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Improve your money mindset with host Andy Wang, named a top influential financial advisor by INVESTOPEDIA, as we explore positive money stories with everyone from entrepreneurs, non-profit leaders, creatives, and even a former WWE wrestler to help you get inspired, shift your perspectives on money, and achieve incredible things.

Whether you want to launch a side hustle, pay down debt, or give money to charity, listen to Inspired Money because big things begin with just a little inspiration.

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Improve your money mindset with host Andy Wang, named a top influential financial advisor by INVESTOPEDIA, as we explore positive money stories with everyone from entrepreneurs, non-profit leaders, creatives, and even a former WWE wrestler to help you get inspired, shift your perspectives on money, and achieve incredible things.

Whether you want to launch a side hustle, pay down debt, or give money to charity, listen to Inspired Money because big things begin with just a little inspiration.

    Vintage Dreams: Revving Up the Classic Car Collecting Experience

    Vintage Dreams: Revving Up the Classic Car Collecting Experience

    Overview In Episode 14, we journey into the captivating realm of classic car collecting. This episode is not just about the cars themselves, but the stories they tell, the artistry they embody, and the communities they build. Our expert panelists, Ed Bolian, Garrett Reed, Nicky Baldelli-Boni, and Ray Kuntz, Jr., share their insights and experiences, offering a comprehensive look into this exhilarating hobby.
    Segments Segment 1: Classic Car Collection: The Art and Design Legacy of Vintage Automobiles We delve into the artistic and cultural significance of classic cars, exploring how designers like Harley Earl and Pininfarina turned automobiles into moving sculptures of elegance and futurism.
    Segment 2: Classic Car Investments: Navigating Financial Returns in Vintage Auto Collecting This segment examines the financial aspects of classic car collecting, including how rarity, history, and market trends can make these vehicles a strategic investment.
    Segment 3: Classic Car Collecting: The Enthusiast's Guide from First Find to Final Bid Join us on a collector's journey, from discovering hidden gems to making informed decisions at auctions. We cover the essentials of vehicle conditions, documentation, and the importance of knowledge in the collecting process.
    Segment 4: Authenticity vs. Innovation: The Classic Car Modification Debate We dive into the debate between preserving the originality of classic cars and modifying them for personal expression and modern functionality, exploring the values of authenticity and innovation.
    Segment 5: Classic Car Shows: Revving Up Community and Connection Experience the vibrant community of classic car enthusiasts. We highlight how car shows and digital forums are not just about showcasing vehicles but also about building connections, sharing knowledge, and celebrating automotive history.
    Guest Profiles: Ed Bolian:
    Founder of VINwiki and a former Cannonball Run record holder, Ed Bolian brings his passion for cars and storytelling to the forefront, offering unique insights into the world of classic car collecting.
    Garrett Reed:
    The creative mind behind AmericanMuscleHD, Garrett Reed is an automotive enthusiast and content creator, known for his deep love for American classics and his large following on Instagram.
    Nicky Baldelli-Boni:
    Creator of Cars in Tuscany, Nicky offers a blend of automotive appreciation and Tuscan charm, providing an unforgettable experience for classic car enthusiasts seeking luxury, history, and scenic beauty.
    Ray Kuntz, Jr:
    With a background in construction and union leadership, Ray is an avid car enthusiast and community contributor, actively participating in local car clubs and events that enhance community well-being.
    Join us in Episode 14 as we explore the fascinating world of classic car collecting. Whether you're a seasoned collector or new to the scene, this episode is packed with valuable insights, stories, and tips for anyone interested in the art and investment of vintage automobiles.
    #InspiredMoney #NicholasBaldelliBoni #EdBolian #GarrettReed #ClassicCars #VintageCarCollecting #AutomobileHistory #CarInvestments #VintageAuto #CarEnthusiasts #ClassicCarShows #AutoRestoration #CarCulture #CollectibleCars #InspiredMoneyLive #EaglesVision

