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Learn how to deliver your message effectively and receive engagement and investment on your Insta-time. Delivers both broad and focused techniques to get your women-owned business in front of your ideal follower. Show airs weekly.


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Learn how to deliver your message effectively and receive engagement and investment on your Insta-time. Delivers both broad and focused techniques to get your women-owned business in front of your ideal follower. Show airs weekly.


    Ep. 32: How to choose the right social media thought leader

    Ep. 32: How to choose the right social media thought leader

    Have you ever wondered how to choose the right social media thought leader to follow? Look no further! Welcome to Episode 32 of Instagram Insider Hacks where today I’ll be discussing with Lisa Yvonne on this very topic. Lisa is the founder of @CoffeeandKeyboardco on Instagram, and she's a friend of mine and Business coach here to share some wisdom with us!


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    Lisa Yvonne @coffeeandkeyboardco


    5-Day Follower Growth Challenge (link to join below)



    Join my Authentic Instagram Engagement FB group to get all the details! Click image to visit!


    L: I’ve really enjoyed the Intensive so far. It's been amazing to target my audience, and I'm definitely seeing some traction. The impact that it can have is exciting! I'm seeing a ton of traffic and relationship growth on my blog. I think promoting my blog on Instagram is so much more impactful than Facebook! My audience is just not getting on Facebook. Instagram seems more positive and image driven as well as video driven. I just feel like it's almost like a ray of sunshine in an otherwise noisy world, like you said!



    How to Choose the Right Social Media Thought Leader 




    Choosing the Right Platform to Find Your Social Media Thought Leader


    R:  People are kind of bailing on Facebook and just not loving the vibe there. It makes me excited that we’re on a platform where we can use video and voice to reach our target audience! Lisa is my business coach and we've known each other for a while. It started with both of us in Elite blog Academy, because my “why” was and is still all about child-rearing and building heart-Focused families. 


    We'll talk a little bit more about how Lisa decided to trust me as a social media thought leader and how that works. First of all, Lisa, I want you to tell us tell us one of your top Lessons Learned--how you got from full-time or part-time to full-time income. 


    L: I looked back and thought about my childhood businesses and realized I’ve been creating business since I was 9 years old. My grandfather gifted me the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and that inspired me. I think the internet exploded awhile back when I was a beta tester for Pinterest so it's been a hot minute. Sitting at home with toddlers around your feet at your kitchen table without having to pay for another college degree felt like Manna From Heaven I was so excited and I began to monetize my websites. 


    I reached a point where I had all these different options in front of me. It was like "I can either have a business like this or like this," and I didn't want to choose. There was this idea like an all-you-can-eat buffet and I could make the perfect plate if I just pulled a little bit from each one. It seems like that's not a bad thing, but the problem is is when you're making a recipe-- and the same is true in business-- you really can’t be choosing from other recipes when the ingredients you need are in one zone. 


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    Ep. 31: Building an Authentic Instagram Platform without compromising your calling

    Ep. 31: Building an Authentic Instagram Platform without compromising your calling

    My guest today speaks about building an Authentic Instagram Platform, and her name is Belinda Letchford, my good friend and parenting coach. Today we're discussing learning how to implement an IG strategy without compromising your calling. She has learned valuable insights from our pro member hot seats like how to better use stories, make connections with your target audience, and more. 


    Belinda Letchford  lives in Australia, writes on her website and she talks to Moms across the world (thanks to the internet) with her teaching and coaching. Belinda encourages mums to build strong relationships, shape their children’s hearts and use the whole of life to teach faith, character and life skills. She has 4 adult kids, whom she homeschooled. They have all left home now so life looks very different but she continues to support moms to be heart-focused. 

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    Belinda Letchford, Live Live with Your Kids






    Building an Authentic Instagram Platform

    (Without Compromising Your Calling!)  


    Belinda, what were some of the frustrations you experienced before you really had a grasp on a good Instagram strategy? 



    The Learning Curve of Building an Authentic Instagram Platform


    B: I felt I needed to get on Instagram and that there was a huge generational gap between other people using Instagram like my kids. The way they shared on Instagram was so vibrant and full of energy. I felt I really needed to get to that point if I was going to continue reaching the next generation of moms. It was hard because I’m a word based person with a focus on blogging and speaking. To switch it over to being image-based and concise with words was really challenging as well as uncomfortable. 


