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Movie Guys {dot} org presents the Intermission Podcast! What exactly is this Intermission Podcast? I’ll try to explain it as best I can. The Intermission Podcast is a funny movie podcast and the brainchild of a couple friends who spent most of their high school careers at the movie theater. Both Craig and Josh worked in a small town theater, and when they weren’t working, they were watching every movie they could. In fact, they spent so much time at the theater both of them flunked out of high school and had to sell their bodies on the street to pay the bills. To this day Josh still wakes up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat, crying and screaming something about “If you want that it’ll cost you extra!!!”

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Movie Guys {dot} org presents the Intermission Podcast! What exactly is this Intermission Podcast? I’ll try to explain it as best I can. The Intermission Podcast is a funny movie podcast and the brainchild of a couple friends who spent most of their high school careers at the movie theater. Both Craig and Josh worked in a small town theater, and when they weren’t working, they were watching every movie they could. In fact, they spent so much time at the theater both of them flunked out of high school and had to sell their bodies on the street to pay the bills. To this day Josh still wakes up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat, crying and screaming something about “If you want that it’ll cost you extra!!!”

    A Chicken Sandwich, Cheez Balls, and the Minivan of Game Consoles – MMG #1

    A Chicken Sandwich, Cheez Balls, and the Minivan of Game Consoles – MMG #1

    Welcome to The Mister MacNugget Show, where Mister MacNugget explores the depth that one can sometimes find in the shallow end of this swimming pool we call life. On this podcast, you can expect frivolity, play, folly, mindless drivel, and all the little ditties that play in the background of our lives, presented in an offbeat manner designed to engage you in the small things that make up the larger experience of life.

    Finally, he spends an unusual amount of time making comparisons between the modern minivan and the Nintendo Switch.

    On this first episode, MacNugget discusses the merits of the Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich after procuring one at the drive-thru on his lunch break. He laments about not having the opportunity to fully experience the re-release of delicious Planters Cheez Balls.

    Peel back the lid your dipping sauces and prepare to immerse yourself in the ordinary, viewed extraordinarily. You’re listening to The Mister MacNugget Show!

    #168 The Hitman's Bodyguard

    #168 The Hitman's Bodyguard

    Hello and welcome to episode 168 of the Intermission Podcast brought to you by movieguys.org. This week, the Movie Guys talk about milkshakes, spanner wrenches, and the shared hatred of camping and the people that make them do it. They review The Hitman’s Bodyguard, and Craig feels like an idiot regarding Dunkirk. Enjoy.

    Milkshakes, Ice Cream, and Cake

    We start off this week by proving Guy wrong. To be fair, you could say that about many weeks. You see, Guy wanted a milkshake after the movie so he went down to Speedway and paid twice as much for half of a milkshake. The Intern and Josh went down to the milkshake joint and got twice the milkshake for half as much. Math. For some reason, this leads to the topic of cakes, and ice cream cakes, and cake ice creams. Craig thinks that ice cream cake is ice cream, not cake, but the Intern insists that if you eat it with a fork it is cake, not ice cream. This argument quickly got out of hand and after the police left we just agreed to disagree.

    Craig Confuses Guy

    Changing the subject, Craig told us that he has gotten really into magnet fishing. Not doing it, but watching other people do it. He saw one guy net 17 spanner wrenches in one trip! Guy, apparently having tuned Craig out, asks, “How do they catch fish with magnets?” Moving on…

    Hitman’s Bodyguard

    We went and watched Hitman’s Bodyguard before the show. It was really good, very enjoyable. Craig summarizes it to be “Deadpool without superpowers.” There was a couple CGI issues, a couple bad shots but Corey wasn’t there to see it so it’s okay. Craig thought it was a bit long, a chase scene that didn’t really need to be quite as drawn out, and the Intern agrees. It was still enjoyable though. Craig explains what a cockroach is to Guy. Craig then agrees with Guy, causing Craig to have minor convulsions. He feels so dirty now. Josh also enjoyed it. As did the Intern. As did Guy. As Corey probably will.

    Craig Complains

    Craig kicks off his always popular “Complain about Stuff” segment of the show with Fast 8. He wasn’t impressed with the Rock being able to throw a hellfire missile around like pixie stick, but Guy sure was and this lead to another argument. Craig won, mainly because the editor in chief (Josh) and the intern (The Intern) agree with him, the host (Craig). You wanna know what Guy’s title is? So does he.

    This is the last day in the studio for the Intermission Podcast crew, there will be some downtime before we get up and running again but still watch out for content. Our host is moving (I know, the nerve of some people) and along with him our studio. Things might never be the same, but hey, it’s not like we can get any worse, right?


