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The podcast network that speaks to people with chronic illness, invisible illness, disability, and chronic pain.
"Explicitly Sick Podcast" with Monica Michelle + "[Human]care Podcast" with Eva Minkoff
Be Kind. Be Gentle. Be A Bad Ass.

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Invisible Not Broken - Chronic Illness Podcast Network Hosts: Monica and Eva

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The podcast network that speaks to people with chronic illness, invisible illness, disability, and chronic pain.
"Explicitly Sick Podcast" with Monica Michelle + "[Human]care Podcast" with Eva Minkoff
Be Kind. Be Gentle. Be A Bad Ass.

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    Roundtable Episode - COVID-19 Stories

    Roundtable Episode - COVID-19 Stories

    We've got an INB Roundtable!
    Monica and Eva are joined by the two new hosts on the network: Jason, host of Discomfort Zone and Dr. Lee, host of Sex and Chronic Illness. The four of us chat about:

    Our go-to coping mechanismsStriking a balance with news and social media intakeUsing COVID as a time to reflectThe impact COVID has had on relationshipsFinding alone space in isolationHandling stress inside the householdDr. Lee’s advice for couples struggling at this timeOur #1 life hacks
    Listen to the other podcasts in the Invisible Not Broken Network:
    Explicitly Sick with Monica
    Humancare Podcast with Eva
    Discomfort Zone Podcast with Jason
    Sex and Chronic Illness with Dr. Lee
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    BIG Official Announcement
    We're now a Podcast Network!
    That means we now have 4 separate podcasts as part of our Invisible Not Broken Family:
    Explicitly Sick - hosted by Monica Michelle
    Humancare - hosted by Eva Minkoff
    Discomfort Zone - hosted by Jason Herterich
    Sex & Chronic Illness - hosted by Dr. Lee Phillips
    We will be continuing to publish new episodes also on the main Invisible Not Broken Podcast as well (so stay subscribed!) but going forward it will only be conversations (aka "Roundtables") between the network hosts.
    That could be a combo of me (Eva) and Monica, Jason and Dr. Lee, 3 of us, 4 of us, or even just 1 of us. For each Roundtable, we will have a topic in mind, including the one coming up in the next week: our stories with COVID-19.
    Also published on the Invisible Not Broken Podcast will be short trailers to episodes from each of the other network podcasts. Example) "This week on the [Human]care podcast..." + link to how to find it.
    Questions? Suggestions?
    facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/invisiblenotbroken
    facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/invisiblenotbroken

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    (Discomfort Zone podcast) BONUS EPISODE: A Monastic Skunking

    (Discomfort Zone podcast) BONUS EPISODE: A Monastic Skunking

    Meditating at a jungle monastery in Thailand brought me inner stillness. Then Rob showed up.
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    Here’s a short video documentary I filmed during my stay at Wat Tam Wua Monastery:

    The summer following my final year of university. My chronic pain was in its infancy stages; always present but it didn’t control me.
    My friend and I were on week 7 of 10 on our grad trip in Thailand. It had been an adventure thus far. Scuba diving on the coral reef, full moon party, motorbiking in the mountains, and a near death experience with a king cobra. That’s a story for another time.

    Jason (right) meeting two members from a long-neck tribe during a jungle trek near Chiang Mai, Thailand
    We were seeking a peaceful escape from the tourist hotspots. With the help of Google, we hatched a plan. A 10-day meditation retreat at a Buddhist monastery in the jungle.  This was perfect: culturally authentic and an avenue for self discovery.
    I didn’t know it back then, but this place would impact me in a way that I never expected it to.
    I’m Jason Herterich and this is Discomfort Zone.  As I mentioned at the end of last episode, I’ve got a big story in the works. It traces back to the injury that led to my chronic pain. In the meantime, I’m sharing a bonus episode with you.
    Steep mountains blanketed by a deep-green forest tower over the monastery grounds.  Valleys between the peaks are enveloped by a white halo of mist like a breath from god.  The intermingling aroma of roses and sweet lychees laces the air.
    I ease through the grassy meadow towards the pond.  Get outta here!  *mosquito in ear* buddho, buddho ~

    Meditators practicing walking meditation in the meadow at Wat Tam Wua Forest Monastery
    When I arrive, the hungry fish race through a maze of purple lotuses and lily pads towards me.  I shower them with their favourite treat: freshly fallen ripe mangos diced on one of the kitchen’s bamboo platters. 
    It was my sixth day at Wat Tam Wua monastery and I had never felt more alive, more connected to myself and to nature.  This place had a dreamy feel to it; other meditators drifted around wearing matching white outfits.  Everyone was calm and collected: young wise old grandparents.

