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Excellent music from the demoscene and groups that thrived in the 80's and 90's. Including recent chip tunes, MOD, XM, S3M, and SID modules from all the greatest trackers and artists.

Impulse Project Impulse Project

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Excellent music from the demoscene and groups that thrived in the 80's and 90's. Including recent chip tunes, MOD, XM, S3M, and SID modules from all the greatest trackers and artists.

    System Drift: Intro to the Beeper – ip40

    System Drift: Intro to the Beeper – ip40

    in this installment of the impulse project, we take a listen to some of the simpler things in life. the beeper (PC Speaker). even though the hardware has extremely limited capabilities, certain artists thrive in the 1bit world and have created some pretty amazing stuff. let’s take a listen.

    * utztape2.tap – irrlicht project (ZX Beeper)

    * System Beeps.wav – shiru (shiru8bit) (IBM PC Beeper)

    * 04_FACTOR6_-_Thirty – Factor6^1-bit Wizards (ZX Beeper)

    * BotB 30624 Ataritufty – Beeperman.tap – Ataritufty (ZX Beeper)

    * Mister BEEP – Interstellar Drift (2015) (Multimatograf 2016).ay – Mister BEEP^1-bit Wizards  (ZX Beeper)

    * CatchingUp.ay – Shiru (ZX Beeper)

    download the files here –> impulseproject40.zip

    *artwork credit: “utztape #2” by irrlicht project

    2011 ZX Spectrum 48K Beeper Music

    • 58 min
    Influenza Deprivation – ip39

    Influenza Deprivation – ip39

    some new, some old. mostly new. you’ve been deprived, we’re here to help.

    * mod.silencing-the-storm – mAZE^Desire^Moods Plateau^Void (04 chnl MOD 42kb)

    * nq_dhl19_rt_arp_prism.pt3 – Nik-O (YM, ABC – PT3)

    * INFLUENZA.XM – fearofdark (20 channel XM 224kb)

    * coincollector.nsf – Jakim (NSF, A203 + VRC6)

    * Ramiel.sid – Mibri^Hokuto Force (SID 8580)

    * BotB 30456 kleeder – Sleep Deprivation.mptm – Midori Mizuno & Timo (Kleeder)(18 channel OPL 62kb)

    download the files here –> impulseproject39.tar.gz | impulseproject39.zip

    Fearofdark: soundcloudJakim: soundcloud

    *artwork credit: “Aliens Inside Us” by CVM ^ ZeroTeam1st in the Forever 2019 Zx Spectrum Graphics Competition (Zx Spectrum)

    • 50 min
    Hangover Helmet – ip38

    Hangover Helmet – ip38

    a sweet selection of tunes from the scene. You might even want to buy a helmet

    * jason_-_wanna_buy_a_helmet.mod – Jason^Crusaders (04 channel MOD)

    * BotB 30723 we’re the cats, the fast cats.nsf – Yung Gotenks (NSF)

    * Hangover_at_X16.sid – HJE^Genesis Project (8580 @ 2x Speed)

    * 2006.sndh – Mad Max^YM Rockerz (Atari ST)

    * golden_lonely.it – Vince Kaichan (17 channel IT)

    * Vertigo – Leviathan & Nemesis.mod – Leviathan & Nemesis^Ren (16 channel MOD)

    download the files here –> impulseproject38.tar.gz | impulseproject38.zip

    HJE: soundcloud

    Vince Kaichan: web

    Jason: soundcloud

    YM Rockerz: downloads

    *artwork credit: “Tasmanian Dummy’s Hangover” by Duce ^ Extend

    4th in the Flashback Old School Graphics competition (Commodore 64)

    • 52 min
    A Future Ankle: 2018 Highlights – ip37

    A Future Ankle: 2018 Highlights – ip37

    off to a great start this year with the best of last year! (at least some of our top picks of 2018, anyway) today we bring you music that either graced the many 2018 demoparties or just hit the right chord with us. hope you enjoy

    * cat and duck.mod – Snoopy^Altair (04 channel MOD 374kb)