    Part two of “Craig Complains” he gripes about Corey dragging them to some island to, get this, CAMP! Camping of all things, what kind of monster is he? Guy also isn’t thrilled about the whole ordeal, but at least he gets to sleep in a tent. Craig has to sleep under the van, or in it, if he prefers.

    Speaking of Craig’s misery, he gives us the lowdown of the aftermath of the pepper challenge. Boy is everyone else glad they didn’t eat the whole thing. He said he didn’t know whether he wanted to throw up or die. He might have said last week that he would do that again for charity or something, he now denies that he ever said that and expects that Josh did some clever editing to make it sound like he did, but he didn’t! So no one emails us asking Craig to eat another one for a large charitable contribution. Don’t do it, I’m warning you. Stop!

    Finally this week, Craig is forced to recant some of his previous statements about the movie Dunkirk and how people at work won’t leave him alone about how good it is. As it turns out, Dunkirk is a code name for a project his company is working on, and they weren’t referring to the movie at all. So yeah… Imagine how he feels.

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    #167 The Ghost Reaper Challenge

    #167 The Ghost Reaper Challenge

    Welcome to episode 167 of the Intermission Podcast, brought to you by movieguys.org. This week the Intern decided to murder his fellow Movie Guys and then himself, and Craig decides he wants his death to be long, slow, and painful. Oh so painful… I’m talking, of course about Hot Pepper Challenge Part Two: The Pepper Strikes Back!!!!!!!!!!!! On this episode, Craig eats a whole ghost reaper. We also talk about some silly boxing match, a movie about vans, and goats. Enjoy, we certainly didn’t.

    Ghost Reaper Challenge!

    We start off the podcast in a very somber mood. We know what is about to come, and we are not looking forward to it. You see, our good and friendly Intern brought us peppers that he grew in his garden of hell. They were supposed to be Ghost peppers, the second hottest pepper in the world, but they crossed with Carolina Reapers, the hottest pepper in the world. We don’t know where they fall on the Scoville scale, but at a certain point, it doesn’t really matter. Just ask Craig.

    What happened was that even though the Intern brought the peppers he said, “There’s no way in $*^&!@#   @*! I’m eating one!” Corey also explicitly refused to partake, as well as Josh. No one even asked Guy. So Craig suggested cutting them up and only trying pieces of them, and the others agreed reluctantly. Craig however, not valuing his taste buds, stomach, or life apparently, decided to partake in an entire pepper. Watch the video, because the look on his face was priceless. We all felt the pain, but nothing like what Craig was experiencing. Everyone felt so sorry for him, and he wasn’t coherent enough to even notice. It must have been an excruciating ten minutes, and if it wasn’t for Josh’s 100% fat ice cream he probably wouldn’t have been able to finish the show.  

    Vannin’ on Amazon Prime Video

    Now that the pain is kind of over, we move on to a recent sporting event. A sporting event that Guy King was very confident would end with his favorite fighter in the known world, Conner McGregor, standing on top of the unconscious body of Floyd Mayweather. So confident in fact, he bet Craig $20 that Conner would win. As you might have heard, or maybe not if you listen to this show, Conner did not. So maybe being $20 richer will cheer Craig up after the day he has had.

    Before entering the depths of hell, Craig watched a movie entitled Vannin. It was as you would expect, a movie about vans and the people that love them. They get together for a big van festival every year and just party all weekend in their van. Their pimped out vans. Super pimped out vans. You can stream Vannin’ on Amazon Prime Video.

    American Vandal

    The Movie Guys had their first annual (I almost put “anal”, thank you spell check) sausage fest, 2017 last week. Many sausages and sausage-shaped foods were eaten by all! Guy did a funny thing though, for him. He ate expired ketchup!!! Like expired for a year ketchup. We are as shocked as you are. Anyway, after the sausage eating had commenced, we retired to the forum where Guy suggested we watch the long-anticipated Netflix series American Vandal.  If you don’t remember, it is a show about a boy that was accused of drawing penises on cars but claims he is innocent despite his long history of drawing penises on other things.  We got all excited that Guy said it had released, and upon pulling up Netflix were all less excited to find out that Guy was lying! Stupid Guy. All was well though because we ended up watching Gary The Goat’s youtube channel. We now know what we want to do with our lives.

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    #166 Obi Wan Kenobi Movie?

    #166 Obi Wan Kenobi Movie?