    Guest Links:
    Ed Bolian: https://youtube.com/vinwiki
    Garrett Reed: https://instagram.com/americanmusclehd
    Nicky Baldelli-Boni: https://instagram.com/carsintuscany

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    Building Wealth through Real Estate Investment

    Building Wealth through Real Estate Investment

    Overview In Episode 13, we unlock the secrets of building wealth through real estate investment. Our expert panelists, Rich Carey, Eric Yu, Crystal Hammond, and Dustin Heiner, bring diverse experiences and perspectives to the table, guiding us through the fundamentals, strategies, and personal stories of success in real estate.
    Segments Segment 1: Unlocking Wealth: A Beginner's Guide to Real Estate Investment Fundamentals We start with the basics, exploring why real estate is a cornerstone of a diversified portfolio and the key factors that drive successful investments.
    Segment 2: Mastering Real Estate: Financial Acumen, Risk Assessment, and Due Diligence in Property Selection This segment delves into the art of property selection, emphasizing financial readiness, risk assessment, and the importance of due diligence.
    Segment 3: Maximizing Wealth with Rental Properties: The Ultimate Guide to Tenant Management Discover the potential of rental properties as a wealth-building tool and learn the best practices for effective tenant management.
    Segment 4: Unlocking the Potential of REITs: Your Guide to Real Estate Investment Trusts Demystify the concept of REITs and understand how they can play a pivotal role in your investment portfolio.
    Segment 5: Real Estate Investor Stories: Lessons Learned and the Human Element Hear real-life stories from successful real estate investors, learning from their experiences, challenges, and strategies for building wealth through real estate.
    Guest Profiles: Rich Carey:
    A retired military officer, Rich Carey has built a substantial real estate portfolio, owning over 20 properties debt-free. His strategic investments and management skills offer valuable insights into achieving financial independence through real estate.
    Eric Yu:
    A real estate agent and investor from Seattle, Eric specializes in house-hacking and Airbnb. His transition from a tech background to real estate investment showcases his adaptability and expertise in the field.
    Crystal Hammond:
    An engineer and multifaceted professional, Crystal Hammond is known for her dynamic approach to side hustling, including real estate investing. Her journey from Chicago to co-hosting the podcast Stacking Deeds is a testament to her versatility and entrepreneurial spirit.

    Dustin Heiner:
    Founder of Master Passive Income, Dustin Heiner is a seasoned real estate investor from Phoenix, AZ. His journey from a government job to full-time investing and achieving financial independence through rental properties is both inspiring and educational.
    Join us in Episode 13 as we explore the exciting world of real estate investment. Whether you're looking to start your journey or expand your portfolio, this episode is packed with valuable insights and strategies to help you build and manage your wealth through real estate.

    Guest Links:
    Rich Carey: www.youtube.com/richonmoney
    Eric Yu: www.instagram.com/helloericyu
    Crystal Hammond: www.stackingdeeds.net
    Dustin Heiner: www.masterpassiveincome.com

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    The Rise of the Gig Economy: Thriving in the Freelance Revolution

