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Mets Fandom, Mets History, Mets Life
with Long Island’s Own Greg Prince and Jeff Hysen

National League Town National League Town

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Mets Fandom, Mets History, Mets Life
with Long Island’s Own Greg Prince and Jeff Hysen

    Tournament of Poses

    Tournament of Poses

    The World Baseball Classic was played to wide acclaim, but forgive National League Town if we’re not joining the chorus of media voices insisting the 2023 WBC was the greatest thing since sliced pepperoni. With Edwin Diaz’s patellar tendon a casualty of a postgame celebration we can’t imagine having taken place amid players going through admittedly humdrum Grapefruit League routines, let’s just say a little humdrum goes a  long way in setting up your ninth innings. Greg and Jeff take their stab at ironing out WBC’s kinks; wonder how the closing of Mets games is going to proceed when there won’t be any trumpets blowing; and, as always, hope for the best. NL Town also cranes its neck for a peek inside Citi Field’s ritzy new club and pauses (36:00) to remember the late Jesus Alou.

    • 48 min
    Turn and Embrace the Strange

    Turn and Embrace the Strange

    Change is in the baseball air this spring, and some of it is no doubt daunting to lifelong fans who fell in love with what seemed like a perfect game as kids. Then again, as Greg and Jeff will attest, change has always loomed over the game we’ve thought of as “ours,” and we’ve never necessarily welcomed it with open arms. Yet somehow, some changes set in to our satisfaction. On this episode of National League Town, we remember what was once new and a little scary and consider how a good bit of it made the sport we love better.

    • 49 min
    A Taste of Spring

    A Taste of Spring

    What can a Mets fan tell from one night at one Grapefruit League game? Jeff made the trek to West Palm Beach to take in the Mets who weren’t off to the WBC as they faced members of the defending World Champion Astros. The National League Town scouting report says some Mets are better than no Mets, and baseball being played right in front of you is always a welcome sight. Jeff also shares his thoughts on the Mets' failure to broadcast every spring game.

    • 9 min
    Ghost Runners and the Great Beyond

    Ghost Runners and the Great Beyond

    As we grapple with the permanent implementation of the unnatural placement of a runner on second to start the tenth inning (and any inning that accidentally occurs thereafter), we look for ways to make the rule designed to cut games off at their knees more palatable — and we pay homage to what life was like in “real” extra innings, when you had no idea when a game might reach resolution. You know, before the “Manfred Man” began trampling on intermittent marathon madness. National League Town also fondly remembers one of the most influential voices in Mets and baseball history, Tim McCarver (20:09)

    • 37 min
    Do You Know the Way to St. Lucie?

    Do You Know the Way to St. Lucie?

    There’s always something there to remind us baseball season is on its way: Spring Training. These National League Town guys are in love with the Mets’ chances on the cusp of 2023. What our world needs now is every player in camp focused on learning the new rules, but the WBC is a magnet that will pull some far away from home. Wishin’ and hopin’ and thinkin’ and prayin’ won’t get us back all our arms until that tournament is over, so we say a little prayer for good Met health, because come October, we long to be close to a championship.

    • 38 min
    Extra Cinematic Innings

    Extra Cinematic Innings

    In our previous episode, we shared National League Town’s Favorite Baseball Movies. In the sequel, we talk about the films that constitute our viewing experience’s bench strength. They’re the baseball movies we like a lot if don’t wholly love; the baseball movies we like enough to keep watching as long as a game isn’t on; the movies with just enough baseball in them to merit our attention; and maybe a baseball movie we don’t ever need to see again.

    • 39 min

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4.5 out of 5
15 Ratings

15 Ratings

moke ,


National League Town is a welcome addition to the world of Mets podcasts Greg and Jeff are two of the most knowledgeable Mets fans around. They are on top of their game discussing history or current events in Mets fandom on what other podcast in 2022 are you going to hear a discussion about Teddy Martinez? Putting National League Town in your podcast library will make you a happier and more informed fan. LGM

DMarc107 ,

Great job guys!

Really good. The Old timers Day episode is a perfect way to sample this Mets centric podcast.

Mets fandom at its highest level.

Greg & Jeff don’t miss a single detail from that day. So very enjoyable!

Dan Marcus

Davey 1979 ,

Really good

Lots of fun stories and fun analysis.

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