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ReGenOmics Down Under is a podcast by Leigh Baker of Balance3 exploring the wealth of climate solutions happening on the ground in Australia and New Zealand, as well as around the world.

ReGenOmics Down Under Leigh Baker

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ReGenOmics Down Under is a podcast by Leigh Baker of Balance3 exploring the wealth of climate solutions happening on the ground in Australia and New Zealand, as well as around the world.

    INTERVIEW | On being a Regenerative Practitioner with Kathleen Davies of Ekkremon

    INTERVIEW | On being a Regenerative Practitioner with Kathleen Davies of Ekkremon


    This podcast is called Regenomics Down Under - "Regenomics" is short for Regional Regenerative Economies – and in previous episodes we’ve looked at what’s happening – mostly locally in Australia.

    Today’s a bit different – we’re looking at “What IS regeneration anyway?”  and “How can you learn to enable regeneration?”

    I interview Kathleen Davies of Ekkremon – a freelance engineering HAZOPS facilitator – who recently finished a course called The Regenerative Practitioner with the Regenesis Group.

    We took a deep dive into the practice of regeneration – from regeneration of self to global regeneration.



    Ekkremon: http://www.ekkremon.com.au/

    The Regenesis Group: https://regenesisgroup.com/

    Paul Hawken talking about Regeneration and climate solutions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68fY0rSkhRo



    Original music and audio editing support by Ian Hopkinson, Human Hacker https://www.humanhackers.live/blog and serial digital entrepreneur.

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    INTERVIEW | Fabulous fungi delivering climate solutions

    INTERVIEW | Fabulous fungi delivering climate solutions

    Fungi Solutions entrepreneurs use mycelium to replace polystyrene and solve global warming.

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    INTERVIEW | Kua Coffee - caffeine that comes with climate justice and regeneration

    INTERVIEW | Kua Coffee - caffeine that comes with climate justice and regeneration


    Do you like the idea of coffee that restores the forests that sequester carbon?   I do.

    So it was great to talk with Darcy Small, co-founder of Kua Coffee about how his Australian-based social enterprise is collaborating with Ugandan coffee growers to help them respond and adapt to climate change.

    Darcy tells the story of how a couple of engineering students and their housemates came to start a climate positive coffee business - one that cuts greenhouse gas emissions in Australia and regenerates farming lands and communities in Uganda.




    Kua Coffee: https://kuacoffee.co/  

    Sendle Carbon Neutral Logistics: https://try.sendle.com/en-au/carbon-neutral-delivery 

    Share Waste Composting: https://sharewaste.com/  

    The Commons Coworking Spaces: https://thecommons.com.au/  

    EcoTrust: https://ecotrust.org/  

    FairChain Coffee Kenya:  https://fairchainkenya.coffee/ 

    Links between forests and rain: https://theweathermakers.nl/elementor-2250/ 

    Coffee grounds as valuable materials: https://en.reset.org/5-innovative-ways-recycle-used-coffee-grounds/  


    Michael Porter on “Why business can be good at solving social problems”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0iIh5YYDR2o  

    Re-Inventing Organisations: https://www.reinventingorganizations.com/  

    Ray Anderson of Interface on the first decade of their regenerative business journey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kudilj10H4E  

    Project Drawdown’s ranked list of today’s commercial climate solutions: https://drawdown.org/solutions  

    Project Regeneration action lists: https://regeneration.org/nexus  

    Circular Economy resources: https://ellenmacarthurfoundation.org/  

    Biomimicry: https://biomimicry.net/  and also https://asknature.org/  




    Original music by Ian Hopkinson, Human Hacker https://www.humanhackers.live/blog   and serial digital entrepreneur.

    Support the show: https://www.patreon.com/RegenerativeBusiness

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    PRINCIPLES | Drawdown By Sector - Climate Solutions Down Under

    PRINCIPLES | Drawdown By Sector - Climate Solutions Down Under

    In this episode of Regenomics Down Under, we take a quick (ish) tour through the Project Drawdown 2020 review, summarising their action areas and connecting them to actions happening in Australia and around the world.

    We explore quantified, evidence-based solutions for reversing global warming through:

    Improving society

    Supporting carbon sinks

    Reducing emissions

    Reducing emissions is much more interesting than solar panels and electric vehicles. Currently our global emissions come from:

    ~25% Electricity Production

    ~24% Food, Agriculture & Land Use

    ~21% Industry

    ~14% Transportation

    ~6% Buildings

    ~10% Other Energy-Related Emissions – leaking gas pipe lines and the like

    So reducing emissions covers all those sectors – Food, Agriculture, Land Use, Industry, and Buildings – they all have a role to play alongside electricity generation and transport.