    Welcome to episode 166 of the Intermission Podcast. This week the Movie Guys talk about Chex Mix, Spiderman Homecoming, and the new Obi Wan Kenobi movie. Then we talk about a movie we almost didn’t watch (thanks, Josh), It Stains the Sands Red.

    This week on the Intermission Podcast

    The Intern boasts this week about finding the perfect bag of Chex Mix, but the others don’t believe him. He claims that he found the infamous “pretzelless” bag and even goes as far as to say that it had way more bread pieces in it too. No one can confirm his crazy talk though, so the group consensus is that he is lying to get attention. Shame on you Intern, shame.

    The Intern also brags that his maybe Ghost Peppers/Carolina Reapers and Craig immediately regrets buying him the seeds. His regret hasn’t even started to reach its epitome though, as you will see next week…  

    Josh is saddened over the death of Jerry Lewis, and Corey doesn’t know who that even is. Josh tries to explain, and just makes things worse. I’m not even sure if Corey knows who Josh is now. If anyone knows who Josh is.

    Spiderman Homecoming

    I just have in the show notes here, “The guys relive their youth.” This could mean many things and generally happens every week so you’ll just have to listen to it since I apparently didn’t. Or just tune them out.  

    Craig talks about the Admit One Podcast taking on a two-man pizza challenge. Craig thinks that he could pull his part if he only had a partner. That isn’t Guy, a partner that isn’t Guy I meant to say. Guy tries to boost his cred by going over a detailed review of his new diet which includes 5% and 80%water (he says drinking an energy drink). I assume the other fifteen percent is ketchup.

    In other news, Craig went to see Spiderman Homecoming over the weekend. He liked it but had some issues with the franchise itself. Guy and Craig almost get into a fight over what is considered a reboot or not. Craig gives up. Craig did like the Avengers tie in, and that Spidey was still figuring stuff out. He also liked the concept of the Vulture but thought that it was not well executed during the battle scenes. The other thing he really liked was that Spiderman avoided as much collateral damage as possible. So he liked it more than he didn’t I gather. Then we talk suits. 

    Obi Wan Kenobi Movie

    So news about the Obi Wan Kenobi movie came out this week. The guys are all in a tizzy of excitement, but only if Ewan Mcgregor gets to play Obi Wan. Afterall, he was the most redeemable part of the prequels. Corey then disturbed us all with a rumor of a Jabba the Hutt movie. We theorize that it’s run time will be at least five days… This gives us an idea for a Star Wars nature documentary. It will be in the style of Planet Earth (David Attenborough will even agree to narrate, probably) but it will be set in the Star Wars Universe! It does bring up a copy rights issue, which Guy promptly solves. We’re stealing Star Wars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It Stains the Sands Red

    This week we all (even Craig this time) watched It Stains the Sands Red. We almost didn’t watch it at all because Josh is a forgetful human being, but we figured it out and were in for a very interesting hour and a half. It was by far the strangest zombie movie ever, not the best but the strangest. Craig and Corey thought that one scene ruined the whole thing and you can’t really argue with why. Just the whole movie didn’t feel right, but if you’re not squeamish then you might enjoy it. 

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    #165 Netflix and The Dark Tower

    #165 Netflix and The Dark Tower

    Welcome to episode 165 of the Intermission Podcast, brought to you by Movieguys.org. This week the Movie Guys talk about thumbs, Ozarks on Netflix, a movie, and another movie! We almost forgot to talk about the Dark Tower, that’s how good it was apparently. Enjoy.


    Guy went to a car show, drag race, swap meet, and burnout contest this weekend. He was really excited and tells us all about it. I didn’t listen, sorry. Somebody talks about Masterminds. It’s a movie about a thing, they seemed to like it.

    Netflix and Disney

    Disney announced their decision to pull out of Netflix. They should really know that that is not the best way to prevent pregnancy, but I guess if that’s all you got. Craig doesn’t think that this will hurt Netflix any as they are switching core demographics and are going more towards adult oriented original programming. It still makes Guy mad though. Speaking of Netflix, Craig looked up their hard disk movie rental and was happy to see that for $4.99 a month you can have one DVD at a time rented out. He was then less pleased to find out that that is true if you only wish to have two DVD’s total a month. They do cap monthly rentals at two and who only watches two movies a month? We are going to go burn Netflix down now.

    Ozarks on Netflix

    While we are on the topic of Netflix, Josh has been watching Ozark and he likes it. He does complain though that since the Intern and Craig are so far ahead of him that we can’t all talk about it. We can’t spoil it for Josh and kinda forget what happened way back in episode one. We’ve ruined water cooler talk. Josh suggest we set up a weekly schedule of shows.

