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This show publishes 'Repeat After Me' IELTS Speaking lessons. All speaking scripts are written by active examiners, and all questions are taken from real exams. For full lessons, visit: http://www.ieltsspeakingblog.com

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This show publishes 'Repeat After Me' IELTS Speaking lessons. All speaking scripts are written by active examiners, and all questions are taken from real exams. For full lessons, visit: http://www.ieltsspeakingblog.com

Contact Ryan at ryan@ieltsspeakingblog.com

    4 December 2023 | Part 1: Rain and staying healthy in your country🏃

    4 December 2023 | Part 1: Rain and staying healthy in your country🏃

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    Do you work or study?
    Currently, I study marketing at a college in this city.
    Why did you choose to study this subject?
    I chose to study marketing because of its dynamic nature and its direct relevance to my career goals. The field allows me to combine creativity with strategic thinking, providing a perfect fit for my aspirations.
    Let’s talk about rain. Does it rain much in your city?
    In Rome, we experience moderate rainfall, particularly during the spring and fall seasons. The rain contributes to the city's greenery and maintains a pleasant climate.
    Would you most like to live in a place that is dry or wet?
    I prefer a place with a balanced climate. Moderate rainfall adds to the environmental diversity and creates a pleasant atmosphere.
    Would you change your plans if it rained outside?
    Weather conditions do influence my plans to some extent. Heavy rain might prompt me to reconsider outdoor activities. However, a light drizzle usually doesn't deter me from my plans.
    Let’s talk about health. Is it easy to stay healthy in your country?
    Yes, it is generally easy to maintain good health in Italy. Access to healthcare facilities, a variety of fresh and nutritious foods, and a cultural emphasis on physical activity contribute to an environment conducive to overall well-being.
    How do you maintain your physical health?
    I prioritise physical health through a combination of regular exercise and a balanced diet. Engaging in activities like jogging and incorporating a variety of fruits, vegetables and lean proteins into my diet ensures that I stay fit and energetic.
    Do you have a favourite exercise?
    Indeed, my favourite exercise is yoga. I find it not only physically beneficial but also mentally rejuvenating. The rhythmic nature of yoga allows me to unwind and stay physically active, contributing to a holistic sense of well-being.

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    Episode 131 | Part 3: Young people and independence🧮

    Episode 131 | Part 3: Young people and independence🧮

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    Do you think nowadays young people have to become independent at a younger age compared to the past?
    Absolutely. In contemporary society, the pace of life has accelerated, and this has required young people grow up faster than in previous generations. The job market is more competitive and demands young professionals demonstrate autonomy and self-reliance. For example, people switch career paths way more now than they did in the past, and this requires people be more self-reliant and less dependent on a long-term employer.
    How does moving out of the family home contribute to a young person's sense of independence?
    Moving out is a pivotal step towards autonomy. It exposes individuals to the complexities of managing a household, handling bills and making decisions independently. Living away from the family provides a platform for personal growth, encouraging individuals to confront challenges, solve problems and build resilience.
    What responsibilities do young adults typically face when they move out of their parents' home?
    Young adults take on a spectrum of responsibilities when they move out. Managing finances, such as rent, utilities and daily expenses, becomes a central concern. Household chores, meal planning and even addressing unforeseen issues require consistent attention. I would even include things like taking on responsibility for personal health.
    How can financial challenges impact a young person's ability to live independently?
    Financial challenges can be a substantial hurdle. Limited financial resources may hinder the person's ability to secure stable housing or afford basic necessities. This, in turn, can lead to increased stress and other health problems that might aggravate financial issues further.
    Do you think moving out affects the relationship between parents and their children? In what ways?
    Undoubtedly, moving out reshapes the parent-child dynamic. While physical distance may initially strain the relationship, it also provides an opportunity for a more mature and egalitarian connection. Both parties learn to appreciate each other's perspectives, and the relationship transforms into one built on mutual respect and understanding. The periodic reunions become cherished moments, fostering a deeper and more evolved bond between parents and their independent children.