    R:  It is hard and my target audience is my age, trying to figure out instagram. They say a lot of the same things. A lot of our peers have on Instagram who can figure it out. But, it’s challenging to women our age to learn all of these tips and tricks in the first place.


    B:  Yes, and I think that makes you choose a different aspect of yourself to share as opposed to when you're teaching. I'm very comfortable talking to people sitting at my dining room table but learning to share on Instagram is completely different.  


    R: We've been learning together for a while! Belinda has been tagging along with me to learn and change up her Instagram.  I’ve noticed a big difference in her strategies. Belinda, share with us what kind of strategies you've started to implement with your heart-focused parenting Instagram account and where you're seeing results. 


    B:  I think the biggest strategy that I have changed is how you've encouraged me to share more of my everyday life, not always teach. I think it's a security blanket for me to have that message always at the forefront. At the same time, that's my passion. Finding the gentle balance of life is just my heart message. 







    Generating Authentic Conversations on Instagram

    B: What I really learned is how to take images and the captions and make them into a conversation. I can go from my own feed to jump over into someone else's ima...

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    Ep. 30: 3 Uncommon Prompts to Build Marketing Trust on Instagram

    Ep. 30: 3 Uncommon Prompts to Build Marketing Trust on Instagram

    Have you wondered how to build marketing trust on Instagram?  Today we'll show you how from a former coaching session with my Insider Intensive Community!  (Click below for show notes.)


    Resource Cited:

    Instagram Live for Marketing with Wren Robbins


    3 Uncommon Prompts to build marketing trust on Instagram

    When trying to build marketing trust on Instagram, It’s easy to feel stuck and that you don’t have anything creative to share, but I’ll tell you why that’s wrong! You’ve got more at your fingertips than you may realize. I’m going to share with you 3 simple, pretty uncommon prompts to build marketing trust on Instagram.


    So, as we know everybody needs ideas for what to teach about their expertise. One of the things I try to do whenever I'm just going about my day participating in something that is part of my job (which involves posting on Instagram and being consistent), I make note of it.


    I try to note it and then take a step back and think, you know, this is probably second nature, but I think others might benefit from this. Let’s dive into this first process a bit more.






    1. Log Your Second Nature Processes to Build Marketing Trust

    What I do is have a running list in my iPhone titled, "Instagram Tips," and the other idea would be to make sure you listen to the people that you are coaching and the questions that you get. Especially those questions you get on a regular basis.


    We all have preconceived notions of what people want from us and what people know and so we have to make sure we’re really listening to our people and keeping our ears open because a lot of times I'll get questions and just kind of dismiss them as I answer it. I’ll think, “everybody already knows that,” but they don't! So, a lot of times it's just sharing super easy questions that are second nature to you that can really help you to build marketing trust on Instagram. It's so important to start really paying attention to your processes. Everyone should be doing this! The processes that you use for your particular expertise, whoever you are out there, start opening and logging it in a Google Doc. We’re talking about what you do that's just second nature to you personally.


    For example, you could have a Google Doc and create a checklist for your people that you coach, but I would also encourage you to do that with your processes anyway because if you ever want to hire someone to help you they need to know your processes too so you're doing yourself a double favor. This way, you’re keeping track of important information previous to handing those responsibilities over to someone else. That's kind of like what I'm doing with Hayley, my assistant, now.


    2. Give Short Tips

    Another way to build marketing trust is to keep track of these processes by way of short tips. This could look like doing a Reel for each process. You could try a 3-Tip-Reel. I like to give 3 Tips on video, and keep it simple. You won’t want to share too much information when giving tips because people can only process so much at a time, so the shorter and more actionable we make those steps the better. This is really what builds marketing trust on Instagram. The reason being, what may be simple for you might not be for everyone else. Remember, user-generated content is gold.


    What people saying to you and asking you is so important.

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    Ep. 29: Simplifying Instagram Posting Productivity

    Ep. 29: Simplifying Instagram Posting Productivity

    Looking for a way to simplify your Instagram posting schedule?  Listen in!  (Click below for shownotes)



    Simplifying Instagram Posting Processes

    Ruthie: Today I have a very special guest, my daughter Hayley who works for me and has been helping me with my coaching and clients. She's going to share some things that she's already learned from the Intensive herself! Now, bear in mind Hayley is young, she's in her late twenties, and she is the one that introduced me to Instagram.


