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Prepper News and Survival Tips. A podcast about survival skills, prepping, preparedness and politics. This is not your typical basic prepping podcast. We dive onto a wide range of topics like current events, politics, technology and anything that helps us stay prepared for the challenges life throws at us.

The Survival Preppers with Duff & Dale The Survival Preppers with Duff & Dale

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Prepper News and Survival Tips. A podcast about survival skills, prepping, preparedness and politics. This is not your typical basic prepping podcast. We dive onto a wide range of topics like current events, politics, technology and anything that helps us stay prepared for the challenges life throws at us.

    Blabbercast Episode 4: Vaccine Mandates & Government Healthcare

    Blabbercast Episode 4: Vaccine Mandates & Government Healthcare

    The Blabbercast is a weekly livestream we do every Wednesday afternoon where Duff & Dale talk about current events and politics. In this show we focus on why we prepare, rather than how. This is an unscripted, off the cuff show.

    This week we talked about the vaccine mandates, the possibility of a covid resurgence, and government run healthcare. Towards the end of the show we went into how we might have gone too far for our own good with technology.

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    TSP064 Survival Shows & Doomsday Preppers

    TSP064 Survival Shows & Doomsday Preppers

    In today’s show, we will be giving our thoughts on some of the most popular survival shows, going over Jason Charles’s appearance on the TV show Doomsday Preppers, and talking about managing expiration dates.

    A listener asked how challenging managing expiration dates can be, so we gave our thoughts on best practices. If you have any questions you would like us to discuss, send us an email.

    Doomsday Preppers

    In season 1, episode 3 of Doomsday Preppers, Jason Charles was featured. Jason is a NY firefighter, and some of you may know him as Angry Prepper on YouTube. Jason lived in NY City and was there during the 911 attacks.

    While the shows “I’m preparing for” is nonsense, there is more to Jason’s preparedness plan than preparing for a supervolcano. Because he was there during 911 and the aftermath, he understands the dangers of ash and debris when living in a city.

    In the show, Jason also went over his self-defense plans, knife fighting, and Krav Maga. He also talked about having a separate location for supplies and food storage because space is limited in urban areas.

    Survival Shows

    Starting around 2012, survival shows began to take off. You had shows like Dual Survival, Survivor Man, and Man vs. Wild. While some of these shows were pretty good, the market became over-saturated with the same guys doing the same things on different shows.

    Most recently is the Show Alone, which features survivalists in remote areas to see who can last the longest. This show became popular because it was less scripted and more realistic than its predecessors.

    In the show the week, we gave our thought on some of the most popular survival shows. Some of them started great, some were pure entertainment, and some were nothing more than survivalist soap opera gimmicks.  

    Expiration Dates

    Whether you are talking about food storage or ourselves, everything has an expiration date. Because prepping involves stockpiling and a seemingly endless list of supplies, managing these expiration dates can be challenging.

    Today we went over some best practices for managing expiration dates such as inventory & rotation, storing what you eat, and learning to make meals from scratch. We also covered how even the supplies we use that don’t have an expressed expiration date will still degrade over time.

    The After Show

    In the Back Stage Pass segment, we go into a little more detail about expiration dates. We talked about managing our own expiration dates and staying healthy. Many things can happen in an SHTF event, and some things will be unavoidable.  

    This segment is exclusive for members of TheBugOutLocation. If you’re currently a member you can watch the video here. Important: You must be logged in for the link to work.

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    TSP063 Remembering 911 & Secret Stash Ideas

    TSP063 Remembering 911 & Secret Stash Ideas

    In today’s show, we will be going over some unique places to hide things in your homes and talk a bit about what people get wrong about prepping. Because this episode aired on YouTube on 9-11, we will also talk about what happened that day and how the world has changed since then.

    For a short time after the attacks on the twin towers, America stood together like we rarely see. While we must celebrate all the heroes that day, we can’t avoid thinking about how our country changed in the months following 9-11.

    Secret Stash Locations in Your Home

    Most people choose not to think about disasters until they happen. As preppers, we not only choose to think about how a disaster scenario might play out, we think about the worst-case scenario. Not because we hope it will unfold that way, but because we want to be prepared if it does. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

    Because of this, we are always looking for new ideas to secure the supplies, food, and other important stuff. In today’s show, we go over an article we found that has some interesting ideas about hiding spots around your home that most people wouldn’t even think about.

    9-11 & the After Effects

    We started the show by talking about the heroes on 9-11. These heroes were firefighters, police officers, office workers, and average citizens. These people showed the true American spirit and put their lives on the line to help others.

    The day’s following 9-11 made me feel prouder to be an American than I have felt in a long time, and that sentiment permeated the country.  Unfortunately, that patriotic mentality didn’t last very long and led to the government restricting and removing our freedoms, all in the name of safety and security.

    While there is no doubt that some of the measures taken, like the Patriot Act, made it easier to hunt down terrorists, it has since then been used against American citizens.

    What people get Wrong about Prepping

    Whether it’s from inside the prepper community or outside, there are quite a few things that people get wrong about prepping & preparedness. People looking from the outside it often have misconceptions about what prepping is, and people on the inside get things wrong sometimes.

    In todays show we talked about what some of these misconceptions are, and what people who have taken an interest in preparedness can do better.

    Back Stage Pass

    In the after-show segment, we will be going over inventory and rotation for preppers. This segment is exclusive for members of TheBugOutLocation. If you’re currently a member you can use this to watch the video. Important: You must be logged in for the link to work.

