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Podcasts by DiannAbroad, international solo nomad, author, travel blogger, and photographer include writing tips, travel tips, and her views of life, from savvy and thoughtful to quirky and humorous.
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In the KNOW‪!‬ Diann Schindler, Ph.D.

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Podcasts by DiannAbroad, international solo nomad, author, travel blogger, and photographer include writing tips, travel tips, and her views of life, from savvy and thoughtful to quirky and humorous.
Copyright 2020 DiannAbroad All rights reserved.

    A Writer's Life: A Setting Surprise

    A Writer's Life: A Setting Surprise

    With my current thriller manuscript ("Claim Denied") in the hands of beta readers, I had time to think about writing another book: a sequel, a thriller set in a small town with fascinating, quirky characters.
    When I looked back at a community on the Eastern Shore of Virginia I visited a few times in early 2000, I came upon a startling, sweet surprise! I dug deeper! It was clear: I had to write this novel! 
    I joined J. Thorn's 5-day challenge using his "Three Story Method", outlined the entire story, and uploaded the details in Plottr. I can access it at any time and get cracking!
    I'll do exactly that as soon as "Claim Denied" is published. Publication release is January 2021. Story and Song Neighborhood Bookstore on Amelia Island, FL has agreed to a book launch.  Please email me at Diann@DiannAbroad.com to receive publication information and an invitation to the book launch.
    Thank you for listening!  Please leave a comment and a rating. DiannAbroad.com
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    Travel Bug, Marketa and Milly

    Travel Bug, Marketa and Milly

    Diann Schindler, DiannAbroad, takes us back to her 3rd grade geography class in Hamilton, Ohio, when her first thought of travelling outside the United States burst forth, infiltrating her head and her heart. She was nine years old. But, it wasn't until decades later that she truly acted on that notion, with full conviction, and came to understand that travelling is all about the people...meeting people from all walks of life and lands. Making connections is the true essence of broadening horizons, tolerance, understanding, and love.
    Diann tells us about two women she met: Marketa in Prague and Milly in Fez, Morocco. They helped her understand women are women, are women, all over the world, often with the same painful experiences.  
    BLOG: Prague, the City of 100 Bridges with a 1,100 year history.  
    Get your copy of "Claim Denied" HERE.
    Intro music is "The Amelia Island Sun" by Rafael Javadov. 
    Interlude is "Flight"
    Check out my websites: DiannAbroad.com and DiannSchindlerAuthor.com
    Write to Diann at Diann@DiannAbroad.com

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    Frustrations and Joys: My Portugal

    Frustrations and Joys: My Portugal

    This is my first podcast of 2022! Why? You'll just have to listen. Meanwhile, here is the supporting information. 

    Here I am in Cascais, PT... my 40 minutes trek once a week from my apartment in Monte Estoril.

    Below, pics of the Men's International Tennis Tournament. The Estoril Open. That's Gasquet serving. Great day! 
    Dinner on the ocean with Cidalia and Nelia in Cascais.
    Below is a photo of my last book, "Claim Denied" published last year. To get your copy, click HERE. I talk about the challenges of writing the sequel, "The Secrets of Selby" (working title) in this podcast. 
    Thank you so much for listening
    Diann Schindler   Diann@DiannAbroad.com.
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    Meditation, Madeira/Monte Estoril and My Need to Nest

    Meditation, Madeira/Monte Estoril and My Need to Nest

    From her new home in Portugal and her last podcast for 2021, Diann Schindler focuses on mind improving meditation; moving from Madeira Island to Monte Estoril; and after 6 years as a solo nomad, her need to find a permanent home - where she can return after traveling. 
    Deepak Chopra's 21 Days of Abundance meditation podcasts. 
    Me on the northeast coast of Madeira Island.

