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Insights and information on the business of media, marketing, advertising and entertainment through personal conversations between senior executives and marketing executive host, E.B. Moss. From the competition in creating television, best practices in audience targeting and research, and trends in voice and audio, to outdoor, retail and everything in between: Insider interviews draw out the leaders and the lessons.

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Insights and information on the business of media, marketing, advertising and entertainment through personal conversations between senior executives and marketing executive host, E.B. Moss. From the competition in creating television, best practices in audience targeting and research, and trends in voice and audio, to outdoor, retail and everything in between: Insider interviews draw out the leaders and the lessons.

    Trailer for Insider Interviews Season 2

    Trailer for Insider Interviews Season 2

    Hear what host E.B. Moss was up to in 2022 and what to expect in an all new line-up of media, marketing, and ad exec interviews coming in 2023!

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    Ringing out the Old with News from E.B. Moss

    Ringing out the Old with News from E.B. Moss

    Today's guest is ... E.B. Moss. Me. Because as we ring out the old and ring in the new I've got some news for you.

    This nice round number, episode 45, will be one of the last for Insider Interviews for a while, as I embrace something really new. A brand new role as Senior Vice President of Content and Community for Brand Innovators.

    I'm thrilled to join this company, which has done such a great job for the past 10 years of creating a community for marketers and helping build relationships between those marketers and media folks. They've done it through an incredible number of events and panel discussions, fireside chats, activations, tent poles, content articles, you name it. I will help further that community and also build new products. So, stay tuned as they say.

    In looking back to look forward, as I wrote in The Continuum recently, I had gained some excellent insights I was happy to share with you. Right from the start, in March of 2020 pundit Shelly Palmer accurately predicted that we all better have our tech set up well to work from home. Check.

    In episode 7, Claude Silver, the Chief Heart Officer of Vayner Media, emphasized the need in our increasingly isolated environment to build relationships. And then Arra Yerganian educated us in episode 22, about the social determinants of health as we're so impacted by our surroundings. (I hope you're creating a safe space for yourself and finding ways to bring joy into your world, even as we have to isolate a little bit longer now.)

    On the DEI front Robyn Streisand, founder of The Mixx, is doing a terrific job at educating brands on how to embrace diverse communities and market authentically. And then, hats off to KoAnn Skrzyniarz, for building Sustainable Brands and emphasizing brand purpose and the business value of embracing sustainability and purpose-driven messaging.

    There were also some really impactful conversations with women in marketing. I want to thank, for example, Melissa Grady, the CMO of Cadillac, as well as Heidi Zak, the co-founder and CEO of third love, as just two examples.

    And I was able to do articles on both of them for The Continuum. That's the publication where I was editor in chief for the past year. We published some excellent articles about the need for both brand and demand marketing. That publication will continue to embrace the future. And it's a very worthy read.

    But I think as I look forward, and look back, the words of B2B marketing pro Ruth Stevens underscore why my move to Brand Innovators will be so timely. She said in our interview,

    “Today, the ability of the salesperson to guide a purchase in the buyer's direction and really understand the needs of that buyer has been eroded. So the marketer needs to step in and provide the educational content.”

    So my friends, I'm going to keep finding lots of ways to help marketers get their message out and to help connect the seller, the buyer, the media organization and the marketer, and I look forward to being able to continue delivering you that insider scoop. Just from a different venue.

    I wish you all the very, very best and a happy and especially a healthy 2022, and hope to maintain my relationship with all of you through various forms of content, as well as hopefully at in-person event sooner rather than later.

    I thank you so much for listening.

    Post Script: If you haven’t heard it yet, I will pick up my “passion podcast” soon – about my “friends in high places” so please subscribe to It’s Quite a Living now to not miss a forthcoming moment when that relaunches in early 2022.

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    Building Brand Relationships with Original Podcasts

    Building Brand Relationships with Original Podcasts

    Long-time podcast pro Steve Pratt, Vice President and Co-Founder of Pacific Content, tells Insider Interviews host E.B. Moss how his company makes “original podcasts with brands” – versus “branded podcasts.” The difference? Working together to “make a show that is designed as something that only that brand can make; you give a gift -- or create a significant amount of value -- for the people that the brand wants to have relationships with.” And that, says Pratt, is how and why a brand makes a show that solves for their business problems.

    But don’t forget about the marketing! Good content that isn’t salesy has to go hand in hand with good marketing that doesn’t just try to “interrupt.” So, excuse me (!), but marketers should listen to this informative conversation all about connecting the dots between business objectives and audience preferences via podcasting. Steve should know: his company of “50 passionate podcast nerds” has created award-winning shows for podcast partners like Ford Motor Company, Rocket Mortgage, Slack, and Charles Schwab.

    Learn how

    ● Dell Technologies’ podcast, Trailblazers with Walter Isaacson, became a “masterclass” on disruption and innovation, and sold listeners on Dell without selling products

    ● To create a branded podcast strategy with a Venn Diagram between business goals and listener interests

    ● Podcasts drive loyalty

    ● To use original podcasts vs. advertising in another podcast...(And when does Steve suggest brands should call Bart Roselli at VeritoneOne, per episode 41 off Insider Interviews on effective ad campaigns?!)

    Finally, what's Steve Pratt projecting for the business of podcasting in 2022!?

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    Innovations in Leveraging Audio for Brands

    Innovations in Leveraging Audio for Brands

    Bart Roselli has seen the audio space grow exponentially in 10 years at Veritone. Bart now leverages his breadth of knowledge as SVP Growth, Veritone One, to enhance agency-media vendor relationships and help ensure client goals are set smartly for the space, and fulfilled across multiple channels of audio opportunities.