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    TSP062 EDC and Prepping Gear with Shawn

    TSP062 EDC and Prepping Gear with Shawn

    In tonight’s show, we have Shawn of the Into The Wilderness YouTube Channel on with us to talk about everyday carry supplies, prepping in the city, and managing your prepping budget. We’ll also talk about what Shawn can do as far as preparing is concerned, given his current situation.

    More goes into it than what you put in your pockets when it comes to everyday prepping gear. EDC is about having the supplies you need available when needed, and sometimes those supplies are in your head.

    EDC & Car Kits

    During the segment where we talked about EDC supplies, we also went into detail about car kits and what supplies we keep in our vehicles. As we said in the show, you might as well use any space you have available for prepping gear.

    In that segment, we talked about survival bars and other food options, standard emergency car kits, and a few things that most people don’t think about, but preppers certainly do. Some of the most essential considerations are things people don’t have. Having a jack, a lug wrench, jumper cables, and a way to fix a flat tire are all simple things some people ignore.

    Prepping in the City

    During the show, a listener asked a question about living in a condo and the prepping challenges. This turned into a good conversation about the challenges of prepping in the city and the challenges you might face.

    You will have to deal with other people, whether you are prepping in a condo, prepping in an apartment, or prepping in a neighborhood where the houses are almost on top of each other. You can be doing everything right, but they can still affect your situation if they aren’t.

    The BugOutLocation After Show

    We recently sent out an email that explains some of the exciting things we have planned over at TheBugOutLocation.com, and one of those things is the after-show or the Back Stage Pass, as we call it. Along with the preparedness courses, wholesale prices on long-term food, and a bunch of other stuff, members will have access to our weekly live videos.

    If you are currently a member of the BOL, make sure and tune in on Sunday nights and join the conversation. If you aren’t a member yet, you can become one here.

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    TSP061 Doomsday Preppers & Water Storage

    TSP061 Doomsday Preppers & Water Storage

    In today’s show we go over episode 3 of the Doomsday Preppers series, and also water storage and water safety. One of the most important aspects of preparedness and survival is water, and it’s also the most challenging part. Getting water is one thing; having enough to last an extended period of time is quite another.

    Tim Ralston (preparing for an EMP) is possibly the most memorable show that Nat Geo did, and perhaps the one that did the most damage to preppers.

    Water Storage & Safety

    With all the different areas of preparedness we need to think about, water storage is relatively straightforward. You need one gallon, per person, per day, and it needs to be stored in a container that isn’t going to leak all over the floor.

    While that sounds pretty simple, there is much more to water storage than that. Today’s show goes over water storage ideas, finding water in a disaster, and cleaning your water to make it drinkable.

    Storing water is the simple part; keeping enough for your family and ensuring it’s safe to drink is a little more challenging. That’s why we need to look at every option available in or around our area.

    In the show we talked about water storage, finding water, and filtering water. We talked about three articles from the Survivalist Prepper website which are linked below.

    Water Storage

    Finding Water in a Disaster

    Water Filtration & Safety

    Doomsday Preppers

    In Season 1 Episode 3 of Doomsday Preppers (Link to Full Show Here) we discussed the guests Tim Ralston & Pat Brabble. While there are some great things both of these preppers have done, there are a couple of head-scratchers. We all know that the producers love making preppers look a little crazy, but they didn’t have to try hard in this episode.

    Pat Brabble (Economic Collapse): Pat and his family have quite the preparedness plan, but a couple of things he did don’t make much sense. With that being said, there are aspects of his preparedness plans that probably make people a little jealous.   

    Tim Ralston (EMP): While we try to be realistic in our assessment of the preppers on the show, this one had our blood boiling. By blowing his thumb off, Tim singlehandedly made preppers look dangerous and reinforced some people’s “crazy prepper” notions....

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    TSP060 Prepping in Small Spaces, Censorship & What’s on the Horizon with Daisy

    TSP060 Prepping in Small Spaces, Censorship & What’s on the Horizon with Daisy

    This week we have The Organic Prepper Daisy on with us to talk about her experiences with prepping when space is limited.  We’ll talk about some of the challenges she faced, and some of the solutions she found. We also go into what we can expect coming down the pipe like shortages, financial issues, and the possibility of more lockdowns.

    We’ll also get an update on how things are going over at The Organic Prepper with her battle with censorship and suppression of alternative news. As we said in our last show with Daisy, this is only one tool they use to force an approved narrative.

    • 1 hr 36 min

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4.5 out of 5
69 Ratings

69 Ratings

singingmama ,

Quality content - Infotainment at its best

Love love love these guys! Their individual podcasts were/are awesome, but like peanut butter and chocolate The Survival Preppers are the guilty pleasure of my dirty little ear holes diet. Full of useful tips, stimulating conversation, reviews, thought provoking banter, solid preparedness community interviews, and community interaction. This one’s a rocket ship sure to pierce the podcast stratosphere any second now!

Toasty Martian ,

Great show

I love listening to these guys. In summary it’s a show based on the guys take of events, usually current, and the general state of society through the eyes of someone in the preparedness community. It’s not overly alarmist but it definitely gets you thinking.

Diggler38 ,

Lots of very good information

Really appreciate this podcast good to hear real truth and very informative information about society and survival. THANK YOH

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