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The best unsigned local musicians and bands from all over the world! Check out our live in-studio interviews and performances before they end up on the Grammys. Broadcast radio proved to be way too limited for this insane show. Airs nationally Friday nights at 9 Eastern. www.indieoriginals.com

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The best unsigned local musicians and bands from all over the world! Check out our live in-studio interviews and performances before they end up on the Grammys. Broadcast radio proved to be way too limited for this insane show. Airs nationally Friday nights at 9 Eastern. www.indieoriginals.com

    Indie Originals 061: Attorney Marcella Dominguez

    Indie Originals 061: Attorney Marcella Dominguez

    Independent musicians, authors, filmmakers, and game creators all feature intellectual property. We’ll review why its important to protect yourself and your IP, and what could go wrong if you don’t.
    Marcella Dominguez graduated with her JD in 2011 from the Western Michigan University Cooley Law School in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She returned to her native hometown of El Paso, TX and started as trademark attorney there, but soon expanded her geographical area of practice nationwide.

    • 26 min
    Indie Originals 059: Filmmaker Jake Estrada, Johnny Punch from Punch'd

    Indie Originals 059: Filmmaker Jake Estrada, Johnny Punch from Punch'd

    Writer, director, and star of indie film Bocas, Jake Estrada, talks about the madness of writing, directing, and acting in his first full-length motion picture. And hear the story about the wildly popular caffeine gummy bears, Punch'd Energy, from founder and CEO Johnny Punch!

    • 1 hr
    Indie Originals 058: L.A. Carastro Interview

    Indie Originals 058: L.A. Carastro Interview

    Lawrence A. Carastro had one simple goal in life: to protect and to serve. As a young man, LA got his dream job, only to have it taken away prematurely. A few strange turns of fate later, Carastro found himself in federal prison for drug trafficking. During his prison stay and in the years that followed, Carastro traveled down a road to redemption that led him from three hots and a cot to earning a PhD from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Today, he has achieved his goal to protect and to serve as an electrical engineer working on projects that keep Americans safe with the United States Navy.
    But he took one hell of a road. Carastro, now 67, documented that road he traveled in his memoir called “The Bus Ride Back.” The title refers to the 20-hour bus trip Carastro took to Miami after he was released from prison. His storytelling earned his memoir first-place for best nonfiction in the 2019 Indie Originals Book Competition. We sat down with LA Carastro to talk about his book, and his crazy, adventurous life. Pick up your own copy here: https://amzn.to/31E1TGy. The full video interview is now available on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0liXtS39SGM

    Please support our petition to grant Dr. Carastro a presidential pardon. It costs nothing but your online signature. You can help here: https://www.change.org/p/donald-j-trump-presidential-pardon-for-lawrence-a-carastro/w?source_location=PODCAST. Thank you!

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    Indie Originals 057

    Indie Originals 057

    Awesome indie music hosted by Chuck Fresh! Station list, streaming links, and contest information at www.indieoriginals.com. Featuring music by: A Second Life, SoftWave, The World Over, Sarah Christine, Seven Story Fall, Oh Be Clever, Perfect Mark, Axl Arth, Adam Exler, Aude Ray, and JJ Como.

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    Indie Originals 056

    Indie Originals 056

    MORE incredible REAL indie music by REAL indie artists on this week's INDIE ORIGINALS! Remember, our creator's competition is going on NOW at www.indieoriginals.com.

    Baby Just Cruise by Kassidy Lynne
    Kassidy Lynne is a Country singer/songwriter from Seattle. She wanted to be Hannah Montana when she was 9, so she began singing and acting. Acting didn’t work out but singing sure did. Kassidy recorded her first EP in Nashville on her 14th birthday. Kassidy also competed in the Miss Washington Teen USA Pageant and Miss International Junior Miss where she received 1st runner up in 2016. Here’s beauty queen Kassidy Lynne …

    Bayamos by Raising Cadence
    Hailing from Orlando, Fl, Raising Cadence formed in early 2014 from the remains of older local bands but with bigger hopes and an even bigger sound. Along with the musical meaning of Cadence, the name derives from a mutual friendship the band has with a man and his daughter and how their relationship became a model to live by. The band has released two EP's 'Northbound' and 'Take Me Higher' and are currently releasing more music such as 2018's single 'Leave It Alone' and 'Bayamos'. Big things are to come from up and coming band Raising Cadence.

    My Soldier My Son by Debbie Barnes
    Debbie Barnes is a Country singer songwriter from Brevard County FL. She started singing in bands at the age of 21 but was in her 40's before learning to play an instrument and start writing songs. She moved to Nashville, TN in 1994 and proceeded to take guitar lessons and joined the Nashville songwriters association to better hone her songwriting skills. She resided in TN for 10 yrs and recently moved back to her hometown of Cocoa Bch FL where she continues to write and perform originals and cover songs with her trio Aisle 4.