    * arpeggiojorssia_kansalle_by_paokala.xm – Paokala (04 channel XM 29kb)

    * overcharged brolin ankle.pt3 – n1k-o (YM ABC)

    * Duri Drøm.sid – Møllpauk^Hoaxers (8580)

    * spacedemic17.mod – notorious (4 channel MOD 227kb)

    * asikwp_-_star-crystals.it – ASIKWUS (22 channel Impulse Tracker file 6,286kb)

    * What_Happened_by_MotionRide_AmipartyXIII_MSX_Multichannel.xm – MotionRide (8 channel XM 1,895kb)

    * BotB 28939 Jredd – 7-Force Presents_ A Future Hope.vgm – Jredd, CosmoBG, Drexegar, Laz, Marcb0t, Tobikomi, and WillRock (308kb VGM) YM2612 + Sega PSG

    download the files here –> impulseproject37.tar.gz

    Snoopy/X-Ceed: soundcloud

    asikwus: soundcloud

    MotionRide: facebook

    *artwork credit: “The Flow of Time” by Made ^ The Deadliners

    1st in the Revision 2018 Oldskool Graphics competition (Amiga OCS/ECS)

    • 1 hr 7 min
    Big Floppy Earth – ip36

    Big Floppy Earth – ip36

    one last episode to end 2018. no theme, no frills. lets kill off the year with some scene tunes …and they all kick ass.

    * The Past – The Present – The Future.xm – Skyrunner (32 channel XM 1975kb)* TUC_Big_Floppy_People_06.sndh – Alchemist^The Ultra Crew (8kb Atari ST)* the_java_trip.xm – Drax^Vibrants (20 channel XM 332kb)* 8bp131-02-doomcloud-welcome_to_dudley_town.mp3 – doomcloud (MIDINES)* kustomnized.ahx – Pink^Abyss (04 channel AHX 7kb)* 200_miles_from_earth.xm – Khyron^Kosmos (20 channel XM 864kb)

    download the files here –> impulseproject36.tar.gz

    * Skyrunner | soundcloud* Pink | soundcloud* doomcloud | bandcamp*

    art credit: “Datazombies” by Archmage 1st place in the Big Floppy People 2007 C64 GFX Compo

    • 53 min
    Twisted Old Notes: Intro to AdLib – ip35

    Twisted Old Notes: Intro to AdLib – ip35

    …and you thought we were gone! after an unintentional hiatus, we’re back with a new chip spotlight episode, this time featuring the OPL2 (YM3812) better known to many of us dos kids as the AdLib sound. while the scene numbers are much less than other systems we’ve featured, this chip has a special place in a lot of people’s hearts. take a listen as we showcase some of our favorites

    * Fear of notes.rad – Extent of the Jam (RAD Tracker)

    * a blib.amd – Warlord (AMUSIC Tracker)

    * Void – Raster V2.rad – VOID^reality (RAD Tracker)

    * Twisted.vgz – Unknown (maybe Teetow) (VGM conversion)

    * action.rad – FBY (RAD Tracker)

    * My_Dirty_Old_Adlib.vgz – Zalza^Titan (VGM conversion)

    * Ad it up! Part1.rad – Extent of the Jam (RAD Tracker)

    download the files here –> impulseproject35.tar.gz

    * Extent of the Jam | extentofthejam.com | soundcloud | bandcamp

    * Warlord | armagon.org

    * FBY | fby.develer.com

    • 57 min

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5.0 out of 5
13 Ratings

13 Ratings

Bedroth ,

Only One Problem

There's only one thing wrong with this podcast - it doesn't come out often enough! Both of the hosts are very, very busy with several other projects, though, so it's a treat whenever they can come together with some new demoscene goodness to share!

Norms sutton ,

So good

Man, I love this podcast. Both hosts bring to the table a wealth of experience, and it shows. If you have ever wondered how far computer and game composers could push chip audio, this show will show you.

Rob fn Nichols ,

awesome music

This music takes me back to the 90s when I first learned of trackers, and it's great to hear how it has evolved over all these years into great works of art. Great show guys!

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