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A podcast dedicated to the success of Real Estate Professionals.

The Agent Podcast Raymond Sjolseth

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A podcast dedicated to the success of Real Estate Professionals.

    EP 90 Stuart Sim - How To Manage Your Database

    EP 90 Stuart Sim - How To Manage Your Database

    Meet Stuart Sim. 

    Stuart is 20-year technology veteran with the last 12 years focused on Real Estate Technology. He recently joined Chime Technologies Inc. as Head of Industry Development to help build strong Real Estate relationships & partnerships.

    We dive into technology, what brand building means, why people are overwhelmed by CRM's and so much more.

    Thanks Stuart for a fun conversation and sharing your knowledge with us.

    Connect with Stuart here.

    • 36 min
    EP 89 Karly Worth - Know Your WORTH

    EP 89 Karly Worth - Know Your WORTH

    Meet Karly Worth.

    Karly is an investment agent 2+ years in! She made 6 figures her first year and got her first two deals under contract in 6 days with no training in the heat of Covid! She found her niche in investment real estate! Her focus is mostly off market transactions.

    She has side hustles like lending money to flippers for a strong annual return and balloon payment at the end. she is getting her mortgage license, and runs her own virtual personal training business. 

    Karly started in the fitness space and transitioned into being a fulltime power agent serving investors and creating opportunity. She is based in TX DFW area.

    Listen and learn friends. She is a force and keeps it simple. YOU can too...

    Thank you, Karly for a great conversation and sharing with us.

    Meet Karly: Karly Worth

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    EP 88 Diane Konkin - Rapid Transformation Is REAL

    EP 88 Diane Konkin - Rapid Transformation Is REAL

    Meet Diane Konkin.

    Diane Konkin is the Founder and CEO of Advanced Mind Health, a virtual, no-repeat client therapy practice, specializing in helping high-profile professionals eliminate self-sabotage thought patterns and substance habits in only 1-3 sessions with a 99% success rate. 

    Diane is a Rapid Transformation Therapist. Otherwise known as RTT pioneered by Marissa Peer. What Diane does is help her clients create an alignment between their operating system, which is their subconscious mind and their conscious mind, which is what they actually want for themselves, want in life, and want to do.

    Diane works with her clients to find the root cause and start to reframe and transform it, then that's when they start feeling freedom. That's the magic.

    We dive into transformation, challenges, how the mind actually works and so much more.

    Thank you, Diane for an incredible conversation and sharing your expertise with us.

    Connect with Diane: Diane Konkin

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    EP 87 Alex Young - I Am Enough

    EP 87 Alex Young - I Am Enough

    Meet Alex Young.

    What if you had $6 in your bank account?

    What if you were donating plasma to put gas in your car?

    What if you could not provide for those you love?

    Alex was to a point where he had two choices. He had to leave his real estate career that his wife had supported him through for the first year and a half with encouragement, love and faith and go back to a nine to five job, which wasn't off the table OR double down on knowing that he could do better and use being backed into that corner.

    He chose his power and jumped in.

    Listen in to an inspiring story of rebound, courage and taking ownership of business, self and your environment.

    Thanks, Alex. For an incredible conversation.

    Meet Alex: The Bowtie Group

    • 43 min
    EP 86 Kaleb Monroe - Double Down On YOU

    EP 86 Kaleb Monroe - Double Down On YOU

    Meet Kaleb Monroe. From Cutco to Custom Homes, Kaleb has been tearing up the real estate scene in Houston, Texas.

    Kaleb and I dive into:

    Creating your real estate business
    Lead Generation
    Serving your clients
    Building a team
    The power of just STARTING

    This episode is PACKED with awesomeness. Kaleb's logo is a buffalo. Here's why:

    The essence of it is that if a herd of cows sees a storm coming, they typically tuck and run the opposite direction.

    If an ostrich sees a storm coming, it'll probably dig its head into the dirt and then completely ignore the storm even being there. But they'll still get rained on. And if a buffalo sees a storm coming, or herd of buffalo sees a storm coming, they'll typically turn toward the storm and then run directly to it simply because they feel like this is the fastest way that they'll be able to get through that.

    Listen in friends.

    Kaleb, thank YOU for an incredible conversation man!

    Meet Kaleb: Go here

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    EP 85 Katelyn Ciaramitaro - Stop Comparing Yourself

    EP 85 Katelyn Ciaramitaro - Stop Comparing Yourself

    Meet Katelyn Ciaramitaro. 

    Moving from the travel business into real estate was a natural move for Katelyn. While there are a lot of similarities, it wasn’t a planned move. COVID caused many of us to make moves, to pivot and adapt ourselves to do what we have to do to provide for our families.

    When starting something new, it’s easy to compare where you are and what you’re doing to others who may be seasoned professionals. While Katelyn had a fantastic partner and mentor in her new real estate business, the struggle was still there as she figured out this real estate thing.

    Listen in and learn how to stop comparing yourself to others, leverage what you have around you and create your own path to success.

    Thank you, Katelyn, for a fantastic conversation.

    Instagram: Katelyn on Instagram

    Facebook: Connect with Katelyn


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5.0 out of 5
26 Ratings

26 Ratings

Potato donkey ,

Stop EVERYTHING and listen to this show

This is an absolutely incredible show for ANY entrepreneur who wants to take things to the next level! However, if you’re an Agent, consider this show your best friend…and best business partner. However, this partner lets you keep 100% of the money 😂.

If you like specific and actionable tips and strategies, this is for you.

bradchandlercoaching ,

Amazing Podcast!

"Raymond Sjolseth's The AGENT podcast is an absolute must-listen! With its entertaining and informative conversations with entrepreneurs, real estate investors and industry professionals, it's the perfect way to keep up-to-date with the latest trends in the business and real estate world. Raymond's knowledge and insight into the topics discussed provide invaluable information that can help guide any business owner in their journey. Highly recommended!"

d dubs the fox ,

What a great show!

Raymond has such a wealth of knowledge in business this show is extremely helpful for anybody looking to get into business. In particular the real estate business now but he has had many successful endeavors. Strongly recommend giving this a listen awesome guests and an AMAZING HOST

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