrews: The Power of Irresistible First-Time Offers

    Craig Andrews is the founder and principal ally of allies4me, a marketing agency that specializes in creating effective customer engagement strategies. 

    After realizing that a traditional academic path was not his route to success, Craig embarked on a journey that led him to join the Marine Corps. 

    Following his military service, Craig delved into the world of marketing and engineering. He pursued a bachelor's and master's degree in electrical engineering, leading him to design cell phones and work with major mobile phone manufacturers. Despite achieving success in the engineering field, Craig felt a strong pull towards creative and entrepreneurial endeavors.

    Craig's path eventually led him to found allies4me, a marketing agency that focuses on helping companies establish and nurture relationships with their customers. 

    Drawing from his background in psychology and his deep understanding of human behavior, Craig developed the concept of "first time offers." He realized that building trust and engagement with customers through low-risk, low-commitment offers could lead to stronger, more profitable relationships.

    With a passion for solving problems and creating value for both businesses and customers, Craig Andrews has become a dedicated advocate for the power of first time offers. His innovative approach to customer engagement has helped numerous businesses transform strangers into loyal advocates, resulting in accelerated growth and increased customer loyalty.

    Key Takeaways

    1. The Power of First Time Offers: The importance of leveraging first time offers to establish a strong foundation for building customer relationships. These offers, which provide significant value at a low cost, create a positive initial experience and encourage engagement. 

    2. Shift from Selling to Serving: A fundamental shift from selling mode to serving mode is crucial when designing first time offers. Craig emphasizes that the primary focus should be on serving the customer and solving their problems rather than pushing for a sale.

    3. Balancing Value and Price: Crafting a first time offer requires finding the right balance between value and price. Craig recommends creating offers that deliver at least ten times the value of the price charged. This ensures that customers perceive the offer as an incredible deal and builds a sense of reciprocity and loyalty. 

    4. Transitioning from Free Samples: Craig cautions against giving away free samples as a means of attracting customers. Instead, he suggests that businesses offer a low-cost, high-value first time offer. This small investment from the customer's side triggers psychological shifts that lead to increased engagement, accountability, and receptiveness to future offerings. 

    Key Timestamps 

    [00:39] Introduction of Craig Andrews and the concept of first time offers as a powerful tool in building customer relationships.

    [07:53] Illustration of successful first time offers through examples like Columbia House Records and Bob Stupac's Vegas World promotion.

    [12:43] Crafting a first time offer in the B2B environment, emphasizing solving a known problem with high-value and making it an impulse purchase.

    [15:01] Addressing CFO concerns and the importance of allocating a portion of the customer lifetime value to customer acquisition.

    [19:37] The psychological impact of making a purchase, even a low-cost one, on customer engagement, accountability, and mindset shift.


    1. "Shift from selling to serving. Solve problems, build trust."

    2. "Remove risk. Make taking the first step easy. Price it low."

    3. "Solve known pains, not unknown problems. Be the solution."

    4. "When they buy, they engage. Real change starts with the purchase."

    Connect with Craig

    Website - https://allies4me.com/ 

    LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/craig-andrews/ 

    Twitter - https://twitter.com/allies4me 

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    Dan Zavortny: The Science of Health and Business Fusion

    Dan Zavortny: The Science of Health and Business Fusion

    Dan Zavortny is a visionary entrepreneur and the co-founder of NutriSense, a groundbreaking health and wellness company that is revolutionizing the way we approach preventive care and nutrition. 

    With a passion for bridging the gap between technology and healthcare, Dan has emerged as a leading figure in the industry, pioneering new pathways to better health through innovative solutions.

    Dan's journey began in the dynamic world of healthcare strategy consulting, where he honed his skills in analyzing complex systems and identifying opportunities for positive change. 

    Recognizing the critical need for more specialized and personalized preventive care, he co-founded NutriSense with a mission to empower individuals to take control of their health through data-driven insights.

    A vocal advocate for the role of dieticians in preventive healthcare, Dan highlights the significance of licensed dieticians who bring a deeper understanding of nutrition, having undergone rigorous education and training in the field. 

    Dan's impact extends beyond NutriSense, as he actively engages with fellow entrepreneurs, offering valuable advice and insights to help them navigate the challenges of starting and scaling a business. 

    His dedication to preventive care, innovative thinking, and commitment to driving positive change in healthcare make him a true trailblazer in the field. His vision and leadership continue to inspire others to embrace a proactive approach to their health and well-being.

    Key Takeaways

    1. Specialized Preventive Care: Dan’s mission to bridge the gap between technology and healthcare, offering specialized preventive care through data-driven insights. 

    2. Shifting Focus to Preventive Care: The vision for NutriSense centers around shifting the focus of healthcare from reactive cuts and prescriptions to proactive preventive care. 

