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What do successful business owners do with their money once their businesses take off? What did they do once they made their first $1,000,000 and what would they do differently looking back? We will discover that together on the prosperity perspective podcast.

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What do successful business owners do with their money once their businesses take off? What did they do once they made their first $1,000,000 and what would they do differently looking back? We will discover that together on the prosperity perspective podcast.

    93. Transforming a Successful Career Into a Quest to do Something that REALLY Matters

    93. Transforming a Successful Career Into a Quest to do Something that REALLY Matters

    Bill Nussey shows how he made the transition from a successful software entrepreneur to a clean energy pioneer on this episode of The Prosperity Perspective.
    An original venture capitalist, Bill was well versed in growing big fast, with exit opportunities measured in growth rather than cash flow. While the race against his competitors was ongoing, Bill found the opportunity to sell his stock to eager investors. Despite others’ conviction to hold on to the company because it would continue to grow, Bill took the check and it “was one of the most powerful, freeing moments” of his life. 
    Be inspired today to look less at the cash flow and more on your purpose of continuing to run a business. Decide to invest in what matters most to you–like Bill’s kids’ college education–and gain financial freedom by deciding not to spend the money but save it with the means of making an impact. 
    Finally, get the insight into Bill’s life conviction to look bigger than yourself and find true purpose in your career. After his exit, Bill’s wife told him to get a job to keep the “fire under his ass” and it was the best prompting she could have given. By giving personally to charitable organizations, Bill wakes up every day with the passion and desire to “keep making money so [he] can keep giving it away!”

    3 Key Takeaways
    How taking some money off the table and investing it in his family's future gave him the freedom to take more risks.How Bill and his wife decided to give away most of the money they made from his business exit, and how that has been rewarding for them both.It’s okay to have a plan B! It gives you the freedom to ensure what matters is taken care of. 

    Website: freeingenergy.com
    Read Freeing Energy 
    Read Your Mountain is Waiting

    About Bill Nussey
    Bill is a career tech CEO with several exits, including an IPO. His companies have created thousands of jobs and billions in shareholder value. Along the way, he also worked at Greylock as a venture capitalist and, after selling his marketing tech company to IBM, he was promoted to VP Corp Strategy to help lead IBM’s global strategy for their CEO and SVPs.
    In 2017, he jumped into clean energy. It started with a TED talk which grew into 100+ articles, then became the #1 ranked renewable energy podcast and, as of late 2021, a book called Freeing Energy, which has hit Amazon’s #1 new release in three categories. The book targets investors and innovators and uncovers a trillion-dollar disruption in the renewable energy industry that few people see coming.

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    92. This Financial Coaching Method is Changing the Real Estate Investment Market

    92. This Financial Coaching Method is Changing the Real Estate Investment Market

    In today's episode of The Prosperity Perspective, host Liam Leonard is joined by Brighton Gbarazia, active real estate investor, founder, and financial coach. Brighton shares the story of why he got into finance and how he started his company with the intention of helping people avoid the financial pitfalls that he saw his parents go through. He has worked in the banking industry for over twelve years and has seen firsthand the damage that can be done when people don't have the right information–and the high demand for advisors to remedy that with unbiased financial advice.
    Tune in as Brighton outlines his strategic framework for financial success, which includes investing in income-producing assets like real estate while maintaining a diversity of investment categories. Hear his insights into saving up versus borrowing, investing in yourself, and the current shift in society’s outlook on buying homes. Learn to build an investment framework that will take you away from the wheel and optimize your most valuable asset: your time. 

    3 Key Takeaways
    The main reason Brighton made the switch from being employed to running his own business around investment. The biggest commodity for Brighton as an investor and business owner. Brighton’s thoughts on the future of buying homes and renting due to the economy and renting generation.
    Website: wealthmarathon.com

    About Brighton Gbarazia
    Brighton is the CEO of Wealth Marathon and has over a decade of experience working with Canada's largest banks to provide sound, straightforward financial advice to young Canadian professionals and families.
    Along with his experience in the banking industry, Brighton is also the author of Master Your Mortgage: What the Bank Won't Tell You About Buying the Right Home. He holds a bachelor of business administration from Kwantlen Polytechnic University.
    When he isn't talking about money, he enjoys running half-marathons and traveling.