    There is a whole smorgasbord of commercial climate solutions already scaling – solutions that regenerate ecosystems and communities as well as our atmosphere. A whole heap are happening down under, too. 

    Here’s an intro to help you find your piece of the action.



    Regenomics Down Under episode “Climate Solutions and Drawdown Down Under” https://www.climactic.fm/show/regenomics-down-under/principles-climate-solutions-and-drawdown-down-under/

    Drawdown 2020 Review: https://www.drawdown.org/drawdown-review

    Drawdown Climate Solutions 101 – free 6-part video series: https://www.drawdown.org/climate-solutions-101

    Systems Thinking: Understanding and working with human systems is fundamental to climate solutions. Meet some key systems thinkers in this video collection: https://balance3.com.au/meet-the-systems-thinkers/

    Drawdown report on Education and Health: https://drawdown.org/publications/drawdown-lift-policy-brief-girls-education-and-family-planning

    Oyster Reef Restoration: https://theconversation.com/huge-restored-reef-aims-to-bring-south-australias-oysters-back-from-the-brink-77405

    Reef Credits: https://eco-markets.org.au/reef-credits/

    Trust for Nature: https://trustfornature.org.au/

    Seaweed Carbon Capture: https://whatsyour2040.com/marine-permaculture/

    Food waste statistics: 14 percent of the world’s food is lost before it even reaches the market. https://www.unep.org/news-and-stories/press-release/food-loss-and-waste-must-be-reduced-greater-food-security-and

    Banana ‘waste’ becomes food: https://aicd.companydirectors.com.au/membership/company-director-magazine/2019-back-editions/november/this-banana-farmer-is-tackling-australias-food-waste-crisis-through-sustainable-innovation

    RenewEconomy is full of ongoing renewables stories: https://reneweconomy.com.au/

    TotallyRenewableYack.org.au has been doing amazing things. If you have more listening time, one telling of their story is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y032YVmx-fc

    Biomimicry for smarter technology: https://asknature.org/

    Circular Economy in Victoria: https://www.cev.org.au/

    Green steel stories: https://reneweconomy.com.au/another-nail-in-coals-coffin-german-steel-furnace-runs-on-renewable-hydrogen-in-world-first-55906/ ), and a dedicated plant is being built in Austria (sadly, not Australia – yet) https://www.intelligentliving.co/amp/worlds-largest-zero-emissions-hydrogen-steel-plant/

    The BZE 2018 report on “Electrifying Industry” https://bze.org.au/research_release/electrifying-industry/

    Aussie entrepreneur like Cannon-Brookes exploring for first mover advantage https://www.manmonthly.com.au/Mike+Cannon-Brookes+looks+to+solar-powered+steel

    Robot ship cleaner: https://smartmaritimenetwork.com/2020/03/16/hull-cleaning-robot-system-introduced/

    Electric airplanes for cleaner, quieter Australian air travel: www.reneweconomy.com.au/how-this-electric-airplane-could-reshape-regional-air-travel-26533/

    Microfibrillated cellulose material solutions: https://www.zeoform.com/

    Living Buildings Austra

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    SECTORS | A new energy around energy

    SECTORS | A new energy around energy

    Some people think that “renewable energy”  is all about solar panels, wind turbines and batteries.    They can be trapped into thinking that if they can’t afford to install solar panels and batteries or buy green power then there’s no useful action they can take towards increasing the take up of renewable energy. 

    Climate energy solutions are about re-inventing our complex, 1-way energy distribution systems.  There’s a lot more than just plugging in a couple of new power sources to replace coal-fired generators.  

    So it can really be worth looking at the broader picture – because you might have options you didn’t realise - at home, where you work, or in your community.  Let's explore just some of the fascinating solutions being implemented in Australia and around the world.



    Local renewable energy
    Refrigeration solution in Africa: https://www.fastcompany.com/90489600/this-pay-as-you-go-solar-fridge-helps-poor-african-families-save-money-and-food 
    Totally Renewable Yackandandah: http://totallyrenewableyack.org.au/ 
    Indigo Power: https://indigopower.com.au/ 
    Enova Energy: https://enovaenergy.com.au/  
    Australian Community Energy Coops: https://c4ce.net.au/ 
    Solar garden in the Riverina: https://pingala.org.au/haystacks-solar-garden/ 
    Community hydro in the Yarra Valley:  https://upperyarra.net.au/upper-yarra-community-power/ 

    EV solutions
    EV recharging with wave power: https://www.thedrive.com/tech/39885/ocean-waves-alone-power-the-ev-charger-on-this-remote-scottish-island  Lamp post EV chargers: https://thedriven.io/2020/03/24/siemens-converts-all-lamp-posts-on-residential-street-to-electric-car-chargers/ and   https://www.ubitricity.com/  
    Australian Ace EVs  https://www.ace-ev.com.au/ 
    Lifetime costs of EVs: https://yaleclimateconnections.org/2021/09/electric-cars-can-cost-40-less-to-maintain-than-gasoline-cars/  
    EV cost calculator:  https://electricvehiclecouncil.com.au/about-ev/cost-calculator/ 

