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Gary Holdsteady hosts a music show from Minneapolis Minnesota

Independent Stream Gary Holdsteady

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Gary Holdsteady hosts a music show from Minneapolis Minnesota

Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5
13 Ratings

13 Ratings

VooDooStevie ,

Gary gave me a STD

Not listening to the show will cause outbreaks and may even cause anal leakage. In some cases violent vomiting.. Oh wait that is FROM listening. Great show! Great tunes! Now, where's my check?

Joe's Podhole ,

Podhole Approved: Gary Holdsteady Is The Real Deal

A lot of people who do podcasts lack two very important things: talent and good taste in music. Gary Holdsteady has an abundance of both. He picks the tunes on which radio would otherwise turn its back, thereby treating his listeners to genuine underground masterpieces. He reps the Minnesota music scene with a slick, well-produced show, and does it with a knowing nod and a long drag off of a cheap smoke. The production value of this show is killer, and it gets better every time he posts. Gary is radio's antichrist, and the hellmouth is open wide. Give it a try... it'll only take a minute to find out if the Independent Stream is for you. If you decide that it's not, don't worry. It just means you aren't cool.

El Revisor Enmascarado ,

The soles of Gary's shoes are caked with spilled liquor from the Triple Rock...

This man has his ear to the ground, and not just because he got done puking up a quart of cheap vodka! If it's cool and it comes from Minnesota, Gary knows about it. Listen from great music and a production value that makes (A)damn Curry sound like he's casting from his moms basement on a cordless telephone from the 80's. Gary rules and he is funnier than a clown with cancer!

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