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Biblical theology, stripped bare of denominational confessions and theological systems by exposing context.

The Naked Bible Podcast Dr. Michael S. Heiser

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Biblical theology, stripped bare of denominational confessions and theological systems by exposing context.

    Naked Bible 453: 1 Samuel 7

    Naked Bible 453: 1 Samuel 7

    1 Samuel 7 is about Samuel’s emergence as the nation of Israel’s spiritual and military leader (i.e., a judge). The contrast with the house of Eli is again palpable. The main focus of this emergence is a revival in Israel and the subsequent conflict with the Philistine where, after a long absence, God fights for Israel certifying Samuel’s status. This episode comments on these items along with focusing on “the Baals and Ashtaroth” Israel must forsake. Some discussion is also given to the term Asherah (plural: Asherim).


    • 51 min
    Naked Bible 452: Counterfeit Kingdom

    Naked Bible 452: Counterfeit Kingdom

    Counterfeit Kingdom with Holly Pivec and R. Douglas Geivett

    Back in 2017 (Episode 179) apologetics researcher Holly Pivec was our guest to talk about the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR), a movement that claims new revelation from God and new apostolic authority that is binding on followers of Jesus everywhere. In this episode of the podcast we catch up with Holly and her co-author, Dr. R. Douglas Geivett, via a discussion of their latest book on the NAR, Counterfeit Kingdom: The Dangers of New Revelation, New Prophets, and New Age Practices in the Church. Currently on sale!! Please click the book's link.

    • 1 hr 24 min
    Naked Bible 451: 1 Samuel 5-6

    Naked Bible 451: 1 Samuel 5-6

    1 Samuel 5-6 continues the biblical saga of the loss of the ark of the covenant to the Philistines. Specifically, the chapters detail the fallout upon the Philistines as Yahweh chooses to punish them for taking the ark. The episode includes an interesting scene of cosmic geography and spiritual warfare (1 Sam 5:1-5). Most of the content, however, details Yahweh’s judgment of the Philistines, a judgment that involves the Philistines offering a “guilt offering” to Yahweh. This offering included objects or emblems that were designed to cajole Yahweh into relenting, and so the objects in some way telegraph what the punishments included. English translations have these objects as golden mice and golden “tumors” or “hemorrhoids” (Hebrew term: ʿophalim). This episode follows recent archaeological research that demonstrate there is a better way to understand the nature of the ʿophalim, one that makes this episode for adults only.

    Article referenced:
    Aren Maier, “Did Captured Ark Afflict Philistines with E.D.?” BAR 34:3 (2008)

    • 38 min
    Naked Bible 450: 1 Samuel 4

    Naked Bible 450: 1 Samuel 4

    1 Samuel 4 details the loss of the ark of the covenant to the Philistines and the end of Eli’s priestly lineage. In so doing it is the fulfillment of God’s word to Samuel, the young prophet. In this episode of the podcast we talk about the loss of the ark and the nature of the ark itself, along with several other details of the passage that are less obvious to readers. 

    • 36 min
    Naked Bible 449: 1 Samuel 3

    Naked Bible 449: 1 Samuel 3

    1 Samuel 3 marks the call of Samuel to be a prophet. As such it furthers the demise of the house of Eli, a demise that will reach its climax in Chapter 4. In this episode of the podcast we take a look at some of the features of 1 Samuel 3, particularly in regard to its theophany, Samuel’s status as the “prophet like unto Moses,” and an interesting text-critical issue.

    • 30 min
    Naked Bible 448: 1 Samuel 2:12-36

    Naked Bible 448: 1 Samuel 2:12-36

    This episode of the podcast continues in 1 Samuel 2 through the end of the chapter. In 1 Sam 2:12-36 we are introduced specifically to how Samuel contrasts with the wicked sons of Eli, Hophni and Phinehas. The chapter raises questions about the nature of Samuel’s ministry, as well as the matter of the unidentified “man of God” that appears to prophesy against Eli.

    • 36 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
3.8K Ratings

3.8K Ratings

eldadito ,

Go deeper into scripture and the context where scripture was formed.

It’s not sermons, it’s in depth talks on the Bible and where it came from.

I think of it as my free mdiv.

Kroyer86 ,

An incredible gift

This podcast is a literal answer to prayer. At the beginning of the year I prayed God would remove my religious lens when studying His word. Through a series of events, this podcast was brought up & one particular episode was recommended. I couldn’t believe the understanding I gained from that one episode. So I started back at the beginning and have cried several times as the clarity has brought understanding.

I also appreciate that they’re “bite sized” in length. I’m never left feeling overwhelmed with the knowledge that is presented. I also feel that the information given is strictly biblical and doesn’t come through whatever religious view he might have. He’s giving clarity on the Bible and all things Bible, exactly how it should be.

Coming from a denomination that teaches we should approach scripture through what our core beliefs are, this has been an incredibly refreshing change.

JimiTex ,

High Quality- Thoughtful Content

May God bless all concerned for presenting the Word with depth, breadth and evenhanded scholarship. Highly engaging as a teacher, Dr Heiser is a treasure to the Kingdom of YHWH.

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