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    91. This Financial Guru Escaped a Cult and Made Millions

    91. This Financial Guru Escaped a Cult and Made Millions

    After escaping a cult and becoming a liquid millionaire by 26, Jerremy Newsome lost it all three times. Today, he's gained success and is here on The Prosperity Perspective to teach future world leaders how to create wealth using the stock market.
    Hear about “the three straws that broke the camel’s back” for Jerremy including the painful realization that he lost all of his money (and borrowed money) in his 20s and the passing of his business partner during a crucial financial time period. Despite these devastating times, Jerremy used his failures to learn more about investment. He shares his hard earned wisdom with you today on why you shouldn’t jump into an entirely new strategy without ample years of research and a clear understanding of margin before you use it. 
    Also gain insight into your potential to create change in nations by listening to Jerremey’s vision to help other countries gain greater financial literacy. He explains his 90-day program that will give people access to a hundred thousand dollars to trade with in the end. He plans to offer his program to Honduras, Haiti, parts of the US, and parts of other countries. His vision: “If you have the internet, you have income, and you’re educated, the world starts changing.”

    3 Key Takeaways
    Pay yourself first. This will help you get started on the right foot financially and ensure you’re prioritizing your long-term financial health.Invest in yourself; don’t let past failures dictate your worth as an entrepreneur or human in general. For Jerremy, giving himself the credit he deserved was game-changing.Focus on being self-full, not selfish. Jerremy will explain how the two are not the same–and one is far more helpful than the other. 
    Website: jerremynewsome.com
    Real Life Training: Jerremy’s 90 day stock market training program

    About Jerremy Newsome
    Jerremy Alexander Newsome is on a mission to enrich lives with mentally
    liberating education. Since the age of seven, he has been fascinated with
    investing and growth and even convinced his father to match his investment
    deposit for some Apple stock back in 1995, which would be worth $14,000,000.
    His passion for helping others enrich their lives through investing led him
    to found Real Life Trading in 2014. This starting point has allowed him to
    assist and enrich tens of thousands of lives while also growing the company
    organically to a seven figure business.

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    90. You Are the CEO of Your Life

    90. You Are the CEO of Your Life

    Sharon Lechter is here today on The Prosperity Perspective to show how to achieve financial independence by investing in multiple asset categories.She shares her avocation that if you want to grow your passive income, it's important to reinvest in your business wisely. Focus on growing your business in a way that is sustainable, scalable, and saleable byt building systems and structures that will be in place long-term and that can be easily duplicated and expanded.

    Tune in to determine how to diversify your investments so that you have multiple income streams coming from different sources. This will help protect you in the event of an economic downturn or other unforeseen circumstance like the impending recession of 2022/23.

    Hear why it's better to invest your time in buying assets that will generate income for you, including real estate, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Because it is important now more than ever to diversify your investments so that you are not relying on just one source of income and can weather any economic downturns.

    3 Key Takeaways
    Invest in multiple asset categories to diversify your income streams.Reinvest in your business wisely to grow your passive income.Be comfortable with letting go of some control when you invest in multiple areas.

    Exit Rich by Sharon Lechter
    The CASHFLOW Quadrant by Sharon Lechter and Robert T. Kiyosaki
    Email Sharon: info@sharonlechter.com 
    Sharon’s workbook on personal success: personalsuccessequation.com

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    89. Create An Automatic 6-Figure Real Estate Investing Business

    89. Create An Automatic 6-Figure Real Estate Investing Business

    Guest Dustin Heiner brings a new spin to the old analogy: “Teach your students how to fish, because you can duplicate it over and over in as many cities as you want.” 
    After getting laid off and facing the terrifyingly unclear future of caring for his family, Dustin decided to become an investor. In 6 years, he expanded from one to over 30 properties, each of which are making him $250-400 a month.
    His mission today is to help as many people as he can to learn how to invest properly so they can obtain financial freedom. One of the most important components to understand: It’s not YOUR job to become an expert in the location you’re investing in. If you want to work 30 minutes a month, it’s about finding the REAL experts of the area and hiring them on–teaching your fish–to manage your business. 
    Each property owns inventory. You don’t open an empty convenience store and set out a box of candy bars–the same goes for real estate. Build each business BEFORE you buy the inventory so that you know exactly who will be managing, financing, and repairing your property ahead of time. 
    Gain the full explanation and more of Dustin’s first-hand insights on this episode of The Prosperity Perspective podcast.  

