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Entertaining business and lifestyle show featuring motivation, inspiration and innovation by the top influencers of their industries, hosted by Jack Mize.

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Entertaining business and lifestyle show featuring motivation, inspiration and innovation by the top influencers of their industries, hosted by Jack Mize.

    Dawnette Palmore – Focusing On Your Vision vs The Next Sale For Financial Success

    Dawnette Palmore – Focusing On Your Vision vs The Next Sale For Financial Success

    Being an entrepreneur can be one of the toughest challenges a person can face. Creating and maintaining a profitable business can be overwhelming and stressful. Many business owners become so focused on where the money is coming from that they lose sight of where their money is going and why they started their business.

    In this episode, Jack talks with Dawnette Palmore, founder and owner of Proverbs Financial Coaching. Dawnette shares how she empowers professional and entrepreneurial women who make great money but don’t know where it goes to gain control of their finances without sacrificing their lifestyle so they can live a financially stress-free life.

    Through her own mistakes with money, Dawnette discovered how to keep vision-focused instead of budget-focused which has allowed her to get out of debt, save and invest in her future all while enjoying the things she loves.

    Since 2015, Dawnette has empowered hundreds of women to create thriving and profitable businesses, live their life on their terms and be at peace with their money.

    To learn more about Dawnette Palmore, visit https://www.proverbsfinancialcoaching.com

    Connect with Dawnette on social media at:

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    Nancy Leeds Gribble – From Stuck To Unstoppable Through A Healthy Lifestyle

    Nancy Leeds Gribble – From Stuck To Unstoppable Through A Healthy Lifestyle

    In this episode, Jack talks with Healthy Lifestyle Expert Nancy Leeds Gribble about how she is helping smart, ambitious women around the globe go from Stuck To Unstoppable by creating a body and life they love living in.

    When it comes to dieting, the hardest part isn’t always losing the weight; it’s keeping it off that can present the biggest challenge. There is certainly no shortage of quick weight loss programs that promise to melt away the pounds and achieve that beach body fast. But the results are often fleeting, and many gain the weight right back when life gets in the way.

    Nancy knows that living a healthy lifestyle is not just about how you look but also about how you feel. That wasn’t always the case. Like many young girls of her generation, healthy nutrition wasn’t a concern to Nancy growing up. The only thing important to her was being skinny.

    Listen in as Nancy shares the personal tragedies she experienced in her 40s that shifted her mindset from just wanting to be skinny to needing to be healthy for her son and how it led her to help other women create sustainable weight loss through true transformation. Both mentally and physically.

    You’ll quickly understand why the results Nancy helps her clients achieve go far beyond the scale.

    To learn more about Nancy Leeds Gribble, visit https://nancyleedsgribble.com

    Connect with Nancy on social media at:

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    SJ Harrison – Overcome The Fear of Speaking To Unlock Your Performance Power

    SJ Harrison – Overcome The Fear of Speaking To Unlock Your Performance Power

    In this episode, Jack talks with Voice and Performance Coach SJ Harrison about how she is helping smart professionals overcome their performance challenges to become effective presenters and achieve the highest results.

    Public speaking and presentation IS performance. Whether it’s a Zoom meeting, onstage, or in the boardroom, highly skilled professionals in all industries are being called upon to show up and give a performance… with little or no training in how to do it effectively… if at all.

    It’s no wonder that the fear of speaking in public affects about 75% of the world’s population.

    If you are valued for your creativity and know-how but experience anxiety because you are finding yourself more frequently thrust into the limelight, then you need to check out this episode.

    SJ Harrison is an internationally trained performer with a strong background in organizational culture and development. As the creator of the “Unlock Your Performance Power” coaching program, she helps skilled professionals who are anxious about presenting and public speaking turn their challenges into triumphs by teaching them her highly effective performance techniques.

    To learn more about SJ Harrison, visit https://sjharrisoncoach.com

    Connect with SJ on social media at:

    Listen to the full episode - https://influencersradio.com/sj-harrison/

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    Jesse Castro – Cybersecurity Risks and Solutions For Small Businesses

    Jesse Castro – Cybersecurity Risks and Solutions For Small Businesses

    In this episode, Jack talks with Jesse Castro, America’s Favorite Cybersecurity Expert™ and author of the upcoming book “CYBERSECURITY SECRETS” about how he is helping small to medium-sized businesses protect their digital and physical assets from the hordes of cyber threats lurking in the world today.

