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Hi, we are Scriptor Publishing and we help get people to realize their goals of becoming published authors. From Olympic athletes and celebrities to everyday people. It Just Takes One is a podcast about bringing the stories of published authors to life. Listen in to hear how one person, one experience, or even one book...can change your life!

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Hi, we are Scriptor Publishing and we help get people to realize their goals of becoming published authors. From Olympic athletes and celebrities to everyday people. It Just Takes One is a podcast about bringing the stories of published authors to life. Listen in to hear how one person, one experience, or even one book...can change your life!

    From Ashes to Beauty l Heather Deffenbaugh, #50

    From Ashes to Beauty l Heather Deffenbaugh, #50

    Today's guest is Heather Deffenbaugh, the bestselling author of From Ashes to Beauty. In her compelling and inspiring memoir, Heather bares her soul as she takes us through her awe-inspiring life journey of how she survived a tumultuous childhood riddled with neglect, abandonment, and abuse, and overcame insurmountable odds. Her incredible story of surviving the pain of childhood trauma, the consequences of having mentally ill parents and having to become an adult at a very early age is nothing short of a miracle. In our conversation, Heather shares some of the stories that shaped who she has become. Ultimately, her message is one of hope and faith. 



    Heather is an author, speaker, and wellness advocate who aims to help people overcome strongholds and become the very best version of themselves. She has been in the fitness industry for over 30 years teaching group exercise, personal training, and coaching transformation programs. As a certified holistic nutritionist, she has guided and taught people how to infuse healthy and delicious food into their daily routine in order to achieve optimum health. She is passionate about “wholeness” in one’s life and teaches others how to thrive by achieving overall wellness in 5 key areas: physical health, mental health, spiritual health, physiological health, and emotional health. She is a devoted wife, mother, sister, daughter, and friend who loves to travel, cook for others, share the love of Jesus, and listen to music incessantly. 

    You can connect with Heather through the links below:


    Website:  www.heatherdeffenbaugh.com

    FB: @heather.andersondeffenbaugh

    IG: @heather_deffenbaugh




    You can purchase From Ashes to Beauty on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3t0UjGg







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    Unbecoming: A Journey to Finding HER l Deanna Herrin #49

    Unbecoming: A Journey to Finding HER l Deanna Herrin #49

    Are you a growth-minded woman who is feeling unfulfilled, unhappy and stuck? Do you find yourself searching to fill the void of knowing who you truly are? Then you will enjoy the conversation I have with our guest today. Deanna Herrin is the best-selling author of Unbecoming: A Journey to Finding HER. Her book gives you the tools to unlock the traps keeping you from becoming HER. 

    In this episode you are going to hear about Deanna's story and how it allowed her to step into her own strength. And her story will inspire you to find the greatness in yourself as well. 

    If you'd like to find out more about Deanna, you can find her at:

    Website: deannaherrin.net

    IG: @deannaherrin

    FB:  deannaherrin

    You can also find her book on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3y9H5L3


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    QuaranTEEN Two Years Later: #48

    QuaranTEEN Two Years Later: #48

    In 2020, we gathered 9 teenagers together to write a book about their experience during the quarantine. Their book, QuaranTEEN: Our New Normal, became an Amazon bestseller in August 2020. Since then, it has continued to be one of Scriptor's bestselling books.

    Today, I invite you to listen in as we interview those same 9 teenagers TWO YEARS later. I wanted to bring them back on the podcast to talk about where they are now, how they experienced the pandemic, but also to share what it's been like to be a best-selling author at such a young age.

    As you listen, there's another surprise as well....hear how they react when they find out how they inspired another group of students in Australia. 

    Although it's a longer episode than most, I hope you will enjoy it. I think you will come away with a sense of hope and inspiration for our future!


    Click here to purchase Quaranteen: Our New Normal.


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    From Burned Out to Unstoppable l Alejandra Marques Mendez #47

    From Burned Out to Unstoppable l Alejandra Marques Mendez #47

    Burnout is real. It happens when we wear too many hats and become overwhelmed by everything.

    In today's episode, bestselling author, Alejandra Marques Mendez, shares her story of burnout and how that led to her new book, From Burned Out to Unstoppable.

    Listen in to hear tips on how to stop living for the hustle, release burnout and start living the life you desire.


