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Three former pastors from the midwest talking about spirituality, news & all the things.

Inglorious Pasterds Inglorious Pasterds

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Three former pastors from the midwest talking about spirituality, news & all the things.

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4.6 out of 5
328 Ratings
328 Ratings
Nerual Wolsner ,

Can Only Share This Podcast with Other Enlightened Folks

While I love listening to these interviews - it's not for the faint of heart. Sometimes it gets me to a place of sadness thinking about people who are trapped in their theology and doctrine to the detriment of them and others. I've watched people be manipluated, bullied, and abused in the church so often and yet I still believe in Jesus and have had to separate the actions of church goers with the love of God. I can't share this podcast with most the people in my life, because of their own issues... One day, I hope they challenge themselves buuuuuut... So leave your politics, your bias, and your mantras at the door when you begin one of the episodes because these men have some serious wisdom to drop on their listeners. And I know they tease about quitting, but please don't. "Deconstruction" is a tearing down of the walls that your teachers, preachers, parents, and mentors have built for you. I'm in a place where it's time for me to build something of my own... not a wall, never again, but a path for me to walk on as I struggle with meaning (or the lack thereof). Your podcast gets me thinking and rethinking issues I thought were immovable and honestly, THANK GOD (pun intended).

Patrick Gott ,

Trailer Park Theology

The Inglorious Pasterds are an irreverent voice for the deeper theological realities of our world, who have made a home for the misfits and miscreants that make up the body of Christ.

So if you like theology AND hot pockets; if you feel more at home in a dive bar than in a church; the white trash Liturgists are for you. So pull up a lawn chair, grab an IPA and make yourself at home. You’re welcome here.

Stammy Saggs ,

Good luck, we’re all counting on you.

First, I want to say that the first time I listened to the podcast, the first half of the show almost turned me off totally to it. Lots of inside jokes and innuendos that I thought were really over the top. Then, I got to the meat of the show, the further up and further in segment. My first thought was “sweet Narnia reference!”, second was that I was impressed by the depth and openness of thought about the subjects presented. I found people with the seemingly same heart, thought and struggle as my own. I had found my tribe.

After listening to the next few podcasts, the inside jokes became funnier to me as I was able to let down my guard, and to appreciate the vague references to pop culture. I was in.

Thanks for doing this. I feel like comrades in arms with the guys and the entire pub, even though I have never met any of you.

(Do justly, love mercy, walk humbly

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