    I think that was about 12 years ago, so it's funny to me that she would even be learning from me at all! It’s also an honor. So, we’re going to talk about a few of the things that she's learned from working in the Intensive that she didn’t know before. First of all, Hayley, welcome to the show! Tell the folks a little bit about you.


    Hayley: Thank you! It's good to be here. A little bit about me, I guess like you said I'm young and have been using Instagram since it was first developed and much more just about taking pictures and putting fun filters on them. The way I came to work in this field was seeing that there’s such a need for people who know how to work Instagram, right? People who know how to create visuals and stuff-- that's kind of what I do. 


    I'm a creative and I like to make things look good. I had a few jobs helping with social media and working with Instagram and other social media accounts, and I just eventually realized that my favorite thing to do was the visual side of it. You had a need for that kind of help and you're pumping out all this awesome Instagram content so I ended up helping!  We laugh a lot each day and we get a lot done.


    Ruthie:  I have never been fantastic with graphics and I had started encouraging you to try to get in the online space as far as doing more because I know you like working from home and I knew you'd be good at it.


    Hayley has always been an artist and a creative ever since she was three years old and started drawing on the walls in red ink. She is very good at it and I just knew that she had the eye for this. I think at first, you didn't really know if you would enjoy something like that, did you? 


    Hayley: Correct. I wasn't sure how I would enjoy it as a job, but then once I started just helping you make pins and stuff, I realized that I had a lot of fun putting together the visuals. 


    Ruthie: So, for anybody else out there that's thinking about doing a side hustle or a job from home, that's how she started with me. She made Pinterest pins for me and then I handed over my Pinterest account to her and she started running it. Eventually, I knew I was going to have to have somebody that was more than part-time, and that's when my business started exploding. Now, we're a dynamic duo! 





    Learning New Concepts for Instagram 


    Ruthie: Today, we're talking about how, like I said, she's been on Instagram for a long time but she's already learned new concepts in these past couple weeks of the Insider Intensive that started in early January. She learned them from her old ma, who would’ve guessed?! 


    Hayley: When I started helping with the back end of editing podcasts, editing blogs, and making the visuals for the different forums, I ended up reading a bunch of stuff that you were teaching that I didn't know.


    One of the bigger things that I just really didn't know anything about that I fee...

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    Ep. 28: Podcast Growth From the Ground Up With Eric Nevins

    Ep. 28: Podcast Growth From the Ground Up With Eric Nevins

    Today we're chatting about podcast Growth From the Ground Up with Founder of the Christian Podcaster's Association, Eric Nivens!  (Click below for show notes).



    Christian Podcaster's Social Media Summit



    Episode Outline

    The Early Stages of Podcast Growth 

    Using Facebook to Promote Podcast Growth From the Ground Up 

    3 Steps on How to Experience Podcast Growth From the Ground Up 

    A Posting Plan to Aid in Growth

    Instagram Post Engagement: Quality Over Quantity

    Keeping up Momentum For Podcast Growth




    Podcast Growth from the Ground Up

    Ruthie: Today we have Eric Nevins, the host of the “Halfway There” podcast and founder of the Christian Podcaster's Association. Halfway There is packed with years of experience walking with God and features people in a variety of stages of life in Christian maturity.

    Eric, why don't you tell us a little bit about how you got started podcasting and how long you've been doing this?




    The Early Stages of Podcast Growth

    Eric: It's great to be here discussing Podcast Growth From the Ground Up! I love what you do with the show, it's really cool. I got started in podcasting about five years ago now when I used to be in a job where I would read blogs all day working in a call center, and then I couldn't do that job anymore, so I moved to a job where I had to actually work and click links all day.


    This is when I had discovered podcasting and that really did change my world because I'm more of a verbal processor, so when I tried to blog, it didn't work quite as quickly for me. However, podcasting really did! It took me two years to actually get started.

    I had the idea in 2014, then in 2015, I started making some recordings, and it took me a whole other year to get over that imposter syndrome and actually work with the technology. I had to hire a coach who helped me and is a good friend of mine now. Then, I launched it on June 6th, 2016.

    We just published episode number 211 this week, and I couldn't be more excited!

    In 2017, I started Christian Podcasters Association as a little Facebook group and a couple of months ago, we passed a thousand members! I decided to take that to the next level with a membership site where I can really invest in people who are Kingdom-minded using podcasting to change the world for the Kingdom.



