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Entertaining business and lifestyle show featuring motivation, inspiration and innovation by the top influencers of their industries, hosted by Jack Mize.

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Entertaining business and lifestyle show featuring motivation, inspiration and innovation by the top influencers of their industries, hosted by Jack Mize.

    Elizabeth Walker – Mastering the Power of Online Media For Your Business

    Elizabeth Walker – Mastering the Power of Online Media For Your Business

    In this episode, Jack Mize talks with media and messaging expert Elizabeth Walker about the power of online media for small businesses and solopreneurs.

    Elizabeth, the founder and CEO of Elizabeth Walker Media, shares her expertise on how to spread your message, build credibility, and establish a strong relationship with your prospects through effective online media strategies.

    With her 20-year career as a successful television producer and a decade of coaching experience, Elizabeth has honed her skills in crafting powerful messages for Fortune 100 executives and global solopreneurs. She now helps high-achieving businesswomen become polished on camera, fine-tune their message, and stream their own weekly online shows, positioning themselves as industry leaders and ultimately changing more lives.

    During the episode, Elizabeth discusses the evolution of media and the opportunities that have opened up for solopreneurs in today’s digital world. She emphasizes the importance of authenticity and connection with the audience, debunking the misconception that one needs a big budget or perfect production to make an impact.

    Elizabeth also shares her proven strategies for effective messaging, focusing on speaking directly to your ideal client or customer. She emphasizes the need to avoid self-indulgence and self-promotion, and, instead, be an advocate for your audience, addressing their challenges and providing valuable insights.

    If you are a small business owner or solopreneur looking to spread your message, establish credibility, and reach a wider audience, this episode is for you. Elizabeth’s tips and guidance will help you overcome the fear of being on camera, polish your presence, and effectively communicate your message to your target market.

    To find out more about Elizabeth Walker and her work, visit https://www.ElizabethWalkerMedia.com

    Connect with Elizabeth on social media:
    Facebook: https://Facebook.com/ElizabethWalkerMedia
    Instagram: https://Instagram.com/elizabethwalkermedia
    YouTube: https://Youtube.com/@elizabethwalkermedia

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    Dalisia Coppersmith – How Strong Women can Overcome the Hero to Villain Cycle

    Dalisia Coppersmith – How Strong Women can Overcome the Hero to Villain Cycle

    In this episode, Jack talks with diversity speaker and executive coach Dalisia Coppersmith.

    Dalisia specializes in coaching and advocating for assertive, high-achieving women in the workplace. Her personal mission is to “Restore the women who can change our world.”

    Noting the challenges that women face at every level and in every industry, Dalisia shared her insights on how strong women can navigate the workplace, where their performance is praised but their personalities are often criticized. She explains the “Hero-to-Villain” cycle, where strong women in leadership are asked to tackle tough projects and when they succeed, they become a target for criticism. She emphasizes that everyone can benefit from recognizing and addressing unconscious bias against assertive women in the workplace. No one wins when these talented women walk out.

    Dalisia also discussed her one-on-one coaching, group coaching, and retreats with her clients who need to reset and transform their impact at work. In addition to her coaching services, she is writing a book tentatively titled From Fed Up to On Fire: The Strong Woman’s Guide to Making a Big Comeback, which aims to help women overcome workplace challenges and make a big impact in their careers.

    Throughout the interview, Dalisia’s passion and enthusiasm shine through. Her goal is to help strong women and their organizations to overcome these workplace dynamics so they can achieve all they are meant to. This episode is sure to be a valuable resource for strong women at any stage of their careers.

    To learn more about Dalisia Coppersmith, visit https://DalisiaCoppersmith.com

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    Felicia Roberts – Why Every Black Woman Needs a Self-Care Plan (and 5 Ways To Get Started)

    Felicia Roberts – Why Every Black Woman Needs a Self-Care Plan (and 5 Ways To Get Started)

    In this episode, Jack talks with the founder of Beauji Brown Girl, Felicia Roberts.

    Felicia Roberts is on a mission to help black women reconnect with their feminine essence and manifest the opulent life they truly desire. She is the founder of Beauji Brown Girl, an online platform created to empower black women to prioritize self-care and embrace a life of everyday luxury.

    Felicia Roberts, a successful pharmacist and mother of twins, is on a mission to help black women prioritize self-care and embrace a life of everyday luxury. Growing up in a culture and society that placed immense pressure on black women to succeed, Felicia felt that pressure firsthand. She graduated from Spelman College, a top college for African American women, and went on to obtain her doctorate degree in pharmacy. However, when she became a mother of twins, she found herself getting burnt out and losing touch with who she was.

    After researching self-care and noticing a growing interest among black women in the soft life movement, Felicia founded Beauji Brown Girl, a platform that represents the movement in an attainable way for every black woman, regardless of age, status, or income. The platform covers topics including beauty, travel, food, and mental health.

    Felicia’s goal is to encourage black women to prioritize their own needs and learn about self-care, which she believes is necessary for black women to thrive. She understands that there are many challenges associated with doing that, such as societal pressure to succeed, familial and community obligations, and guilt for prioritizing one’s own needs. She hopes to help black women reconnect with their feminine essence and manifest the opulent life they truly desire through her platform, Beauji Brown Girl.