    The Rise of the Gig Economy: Thriving in the Freelance Revolution

    In Episode 12 of the Inspired Money Podcast's live stream series, "The Rise of the Gig Economy: Thriving in the Freelance Revolution," hosted by Andy Wang and produced by Bradley Jon Eaglefeather. In this episode, we navigate the evolving landscape of freelance work, exploring the opportunities, challenges, and ethical considerations of this burgeoning sector. 
    Overview In Episode 12, we delve into the intricate world of the gig economy, a seismic shift redefining the traditional 9-to-5 work paradigm. Our panel of experts, Lindsey Cameron, Steve Stewart, Elaine Pofeldt, and Sergio Avedian, bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, guiding us through the financial, ethical, and technological facets of freelance work.
    Segments Segment 1: Exploring the Gig Economy: A Complete Guide to Freelance Work We examine the opportunities and pitfalls of the evolving labor market, offering a comprehensive guide to navigating the gig economy landscape.
    Segment 2: Financial Freedom for Freelancers: Mastering Budgets and Taxes in 2023 This segment equips freelancers with essential financial management skills, from tax planning to budgeting, ensuring a stable and prosperous freelance career.
    Segment 3: Unlocking Freelance Success: Proven Strategies for a Thriving Career Discover how to strategically position yourself in the freelance marketplace, leveraging your unique value to build a successful and fulfilling career.
    Segment 4: Tech-Led Gig Economy: How AI and Algorithms Shape Freelance Work Explore the symbiotic relationship between technology and the gig economy, examining how AI and algorithms are shaping the future of freelance work.
    Segment 5: The Gig Economy: Unpacking the Ethical and Social Dilemmas We tackle the ethical and social complexities of the gig economy, balancing innovation with worker rights and social responsibility.
    Guest Profiles: Lindsey Cameron:
    An Assistant Professor of Management at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Lindsey Cameron is a luminary in the field of gig economy research. Her work delves into the intricacies of the platform economy and algorithmic management, making her a leading voice in understanding the gig economy's human element.
    Steve Stewart:
    A transformational figure in the podcasting world, Steve Stewart transitioned from financial coaching to podcast editing, finding his true calling. His journey from consumer debt to financial literacy and entrepreneurship is a testament to the power of skill and passion.
    Elaine Pofeldt:
    An accomplished freelance writer and editor, Elaine Pofeldt specializes in entrepreneurship and small business. Author of "The Million-Dollar One-Person Business," she brings a wealth of knowledge on achieving high revenues as a freelancer.

    Sergio Avedian:
    Based in Los Angeles, Sergio Avedian is a multi-talented individual known for his advocacy in the rideshare community. His diverse skill set, from stock trading to golf instruction, makes him a fascinating addition to our panel.
    Join us for a transformative journey that transcends mere financial discussions, delving into the essence of modern work and personal freedom. Tune in to Episode 12 of the Inspired Money live-stream series, and let's navigate the freelance revolution together!

    Guest Links:
    Lindsey Cameron: https://www.lindseycameron.com
    Steve Stewart: https://stevestewart.me
    Elaine Pofeldt: https://www.elainepofeldt.com
    Sergio Avedian: https://therideshareguy.com

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    The Psychology of Spending: Understanding Your Money Habits

    The Psychology of Spending: Understanding Your Money Habits

    Aloha Inspired Money Makers! In Episode 11 of the Inspired Money Podcast's live stream series, "The Psychology of Spending: Understanding Your Money Habits," hosted by Andy Wang and produced by Bradley Jon Eaglefeather. In this episode, we embark on a transformative exploration into the psychology of spending, guided by our distinguished panelists—Dr. Sonya Lutter, George Kinder, and Dr. Judith Wright. Together, they illuminate the emotional, cognitive, and social factors that shape our financial decisions.
    Overview In Episode 11, "The Psychology of Spending: Understanding Your Money Habits," we delve into the labyrinth of the human psyche to uncover the forces that drive our spending habits. Our panel of experts will share their wisdom, offering actionable insights to help you master your financial well-being.
    Segments Segment 1: The Psychology of Emotional Spending: How to Take Control Emotional triggers often lead us to the checkout counter. This segment offers healthier alternatives to retail therapy, emphasizing the mastery of emotions as a pathway to financial freedom.
    Segment 2: Unlocking the Secrets of Consumer Choices: A Behavioral Economics Guide Why do we make unnecessary purchases? This segment unravels the cognitive biases that influence our spending and offers strategies for becoming a more conscious consumer.
    Segment 3: The Power of the Crowd: How Social Influences Affect Your Wallet Peer pressure and societal norms can heavily influence our spending. This segment explores how to harness social influences for financial well-being rather than detriment.
    Segment 4: Financial Therapy: The Path to Emotional and Fiscal Well-Being Financial therapy marries financial planning with emotional intelligence. This segment introduces this groundbreaking field, aiming to foster a healthier relationship with money.
    Segment 5: From Mindfulness to Impulse: A Deep Dive into Spending Habits Mindful spending and impulse buying are two sides of the same coin. This segment explores the art of making conscious choices and the repercussions of impulsive spending.
    Guest Profiles: Dr. Sonya Lutter:
    A pioneer in financial therapy, Dr. Sonya Lutter offers a holistic approach to managing finances, blending financial planning with emotional intelligence.
    George Kinder:
    Known as the father of life planning, George Kinder integrates financial and life goals to help individuals achieve true fulfillment. A mindfulness teacher for over 35 years, he is a global advocate for fiduciary behavior.
    Dr. Judith Wright:
    An expert in transformational coaching, neuroscience, and spirituality, Dr. Judith Wright provides a unique lens through which to view the psychology of spending.
    Guest Links: 
    Dr. Sonya Lutter: https://enlite.world
    George Kinder: https://georgekinder.com
    Dr. Judith Wright: https://judithwright.com

