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When you understand strategic relations you can position yourself in any market to create and keep profitable customer. This is done not by taking advantage of anyone, but instead by increasing your service to them. Discover self-marketing insights that increase your influence, earnings, and value in a marketplace.

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When you understand strategic relations you can position yourself in any market to create and keep profitable customer. This is done not by taking advantage of anyone, but instead by increasing your service to them. Discover self-marketing insights that increase your influence, earnings, and value in a marketplace.

    Do You Have More Focus Than a Goldfish?

    Do You Have More Focus Than a Goldfish?

    (April 18, 2014) When Michelle Obama yelled at President Barack Obama, the United States was shocked. Is this professional communications?

    While some use yelling to make a point, any kind of shouting in a workplace is inappropriate. Or at a minimum a sign of a stressful situation.

    It's in your best interest to maintain focus, calm, and control the situation without raising your voice. How you respond to anger matters.

    Book recommendation: Psycho Cybernetics by [[Maxwell Maltz]], https://www.psycho-cybernetics.com/about/

    Do you want more control over your emotions and reduce stress? Join us at https://www.insidestrategicrelations.com/newsletter/

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    Mental Toughness Secrets That Attract Success

    Mental Toughness Secrets That Attract Success

    (April 18, 2014) Yes you can accomplish anything in business with these specific insights. Unlock your potential in business, with clients, and cultivate the outcomes you desire.

    In your daily interactions you will face this situation. Are you responsible for your actions and outcomes? This can help you accomplish more each day.

    Do you have control over your emotion to maximize outcomes? These insights unlock your ability to reach peak performance -- will you have the courage to use it?

    Accomplish more today, tomorrow, and more than others accomplish in a month. Discover easy to follow insights. Join us at https://www.insidestrategicrelations.com/newsletter/

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    Creating communities of solutions rather than problems

    Creating communities of solutions rather than problems

    Perhaps you think I'm a manipulative bastard to conduct social experiments using these methods. But I'd rather see a few people be successful, then see hundreds bumble through life.

    If what you know can help someone, why not share it in a meaningful way. Your knowledge has value, but most don't know it. Here's a unique approach that helps.

    This approach helps position you as an expert. It helps find those who will produce, verses those who will not. You'll solve real problems that matter.

    You can do this with no money, or all the money in the world. Everything about this method makes a difference in the real world and business.

    Are you willing to do what is necessary to help bolster your subject authority, or will those insights die with you? You could make the difference.

    If you want to lead your market, to be a recognize expert and authority, pay close attention. This practical example can make all the difference in your outcomes.

    WARNING: The frank and blunt conversation here isn't for everyone. This example contains a sensitive and politically charged topic. Listener discretion is advised.

    You can choose to be weak or strong. If you want the tools to be strong, join us for free at https://www.insidestrategicrelations.com/newsletter/

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    Are you the one to make a difference?

    Are you the one to make a difference?

    Do you want to make a difference in your own life? What about being a difference-maker for others? Do you want to achieve more?

    What you will learn is the foundation of a well-functioning society. As valuable as cultivating mutual benefit, especially when that benefit builds people.

    I share a mastermind concept in today's podcast that transforms relationships into results.

    You'll learn how this arrangement creates accountability and strengths. Discover how you will pool resources and benefit other members.

    I disclose the four mastermind (coaching) programs I manage. Including:

    - Prosperity Homestead. Helping land owners get more from their farms in a regenerative way. Homesteading skills and more. https://www.prosperityhomestead.org/

    - Inside Strategic Relations. Helping business owners and executives gain influence transforms business relationships into profits. https://www.insidestrategicrelations.com/

    - AdBriefing Copywriting Tips. Supercharge your ability to write copy that sells while building a million-dollar agency. https://www.adbriefing.co.uk/

    - Sustainable Wealth Secrets. Practical methods to transform your income into long-term prosperity and undeniable wealth. https://www.sustainablewealthsecrets.com/

    Plus, I give you examples from a secret beneficial organization. An organization established for those with nothing to give except implementation.

    Together, you'll overcome massive challenges starting where you are. This is a powerful concept to achieve more in life. Are you ready to achieve more?

    The mastermind principle is part of the application of strategic relations. For more insights and tools, join us at https://www.insidestrategicrelations.com/newsletter/

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    Three Powerful Skills Every Leader Must Master

    Three Powerful Skills Every Leader Must Master

    Do you want more control over your career? What about influencing people in a way that increases profits? If so, then these critical skills change everything:

    1. Ability to organize people.

    2. Maximize individual productivity.

    3. Ability to solve critical problems.

    The application of these skills transforms business relationships into profits. You'll see things others cannot. These make you a go-to leader.

    In this episode, I share lessons learned in defect management for a Fortune 100 financial services firm. Practical skills that work in any size business.

    How we eliminated every critical and high defect in an environment of 40,000 servers. An organization approach that made the most of 1,500 engineers' time.

    Previous defect aging was 120 days to 640 days, with thousands of defects discovered each week. The environment was thought to be hopeless. Engineer morale was sinking.

    Implementing these three skills helped these teams eliminate hundreds of thousands of defects. They had a greater velocity of resolution than ever seen by management.

    Never before have they had such leaps in performance. The new natural state had zero critical or high defects over 30 days. Fully compliant servers were the new majority.

    You'll learn how these three skills made all the difference. With careful listening, you'll be on the path to profit from these powerful leadership skills.

    You're in the right place if, you want to become more indispensable. If you want to solve real problems in your business. Or if you want access to the best opportunities.

    Smart business owners and executives use these methods, as well as many more by joining us at https://www.insidestrategicrelations.com/newsletter/

    Write with your comments below. Top leaders use these insights to influence outcomes and create results. You can, too.

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    Leverage meetings to create influence

    Leverage meetings to create influence

    President Xi Jinping is meeting with President Joe Biden in San Francisco. How would a business owner use such an event to build their business? Here’s an insider look on buying influence. How to use private meetings, fundraising, and political fundraising for influence.

    Gain practical insights on using event marketing to drive bottom line profits and influence. Position yourself as an expert, even manage public relations using this little known approach. I’ve used it with clients, politicians and top business leaders use these methods daily.

    If you offer a high ticket solution, this can be the primary way of growing your business. It’s even profitable in unusual ways that are difficult for competitors to duplicate. Discover a proven influence campaign you can use to build profitable business relationships.

    At times this can seem unethical to outsiders. These critics are jealous about your ability to connect and leverage influence for what you want. Many who listen to this will want specific coaching and support in conducting this kind of campaign.

    If you are a business owner or executive who would benefit from meeting the right people. Or even benefit from reaching specific decision makers in your marketplace, contact us with your questions. Inquire specifically at https://www.insidestrategicrel...

    There is no better way to build an audience for your subject matter expertise if you are a consultant or advisor. Lawyers, accountants, and money managers use this method all the time. Political influencers find this to be a reliable way of getting elected.

    Rather than criticize this method, think about how you can use it at your scale. It is unusual, yet common in the circles of the elite. So much so, that this method bypasses gate keepers and makes you a number one choice that no other method can duplicate.

    Want to be more influential? Want the influence of being a recognized expert? For insights and practical tools, join us at https://www.insidestrategicrel...

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