    Using Facebook to Experience Podcast Growth

    Ruthie: My podcast is basically business and Instagram marketing, so I’ve found kindred spirits there. We want to share that we’re all believers, through the different facets that we’re broadcasting. I think you said you had a coach?

    Eric :I did, although my coach really was there for the mental game of putting myself out there because that's one of the hardest things. I don't know if you struggle with thinking about deciding, “okay, I'm going put it out there.” Sometimes, we hear our own voice and we think, "that's not really very good." It's hard to get through that. My coach really helped me with that particular aspect.

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    Ep. 27: Decoding Instagram Analytics to Develop Superfans

    Ep. 27: Decoding Instagram Analytics to Develop Superfans

    Do you want to learn how to decipher Instagram Analytics? You’re listening to Part 3 of my series with Amber Cullum from the Grace Enough Podcast. (Click below for show notes.)


    Amber Cullum @GraceEnoughPodcast_Amber on Instagram


    Christian Podcaster's Social Media Summit





    In the last episode, Amber and I discussed The 3 key actions and tools she uses for generating Instagram traffic so go back and listen to that after this if you haven’t. And then in part 1 we discussed how community just might be the missing link for your Instagram strategy!  These 3 episodes are each about 10 minutes long, so listen in while you’re walking the dog, doing the dishes, or hitting that treadmill!


    And now, let’s jump into Decoding Instagram Analytics to reach your target audience and drive traffic to your website! You’ll discover: 

    How to test analytics to determine best times to post, generate leads, and develop superfans!


    Key Takeaways From This Episode

     Convert to a business profile

     Study top posts/days

    How much stock to put into audience analytics (time, age, demographic)

    The best way to study your own audience

    How to test analytics to determine best times to post

    Avatar terminology and hashtags

    How to find your superfans in spite of Instagram analytics saying otherwise

    Pay attention to your audience’s post reception more than IG analytics interpretation

    What to do to create awareness (reach and impressions)

    Best ways to decode your personal IG analytics to reach your target audience (instead of just taking Instagram’s word for it)


    A First Glance at Decoding Analytics


    So, Amber, you had some questions that you were asking in one of our Zoom calls about decoding Instagram analytics. Your question was, "How do I use analytics to develop awareness of my podcast, and then drive that traffic to the podcast and convert them to listeners?" Let's talk about that! So, you can use and study your analytics in a lot of different ways and let me tell you, there are so many analytics. Which brings me to an important point: If you're listening to this, be sure you have a Business Instagram account, because that's going to be the key to giving you all kinds of Instagram analytics.


    I'm really just curious about how to use Instagram analytics when it comes to what time I post, and should I pay attention to the age of the people looking at my posts? I'm also wondering, how do I really track that to help me with my future posts?


    OK, so you can look in your Insights to view the top posts, top videos, top days, and your impressions, account visits, and things like that!


    Here's how: Go to Insights, found underneath your follower count. The first thing you see when in analytics is "overview," and then below that you can review Accounts Reached, Content Interaction, and Total Followers.


    If you click on total followers, it gives you the follower breakdown. And this is what Amber is talking about. So it tells who has followed you, where they're from, their age range,

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76 Ratings

aloreainer ,

Practical, relatable and manageable information!!

Ruthie’s podcast are what podcast dreams are made of!! Each episode is full of practical information given in a manageable amount of time.
She breaks down each feature of Instagram and offers amazing advice on how to use them to increase you engagement and reach. Take notes because you will be referring back to all of her content constantly!! I know I do!

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Ruth Gray is an insta-bomb! I love her clear and practical weekly tips for upping our instagram game. When anyone asks me about Instagram, I answer mostly by sending them to Ruthie - she’s an expert who shares so much in short manageable snippets. Her site ruthiegray.mom has awesome resources and she offers courses and coaching too. Thanks, Ruthie!!

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Concise, fun, & practical tips for hacking Instagram!

As a small-business owner, I look forward to Ruthie’s podcasts and learning more about Instagram. Her Monday IG tips for what’s new on Instagram provide a quick look at new features for those of us new to the platform. And she’s just fun to listen to! So great to have her fun, kind voice amid the turmoil of this year. Keep up the fantastic work, Ruthie!

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