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This podcast is where hosts Charley and April share some of their life experiences with you, the listener. Join us as we discuss travel, family, loss, sports, and even some of the challenges we’ve faced as an interracial couple living in the South. We hope to enlighten and entertain you as you bear witness to the things we love (and even some we don’t) that happen to be In Our Life.

In Our Life Podcast Charley and April Kellum

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This podcast is where hosts Charley and April share some of their life experiences with you, the listener. Join us as we discuss travel, family, loss, sports, and even some of the challenges we’ve faced as an interracial couple living in the South. We hope to enlighten and entertain you as you bear witness to the things we love (and even some we don’t) that happen to be In Our Life.

    Dealing with Racial Issues In Our Life

    Dealing with Racial Issues In Our Life

    Show Notes
    Site of our summer “quarantine”: Eisenhower / Locations / State Parks / KDWPT - KDWPT (ksoutdoors.com)
    Jerry’s Thriftway: Jerry's Thriftway | Ad Specials (mythriftway.com)
    Cosmo article: 12 Unexpected Struggles Interracial Couples Face (cosmopolitan.com)
    The originator of “Do Right”: HEAD MAN - Sports Illustrated Vault | SI.com

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    Family Vacations

    Family Vacations

    Show Notes  
    UPDATE: The packing list!
    Know your family:
    What do they like to do? Where haven’t they been yet? Which destinations are age-appropriate? Budget:
    What can you reasonably afford? Drive vs fly? Benefits of either? Drawbacks? https://www.travelingmom.com/travel-tips/is-it-cheaper-to-drive-or-fly/https://www.moneycrashers.com/cross-country-trip-travel-kids-fly-or-drive/ Try this tool: http://www.costtodrive.com When are you going? Consider time of year when planning your trip.
    Do you have family and/or friends nearby?
    21 Best Family Vacation Destinations
    10 Best Family Friendly All-Inclusive Resorts in the U.S.
    20 Best Affordable Family Vacation Destinations: https://travel.usnews.com/rankings/best-affordable-family-vacations/
    10 Waterparks Worth Traveling For (Your Kids Will Thank You): https://www.purewow.com/travel/best-american-waterparks
    48 U.S. Spots to Visit with Your Kids Before They Grow Up: https://redtri.com/family-friendly-vacation-ideas/
    What was your favorite vacation destination? Why?
    What destination is next on your to-do list? Also, why?
    Contact us and let us know at: https://www.inourlifepodcast.com https://www.facebook.com/inourlifepodcast

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    Traveling To Las Vegas

    Traveling To Las Vegas

    Hoover Dam helicopter tour and Info: https://www.papillon.com/ https://www.usbr.gov/lc/hooverdam/service/index.html
    Lake Tahoe: https://visitinglaketahoe.com/
    Lake Mead Information: https://www.nps.gov/lake/index.htm
    Mandalay Bay: https://mandalaybay.mgmresorts.com/en.html?kbid=2584521&ecid=PS_BB_HO_EV_ED_LV_MB_100818&ef_id=:G:s&s_kwcid=AL!4737!3!!e!!o!!mandalay%20bay%20-%20las%20vegas
    Las Vegas Wedding Chamber of Commerce: https://www.weddingchamber.vegas/
    Caesar’s Palace Weddings: https://www.caesars.com/las-vegas/things-to-do/weddings
    Wedding Report - Las Vegas Metro area ranked 3rd: https://wedding.report/index.cfm/action/wedding_statistics/view/market/id/29820/idtype/m/location/Las_Vegas_Henderson_Paradise__NV/
    Las Vegas Proper ranks 1st in the US: http://www.stevierayentertainment.com/fun-wedding-facts/
    Caesars Rewards-You can sign up for your very own Caesars Rewards account here: https://www.caesars.com/myrewards
    MLife-Not to be outdone, you can sign up for MGM Resorts’ rewards program here:
    30 Casinos on the Strip and 51 Casinos in the Strip “Area”: https://gamboool.com/how-many-casinos-are-on-the-las-vegas-strip
    ALL the Harrah’s: https://www.caesars.com/harrahs
    Caesars property in Cincinnati (it’s actually closed, sorry): https://www.yelp.com/biz/horseshoe-cincinnati-casino-cincinnati
    Wahlburgers Las Vegas: https://wahlburgers.com/vegas
    Giordano’s: https://giordanos.com/locations/las-vegas-nv/
    Public Transportation | The Deuce: Multi day pass: https://www.vegasunzipped.com/the-deuce/
    Bellagio Fountain Show: https://bellagio.mgmresorts.com/en/entertainment/fountains-of-bellagio.html
    Southwest Airlines: https://www.southwest.com/?ref=southwestairlines.com
    April’s Top 5 Must Do/Must See:
    Fremont Street/Coney Island Bellagio Fountains The Venetian Caesar’s Palace (especially the Pool) Going out on the Strip at night Charley’s Top 5 Must Do/Must See:
    Las Vegas Sign Fremont Street Experience Bellagio Fountains Forum Shops at Caesar’s “Go” Day pool at the Flamingo Honorable Mentions:
    The High Roller Shows (Jabbawockeez, The Prince Tribute) Deals can be found, but you must be careful. People will be handing out fliers, and they ARE PERSISTENT! Remember, something for nothing doesn’t exist. If you’re getting discounted or “free” tickets, you’re most likely paying with your time (#timeshare).
    Grand Canyon: https://www.nps.gov/grca/index.htm
    Airport Shuttle: https://www.airportshuttlelasvegas.com/airport-shuttle/
    Connect with us!!! https://www.inourlifepodcast.com https://www.facebook.com/inourlifepodcast