    3. Effective Marketing Strategies: When launching NutriSense, Dan's initial lack of technical and marketing expertise led him to explore different avenues, including leveraging Facebook community groups, collaborating with social media influencers, and participating in healthcare conferences.

    4. The Power of Small Habits: Dan recommends two simple yet impactful habits to improve health: refraining from eating or drinking within three hours of bedtime and incorporating short, regular walks after each meal. 

    5. Entrepreneurial Insights and Collaboration: Dan's entrepreneurial journey is marked by resilience, innovation, and a willingness to share insights with fellow entrepreneurs. He emphasizes the importance of asking specific questions when seeking advice and building meaningful connections within the entrepreneurial community.

    Key Timestamps 

    [00:02:30] Introduction of Dan Zavortny and NutriSense, a platform revolutionizing healthcare through specialized preventive care & data-driven insights.

    [00:08:45] Discussion on the critical differentiation between dieticians and nutritionists, highlighting the specialized knowledge & expertise of licensed dieticians & their role in promoting preventive care.

    [00:15:12] Exploration of NutriSense's innovative approach to healthcare, shifting focus from reactive medical interventions to proactive preventive care. 

    [00:21:57] Effective marketing strategies employed by NutriSense, including leveraging Facebook community groups, collaborating with social media influencers, & engaging in healthcare conferences to build trust and establish an online presence.


    1. "Success is a journey, not a destination. It's about continuous improvement and learning from every step you take."

    2. "The Five Stones for Slain Giants—passion, excellence, vision, value, and confidence—are the foundation of a powerful slingshot for achieving sales success."

    Connect with Dan

    LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/danzav/ 

    Website - https://www.nutrisense.io/ 

    Twitter - https://twitter.com/DZavorotny

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    Irina Poddubnai: The Power of Reviews and Post-Purchase Engagement

    Irina Poddubnai: The Power of Reviews and Post-Purchase Engagement

    Irina Poddubnaia is an esteemed expert in the field of post-sales processes and e-commerce. 

    With a passion for optimizing customer experiences, she has dedicated her career to helping businesses thrive in the competitive world of online retail. 

    As the founder of TrackMage, a leading customer experience platform, Irina has played a pivotal role in revolutionizing how businesses approach the crucial post-sales phase.

    With a background in customer success, Irina understands the significance of customer lifetime value, particularly during challenging economic periods. Her insights and strategies have proven invaluable to businesses seeking to enhance customer satisfaction and retention in an ever-changing market landscape.

    She emphasizes the importance of proactive communication, providing constant updates and creating a sense of anticipation to keep customers engaged.

    As a visionary in the field, Irina also advocates embracing negative reviews as opportunities for improvement. She sees them as valuable gifts from customers, providing crucial insights for enhancing business operations and product quality.

    Irina Poddubnaia's expertise and dedication have earned her the reputation of a trailblazer in the e-commerce industry. 

    Her passion for customer success and her commitment to optimizing post-sales experiences have propelled TrackMage to become a leader in customer experience technology.

    Key Takeaways 

    1. Timing is Crucial for Gathering Reviews: When customers receive their new purchase, that's the ideal time to request a review as the excitement is at its peak, leading to more positive and genuine feedback.

    2. Post-Sales Experience Drives Customer Lifetime Value: By focusing on providing exceptional post-purchase experiences, businesses can increase customer loyalty and lifetime value, leading to higher retention rates and sustained growth.

    3. Celebrate Customer Milestones: Whether it's a product launch, go-live moment, or a special occasion, businesses can make customers feel valued and appreciated through thoughtful gestures.

    4. Negative Reviews are Opportunities for Improvement: Constructive criticism offers valuable insights into areas that need improvement. Acknowledging and addressing negative feedback can lead to better products and enhanced customer satisfaction.

    Key Timestamps 

    [00:05:42] Irina Poddubnaia introduces the concept of post-sales experience and its significance in driving customer lifetime value.

    [00:15:20] The value of celebrating customer milestones, drawing examples from Build A Bear's approach to celebrating the "birth" of a new toy and suggesting ways businesses can celebrate their customers' special occasions.

    [00:18:05] The power of utilizing reviews as marketing tools and how positive reviews shared by customers can attract more potential buyers.

    [00:27:54] The challenges of tracking international orders and reviews and  the significance of localization in expanding businesses globally, emphasizing that language barriers are becoming less of an obstacle with the advancements in AI translation technologies.