    It seems that security breaches and cyber attacks against high-profile companies, big e-commerce retailers, and financial institutions are in the news on a regular basis. But small businesses are prime targets for hackers and cybercriminals as well.

    As the founder of the Cybersecurity firm Freedom Managed Services, Jesse Castro knows that many hackers are looking for the low-hanging fruit, the businesses that are exposed. Small to medium-sized businesses often have the least-protected websites and networks, making the cybercriminal’s job much easier.

    Without a solid business continuity plan that is tested regularly, many businesses are one cyber-attack away from closure.

    If you are a small business owner who has been working hard for years building your business, getting your systems, processes, and data together, then listen in and see why your business might just be the perfect target for hackers… and what you can do to protect it.

    To learn more about Jesse Castro and Freedom Managed Services, visit https://fmsit.net
    To request a Free Copy of “CYBERSECURITY SECRETS” visit https://fmsit.net/cybersecurity-book/

    For a Free Dark Web Scan of your business visit https://fmsit.net/dark-web-scan

    Listen to the full episode at https://InfluencersRadio.com/jesse-castro

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    Lori Carpenter – Myths and Truths About Working with an Interior Designer

    Lori Carpenter – Myths and Truths About Working with an Interior Designer

    In this episode, Jack talks with award-winning, full-service interior design professional Lori Carpenter about the realities and misconceptions homeowners have when it comes to working with a professional interior designer.

    If you watch home makeover shows that seem to be on TV every hour of every day, you may have some preconceived notions about home designers and the renovation process that just aren’t true… especially if you think that hiring a designer costs too much money and takes too much time.

    Listen in as Lori shares how she has helped thousands of busy homeowners create beautiful, comfortable, and inviting spaces that they can be proud of when entertaining family and friends. And, more importantly, are a sanctuary for themselves that renews their souls, and they love to call home.

    Lori is the winner of a Houzz service award and the principal designer at Lori Carpenter Designs. Since 1996, she has worked with busy homeowners, including corporate executives, business owners, doctors, lawyers, bankers, and other successful professionals, providing everything from project management and space planning to window treatments and furniture selection for their primary residences as well as vacation homes.

    To learn more about Lori Carpenter, visit https://LoriCarpenterDesigns.com

    Connect with Lori on social media at:

    Listen to the full episode at https://InfluencersRadio.com/lori-carpenter

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    Katie Collins – Heart-Centered Sales Strategies For Coaches and Online Experts

    Katie Collins – Heart-Centered Sales Strategies For Coaches and Online Experts

    In this episode, Jack talks with sales-boosting, client-generating Business Coach Katie Collins about how she helps Coaches, Healers, and Online Experts get over their fear of sales and visibility so they can finally make the impact – and the income – of their dreams.

    Always through the lens of ‘sales,’ Katie uses her expertise to teach women how to have successful sales conversations (without being pushy), gain message clarity, craft an offer with profitable packages and programs, and structure program content, including a launch strategy with an offer that really sells.

    Katie is gifted with the ability to create a safe, nurturing space for clients to explore their limiting beliefs and transform their fears. She is trained in the Art of Feminine Presence and teaches both strategies and mindset tips that ensure business cash flow.

    Katie is also a co-founder of The Launch Squad, a full-service launching agency. 7-figure coaching companies often hire her to serve as a lead on their sales teams during launches. She has brought in over $4.5 million in coaching program sales.

    Her astute guidance and intuitive nature have supported thousands of clients to make powerful choices and commitments to get them into action, so they have a steady flow of incoming clients AND cash flow each month, with a scalable, repeatable process for launching.

    To learn more about Katie Collins visit https://CoachKatieCollins.com

    To get Free access to Katie’s Six-Step System for Navigating the Sales Conversation video training visit https://CoachKatieCollins.com/giveaway

    To learn more about The Launch Squad visit https://TheLaunchSquadLab.com

    Listen to the full episode at https://influencersradio.com/katie-collins

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12 Ratings

oliviabaker13 ,

Inspiring, insightful, and actionable! 🙏

There’s an episode here for everyone! Profiling top influences across industries, the podcast has a wealth of knowledge to sit back and absorb. Jack is very engaging and fosters an excellent dialogue with his guests. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!

Brooke Craven ,

Awesome Podcast

Jack host of Influencers Radio highlights all aspects of management and marketing in this can’t miss podcast. The host and expert guests offer insightful advice that is helpful to anyone that listens!

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Great Interviewer

Jack is a great interviewer and brings out the best in the people on his show. I really enjoyed the amazing content along with the feeling that the host and the guest were just talking as friends.

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