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    Money Talks: Conversations on Wealth and Legacy

    Money Talks: Conversations on Wealth and Legacy

    In Episode 10 of the Inspired Money Podcast's live stream series, “Money Talks: Conversations on Wealth and Legacy,” hosted by Andy Wang and produced by Bradley Jon Eaglefeather. In this episode, we journey into the labyrinthine world of wealth and legacy. Guiding us through this transformative odyssey are our distinguished panelists—Daniele Bolelli, Dr. John Demartini, Caleb Silver, and Heather Winslow-Walker—who serve as the oracles of ethical wealth management and generational impact.

    LEp 10: Inspired Money Live – Money Talks: Conversations on Wealth and Legacy
    Overview In Episode 10, “Money Talks: Conversations on Wealth and Legacy,” we transcend the boundaries of mere financial discussions. We delve into the multi-dimensional aspects of wealth, exploring its ethical, social, and generational implications.
    Segments Segment 1: Wealth as a Multidimensional Construct: Ethical Alignment and Societal Impact Wealth is not merely a number; it's a force that can be harnessed for the greater good. This segment explores the ethical alignment and societal impact of wealth, challenging us to consider its purpose beyond accumulation.
    Segment 2: Legacy Wealth Management: A Comprehensive Guide to Multi-Generational Financial Success Discover the intricate choreography between financial figures and human connection. This segment delves into the art of legacy wealth management, emphasizing that your financial legacy is not just about the money but the impact you leave behind.
    Segment 3: Crafting Generational Legacies: A Comprehensive Guide to Estate Planning, Trusts, and Philanthropy Learn how to craft a lasting legacy through estate planning, trusts, and philanthropy. This segment serves as a comprehensive guide to ensuring that your wealth serves as a catalyst for positive change for generations to come.
    Segment 4: Guardians of Legacy: Navigating Family Wealth and Ethical Footprints Family legacy is a living entity that shapes our core identity. This segment navigates the labyrinth of family wealth management, urging you to become a guardian of your family's ethical footprint.
    Segment 5: Ethical Wealth Management: Navigating Philanthropy, Social Responsibility, and Legacy Explore the ethical obligations that come with wealth, from philanthropy to social responsibility. This segment challenges you to make choices today that will become the history lessons for future generations.
    Guest Profiles: Dr. John Demartini:
    A luminary in human behavior, Dr. Demartini is the founder of the Demartini Institute and the creator of the Demartini Method. His international best-sellers and documentaries have made him a household name in personal development.
    Caleb Silver:
    The Editor-in-Chief of Investopedia, Caleb is a media maestro with over two decades of experience. From wildlife documentaries to business news, his journey has been as diverse as it has been impactful.
    Heather Winslow-Walker:
    A veteran in legacy planning, Heather specializes in assisting Ultra-High-Net-Worth families with complex wealth transfer. Her unique blend of psychology, business, and education makes her an invaluable guide in the realm of legacy planning.
    Daniele Bolelli:
    An Italian-born writer and martial artist, Daniele is a professor based in Los Angeles. Known for his book “On the Warrior’s Path,” he is a fifth-degree black belt in kung fu san soo and a podcaster of repute.