    Down by Barefoot Modern
    Barefoot Modern was born in 1998 in Winston-Salem, NC in the form of a ginger-bearded baby named Caleb Luh’-Zhern. Caleb burst forth from the womb with 9 months’ worth of songs already written. Flash-forward 8 years and 200 miles north, and you’ll find Mini-Robert (Beverly), with oversized glasses and feather boa, pounding out piano pop songs at an elementary school assembly in Goochland, Virginia. Back south in Oak Ridge, NC, we see Tegan Dean, Barefoot’s angelic lead singer, dribbling a soccer ball in her driveway, for hours, a song always on her lips. And close by in Jamestown, NC, Hunter Evans is flashing through childhood with his insane Bolt speed and Spidey-like acrobatic skills; on the rare spotting of this cheetah-child, he’s wielding a guitar. A few years later, Caleb, Hunter, and Robert met at high school, where they formed the garage-grunge band “The Bliss Trip.” They kicked butt and had some success for a few years until 2017, TBT morphs into Barefoot Modern. They won some awards, and are ready for more.

    You Don’t Deserve Me by Ginger
    “Born and raised in the little mountain town of Robbinsville, North Carolina, Ginger has been singing since she was old enough to stand. Now based out of Savannah, Georgia, Ginger is best known as the lead singer of the rock band Liquid Ginger, her new solo album “Fly on the Wall” quickly reminds you why she is a Georgia Music Award-winning vocalist.“Fly on the Wall” is all about: that secret, hidden life we all share full of heartbreak and love, fear and pain, triumph and hope.

    Ghost In The Mirror by Darren DPaul Wise [darren.wise.12]
    Proud endorser of PRS Guitars and Mesa Boogie published songwriter. He’s got something to do now with a band called Silvergun, and some dude named Drew Pearson, who used to play football for the Dallas Cowboys. Bro’s like famous, and he should be!

    Do Something by WEEP
    From the Space Coast of Florida, made up of a collection of rocket scientists and a real-live meteorologist, WEEP plays a fun modern funk rock style...

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    Indie Originals 055

    Indie Originals 055

    Rose by Celeste Buckingham
    By the age of 19, Celeste Buckingham had already conquered the European music scene. Born in Zurich Switzerland to an American father and Swiss-Persian mother, she rose to international recognition on the program SuperStar, indisputably solidifying her status as a pop star in Eastern Europe along the way. Her 2012 full-length debut, Don’t Look Back, yielded the big single “Run Run Run.” In 2013, Celeste she was nominated in the “Best New Artist” category at the Radio Disney Music Awards. Celeste remains dedicated to numerous charitable organization. Her track “Nobody Knows” benefited children with Autism, while the video for “I’m Not Sorry” spoke out against discrimination towards women.

    Farewell Past by Lochness Monster
    Lochness Monster is a Miami-based band featuring elements of rock, shoegaze, punk, and alternative metal. The band was awarded Best Rock Band at the 2019 Oski Awards. Lochness Monster is slated to perform at West Palm Beach’s festival, SunFest this May.

    Monsoon by Brittany Tews
    Brittany’s independent songwriting explores the emotions we all feel, the challenges of interpersonal relationships, and shares the fun of the "country girl" life she loves. Brittany currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona and plays as a solo artist at galleries, wine bars, restaurants and private events. Brittany has one attitude; pedal-to-the-metal, living life to its fullest at a maddening pace. She's a prolific songwriter who plays guitar, bass and piano. In 2017, Brittany won first place in the songwriter soloist category for Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences.

    Goodbye California by Zoe Imperium
    Four teenage siblings and an impossible dream. Writing their songs and playing their music with the hope of creating something beautiful, and the belief that the impossible is not quite out of reach.

    BREAK 1

    Hurricane by Autopilot
    Over the last few years, Canadian alternative rock band Autopilot has become a staple in the Saskatoon indie music scene. Known for their thoughtful lyrics, powerful hooks, dynamic stage show, and obsessive hard work, they somehow seem to effortlessly walk the line between passionate art and massive appeal. Over the course of 3 full-length records, and one EP, they’ve become road warriors, touring relentlessly across Canada and the US. They’ve been praised for their tireless work ethic by publications like Canadian Musician Magazine, who called them “quite possibly one of the hardest working bands in the country.”

    Breathe Away by Catlea
    18-year-old Catlea from Cincinnati, Ohio has been playing music for as long as she can remember. Along with her distinctive voice, Catlea plays piano, guitar, and ukulele; her music spanning the genres of indie, pop, and rock. Catlea’s lyrics focus on topics such as love, friendship, politics, and nature. As a member of the LGBTQ community, Catlea creates music that is inclusive of everyone, no matter how they identify.

    Made Up My Mind by July Fighter
    5 strapping sexy boys with a musical message that will contaminate your mind every day for the rest of your life. Biography Indie/Alt/Rock Music currently based out of North East Minneapolis.

    Until We Meet Again by Krantz
    With a retro style and influence from the golden age of rock and roll, but with a modern touch, Jeffrey Krantz and his band bring a psychedelic/pop/rock edge equipped with an in-your face attitude.

    Everything Changes by Grant Owen
    Out of West Chester PA, Grant Owen grew up in a musical environment and he’s been writing and singing songs for as long as I can remember. Over the last few years I've found that my purpose is to make music that inspires people. There's something about music that unites us together. My aim is to write anthemic songs that point people to hope.

    Manhattan by The Handshake br...

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