    Alejandra Marques Mendez is the go-to Productivity and Balance Mentor for entrepreneurs and business owners. She has helped driven women worldwide create the life they desire by using their time as their most precious resource. Her signature T.I.M.E. Method is a blueprint to elevate time management, prioritize balance, increase productivity and achieve goals with ease. Her expertise has been featured in Entrepreneur, Medium, Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, and more. 

    You can follow Alejandra at:

    Website:  www.alejandramarques.com

    IG:  @alejandramarques_yourplana


    And her book is available on Amazon at: https://amzn.to/3JItLjj


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    Live! Pain Free: Your Journey to Move Better l Jacqueline Gikow, #46

    Live! Pain Free: Your Journey to Move Better l Jacqueline Gikow, #46


    If you are tired of hurting and have an inability to enjoy the things you used to...

    If you are open to a holistic, natural approach to pain relief…

    If you are curious about how you can relieve your pain…

    And if you are ready to make a commitment to your well-being…

    Then you are going to enjoy this episode.

    Today, Jacqueline Gikow joins me to for a fascinating conversation about what it takes to live a pain free life. She is the recent bestselling author of Live! Pain Free: Your Journey to Move Better, and offers a path to apply the lessons she has learned, to yourself.



    Jacqueline Gikow is a movement coach and rehab specialist, health & wellness coach. The owner of Audacious Living NYC, her holistic, health and wellness practice, Jacqueline focuses on pain relief through better movement. In managing pain from her own injuries and health challenges, she is empathetic to others in pain. Jacqueline supports your determination to hurt less, get stronger, and prevent reinjury.


    Jacqueline is certified as a fitness professional through the National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM), as a National Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach, and is a functional aging specialist (FAI). Jacqueline lives and works in New York City.





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    #Blessed As You Choose To Be l Matthew Maniscalco - #45

    #Blessed As You Choose To Be l Matthew Maniscalco - #45

    Matthew Maniscalco, the bestselling author of #Blessed as you choose to be, joins me in this episode to share a quick glimpse at his life. He has an inspiring story that begins as a simple American dream that leads us through a lifetime of overcoming obstacles, keeping your eye on the prize and never losing hope. Matt describes the love he has in his life and how it has helped him through the good times and the bad. 


    His resounding message is that we are all “as BLESSED as we want to be.”


    Listen in as he shares his story…






    Matthew is President of Page Insurance Agency, he is licensed with both his 2-15 and 2-20 licenses giving him the ability to help clients in many aspects of their insurance and retirement needs. His career background includes an internship with the NFL, 5 years as a Market Executive in Radio and most prior 7 years in bank management. He has been named Best of the West for his respective profession by the Daytona Beach News Journal 3x as well as being named “40 Under 40” 3 times by the Volusia Business Report. Matthew was raised in Deland where he still resides with his beautiful wife, Kristy and 2 children.  His passion for his family, his community and his clients is what drives his success.  He has served on the Board of Directors for the West Volusia Young Professionals Group, is a graduate of Leadership West Volusia, proud board member of both the Deland Breakfast Rotary and the Advent Health Hospital Foundation, current Vice President of the DeLand Chamber of Commerce and last but not least a 2nd generation member to the local Sons and Daughters of Italy Deltona Chapter.  Beyond his community relations, Matthew enjoys coaching little league, working out, attending sporting events and spending quality time with his family.


    You can find out more at:




    Or follow him:


    FB:  @pageinsuranceagency

    IG: @pageinsuranceagency


    You can find his book on Amazon.


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5.0 out of 5
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8 Ratings

Kelly's Bootcamp ,

Such a great story with valuable lessons!

I loved listening to Jenn’s story of how she created the life of her dreams and married her passion of fitness, the outdoors and skiing all while enhancing life for her entire family. Jenn’s positive outlook and Kelli’s ability to share turn this story into a series of lessons on how to follow your passion and truly make your dreams come true!

Jenn Lockwood ,


Kelli and It Just Takes One podcast has a special gift of drawing out of everyone she meets what that persons unique gift is to the world. Kelli interviews a wide range of talented and successful individuals; what is extraordinary to me is to hear how “ordinary” these extraordinary people are! They are just like you and me - out there pants in one leg at time, come from humble beginnings, etc. What is extraordinary about them is their ability to “just take one” step, goal, failure or accomplishment and continue to develop, grow, learn, achieve and inspire! Takeaways for everyone after each podcast! Turn your ordinary to extraordinary by putting to use one lesson from each podcast!