    1. "Ask for reviews at the right time when customers receive the new product, it's much brighter and better than if you ask later." - Irina Poddubnaia

    2. "Negative reviews are a gift that helps you improve your business; always treat them as opportunities to fix what's broken." - Irina Poddubnaia

    3. "The language barrier won't exist in the future, and with track, we track everything, implementing solutions for every customer's unique needs." - Irina Poddubnaia

    4. "Balance modern approaches with timeless relationship-building techniques to connect with younger generations while closing deals." - Irina Poddubnaia

    Connect with Irina

    LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/irina-poddubnaia/en?originalSubdomain=bg 

    Website -  https://trackmage.com/ 

    Twitter -  https://twitter.com/ipoddubnaia?lang=en 

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    Curt Tueffert: Building Genuine Connections

    Curt Tueffert: Building Genuine Connections

    Curt Tueffert is an accomplished sales and marketing expert with a wealth of experience spanning over 30 years. With a deep understanding of the intricacies of the sales process, Curt has made a significant impact in the field by helping businesses and sales teams achieve remarkable success.

    As a professional speaker, consultant, and coach, Curt has honed his skills in building and maintaining strong client relationships. He believes in the power of trust, value, and rapport in driving successful sales interactions. 

    Throughout his career, Curt has embraced a human-centric approach to sales, recognizing that even in a technology-driven world, the personal touch and genuine connections are paramount for success. His dedication to helping others thrive in their sales careers has earned him admiration and respect in the industry.

    In this insightful and engaging interview, Curt shares his profound understanding of the sales process and emphasizes the significance of trust, value, and rapport in successful business development. 

    He discusses the evolution of sales techniques, highlighting how technology has changed the game, enabling personalized and niche-oriented marketing strategies, but also emphasizing the timeless importance of human-centric interactions. 

    Key Takeaways

    1. Importance of Trust and Value: Curt emphasizes the critical role of trust and value in successful sales and business development. 

    2. The Evolution of Sales Techniques: How sales techniques have evolved over the years, with advancements in technology enabling efficient communication channels like email and direct mail. 

    3. The Five Stones for Slain Giants: Curt introduces his concept based on the David and Goliath story, comprising five essential elements for successful sales - passion, excellence, vision, value, and confidence. 

    4. Balancing Old and New Approaches: The interview explores the idea of reconciling old-world ways of doing business with the preferences of younger generations

    5. The Power of Assumptive Close: The significance of the assumptive close during the sales process, allowing salespeople to transition prospects into customers smoothly. 

    6. Focus on Lifetime Value: The significance of long-term relationships with customers, considering their lifetime value to the business. 


    [00:00:39] Introducing Curt Tueffert.

    [00:04:25] Curt discusses the evolution of sales techniques and the impact of technology on modern business development, emphasizing the continued significance of human-centric interactions.

    [00:11:16] Drawing from the David and Goliath story, Curt introduces the "Five Stones for Slain Giants" concept, comprising passion, excellence, vision, value, and confidence as essential elements for successful sales.

    [00:14:50] The balance between traditional and modern sales approaches, recognizing the importance of adapting to the preferences of younger generations while maintaining timeless relationship-building techniques.

    [00:22:35] The interview delves into the power of the assumptive close; discussing different approaches to the technique and its effectiveness in smoothly transitioning prospects into long-term customers.


    1. "Do the right thing next and the next thing right. When you're in sales, what is that right thing? Is it leaving the voicemail, generating an email, googling the person, or going into LinkedIn? Do the right thing next and then do the next thing right."

    2. "I believe people still want to be treated as people, even though they may have an electronic device between them and they're multitasking."

    Connect with Curt

    LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/curttueffert/ 

    Website - https://peaksalesstrategy.com/ 

    Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/Stones-Slaying-Giants-Curt-Tueffert/dp/1591967007

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    Caleb Johnson's Entrepreneurial Journey and Strategies for Success

    Caleb Johnson's Entrepreneurial Journey and Strategies for Success

    Meet Caleb Johnson, the inspiring founder of Red Sea Capital, a thriving real estate investment company. 

    Motivated by his mother's struggles and determined to secure a better future, Caleb ventured into the business world. He initially explored multi-level marketing but later discovered the true potential in real estate, leading him to invest in residential properties for three years before transitioning to larger multifamily apartments. 

    With a total of six successful years in the industry, Caleb has become an esteemed entrepreneur.

    In today’s episode, I engage in a captivating conversation with Caleb. We delve into the benefits of hiring property management teams, the advantages of investing in B and C class apartment buildings, and strategies for enhancing tenant retention. 

    Caleb also sheds light on the crucial due diligence process, deal breakers in real estate transactions, and understanding client goals. Together, we explore syndicated real estate and share valuable insights for seasoned investors and those seeking passive income. 

    So, don't forget to tune in and hear more from him. No ads, just pure wisdom for your life and business!