    In Episode 41 Bart speaks with podcast host E.B. Moss about the evolution of audio ad tech to how audio is also bought, sold and marketed differently these days. "It's not a one size fits all media world anymore. It used to be radio, print, and tv. Then digital started to evolve and now you have different tracking elements as we're moving towards a cookieless space. So marketing has evolved."

    Hear how to keep up with all the changes as they also discuss:

    - How audio marketing has completely evolved in via multi-touchpoints

    - Following the dollars via advances in digital tracking

    - How brands are fitting in differently tied to the changes in how people consume media

    - Utilizing artificial intelligence and synthetic voice to super-serve clients (while avoiding “deep fakes!”)

    - Audio ad tactics that support both brand and demand marketing goals

    - Tapping data as the modern version of a crystal ball to navigate millions of shows to pick up and coming winners and properly message in the right podcasts

    - The difference between embedded and digital ad insertion – and use cases for each

    - The reality of CPM pricing and measurement

    And overall pointing out:

    “If you’re not thinking of channels – plural, you’re thinking of audio and your marketing incorrectly and you’re missing a big chunk of audience.”

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    Cadillac CMO Melissa Grady Dias on Marketing a Maverick Brand

    Cadillac CMO Melissa Grady Dias on Marketing a Maverick Brand

    CMO Melissa Grady Dias tells Insider Interviews host, E.B. Moss, why Cadillac is like the maverick of GM brands but is still infused with corporate cause-oriented values. In episode 40 learn how her team is tackling the marketing of what will be the first all electric line of luxury brand vehicles – using data, and creative driven by insights. This episode was recorded in September, and since then the new Lyriq has sold out of pre-sale reservations. So how did it get so popular? As Melissa explains: “I try to understand how and where my audience is consuming media, and how they're entertaining themselves. Then I try to be in those places, but to do it in a different way, so that it really breaks through.”

    She and the team have done that through tying in with everything from gaming to 6-second ads, to tapping Michelin-rated chefs for experiential marketing!

    Grady Dias is a marketer's marketer, a master of math and of insight-driven creative...with a heart. That combo is what’s helped infuse the corporate cause-oriented values and inclusion mandate into everything from gaming tie-ins to 6-second ads and experiential marketing to campaigns like Never Stop Arriving with spokesperson Regina King.

    After discussing how she “followed her career north star to OnStar” we took some deep dives into how she is marketing the 125-year old brand, including:

    • What it means to “show up differently” and how the Cadillac marketing team approaches the funnel differently, too

    • With GM looking to go all EV and towards a zero emissions/zero crashes/ zero congestion world how Cadillac is at the forefront of that effort as an innovator brand

    • Her three prong suggestion for future CMOs in following their own career north stars.

    Insider Interviews aims to give you the “insider scoop” on media, marketing, and advertising, along with the human side of executives. And you’ll catch a very human moment around 20 minutes in...! But do enjoy all 40 minutes of this informative and jam packed conversation. And a little reminder, if you valued this, feel free to help support ANOTHER 40 episodes by sharing, reviewing, or even visiting https://www.buymeacoffee.com/mossappeal

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    The Visible Marketing Wisdom of Pearl Servat

    The Visible Marketing Wisdom of Pearl Servat

    Three years ago Visible was brand new in the world of wireless carriers, and Pearl Servat was generating content about it. Now she herself is fairly new in an elevated role as Head of Brand Marketing and Demand Generation after launching communications efforts for the telcom disruptor division of Verizon.

    In Episode 39 of Insider Interviews Podcast with E.B. Moss, Servat gives good content about "brand and demand" marketing and offers examples of how the brand's purpose- and transparency-driven mission runs throughout all their efforts.

    Servat, who honed her PR chops in the entertainment and brand world, explains how she made the switch, as they say in the world of carriers, to marketing. Hear about her own evolution, and that of Visible including:

    - How Servat leverages partnerships with like-minded brand ambassadors (Kevin Bacon, Dan Levy) and ensures the first all digital wireless carrier in the US doesn't forget its mission of connection and kindness; - How Visible creates an opportunity for customers to touch and feel the brand --which does not have any physical retail locations.

    - Why kindness matters, how it came first for the brand...and how it launched a "pay it forward" campaign;

    - The thinking behind Visible's calling plan offering -- with its "party plan" that lets strangers come together to bring down the bill!

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5.0 out of 5
13 Ratings

13 Ratings

The Grim Keeper ,

Powerful Stuff

E.B. Is such a great host and interviewer! She has a gift for getting her guests to open up and share how they REALLY build their businesses! Love this show and her great interviewing style!

Makes everyone an insider ,

A very "listenable" business podcast series

E.B.'s skill at making business topics, ideas and people interesting and - dare I say it, even entertaining - makes Insider Interviews a real unicorn in the world of business podcasts. It's incredibly hard to achieve a "this is just a casual conversation" feel when communicating sometimes challenging business concepts, and she does so with ease. Her choice of guests is also top-notch. I would recommend the series to anyone curious about "meeting" new people and learning new things that impact the worlds of business, media and marketing.

Gingerc917 ,

Not your standard business conversation

E.B.’s preparation for these interviews is clear. Using humor and insight, she leads unique conversations with each of her guests. They reveal more than just the usual business-speak, so you’re guaranteed to learn something new and interesting.

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