    Launching Spring 2023, Beauji Brown Girl will boast shopping, services, and a sisterhood of support for women who choose to indulge in what makes them look good, feel good, and brings them joy. A Certified Self-Care Coach, Felicia hopes to inspire more black women to put themselves first in a culture that demands they constantly focus on others.

    To learn more about Felicia Roberts and Beauji Brown Girl, visit https://beaujibrowngirl.com

    Follow Felicia on all social media platforms @BeaujiBrownGirl

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    Ian Manheimer – Keeping Real World Fun Alive

    Ian Manheimer – Keeping Real World Fun Alive

    In this episode, Jack talks to Ian Manheimer, owner of Bounce-N-Battle.

    Ian Manheimer is the owner of Bounce-N-Battle, a family-owned company specializing in creating fun and safe events since 2001, providing equipment rental from inflatable bounce houses to interactive games and obstacle courses.

    Even in the age of the digital attention span, Bounce-N-Battle has seen a rise in popularity as more people are seeking enjoyment from the physical activity and excitement of in-person social interaction.

    And it’s not just for kids. From after-school programs, workplace team-building, and church events, Bounce-N-Battle can host events for children from 2 – 102 because fun should be for everyone.

    Ian’s passion is fueled by his desire to create a legacy for his children. He built the business while working as a teacher, adding more inflatables and units with the money he made at events. With Bounce-N-Battle, he created something his kids could be proud of and eventually take over.

    Listen in as Ian shares how after leaving teaching, he wanted to continue leaving an impact on others. Bounce-N-Battle allows him to make a difference in people’s lives, create memories, and give back to the community.

    To learn more about Bounce-N-Battle, visit https://www.bouncenbattle.com/

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    Sofia Denman - Manifest Your Bliss

    Sofia Denman - Manifest Your Bliss

    In this episode, Jack talks to Sofia Denman, author, speaker, CEO, and Creator of ‘Cinch it!’.

    Sofia Denman created the simple but ingenious product ‘CInch It!,’ a fashion accessory or ‘Fashion Fix It’ as she calls it, that allows women to look better, feel sexier, and be more confident in their current wardrobe. Cinch It is perfect for weight loss transitions and making clothes fit better without alterations.

    Listen in as Sofia shares the story of ‘Cinch it!’ from idea to realization and how all the critical steps to success seemingly fell into place. Some would call it serendipity, but Sofia has a knack for seizing little moments that create life-changing results.

    Sofia’s passion is to inspire women to look good and feel more confident. As the host of the Manifest Your Bliss Podcast with Sofia, she shares the “secrets” to living a life of (BLISS) which she defines as a life of perfect happiness through understanding the Law of Attraction, applying Mindfulness via meditation, gratitude, and a well-being mindset to manifest your heart’s desires.

    As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, Sofia is an admitted chaser of “shiny objects” and fearless when it comes to launching new things. Her objective is always to add more value to the world by providing others with the tools and strategies they can immediately use to improve their lives.

    To learn more about CinchIT, visit https://thecinchit.com

    Listen to Manifest Your Bliss with Sofia podcast at https://anchor.fm/manifestyourbliss

    Listen to the full episode - https://influencersradio.com/sofia-denman/

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    Laurice Duffy – Reimagine, Rebuild and Rise Up Over Adversity

    Laurice Duffy – Reimagine, Rebuild and Rise Up Over Adversity

    In this episode, Jack talks to Women’s Empowerment Coach Laurice Duffy, founder of A Mindful Journey and host of the Aligned and Awakened podcast.

    Laurice Duffy is a Women’s Empowerment Coach passionate about inspiring middle-aged women who have faced life-changing circumstances to take back their power so they can Reimagine, Rebuild and Rise Up.

    Drawing on a background in psychology and driven by her own experience of surviving and thriving in the face of adversity, Laurice brings intuition, support, and accountability to women’s journeys toward growth and self-love.

    As the host of the Aligned and Awakened podcast, Laurice brings her listeners heartfelt, honest, and open conversations about overcoming setbacks, releasing fear and learning to live a life aligned with one’s values.

    Laurice is also the creator of RISE, an active Facebook community that invites women to get out of autopilot and begin consciously creating the life they desire within a supportive sisterhood of 2500 like-minded females.

    To learn more about Laurice Duffy, visit https://aMindfulJourneyLD.com

    Connect with Laurice on Social Media
    Instagram – https://Instagram.com/amindfuljourney.ld
    Facebook – https://Facebook.com/amindfuljourneyld

    Listen to the Aligned and Awakened podcast – https://pod.co/aligned-awakened

    Listen to the full episode - https://influencersradio.com/laurice-duffy

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5.0 out of 5
13 Ratings

13 Ratings

oliviabaker13 ,

Inspiring, insightful, and actionable! 🙏

There’s an episode here for everyone! Profiling top influences across industries, the podcast has a wealth of knowledge to sit back and absorb. Jack is very engaging and fosters an excellent dialogue with his guests. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!

Brooke Craven ,

Awesome Podcast

Jack host of Influencers Radio highlights all aspects of management and marketing in this can’t miss podcast. The host and expert guests offer insightful advice that is helpful to anyone that listens!

Shannon StandingStronger.com ,

Great Interviewer

Jack is a great interviewer and brings out the best in the people on his show. I really enjoyed the amazing content along with the feeling that the host and the guest were just talking as friends.

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