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Hosted by Dr. Pat Davidson. This podcast will dive deeper into strength and conditioning principles, training theories, nutrition, science, what drives people, and more with today’s thought-leaders in the industry.

Pat has a Master’s in Science in Strength and Conditioning and a PHD in Exercise Physiology, was a former Professor of Exercise Science at Springfield College, and was a World Champion Strongman athlete.

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Hosted by Dr. Pat Davidson. This podcast will dive deeper into strength and conditioning principles, training theories, nutrition, science, what drives people, and more with today’s thought-leaders in the industry.

Pat has a Master’s in Science in Strength and Conditioning and a PHD in Exercise Physiology, was a former Professor of Exercise Science at Springfield College, and was a World Champion Strongman athlete.

    EP 9: Angus Bradley

    EP 9: Angus Bradley

    Angus is a strength coach and podcast host from Sydney, Australia.  He coaches out of Sydney CBD, and co-hosts the Hyperformance podcast with his brother, Oscar.
    After focusing primarily on weightlifting for the first half of his career Angus finds himself spending as much time “outside of his lane” as possible trying to identify the principles that transcend all human movement.
    Like many guests on this show, Angus has been well-educated in the compression/expansion training ideals proliferated by Bill Hartman that are pushing our industry forward.
    Angus is frequently sharing next level knowledge from his social media platform and podcast, and he works with a diverse crowd from strongman to surfing and everything in between.
    In this episode, we discuss movement, training, and the weird world of social media. 

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    EP 8: Derek Hansen

    EP 8: Derek Hansen

    Derek is an International Sport Performance Consultant that has been working with athletes all ages and abilities in speed, strength and power sports since 1988.
    His coaching career started in Track and Field, providing instruction to sprinters of all ages eventually working with collegiate sprinters, hurdlers and jumpers. His career evolved rapidly working closely with some of the top performers in the world as a coach and a consultant – including Olympic medalists, world record holders, Canadian National team athletes, and professional athletes from numerous sports.
    He worked as the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for Simon Fraser University for 14 years, the first non-US member of the NCAA.
    He also serves as a performance consultant to numerous professional teams in the NFL, NBA, MLS and NHL, as well as major NCAA Division 1 programs throughout North America, specializing in speed development, strategic performance planning, return-to-competition protocols and neuromuscular electrical stimulation programming.
    Derek is asked to speak on speed development and high performance training on a regular basis for major events around the world and has also authored a number of books, chapters and journal articles on these subjects.

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    EP 7: Joel Smith

    EP 7: Joel Smith

    Joel Smith is an athletics coach residing in the Cincinnati area. He specialize in general physical preparation, movement education (and re-education), human biomechanics, psycho-social aspects of coaching and personal development.  Niche skills include technical development of track and field athletes, aquatic strength development, and tennis physical preparation. Other interests include holistic corrective functioning of the body, psychology, writing, leadership, and youth athletic development in light of modern culture.  Specialties: Strength Training, Teaching, Writing, Creativity, Logic, Public Speaking, Leadership, Small Business, Entrepreneurship, Podcasting, Olympic Weightlifting, Biomechanics, Plyometrics, Speed Development, Athletic Performance, Nutrition, Mentoring


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    EP 6: Kyle Dobbs

    EP 6: Kyle Dobbs

    Kyle Dobbs is the Founder and Owner of Compound Performance.  Formally a National Director of Services and Education, Training Director, District Manager, Facility Manager, and Coach based out of NYC.
    I've worked with clients in all training environments, from general population to high level athletes at the professional level.  From a leadership perspective, I've overseen teams and departments ranging from ten to fifteen hundred, while also being a national education and hiring director. 
    More importantly, I’m a husband and Father.  I’ve been married to my best friend Sarah and we have two boys, Greyson and Hollis, and 12 puppy named Bowser.

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    EP 5: Sean Noriega

    EP 5: Sean Noriega

    I developed my love for athletics at four years old playing baseball. I played baseball for fourteen years, and it was my dream to play major league baseball. Along the way, our coaches made it clear that strength and conditioning would be integral to taking our performance to the next level. When I reached high school, I fell in love with the training and offseason aspect of my sport, and sought to learn as much as I could about strength training. Our team’s strength coach was my first mentor, and he quickly realized how much I gravitated toward strength training. He quickly pointed me in the direction of a world of information that would change my life forever. Fast forward to senior year of high school, during which I competed in my first powerlifting meet. I was hooked.
    My freshman year I began coaching powerlifters at MIT for free to practically apply the fundamentals I had learned over the years. I mentored under phenomenal coaches and amassed a sizable team during undergraduate. I quickly realized that I was really good at what I did, and my critical thinking skills developed during my academic career would lend themselves to my coaching success. I quickly began to dedicate an equal amount of time to developing as a coach as I did as a student. What started as a team of friends, grew into a team of lifters I would coach at Raw Nationals, the Arnold and even IPF Worlds.
    I have made it a goal to become a fully comprehensive coach, immersing myself in both the educational world and practical world. I have learned from some of the best coaches in powerlifting, movement science and pain management, as well as immersing myself in as much in-person coaching and meet day handling environments as I can. To date, I have coached over a hundred lifters, and have a team of incredible lifters that features national champions, world champions and medalists, and record holders. I have recently had the privilege of being able to hire incredible coaches, and put them through a rigorous mentorship program, to ensure they learn as much as they can, and are challenged to think critically. I truly believe we are capable of guiding lifters of all abilities, background, and personalities toward their goals.
    In this podcast, Sean and I discuss the historical events that led up to modern power lifting preparation. Special consideration was placed on discussing programming for the sport.
    Founder of Nori Powerlifting#2 Ranked USAPL Men’s Raw Open 83kgUSAPL and IPF Powerlifting Coach since 2015B.S. Mechanical Engineering, MIT 2018@hamstringpapi | contact: sean@teamnori.com

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    EP.4: Bill Hartman

    EP.4: Bill Hartman

    Bill is known as a problem solver. From his small, private practice, IFAST Physical Therapy in Indianapolis, Indiana, Bill provides relief to patients in pain from all over the United States (and other countries!) who could not be helped elsewhere. His detective skills for locating the source of patients’ true problems are often compared to his favorite nocturnal comic book hero although he wears no cape or cowl (but does often wear a bat on his chest under his work clothes… you never know when a hero will be needed).
    Bill is an in-demand speaker and consultant across the country and half way around the world to share his approach in regard to restoring a pain-free lifestyle to other health and fitness professionals. He regularly mentors physical therapy students and interns many of whom have gone on to land positions in professional sport or become successful business owners themselves. 
    Bill is also the co-owner of Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training with Mike Robertson where he works with clients ranging from very young athletes to professionals. At the age of 50, he took his own advice and transformed himself from a painful and soft 200+ pounder to a lean and much less painful 170-pounds resulting in him being featured in Men’s Health Magazine where he is also a member of the advisory board.
    Bill lives outside of Indianapolis with his wife, The Gorgeous One, along with his dog Paxton, and occasionally his adopted son Zac Cupples. To find out more about Bill and how he can help you, go to www.billhartman.net.
    In this podcast, Bill and I discuss the importance of creating a working model to guide you as a professional. Beyond that Bill just drops absolutely incredibly brilliant thoughts on a variety of topics. 

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