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Insights and information on the business of media, marketing, advertising and entertainment through personal conversations between senior executives and marketing executive host, E.B. Moss. From the competition in creating television, best practices in audience targeting and research, and trends in voice and audio, to outdoor, retail and everything in between: Insider interviews draw out the leaders and the lessons.

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Insights and information on the business of media, marketing, advertising and entertainment through personal conversations between senior executives and marketing executive host, E.B. Moss. From the competition in creating television, best practices in audience targeting and research, and trends in voice and audio, to outdoor, retail and everything in between: Insider interviews draw out the leaders and the lessons.

    Podcasting Evolutions: Pivots in AI, AdTech and Monetization

    Podcasting Evolutions: Pivots in AI, AdTech and Monetization

    Take a dive deep into the evolving landscape of podcast monetization and technology. Host E.B. Moss captures the pulse of Podcast Movement Evolutions, bringing on-the-fly conversations with three industry trailblazers who are shaping the future of podcasting -- with AI, Adtech and advances in monetization.

    First up, Justine Benjamin, the global head of marketing for Adswizz and Simplecast, part of the SiriusXM family, shares her expertise on simplifying the complex ecosystem of podcast technology. She discusses the strategic union of Adswizz's enterprise-level monetization platforms with Simplecast's podcast hosting and distribution services. Justine's insights on global trends and the need for education to bridge the ad dollar gap in podcasting are invaluable.

    Next, podcast hall of famer Todd Cochrane, CEO of Blubrry Podcasting, unveils new AI-driven production tools designed to streamline podcast planning, production, and promotion. Their innovative 'Vid2Pod' service is a game-changer for YouTube-first creators, allowing them to effortlessly transform video content into bona fide audio podcasts. He also shares his optimistic outlook on podcast growth and the unique opportunities for creators in today's market.

    Lastly, Sam Sethi, entrepreneur and podcast industry expert and journalist, introduces us to 'TrueFans'—a platform he founded to enable microtransactions for podcasters. Sam demystifies the concept of 'sats' (fractions of Bitcoin) and the 'value for value' model, which allows direct financial appreciation from fans to creators. He also discusses the potential of a new advertising model that rewards listeners for their time and attention, fundamentally changing the way we think about podcast monetization.

    This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the intersection of technology, monetization, and the future of podcasting. Join E.B. Moss as she uncovers the latest trends and tools that are redefining the podcast industry, one microtransaction at a time.

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    BONUS - A Holistic Approach to Podcasting Per Sounds Profitable, Signal Hill Insights and Audacy

    BONUS - A Holistic Approach to Podcasting Per Sounds Profitable, Signal Hill Insights and Audacy

    Another Podcast Movement show is coming up -- the "Evolutions" version, out of Los Angeles, with a focus on creators. I'll be sharing some takeaways from that conference in an upcoming episode. But in the meantime, here's a repeat episode to get you in the mood, with still highly valuable info gathered in June '23 during the main PodcastMovement conference - with a focus on the business and production.

    You'll hear all about how a “holistic” approach applied to the business of podcasting helps leverage all aspects of it to drive growth. In this episode of Insider Interviews I spoke with three phenomenal experts during the conference in Denver who explained this holistic approach.

    Bryan Barletta, Partner, Sounds Profitable

    Bryan Barletta and partner and research guru Tom Webster have been making waves in the audio industry with their advisory services focused on growing audience and revenue for podcasters. (You heard me speak with Bryan Barletta on Insider Interviews three years ago and with Tom when he was at Edison Research.)

    Bryan described his aim to carve out a home for all podcast pros, to educate and elevate the industry. He emphasized that podcasting deserves to be treated as its own channel, optimized based on how people listen. “We’re entering the ‘why’ phase: ‘Why uniquely podcasting? Why start here?’,” he posited. The answer?

    “The ad tech, the mindset, the education is now here. And that's why we need to treat it as its own channel and not try and tag it onto other channels to find its own value.”

    Bryan expects now, at 20 years in, we're finally entering the “2.0 era” where ad tech and mindsets are catching up to podcasting's distinct value.

    How can we look at measurement objectively? What is the truth behind “churn”?