    Jason wearing all white clothes with a big smile while he’s sitting in the gazebo during afternoon tea break
    As I walked back to the kitchen, I saw an unfamiliar face.  A new visitor that somehow didn’t fit.  He was hunched over on a bench rolling a cigarette.  Military buzz-cut, skull and crossbones tattoo, bruises lining his lower lip.  He looked like someone you’d find in a run-down kick-boxing gym. 
    I was open to meeting anyone, I walked up and introduced myself.  I asked the typical questions: where are you from, how’d you find the place, how long are you staying.  He just gave one-word replies.  The bell rang for evening meditation.  He appeared to scowl at me for interrupting his smoke break and stormed off.

    Meditators sitting on their mats and on blue plastic chairs in the meditation hall during a sitting meditation session at Wat Tam Wua
    I was seething with anger. “What is his problem - I was just trying to be friendly.  If he hadn’t lost his temper at me, I’d be in bliss right now.” 
    I decided that I’d avoid him for the rest of my stay.
    But the next day, he joined our table at lunch.  His name was Rob.  When I asked about his education, he laughed and said he had purchased a fake teaching certificate in Bangkok.  He had been living in the city of Chiang Mai teaching English to children for the past two years.  When his contract ended, he was hired by the local mafia to smuggle drugs in from Myanmar.  His nights were spent bouncing around nightclubs

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    (HumanCare podcast) How to Heal Fibromyalgia (Or Any Chronic Illness) Through the Power of Mindset

    (HumanCare podcast) How to Heal Fibromyalgia (Or Any Chronic Illness) Through the Power of Mindset

    www.familyhealthadvocacy.com  + https://www.streetsvillechiropractic.com/
    Instagram: @drs.sinclair —> https://www.instagram.com/drs.sinclair/
    Pre Order/Order now! Book: ‘Free yourself from the Shackles of Fibromyalgia’Other Links
    Brene Brown’s talk with Tim Ferris (SO AMAZING, A MUST LISTEN!)
    GUEST QUESTIONSWhat is your profession?
    Chiropractors & Functional Medicine Practitioners
    What’s your business?
    Our private practice is called Streetsville Chiropractic & we are also co-founders of Family Health Advocacy.
    What types of patients/conditions do you work with?
    We work with patients who are of all ages that come in for general wellness and those with a myriad of conditions.  Many patients come to us experiencing chronic pain of various causes and among them, people who are suffering with Fibromyalgia.
    What makes your approach to care unique?
    We take a natural approach to healing. We believe that the body has an ability to heal if given the opportunity to however we understand that is more difficult for some people than others. We look at the entire body and how it is connected as a whole. Emotional, chemical and physical stress causes interference to the body’s ability to heal. We help patients identify and peel back the layers of healing interference.
    How did illness shape your career?
    For Casey, his injury and chronic pain brought his empathy to the next level and allows his him to relate to people who struggle with their simple tasks of daily life.
    What do/did you do when you don’t know what to do about patient?
    We have a strong network of practitioners that we are connected with through Family Health Advocacy in addition to having the two of us plus our father and brother who are also natural healthcare practitioners.  We use this network to bounce ideas, share success stories and motivate each other to serve greater. It’s easy to get a 2nd opinion within our clinic but also from other practitioners.
    Are/were you open about your illnesses with your patients?
    Absolutely. We are very transparent with our patients and community. We prefer to be authentic and honest.  We find this builds stronger relationships which is what life is all about.
    What does “trust” mean to you in the patient-practitioner relationship?
    Trust means that the patient knows that unconditionally the doctor will provide a non-judgement, safe and loving space for the patient to be comfortable and open in.  We tend to attract these types of relationships with our patients. They tell us everything, sometimes even unrelated to conditions they present with and that we know they haven’t told anyone else. We feel that it’s an honor to serve them and we treat the relationship like its sacred. Our patients know we will go to bat for them!
    What are you most passionate about in regard to your work/helping people?  We are passionate about getting results and celebrating them every step of the way. This is what drives us and our team.
    How do/did you handle being a practitioner, patient and personal life?
    We have a unique set up in that we spend most weekends together at the cottage and can debrief the week or bounce ideas off of each other. So even when we leave the office, we have an outlet to express emotions, ideas, frustrations, stories that we experienced during the busy week prior. If a patient is in need or urgent care, between the three of us (Casey, Morgan & our father) we are able to deliver support. However, most of the time, when we are not at the office, we check out and indulge in hobbies we love and are passionate about. For Casey, he has a partner, 2 kids and a dog. He enjoys running, playing hockey, golfing, surfing, boating and reading. For Morgan, she is married and 6 months pregnant. She runs a dog rescue charity, enjoys doing interval training, wake surfing, long b