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    Long Distance Relationships

    Long Distance Relationships

    What is the definition of a Long-Distance Relationship (LDR)? An intimate relationship between partners who are geographically separated from one another (also called a LDRR- Long Distance Romantic Relationship) Average numbers for those in LDRs: The average LDR is separated by 125 miles Average number of visits: 2x per month Average phone calls 1 every three days In our relationship’s beginning, we were separated by roughly 124 miles – right at the average! However, we communicated more often than the average. We made use of social media and texts daily, as well as calling once every 2-3 days. Our visits were usually around 2-3 per month, so just over the average there as well. These numbers held for us until the ever-popular DTR (Define the Relationship) moment. Challenges for LDRs are: Lack of Communication: Communication is the key for any relationship’s health, but especially so in an LDR. Don’t suffer in silence! Unresolved Fights – don’t let arguments dwell too long. Be sure to tell each other how you feel about the issue, including your interpretations of things that were communicated/miscommunicated. One of our examples of miscommunication: “You’ve gotta do better.” Infrequent Visits: If you’re in an LDR with a LOT of distance between you, get creative. Use of teleconference apps may be necessary (more on this later). Not making time for your SO: If you are dating someone with children, you’re going to have to be understanding about time they spend with their kids. When it’s a newer relationship especially, you’re going to have to EASE into spending time around the younger ones. It won’t be immediate – take your time. Also remember, when you’re in a relationship (LD or not), Boys’ nights & Girls’ nights out ARE expected to be curbed to an extent to allow you to spend time with your SO. Not Trying: Duh Time Difference: This could be due to great distances or just simply working opposite schedules. Get creative. Carve out time to spend with each other as you can. Whether you take a day to go on an excursion or get together for a nice dinner out. If the time difference is due to distance, have a virtual dinner together, making an appointment if necessary. Take time to make time. We went on a Mimosa crawl when we both had a single day off. After the crawl, we had dinner and went back to the hotel and napped/hung out/grabbed some snacks. In the morning, we enjoyed a nice breakfast, drove our separate ways, and got back to our separate schedules. Growing Apart: Growing apart is a direct result of not successfully negotiating the other challenges (poor communication, not making time for each other, not trying, etc…). If you are growing apart, you’re growing toward someone else (possibly even yourself). Expensive to visit each other: Perhaps meeting in the middle would be an option? (there’s always Vegas) Feeling Lonely: If you find yourself feeling lonely, communicate with your partner and work to resolve these feelings. Worried my partner would meet someone else: Possibly this is from relationships prior to the DTR (see above). Time together helps this worry to ease. Unplanned Changes: over 2/3 of LDRs fail due to changes that were unplanned for. LDRs success rate is 60%, compared to 59% of marriages. The average time for an LDR to break down is 4.5 months. We talk about our LDR story. More LDR statistics “Commuter Marriages” 7 things you should never tolerate in a Long-Distance Relationship Predictability One-word texts The suggestion of an open relationship Excessive flakiness Being hung up on mid-argument Too much jealousy Silence Tips for spicing up your LDR Take a road trip together (longer than a 3-hour drive one way) Start that communicating! No holds barred: feel out those forbidden topics of religion, politics, conspiracy theories. Find out where your SO has not been and GO THERE! Experience firsts together! These will be VERY memo

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2 Ratings

KatieBetsill ,

Vegas Baby!!

Loved episode 2!! Vegas has been my favorite vacation that I have taken so far. I was excited that we done all but 2 on yalls top 5 and honorable mentions. Next time I would like to go four wheel riding in the desert. Can’t wait to go again!


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