    Solar re-imagined
    Wholesale market access: https://www.amberelectric.com.au/how-it-works 
    Solar without panels: https://onestepoffthegrid.com.au/batteries-with-no-solar-changing-market-gives-households-new-energy-options/ 
    Factories as solar farms: https://onestepoffthegrid.com.au/new-rooftop-solar-urban-power-stations-to-play-both-sides-of-the-meter/  
    Floating solar: https://reneweconomy.com.au/massive-60mw-floating-solar-plant-secures-25-year-ppa-in-singapore-25262/  and 
    https://reneweconomy.com.au/china-completes-new-70mw-floating-solar-pv-project-on-old-coal-area-93542/  and https://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-11-16/australias-first-floating-solar-farm-will-be-buoyant-in-lismore/9157878  
    Plant-saving solar farm: https://reneweconomy.com.au/gupta-solar-farm-to-employ-innovative-construction-method-to-save-bonsai-forest-86366/  
    Farms as solar farms: https://www.energymatters.com.au/renewable-news/how-a-solar-and-agriculture-partnership-can-rescue-aussie-farms/ 

    Enabling financial shifts

    Blockchain-enables local energy tradinghttps://www.me-solshare.com/what-we-do/ 
    Solar AND battery as a service: https://thefifthestate.com.au/energy-lead/energy/so-now-you-can-pay-for-your-solar-on-a-planit-looks-like-a-phone-plan-and-business-is-doing-really-well 
    Community-funded renewables investing: https://www.thefifthestate.com.au/energy-lead/business-energy-lead/green-loans-on-the-rise-with-plentis-opensolar-deal 

    Hydrogen variants 
    Green hydrogen from Fukushima: https://www.rechargenews.com/transition/japan-opens-worlds-largest-green-hydrogen-plant-near-fukushima-disaster-site/2-1-769361 
    Large scale hydrogen storage: https://reneweconomy.com.au/regional-nsw-town-to-host-large-scale-hydrogen-energy-storage-project-states-first-79334/ 
    BP and hydrogen: https://reneweconomy.com.au/bp-looks-to-add-1-5gw-wind-and-solar-for-huge-renewable-hydrogen-project-in-w-a-45931/ 
    Home hydrogen energy storage: https://ideaspies.com/posts/residential-solar-h

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    INTERVIEW | Insulation - a super climate solution with Stephen King

    INTERVIEW | Insulation - a super climate solution with Stephen King

    ReGenOmics Down Under is a podcast by Leigh Baker of Balance3.com.au - it explores the wealth of climate solutions happening on the ground in Australia and New Zealand, as well as around the world.

    In this episode, Leigh talks with Stephen King from the Australian Insulation Foundation about why insulation is a surprisingly powerful emissions solution.

    So what's insulation got to do with climate?

    It's a significant, evidence-based climate solution. Insulation was ranked as #16 in the original Drawdown top 80, and it is still highly ranked in their latest findings. It's thought that it could contribute anything up to 40 to 60% in reducing global energy consumption.

    It's a solution that's being delivered with a unique, community-building, climate positive twist in Western Australia. It's a multi-benefit solution that improves people's health and wellbeing while it saves them money on energy bills,

    And the Australian Insulation Foundation has come up with a powerful piece of creative entrepreneurial thinking to deliver that solution to the people who need it most.

    Today's story

    We started by talking Stephen King about how the Australian Insulation Foundation began with a middle of the night idea to help a social housing tenant.

    From there, we moved on to the more general benefits of insulation, and it’s importance for health as well as thermal comfort. Stephen gave some good advice on how to evaluate your own insulation and do it safely. And then he shared a really can-do vision for the community of Geraldton.

    Stephen told us about how the Australian Insulation Foundation actually operates, the jobs it’s creating, and about a leverage point that could multiply the impact of what he does. That secret weapon also has potential to take his model national and to grow the business of other insulation installers.



    Australian Insulation Foundation: aifwa.org.au 

    CleanState’s Insulation Revolution podcast: climactic.fm/show/clean-state/the-insulation-revolution-the-simple-social-enterprise-model-inspiring-a-state-with-stephen-king/

    Project Drawdown’s Insulation findings: drawdown.org/solutions/insulation

    Australian Government's Your Home resources: yourhome.gov.au



    Original music and audio editing by Ian Hopkinson, Human Hacker and serial digital entrepreneur.


    Support the show: https://www.patreon.com/RegenerativeBusiness

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