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Join Sebastien Page and Cody Lee on this weekly podcast about everything Apple and beyond.

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Join Sebastien Page and Cody Lee on this weekly podcast about everything Apple and beyond.

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4.6 out of 5
320 Ratings

320 Ratings

witchSAVANNA ,

Yay!! 300 podcasts 🎉🤯

I want to thank y’all for your amazing efforts that you put in to this podcast. You guys have the most consistent podcast that I have listened to. Great insight to Apple! Keep up the good work!

Sharkey311 ,

It’s gone downhill. Big time.

I’ve been listening to this podcast since its creation and quite honestly I don’t know why anymore. The past few months the quality of the show has been virtually nonexistent. What prompted this review was the last 2 episodes consisting of literally 2 topics. Rather than discussing the latest news or even topics relating to iOS or Apple for that matter, the hosts spend 20+ minutes talking and ranting about omega watches, or soccer, or twitter. It’s driven me to the point of giving up and unsubscribing. They don’t come prepared, they don’t come with any topics related to iOS and when they do discuss Apple, it has devolved into complaints about Apple watches and various other apple products and services and they give their insights that are usually incorrect or misguided.

JGR627 ,

Let’s talk iOS fanboy

My previous review made it onto the podcast! 🤯. You guys so casual on the podcast that I feel like I’m hanging out with my buds and as you know sometimes friends clash and that’s how I felt about my mini Twitter rant. Thanks for addressing it on the podcast I feel like a superstar now I have played the clip to everybody in my family and they look at me like I’m weird. Hope to catch you guys on Twitter, now this is definitely my greatest review! Keep rocking! #Freedom

It hurts me to update my review and change it from 5 stars to 1 but every week I listen and every week I get taunted by both Sebastian and Cody and I have had enough of it! The conversation you have are great! What kills me and bothers my soul is when you both say “let’s continue the conversation on Twitter” I have reached out to both of you guys to get 0 response! I get it we have lives and we’re busy but to constantly say reach us on Twitter and not respond was what pushed me over the edge. I will continue to listen and I will try to engage with you both again in the future. Until then this might be my greatest review ever! 😉 still JGR627

06/2016 maybe even 2015
Great show and even greater website love listening to the podcast since it's the same type of convos I have with my buddies.....keep up the good work n please give me a shout out it will make my month! jgr627

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