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Learn from independent board game designers how they got where they did and what they learned along the way.

Indie Board Game Designers Patrick Rauland

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Learn from independent board game designers how they got where they did and what they learned along the way.

    #116 - Mint Tin Challenge Results

    #116 - Mint Tin Challenge Results

    In this bonus episode I talk about the results of the Mint Tin Challenge with my game Mintsugi (soon to be called Kintsugi!):

    Follow along with Kintsugi (and you'll know about a Kickstarter):  http://indieboardgamedesigners.com/mintsugi

    Mint TIn Challenge: https://www.thegamecrafter.com/contests/mint-tin-challenge

    • 16 min
    #115 - Ken Franklin

    #115 - Ken Franklin

    Ken Franklin joins us and shares how he worked his way into the industry just from walking around the halls at Gen Con 2011 and being incredibly kind, friendly, and hard working.

    You can learn more about my game Mintsugi: https://indieboardgamedesigners.com/mintsugi

    • 37 min
    #114 - Tim Fowers

    #114 - Tim Fowers

    I chat to the incredibly thoughtful & talented Tim Fowers about all of his games. We go into:

    * Why he prefers to sell on his own site instead of distribution
    * Why he started Tabletop Network
    * Who your audience really is (it's more than "people who like fantasy and games")
    * And what crime he'd definitely be arrested for

    • 52 min
    #113 - Fertessa Allyse

    #113 - Fertessa Allyse

    I met Fertessa Allyse at Tabletop Network and got her to share some of her thoughts on a game she just signed. We chat about:

    * Designing one game for a long time
    * Tabletop Network
    * Emulating (and not stealing) other game ideas

    And most importantly: why Scar is the best Disney villain

    • 36 min
    #112 - Alisha Volkman

    #112 - Alisha Volkman

    The amazing Alisha Volkmann tells us all about:

    * Winning game design contests
    * Designing games for companies
    * Illustrating games
    * and of course cheese curds

    • 31 min
    #111 - Eric Alvarado

    #111 - Eric Alvarado

    I was able to chat with Eric Alvarado who is a game designer who created Vinyl. And he now works for Talon Strikes Studios. We chat about:

    * Designing theme first
    * Creating mathematical models for your games
    * Creating a streamlined process to generate your cards and import them into a testing program
    * and record crates

    • 42 min

Customer Reviews

NathanielThompson ,

Focused and practical information. Glad to find this resource.

What a great podcast to add to my rotation. Patrick keeps it short and focused with questions aimed at practical steps and resources. Just what I like. Helpful information from relatable people in the community.

Uhkillease ,

A valuable resource

A lot of indie designers go through similar issues but have unique approaches to solve them. It’s so much fun to listen to everyone’s stories of the process. Patrick really captures the voices that no one else does.

Len Kendall ,

I liked this podcast so much I asked to be a guest!

Patrick has done a really good job of finding and interviewing people that are relatively unknown. While other podcasts sometimes start to feel repetitive because you hear from the same big names, this podcast offers a unique POV that other aspiring game designers can connect to more easily.

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