    3 Key Takeaways
    Your value doesn't come from your job! Stop associating yourself that way and instead do what lies in your passion.If you’re investing in real estate, it’s not your job to become an expert about the new area. Instead, ask the true experts and hire one of them to run the business for you. You want to buy the business BEFORE you buy the inventory. Likewise, if you’re buying a property, you’re going to want to know who will manage, finance, and care for it before you start. 
    Text RENTAL to 33777 for a FREE course on investing
    masterpassiveincome.com/freecourse for a FREE course
    Podcast: Master Passive Income
    Instagram: @thedustinheiner

    About Dustin Heiner
    Dustin Heiner is the founder of Master Passive Income, Real Estate Wealth Builders Conference (REWBCON) and Successfully Unemployed.
    He is a real estate investor who was able to make enough passive income from his business to quit his job when he was 37 years old.
    With his podcast, Youtube channel, books, courses, and coaching, he now helps other people quit their job by investing in real estate rental properties to live the dream life.

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    88. Redeploy Your Best Asset Wisely

    88. Redeploy Your Best Asset Wisely

    Today’s guest visits The Prosperity Perspective from the other side of the pond; Phil Blows brings his insights as crypto expert and founder of AQRU in London, a company that manages 8 different crypto-related businesses within it. 
    Learn where we are on the crypto adoption curve right now from someone who knows about it, such as how it will become not a replacement but be complementary to our currency system. Educate yourself on this currency that “will increasingly become a part of the average portfolio,” including why 99 percent of the 70,000 available bitcoins will not be worth investing in when you look under the hood. 
    Phil also shares his experience moving from being an employee to running his own company and the fears that came with it. He explains why he’s glad to have taken his time to the age of 26 to launch his company because he needed the knowledge and confidence that comes with years of experience. Get his strategic thinking about where to redeploy the assets they made and his number one advice to entrepreneurs looking to begin their crypto venture.  

    3 Key Takeaways
    Don’t focus on the money you can gain from a startup. Instead, focus on doing what makes you truly passionate and the money will follow. If you start a business and end up as an employee again, you HAVEN’T wasted your time. Companies are more likely to hire someone who founded a business from scratch because of the experience gained. Your time is your most valuable asset. Don’t waste it doing things that other team members could do better. In other words, do what you do best. 

    AQRU app
    Website (leave a comment about how their service is doing!)

    About Phil Blows
    Phil is founder and CEO of AQRU Plc, a business that specializes in helping institutional and retail customers earn high interest rates on their cryptocurrency. Phil has more than 15 years of leadership experience in the Fintech and asset management sectors having spearheaded the scaling-up of online trading platforms at several leading companies.
    As an expert in financial planning and wealth management, Phil spent 4 years, during his time at UK robo-adviser, Wealth Wizards, speaking with over 10,000 retail investors about how they manage their money and then designed a simple online tool to help give advice and guidance to help everyday people improve their financial health.
    Phil also worked as a senior foreign exchange adviser at Continental Capital Markets S.A where he built a global client base of investment banks and advised on derivative investment strategies.
    Phil also created the Asset Management arm of global foreign exchange business, Money corps, helping retail customers create investment strategies in the stock and derivative markets. Phil graduated from the University of Leeds and went on to gain an MBA from the University of Geneva. He holds several internationally recognized financial certifications and qualifications, including an Investment Management Certificate from the CFA Institute and has been certified a Block chain Expert by the Block chain Council.
    Phil is passionate about improving the financial health of all those he meets and is the author of a personal finance book, The Money Triangle, proceeds of which support various financial education charities.

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