    Key Takeaways

     Hiring a property management team offers numerous benefits, including freeing up time and streamlining property operations.Understanding property classifications (A, B, C, D) and economies of scale helps in identifying target properties for investment.Effective negotiation strategies and deal breakers play a crucial role in successful real estate transactions.Focusing on tenant retention and property rebranding can lead to increased property value and overall success in the real estate industry.Discovery calls help in understanding client goals and finding the right investment opportunities.Caleb emphasizes the significance of working with investor capital and considering family investments in real estate ventures.Syndication offers potential for audience members to engage in real estate investing alongside experienced professionals.


    [00:00:39] Introducing our guest for today. 

    [00:04:53] Caleb shares how his personal journey into real estate was inspired by his mom's financial struggles, which motivated him to pursue a career in this field.

    [00:11:55] Red Sea Capital, structured for investors seeking "mailbox money," has a proficient property management team that handles lease audits and financials, ensuring a smooth investment experience.

    [00:14:20] Discover how discovery calls play a crucial role in establishing compatibility between investors and syndicators, minimizing risks and creating stronger partnerships.

    [00:18:52] Caleb explains the importance of enhancing property amenities and appearance to attract and retain tenants, contributing to the overall success of real estate investments.

    [00:23:40] Learn about the significance of maintaining consistent contact with investors, providing them with value and regular updates to strengthen the investor-syndicator relationship.

    [00:27:12] Caleb shares insights on working with investor capital, including family investments, and emphasizes the importance of trust and transparency in these partnerships.

    [00:28:31] To stay updated with the latest insights on the science of CX, be sure to subscribe to the podcast!


     Maintaining constant and genuine contact with investors is crucial. We don't want to be superficial; instead, we aim to build meaningful relationships for long-term partnerships.When I learned that 90 percent of millionaires achieved their wealth through real estate, I thought, wow! That's a pretty good bet to take on this avenue for building wealth.

    Connect with Caleb

    Website - https://redseacapitalgroup.com/ 

    Podcast - https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/from-trial-to-triumph/id1640592078

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    Beau Button: The Science of Retaining Customers

    Beau Button: The Science of Retaining Customers

    Beau Button has been actively involved with software development since he was 11 years old. He got his start learning about computers around age 9, digging into the hardware side of things first, and eventually picked up software development at age 11.

    Having spent the majority of his career as a serial entrepreneur working in the government space Beau has now transitioned into the mobile gaming space through his company Atlas Reality, Inc.

    In this episode Beau discusses their unique virtual real estate platform. We explore the challenges of designing customer experiences for products that don't fit into predefined categories and the business aspects of virtual real estate. 

    Beau shares his journey of transitioning from software development to mobile gaming by founding his virtual real estate company, Atlas Reality. The company uses a lean approach with remote employees to build a legitimate business by Fintechifying games that provide fun and entertainment to players. 

    Beau also explains the value of virtual real estate, revenue generation, and how they achieve higher revenue and concurrent users compared to blockchain-based platforms. He shares interesting anecdotes about how the platform was instrumental in generating sales for brands like Speedway, Burger King and Jamba Juice. The focus of Atlas Reality is on monetization, retention, and maximizing the lifetime value of their customers. 

    Don't miss this episode to gain an in-depth understanding of Atlas Reality's unique approach to virtual real estate and customer experience.

    Key Takeaways

    We explore what inspired the idea for Atlas Reality's virtual real estate platform, and how Beau and his partner got startedBeau explains to us some of the challenges Atlas Reality faces in releasing new features to keep players engaged, alongside how they overcome these obstacles Some unique features of Atlas, and how they contribute to building customer loyalty and generating revenue How Beau and his team monetize their platform, and some of the key drivers of customer lifetime value Lessons other companies can learn from Atlas Reality's experience with onboarding new users and retaining customers How  Atlas Reality's partnership with Speedway fuels innovation and generates new revenue streams How customer experience factors into Atlas Reality's approach to game design and player retentionWe discuss the impact virtual real estate and other emerging technologies have on the future of retail, advertising, and marketing 


    [00:05:34] How Beau’s virtual real estate platform generates virtual rent.

    [00:09:52] Virtual real estate born from gaming experience.

    [00:14:19] Beau’s company, Atlas Empires pays users real money. 

    [00:19:01] Virtual real estate games have two types of customers: clout-seekers and income-earners.

    [00:26:12] Lean gaming company focuses on social good.

    [00:31:22] Playing Roblox for money-making potential.


    The Economics of Virtual Real Estate: "We do have players that can consistently cash out $20 - $30 per month, but that does require you to invest real money."

    Atlas Reality’s Success in Virtual Real Estate: ''We average around 6,000 daily active users, for a small team and for a game in this space, that's huge."

    Connect with Beau

    LinkedIn -  https://www.linkedin.com/in/beaubutton 

    Website - https://www.atlasreality.com/ 

    Twitter - https://twitter.com/thebeaubutton 

    • 35 min

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437 Ratings

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