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    (Discomfort Zone podcast) Ep 5: We Are Visible - Karina Sturm

    (Discomfort Zone podcast) Ep 5: We Are Visible - Karina Sturm

    Award-winning filmmaker and journalist Karina Sturm joins the show to talk about Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a rare connective tissue disorder she lives with. She opens up about the medical gaslighting she experienced during her long path to diagnosis and how she transitioned from laboratory technician to chronically ill patient to journalist and filmmaker. Karina then talks about her feature-length film, We Are Visible, the challenges she faced while making it, and the false ‘fabricated or induced illness’ (FII) allegations many of her interview subjects experienced.
    'We Are Visible' highlights the challenges people living with invisible illnesses face every day, specifically in the context of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. The film features seven stories including people of all ages (5 - 60 years old), from six different countries with diverse backgrounds, different financial standing who are all differently affected by this invisible condition. They will share their challenges, fights, and fears, but also their achievements, hopes, and triumphs.
    LinksJournalistic Website
    We Are Visible Website
    German Blog
    Follow Karina on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
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    (Explicitly Sick) The Magicians My Favorite SyFy Show Disability, Chronic Illness, and Addiction: With Lisa Sniderman: Spoilers

    (Explicitly Sick) The Magicians My Favorite SyFy Show Disability, Chronic Illness, and Addiction: With Lisa Sniderman: Spoilers

    Get into touch with Lisa
    Suicide Hotline
    Sexual Assault Hotline
    The Magicians
    (Explicitly Sick) How to Thrive With Chronic Illness and Limited Energy Summit: Lisa Sniderman
    *Please DO NOT listen if you have not watched through season 5 of The Magicians! We jump right into the biggest gag of the entire show in the first 5 minutes. GO WATCH the show 1-4 is on Netflix. I have watched the show all the way through 5 times.
    The Magicians is sort of if Harry Potter went to graduate school and discovered acid. It is one of my favorite shows for how disability (disabled characters are largely played by actors who have the disability), addiction, depression, and life after sexual assault.
    As a writer I revisit this show over and over to get character development and dialog correct. Shock of shocks I found Lisa LOVES the show as well.
    Next in the series of chronic illness and disability in popular culture we are going to talk about Westworld. If you want to watch along that should come out in August. Comment below if you have a series you would like us to cover. Good or bad.
    FULL TRANSCRIPT IN SHOW NOTES ON https://invisiblenotbroken.com/explicitly-sick

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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
114 Ratings

114 Ratings

Beaz! ,

Fascinating podcast!

I've really enjoyed listening through these and learning more about this incredibly important topic. The conversations are interesting and dynamic, and cover a lot of ground. Definitely recommended!

MoiraCleary ,

Such a good listen!

This is one of those podcasts let alone places wer I feel you get solid information. I always find myself smiling when listening. Love these ladies!

LFree1924 ,

Fun listen

Very much enjoy this podcast — it’s informative and covers a subject matter that needs more visibility in media: chronic illness. A good listen for varied interviews with individuals living with different conditions, and a glimpse into the world from their POV. During a time when we could all use a little more empathy, insight into others’ stories is valuable and necessary.

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