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Inside PR is a weekly look at Public Relations and where it intersects with business and technology with co-hosts Gini Dietrich, Joseph Thornley, and Martin Waxman

Inside PR Martin Waxman, Gini Dietrich, Joe Thornley

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Inside PR is a weekly look at Public Relations and where it intersects with business and technology with co-hosts Gini Dietrich, Joseph Thornley, and Martin Waxman

    Inside PR 545: Autumn Intent

    Inside PR 545: Autumn Intent

    Summer vacation is over – and it’s time to fire up the Inside PR podcast.

    • 15 min
    Inside PR 544 – Mr Zuckerberg was otherwise engaged

    Inside PR 544 – Mr Zuckerberg was otherwise engaged

    On Inside PR this week: Open Government, open engagement and open data activists from around the world gathered in Ottawa. So did the grand committee of countries looking at the practices of the social platforms. But it doesn’t matter how many countries come together in one place — Mark Zuckerberg responds to no flag but his own. He was, once again, a no-show.

    Also, Gini Dietrich provides practical advice to the PR practitioner on the importance of SEO to media relations and earned media. PR practitioners understand much more than algorithms. And we must combine our media relations expertise with SEO best practices to ensure that we maximize long term exposure for our clients’ content. The cost of failing to do this will be the incursion of SEO experts into media relations.

    • 17 min
    Inside PR 543 – Algorithmic Accountablity and Privacy

    Inside PR 543 – Algorithmic Accountablity and Privacy

    On this week’s Inside PR, we consider the implications of an Algorithmic Accountability Act, rebalancing the freedom of companies to capture and use our data with our right to informed consent. Plus: Protect your privacy against hidden cameras during your next business trip.

    • 16 min
    Inside PR 542: Welcome Dan York

    Inside PR 542: Welcome Dan York

    Dan York joins the IPR Team

    We have big news this week: Dan York is joining the Inside PR team. Dan is well known to Inside PR listeners for his tech segments on Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson’s FIR podcast. And, if you didn’t know, his day job is as Director, Web Strategy, at the Internet Society.

    Gini, Joe and Martin are big fans of Dan’s reports. He provides a perspective that combines expertise in communications and marketing with strong technology underpinnings. When Shel and Neville announced that FIR would be moving to a monthly format, Gini, Joe and Martin immediately put out a call to Dan to ask if he would be willing to contribute to IPR on the other three weeks of the month. And, happily, Dan said yes. So, you may hear Dan less often on FIR (and we encourage you to listen to FIR monthly), you’ll be able to hear him the rest of the time on Inside PR.

    So, that leads us to this week’s debut of Dan’s Two Minutes of Tech for Communicators segment. We know he’s going to teach us a lot.

    A digital charter for Canada

    Canada has long taken privacy and consumer rights seriously. And as public concern about the unseen use of our personal by social networks data increased following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, calls for change have mounted. Now, the Government of Canada has made its next move with the announcement of a Digital Charter for Canada. While the Charter sums up established values and points to aspirational goals, it also takes two real steps toward action with references to Canada’s Privacy Commissioner and Competition Bureau. Both have regulatory muscle that they could flex in the near term. And both are in a position to scrutinize the social networks.

    Europe, California, and now Canada. Momentum to reign in the previously underscrutinzed use of our data by the social networks is gaining momentum.

    We really never are alone

    As if we needed another reminder of where the early optimism of the open web and the social graph has taken us, the New York Times offers a thought provoking look at our relationship with Google.

    • 20 min
    Inside PR 541 – Gain a point. Lose a point.

    Inside PR 541 – Gain a point. Lose a point.

    A change of pace for FIR

    The FIR Podcast is one of the longest continually-produced podcasts for communications pros. Since 2005, Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson have been providing insight into the communications trends and developments that are important to communications practitioners.

    But now they are dialing back their production schedule to once a month. And as podcast producers who have followed in their footsteps, we’re glad that they are continuing. Because if you are a communications pro, you’re sure to learn something useful with each and every FIR podcast.

    So, kudos Shel and Neville for finding a way to keep it going and keep it fresh.

    GarageBand: Creating dreams

    It’s been fifteen years since Apple first offered GarageBand with Macs. Since then, it’s become available for PCs and iOS as well. And that means there’s a whole generation of musicians and podcasters who have brought their ideas to life using Apple’s free software. In fact, we use GarageBand to mix and produce the Inside PR podcast. And it couldn’t be easier to do, thanks to the simple, intuitive interface.

    So, here’s to GarageBand. And here’s to the community of creators who have grown up around it. And here’s to Apple for giving us this incredibly useful software.

    You’re just not important enough for us to take action

    The abuse of social media by foreign or malevolent agents is not just confined to the United States. It is a global problem. But that doesn’t mean that the social and search platforms are giving it the same attention in countries other than the United States. Indeed, you need look no farther than across the border to the north to Canada to see Facebook and Google taking very different approaches to the responsibility that national legislators and regulators say they should take on. In this tally, Facebook gains a point. Google loses a point.

    If you’re not part of the solution

    Facebook’s local news support project, Today In, underlines the news deserts that have been created by the diminution out of the display ad economy that local newspapers relied on. And in doing so, it drives home that the social and search platforms efforts to “support” journalism are not adequately addressing the problems they have created. It’s time for radically different thinking.

    This post was originally published on the Inside PR podcast blog.

    • 17 min
    Inside PR 540 – Private and Privacy aren’t the same thing

    Inside PR 540 – Private and Privacy aren’t the same thing

    Is Mark Zuckerberg’s concept of privacy your concept of privacy? Probably not. And this week we discuss Zuckerberg’s ongoing repositioning of Facebook as “private.”

    • 24 min

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6 Ratings

Image Suite PR-Paula MacDonald ,

Great to have a PR focused podcast!

As a self-proclaimed podcast junkie and lover of all things PR and social media, I thoroughly enjoy tuning in to this podcast. Great timely topics and the hosts are knowledgeable and keep the conversation flowing. Thank you to Gini, Martin and Joe for investing the time to put this together! Hope to see you soon at a PRSA or other industry event.

Mac Prichard ,

Always Useful Insights into Public Relations

While much of the content is topical, the insights and lessons these three industry leaders share every about events in the public relations business are always useful. I also enjoy the friendly chemistry among the hosts. It's clear they have a lot of fun doing the show together.

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