    Monte Estoril, the Monte Carlo of Portugal - my new community, near Lisbon, on the Iberian Peninsula. 
    My books: "Claim Denied"  "Just A Girl," and "The Essential Guide to a Life of Travel."
    My Amazon author page.
    Music is provided by my friend and incredible artist, Rafael Javadov: "The Amelia Island Sun, and "Journey"
    Thank you for listening!
    Diann Schindler, Facebook Author Page
    Diann Schindler Author Website

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    Madeira, Machico, Moby Dick and more!

    Madeira, Machico, Moby Dick and more!

    Diann reports on her first 2 weeks as a resident of Portugal. Starting with Madeira Island, she discusses the village of Machico and how it got its name in 1419, the filming of the 1956 "Moby Dick" movie off the shores of northeastern Madeira Island, and the challenging adjustments to living in a new culture. 
    Madeira Island

    Machico Church - listen to those bells!

    Machico Beach:

    Whalers of Madeira. Museu da Baleia
    Streets surfaces on Madeira that Diann discussed:

    My first apartment in Canico.
      "Claim Denied" on Amazon
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    "Wives Who Kill" - A true crime story by Dr. Phyllis K. Walters

    "Wives Who Kill" - A true crime story by Dr. Phyllis K. Walters

    Dr. Phyllis Kuehnl Walters, aka Dr. K Walters, s is a retired clinical/forensic psychologist from Ohio. She was in private practice for over forty years and taught psychology classes at Sinclair Community College and The University of Dayton. She is married and enjoys being a wife, mother, Yaya, great grandmother, and friend to many!  She and her husband have been on 7 mission trips and are actively involved at Fairway Christian Church in The Villages, Florida.
    Dr. Kuehnl Walters is now “re-fired” as a published author of Christian inspirational books as well as her soon to be launched crime/romance novel. She served as Academic Dean of Casa Hope, International where she taught men who have mostly served time for alcohol and drug offenses.
    Dr. Kuehnl-Walters also enjoys playing golf, games, bookstores, beaches, sunsets, gospel and 60’s music. She belongs to Florida Writers Association, Word Weavers International, Inc. and previously served as treasurer of the Writers League of The Villages.
    pkuehnlwalters@aol.com          phylliswaltersauthor@gmail.com
    “Wives Who Kill” - Sophie and Hannah: Two women with different backgrounds, different circumstances, and different mindsets. Yet, both are wanted for murder. What made them do it? Court-appointed forensic psychologist Dr. Rosie Klein untangles the web of circumstances surrounding each violent crime . . . and much more!
    At the recommendation of the judges and attorneys who appoint her to the cases, Dr. Klein first evaluates Sophie's case, then Hannah's state of mind at the time the women committed their separate crimes. Her search for mitigating factors, and her recommendations, will assist the Court during the sentencing phase of each woman's trial. Or should their charges of murder be commuted . . .based on what Dr. Rosie finds?
    You be the judge after you read the reasons behind Wives Who Kill.
    Click HERE for the FIRST podcast with Dr. Kuehnl Walters on March 5, 2020.
    “The Christmas Slayings”
    “Worry, Fret, and Fear... No More!: Covid-19 Edition”
    “Become a Beacon of Light: Develop the Fruit of the Spirit and Reflect God's Love”
    “Creating Balance & Purpose in Life: Finding Meaning in All Seasons & Stages of Life”
    Click HERE for Dr. Phyllis Kuehnl Walters Amazon Author Page.  
    You, too, can be interviewed on "In the Know!"  More information.
         Music: “The Amelia Island Sun” by Rafael Javadov

       Thank you for listening.            Diann@DiannAbroad.com  DiannAbroad.com

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5.0 out of 5
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5 Ratings

Tribarcla ,

Inspiring and moving!

I had the immense pleasure of spending a few days with Diann a few years ago and experiencing her vitality, curiosity, warmth, and humor. I am thrilled to be able to listen to her and follow her on her continual path of discovery. What a huge pleasure, thank-you!!

JJ. Clarke ,

Singing bowls

I love listening to Diann! New fan..J.J. Clarke

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