    Josh then goes on to ruined movie trailers. Not one specific one, but all of them. We have all decided to stop watching them now, except for Guy. We are okay with kicking Guy out of the Movie Guys though, it’s about time.

    The Dark Tower

    As I said, we almost forgot to talk about Josh, Guy, Corey, and the Intern going to watch The Dark Tower. The first half was good, but the second half completely fell apart. It had potential but was ruined by putting eight books into one hour and a half movie. And Josh said it didn’t really have anything to do with the books. But Josh is maybe wrong? Josh didn’t like that the big hero had to be led around by some little kid like the story was caught between an adult suspense and a teenage action. Basically, he thought that the kid was a useless GPS.

    Belko Experiment

    Also this week, the Movie Guys (minus Craig) all met up at Corey’s house this week and watched Belko Experiment. It was about a small office building in Argentina or something that was full of American workers when they get trapped inside and are forced to fight to the death. There were eighty people in the building and we think that they showed every death. The group consensus was that it was good, not great but good.

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    #164 The Room Movie Review and Atomic Blonde

    #164 The Room Movie Review and Atomic Blonde

    Welcome to episode 164 of the Intermission Podcast. This week, the Movie Guys review The Room, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, and Atomic Blonde. I guess talking about three movies this week kinda makes up for talking about no movies last week. Wait, four movies, Craig also watched The Founder! See, we can be good at our jobs when we want to be, enjoy! If nothing else, listen for The Room movie review, it is the best.

    The Room Movie Review

    Tommy Wisssyiuea or something (Tommy Wiseau) produced, directed, wrote, edited, and starred in The Room. Guy was very insistent that we watch it and five minutes in we realized that it was a poorly written porno. It was awesome, four guys sitting in a poorly lit room watching soft core pornography. Somewhere between HBO and NBC level stuff. It would have been less awkward if Craig hadn’t kept making eye contact with Guy. The acting was brilliant, like on par the best high school productions. Only they weren’t as good at the sex scenes. Craig started tweeting about The Room while we were watching it and realized how many people follow this. Pick up your DVD and underwear for only 19.99! Lastly, don’t forget the upcoming mockumentary The Disaster Artist that is a Franco brothers comedy about The Room. 

    Speaking of porn, Josh sent us a video of something called grapefruiting. Look it up, meanwhile, we are going to the produce section.

    The Founder

    Craig watched The Founder on Netflix, which is the story about how McDonald’s came to be what it is. He liked it but it subverted his expectations. Then Craig and Guy get into a fight over the moral implications of stealing business ideas and large corporations. Guy loses. There was a lot of yelling though, so in a way so did Craig.

    While on the subject of McDonald’s, Craig saw a documentary about the hot coffee lady. As it turns out she was pretty in the right to sue and didn’t even ask for as much as she got. The documentary was called Hot Coffee. No matter what side you take on the issue, you should definitely check it out.

    In apropos of self-injury (I’m running out of ways to say “speaking of”) Josh poked himself in the eye with a stick. He is blind now. Get ready for a lawsuit mother nature.

    Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

    So this week the Intern invited everyone to go see a movie with him one night, and they all told the Intern that he could go $^&%$% himself, so he went without them. The movie he saw was called Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, which is a dumb name for a movie. Anyway, the movie itself wasn’t that bad, not that great either, unfortunately. The visual effects in it were spectacular though, almost making up for the less than stellar character development. Overall it was a decent movie that could have been a lot better, but it wasn’t.

    Atomic Blonde

    The Intern still scorned from having to go to Valerian by himself, went and watched Atomic Blonde, by himself. He said that it was a good film, with an ending that was surprising while expected at the same time. No one knows what this means, but no one really understands the Intern half the time anyway. He is just so much smarter than they are… He did say that it wasn’t the John Wick style action movie that seemed to be advertised, but it was a great cold war spy thriller. The Intern did seem to like it though, so it’s everyone else’s loss. Ya, suck it everyone else that’s not the Intern.

    While on the subject of kick-ass girls in the film, we discuss the prospects of a female James Bond. We have a very nice discussion and all come to an agreement for a change.

    • 1 hr 12 min

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4.8 out of 5
29 Ratings

29 Ratings

morrisal ,

Come for the movie talk, stay for the banter.

This show is as much about the hosts chemistry as it is about any topic. Each show is like a night out with good friends.

Dollsbeep ,


A fantastic podcast. Top notch sound quality, and a great rapport between the hosts. Added to my subscriptions no doubt!

Adam_of_Eternia ,

Excellent movie podcast!

I have 3 main go to movie podcasts, and this is one of them! Thanks fellas!

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