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Pagan supercast with Fire Lyte and Velma Nightshade. The podcrush is so over.

Inciting A BrewHaHa Fire Lyte & Velma Nightshade

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Pagan supercast with Fire Lyte and Velma Nightshade. The podcrush is so over.

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4.4 out of 5
80 Ratings

80 Ratings

LaurieMoon ,

New Favorite Witchy Podcast!

I know I am discovering this late but this is quickly becoming my new favorite witchy podcast. I have to travel quite a distance for work and this podcast makes me actually look forward to the drive. The hosts work really well together and Fire Lyte cracks me up so much!!! Love this podcast!

Sleepy Clementine ,

Totally wrong approach

I’m so disheartened because I feel there is so much potential in this podcast that quickly gets overshadowed by rants and snap judgments without any kind of consideration or even attempt to understand. Over multiple subjects, anything that the hosts disagree with becomes subject to very off-putting diatribes. It is one thing for them to approach topics, traditions, and practices with which they have every right to disapprove of with careful delineation of their opinions but a fair exploration of why these things exist? But they don’t follow this whatsoever, and make no attempt to do any research. So what am I really learning from this beyond a lot of swearing and scathing, condescending remarks? It’s one thing to be snarky, but it makes me disappointed because there are definitely moments when you can hear them very beautifully and elegantly describe topics they care about with a lot of knowledge. I wish they could apply that same eloquence to all of the subjects they bring up in their show. Instead of being inclusive or at least making attempts to discover and understand (if not agree), we end up not learning anything about what isn’t “right” - except about how it’s “wrong.”

I can cope with the lack of organization and the tangents - in fact, many of the tangents are quite interesting and provide a new context (until, of course, one of the hosts then denigrates the other for going on that tangent). It’s just so negative and mean spirited. It doesn’t feel like fun ribbing, but a circle jerk of opinion.

VN constantly interrupts FL, and I mean CONSTANTLY, and makes no effort to have a back and forth until her point has been made, which often means a lot of what he was trying to say gets lost (and I’ve listened to several episodes over time and found it doesn’t get better). FL tends to be a little more inclusive and understanding of the different situations and alternatives that people use because everyone’s life situation and needs are different. VN doesn’t seem to acknowledge this, or even care. VN in particular is extremely presumptive and talks like the exclusive expert on these subjects, which always makes me leery. She talks a lot about what she feels is better, but doesn’t speak from the experience of having ever attempted working with anything that she automatically puts down.

They don’t have a good interplay in my opinion because of this, but I would be willing to see if they work a bit more effectively on their own podcasts. At least FL, who is I think the more thoughtful and considerate of the hosts.

I hate to sound like I’m tagging on VN in particular, but there are literally so many instances of FL sharing an opinion and VN going “No. No. No.” over him. How awful! What a bad energy and attitude to approach this!

Joshuuh876 ,

Best show ever!

I’ve been a listener for years and it’s my favorite show! And hey you guys should listen to history of witchcraft podcast! You both would love it !

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