    Bryan describes the biggest opportunities and challenges in the business of podcasting, including the status of programmatic.

    Then, in an unexpected question tossed at me, we discuss the opportunity for political ad messaging in podcasting....

    Sample Slide from "The Podcast Opportunity" Study - Sounds Profitable

    Paul Riismandel, Chief Insights Officer of Signal Hill Insights

    Paul Riismandel joined the founder of Signal Hill Insights, Jeff Vidler, last year in the appropriately named role of Chief Insights Officer. The growing company is an audio-focused research firm that provides custom insights for publishers, broadcasters, and advertisers.

    Paul was very vocal about holistic campaign measurement -- versus siloed or, say, just performance-driven approaches -- that looks across placements, platforms, and creative together to “really have an apples to apples comparison."

    Their bread and butter is brand lift studies – the positive changes that can be attributed to ad exposure. Those studies help spotlight factors like creative and planning to better uncover why a campaign succeeds or stumbles...and matches that with insights around perception and elements like awareness, favorability, consideration, and purchase intent.

    He also highlighted the key role of creative and its absolute impact on brand lift.

    Advertisers can easily make assumptions when an ad performed well – or not – in a particular show. It could, Paul notes, perform differently across different podcast genres. Or it could be the creative, if one host or one message just didn’t resonate. Test. Rinse, Repeat!

    Ken Lagana, EVP of Digital Sales at Audacy

    Ken Lagana brings the perspective of a multi-platform warrior. After years in digial media, he spent most of the last decade heading up sales for all things audio at content and entertainment company, Audacy – which has production expertise via their Cadence13 and Pineapple Street Studios divisions, extensive OTA (over the air) stations, digital audio and  events and, of course,

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    Understanding Video Commerce - with Shoppable Video pro Cynthia Nelson

    Understanding Video Commerce - with Shoppable Video pro Cynthia Nelson

    Industry insider Cynthia Nelson, a seasoned e-commerce professional and consultant, offers a master class in the evolving world of shoppable video -- or as she prefers to call it (and hear why): "video commerce." She shares insights with host E.B. Moss about the rise of content meets commerce meets customer connection, the approach major brands should take -- including a case study of best practices learned by Walmart, and how brands are enhancing customer engagement through AI and automation.

    The episode also touches on Cynthia's personal journey, including her experiences in Silicon Valley, her work with multiple ventures in different locales, and her investment in women-led tech companies. She shares why she thinks it's key to combine content, partnerships, and AI in today's digital landscape.

    As also, Insider Interviews shares this guest's perspective on the value of brand purpose, and for Cynthia Nelson, who was also awarded with the first Pioneer Prevention Award -- for changing health disparity among underserved populations through content -- it is part of her personal brand as well.

    This is an essential episode for companies who will need to learn to navigate the fast growing area of digital shopping and keeping connected to customers.

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    The News on News, Brand Safety and Media Buying

    The News on News, Brand Safety and Media Buying

    Three industry leaders are disrupting news, brand safety analysis, and media buying. And Insider Interviews host, E.B. Moss, spoke to them during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Episode 16 features three segments on the hottest topics in the media, marketing, and advertising world. (Yes, they also talked about CES celeb sightings and some cool tech!)

    First, Matt Prohaska, CEO of Prohaska Consulting and Brian Norris, CRO of E.W. Scripps, explain why they’re on a mission of Rebranding the News – an initiative that emphasizes the valuable – and actually brand safe -- environment of News for advertisers. Get the facts -- with no alternatives - about the quality audiences good journalism attracts and why keyword blocking is hurting even our society.

    Next, Catherine Walstad and Aaron Lange from Marketing Architects explain their unique “un-agency” business model, innovative proprietary media buying tech, and the future of advertising in the shifting TV landscape.

    Finally, Tamara Zubatiy, CEO/Co-Founder of Barometer, unpacks the power of how their AI-driven platform identifies brand safety and contextual targeting opportunities in content – starting with podcasts.

    Listen to gain key insights from these ad hoc conversations captured in Las Vegas, and learn about improving efficiencies and effectiveness in media, marketing and advertising.

    02:20 A little history of CES...#DKY?...