    Guest Links:
    Dr. John Demartini: https://drdemartini.com/
    Caleb Silver: https://investopedia.com/contributors/54471/
    Daniele Bolelli: https://historyonfirepodcast.com/
    Heather Winslow-Walker: https://www.vanguard.com 

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    The Inspired Home: Designing Your Life with Intention

    The Inspired Home: Designing Your Life with Intention

    In Episode 9 of the Inspired Money Podcast's live stream series, “Investing for Impact: The Rise of Socially Responsible Investing,” hosted by Andy Wang and produced by Bradley Jon Eaglefeather. In this soul-nourishing episode, we are joined by an extraordinary panel of experts—Leo Babauta, Katie Cassidy, Matthias Olt, and Mark Ainley—to guide you through the transformative journey of intentional living and holistic home design.

    Overview In a world where our surroundings profoundly influence our well-being, this episode serves as a sanctuary of wisdom. Whether you're yearning for a home that aligns with your values, nourishes your soul, or contributes to planetary wellness, this episode is your blueprint for creating spaces that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also soul-satisfying.
    Segments Segment 1: Sanctuary of Well-Being: Holistic Home Design for Intentional Living and Sustainability Embark on a journey into the realm of holistic home design, where balance, flow, and wellness converge to create a sanctuary that nourishes both body and soul.
    Segment 2: The 14-Day Minimalism Challenge: Declutter for Health, Happiness, and Purpose Take the transformative path towards a clutter-free life. Discover how minimalism can serve as a tool for enhancing your health, elevating your happiness, and imbuing your life with purpose.
    Segment 3: Unlocking Mental Well-Being: The Environmental Psychology of Home Design Delve into the fascinating psychology of space. Learn how your home can be a sanctuary that positively shapes your mental well-being and emotional landscape.
    Segment 4: Eco-Conscious Home Makeover: Energy-Efficient Design & Sustainable Living Practices Uncover the secrets of giving your home an eco-conscious makeover. Learn how energy-efficient design and sustainable practices can make your home a friend to Mother Earth.
    Segment 5: Creating Mindful Spaces at Home: A Journey into Self-Care and Conscious Living Discover the art of carving out mindful spaces within your home. Learn how these sanctuaries can serve as havens for self-care, mindfulness, and conscious living.
    Guest Profiles: Leo Babauta: Renowned author and minimalist lifestyle advocate, Leo Babauta's influential blog, “Zen Habits,” has been a beacon of wisdom on simplifying life and embracing minimalism since 2007.
    Katie Cassidy: Versatile American actress Katie Cassidy, known for her roles in “Supernatural” and “Arrow,” brings a unique perspective on the intersection of art, space, and intentional living.
    Matthias Olt: Celebrated architect Matthias Olt is a pioneer in integrating modern aesthetics with sustainability, setting new standards for environmentally responsible architecture.
    Mark Ainley: With two decades dedicated to the practice of Contemporary Feng Shui, Mark Ainley aids individuals in achieving life integration through a modern interpretation of ancient principles.

    Guest Links:
    Leo Babauta: https://zenhabits.net
    Katie Cassidy: https://www.instagram.com/katiecassidy
    Matthias Olt: https://matthiasolt.com
    Mark Ainley: https://senseofspace.com

    • 1 hr 14 min

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99 Ratings

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Amazing show!

I am so glad that I stumbled across this show! I love tuning in each every episode, so much practical and actionable advice!

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Great Podcast

Love listening, the guests are always on point. Especially enjoyed the episode with Thembi Bheka and all she’s doing to empower women in Africa as virtual assistants.

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