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    Episode 130 | Part 2: Someone you know who moved into a new accommodation🏢

    Episode 130 | Part 2: Someone you know who moved into a new accommodation🏢

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    Talk about someone you know who has moved to a new accommodation. You should say:
    -who this person is
    -when they moved
    -where they moved
    and explain whether or not the move has had a positive impact on them
    I'd like to talk about a colleague of mine named Emily, who recently made a significant move to a new accommodation. Emily is a person I work with, and we've developed a friendship over the past few years.
    She decided to make this move about three months ago - I think it was about August of this year. This decision to move was primarily for career advancement and to be closer to our workplace, which is in the heart of the city. Before, she had been commuting for almost two hours daily!
    Emily's new accommodation is an apartment in a modern complex. The area is known for its vibrant community, diverse cultural amenities and convenient access to public transportation. The apartment itself is spacious, well-furnished and provides a stunning view of the city skyline.
    From what Emily has shared with me, the move has had an overwhelmingly positive impact on her life. Firstly, the reduction in commute time has allowed her to reclaim several hours each day, which she can now allocate to personal pursuits and relaxation. Moreover, the new neighbourhood has exposed her to a range of social activities and events, providing opportunities to meet new people and expand her social circle.
    So overall I would say Emily's recent move to a new accommodation has undeniably had a positive impact on her overall quality of life.

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    Episode 129 | Special! 40+ minutes of 'repeat after me' exercises!✅

    Episode 129 | Special! 40+ minutes of 'repeat after me' exercises!✅

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    Topics in this episode: Studying, work, friendship, computers, the zoo and drinks

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    Episode 128 | Part 3: Talking about projects at work (10 min. exercise!)🗂️

    Episode 128 | Part 3: Talking about projects at work (10 min. exercise!)🗂️

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    Transcript of the sample that is heard in this video:
    How important is it for employees to take on challenging projects at work?
    Taking on challenging projects at work is of paramount importance. It not only helps employees grow and develop professionally but also contributes significantly to the overall success of the organisation. Challenging projects provide employees with the opportunity to expand their skill set, learn new things and think creatively. In fact, the ability to handle challenging projects is often a key differentiator in one's career progression, as it showcases a person's problem solving skills, leadership potential and adaptability.
    What skills are necessary to successfully handle challenging projects?
    Handling challenging projects successfully demands a diverse set of skills. Firstly, problem solving skills are crucial. Employees should be able to analyse complex issues, identify potential solutions and make informed decisions. Additionally, effective communication and teamwork are essential for collaboration and sharing ideas within the team. I would also say that time management and organisational skills are necessary to ensure that tasks are completed on schedule. Those are the main skills that come to mind.
    How do you think technology has changed the way people approach and complete work-related projects?
    Technology has revolutionised the way people approach and complete work-related projects. It has streamlined processes, increased efficiency and expanded the possibilities of what can be achieved. For example, as we saw during COVID, digital tools made it possible for employees to collaborate seamlessly from different locations. Technology has thus accelerated the pace of work and made remote work more viable.
    How should a person or team respond when a project doesn't go as planned?
    When a project doesn't go as planned, it is essential to respond with a constructive approach. The first step should be to conduct a thorough post-mortem analysis to understand what went wrong and why. Identifying the root causes of the issues is crucial for preventing similar problems in the future. Communication within the team and with stakeholders is also key because this keeps everyone informed of the situation and the steps being taken to address it. One final but critical step is to maintain a positive and solution oriented mindset. Setbacks are inherent in most projects, and a resilient team that can learn from its mistakes is more likely to rebound quickly.

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    Episode 127 | Part 2: An impactful book you read📕

    Episode 127 | Part 2: An impactful book you read📕

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    Describe a book that had a significant impact on you. Please say:
    -What the book was about
    -When and where you read it
    -Why it had a significant impact on you
    -And say whether you would you recommend this book to others
    A book that I found impactful is "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I first encountered this book during my university years while studying literature. It's not very long, so I was able to read it in one afternoon in my university's library.
    The book had a significant impact on me due to its themes and the portrayal of the characters' aspirations and shortcomings, which I found very relatable. It delves into the lives of Jay Gatsby, a self-made millionaire who is known for his extravagant parties, and Nick Carraway, the narrator who becomes entangled in Gatsby's world. I really enjoyed how the book uses a story to examine topics such as the elusive nature of happiness and the limits of wealth and opulence. For example, despite his wealth, Jay Gatsby is unable to change the past and rekindle his relationship with a woman named Daisy. This leaves him in a permanent state of sorrow and sets up other events in the story that provide a fascintating exploration of the complexities of human nature.
    I would definitely recommend "The Great Gatsby" to others. The novel's timeless themes of wealth, aspiration, and the human desire for something more make it a captivating and thought-provoking read. It continues to resonate with readers of all generations, and I feel it invites them to reflect on their own ambitions and the meaning of success in the modern world.

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