    03:10 Meet Prohaska Consulting and E. W. Scripps

    06:35 The Role of News in Today's Society

    06:52 The Impact of Advertisers on News

    07:29 Educating the Media Industry on Fact-Based News

    13:19 Research Fueling the Rebranding of News

    15:19 Consumer Viewing Habits and Audiences for News

    19:58 Marketing Architects: A Different Kind of Agency

    25:46 Understanding DSPs and SSPs

    27:48 The Challenges of Navigating the Streaming Landscape

    29:38 The Cost of Streaming and the Shift in Demand

    32:03 The Strategy Behind Building a DSP

    33:15 The Holistic Approach of Marketing Architects

    35:51 An Un-Agency Business Model

    39:00 Spotting Celebs and Inventions at CES

    39:50 A Barometer for Advertising in Podcasting

    40:45 Building AI for Analyzing Podcast Brand Safety

    43:37 Appealing to GenZ, News and Brand Suitability

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    Bonus: Tech, Sounds, and Observations at CES with ThoughtLeaders

    Bonus: Tech, Sounds, and Observations at CES with ThoughtLeaders

    In this bonus episode captured at CES, Insider Interviews host, E.B. Moss, was joined spontaneously by thought leaders David Berkowitz, Jeff Minsky, and recapped the show with media sales pro, Kathy Newberger. They covered a wide range of topics shaping the future of the industry...and covered some literal miles, too. Hear their firsthand experiences, learn about some cutting-edge technologies, innovative products, and learn about inspiring activations from global companies.

    David Berkowitz explained his own AI Marketers Guild and what’s intrigued him – like AI-powered beauty makeovers to AR projected in Zoom rooms.

    Jeff Minsky - a longtime CES attendee -- dropped in and discussed South Korea’s impressive SK booth presence and its sustainability efforts in media.

    Raoul Davis did a great job representing NTT Sonority's sound zone technology followed by SoundFun's spokesperson on their helpful TV speaker.

    Finally, Kathy Newberger shared some observations as a first-timer and talked about the strong presence of media and marketing pros at CES, sharing highlights from panels and sessions, including savvy insights from “media cartographer” Evan Shapiro.

    While E.B. Moss described some high wattage panelists and speakers, she and also tried some audio speakers, and prepped for the next full episode of her podcast which will continue with attendees focused on rebranding news to changing the standard ad agency model.

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    Bonus: Previewing ‘24: E.B. Moss and Cynthia Nelson on Media Trends and Takeaways

    Bonus: Previewing ‘24: E.B. Moss and Cynthia Nelson on Media Trends and Takeaways

    In this lively conversation about media trends from ’23 and what’s more for ‘24, E.B. Moss and Cynthia Nelson dive into the topics of marketing and advertising -- like live shopping, the rise of podcasting, the intriguing world of retail media, and the challenges and importance of news in today's era. They even geek out about the upcoming CES event and all the cutting-edge technologies being showcased there.

    E.B. Moss shares her personal insights and experiences as a trade journalist, marketer, and from guests on her informative and popular b2b podcast, Insider Interviews. Get ready to be inspired and entertained by this fast paced, captivating conversation between two industry experts! And see if you hear the AI E.B....!

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
14 Ratings

14 Ratings

Mndfuul ,

Amazing Interviews!

E.B. knocks it out of the park with S2! I appreciate that she creates an interesting dialog with her guests, delivering the nuggets you need to know with a dose of humor. Enjoyable and informative!

The Grim Keeper ,

Powerful Stuff

E.B. Is such a great host and interviewer! She has a gift for getting her guests to open up and share how they REALLY build their businesses! Love this show and her great interviewing style!

Makes everyone an insider ,

A very "listenable" business podcast series

E.B.'s skill at making business topics, ideas and people interesting and - dare I say it, even entertaining - makes Insider Interviews a real unicorn in the world of business podcasts. It's incredibly hard to achieve a "this is just a casual conversation" feel when communicating sometimes challenging business concepts, and she does so with ease. Her choice of guests is also top-notch. I would recommend the series to anyone curious about "meeting" new people and learning new things that impact the worlds of business, media and marketing.

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