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Hi, we are Scriptor Publishing and we help get people to realize their goals of becoming published authors. From Olympic athletes and celebrities to everyday people. It Just Takes One is a podcast about bringing the stories of published authors to life. Listen in to hear how one person, one experience, or even one book...can change your life!

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Hi, we are Scriptor Publishing and we help get people to realize their goals of becoming published authors. From Olympic athletes and celebrities to everyday people. It Just Takes One is a podcast about bringing the stories of published authors to life. Listen in to hear how one person, one experience, or even one book...can change your life!

    What a Year l Josie Collier, #64

    What a Year l Josie Collier, #64

    During 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic, forced so many to learn new things during quarantine. Many went through a number of emotions, trials, and tribulations. Seeking to do more for her friends, family and local community, Josie Collier began posting ideas to cope with staying indoors on social media (#IncredibleIndoorIdeas). Many of those ideas led to the creation of Josie's recent best-selling book, What a Year!: Collierisms, Cocktails, & Cooking.
    Each month of 2020 and part of 2021, Josie figured out ways to stay safe and sane indoors as she made new culinary discoveries, remembered some old favorites and used the lessons of resilience to cope with the new normal. You'll hear all about that as you listen to Josie's story on this episode today.
    If you have memories of how you got through the pandemic, then you will relate to Josie's experience as well. And if you're someone who has a creative flair and enjoys trying new things, then you're going to enjoy her book!
    For now, I think you're really going to enjoy this conversation, so I invite you to sit back and listen in.
    Josie Collier is an example of the versatility of a liberal arts degree.  After a career for almost a decade in multiple mental health positions, she has spent the last decade working in healthcare IT.  She is now a consultant specializing in an electronic medical record system called Epic helping various hospitals and clinics set up the Epic system and managing projects to improve patient care.  However, Josie is not just a consultant; she is a mom, a world traveler, a baker, and a mentor.  
    Using all these skills she became the first female chair of Hamilton’s Multicultural Alumni Relations Committee (MARC) and the first Black woman to lead the alumni association and executive council.  She assists with the Women in Leadership Initiative at Hamilton as well.  
    You can purchase Josie's book on Amazon.
    And you can follow her at:
    FB: @jmoniquecollier
    IG: @collierisms
    Email: josie.m.collier@gmail.com

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    Changing Lanes for Business l Tim Rhode #63

    Changing Lanes for Business l Tim Rhode #63

    You've heard the quote that "the only constant in life is change." It's true that change is inevitable, but how intentional is the change that you're creating or experiencing in your life...or in your business?
    On today's episode, Tim Rhode, the recent bestselling author of Changing Lanes for Business: 4 Simple Steps to Overcome Problems, Accelerate Progress, and Achieve Your Goals!, will help you answer that question. Because we learn best through stories, Tim wrote his book as a parable and through the experience of the main character, we learn the 4 steps of how to be more strategic and intentional about change.
    In Tim's words, "We don’t need more complexity.  We need simplicity." That's why “Changing Lanes” is a metaphor for the familiar approach you use when driving, to develop the clarity, confidence, and agility that are essential in today’s challenging business world.
    Ultimately, Tim's goal is to help all of us to make progress whenever we want, for the rest of our life. And as Tim suggests in our conversation, "it just takes ONE simple technique to change lanes and make progress toward your goals!"
    Listen in to learn more about that simple technique!
    Tim Rhode is a highly successful business consultant, author, motivational speaker, and leadership coach with more than 35 years of entrepreneurial experience. He has personally launched and led multiple 7 and 8-figure high-service-level businesses, helping tens of thousands of customers, and hundreds of team members to transform their lives, both personally and professionally.
    Since 2015, he's coached and consulted leaders and teams in dozens of industries to overcome challenges and get from where they are now—to where they want to be.
    Tim does this by offering inspiration, new perspectives, and new ideas to overcome limiting beliefs and roadblocks.  To accelerate growth, success, and abundance with a simple 4 step process. 
    His extensive experience and ability to relate to other business leaders allow him to effectively coach others through helpful changes that dramatically improve their revenue, profit, and culture.
    You can find Changing Lanes for Business: 4 Simple Steps to Overcome Problems, Accelerate Progress, and Achieve Your Goals! on Amazon.
    And if you're interested in going from where you are to where you want to be, and you would like to be intentional and strategic about how you do that, then be sure to follow Tim:  
    Website: https://rhodemanagement.com/
    LinkedIn: @TimRhode

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    Finding Fit l Caren Ware, #62

    Finding Fit l Caren Ware, #62

    A hard childhood. A devastating divorce. A desire to run. A passion for people. 
    Caren Ware's focus to become FIT led her to run a marathon on every continent from Alaska to the Australian Outback, and from the Galapagos Islands to Antarctica! She even ran the Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Everest marathons!
    But Caren's life is about so much more than running marathons. She has an incredible heart for helping people in cultures all over the world. And it all started because of her own arduous journey through her childhood. Her bestselling book, Finding Fit: What Running Through an Arduous Childhood and a Remote Marathon on Every Continent...Can Help You FIND!, is a spellbinding account of her life, her courage and her authenticity.
    In this episode, Caren shares more about all of her experiences and also about her book. And I guarantee our conversation is going to inspire you. 
    So I invite you to sit back and listen in as Caren Ware shares her story!
    You can find Caren's book on Amazon.
    You can also follow Caren at any of the following websites:
    And you can also follow her on IG and FB @CarenWare

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    It's About Time ....Writing, Publishing...and Then Some... with Todd Durkin l #61

    It's About Time ....Writing, Publishing...and Then Some... with Todd Durkin l #61

    In all the years I have known and worked with my friend, Todd Durkin, this is the very first time I've had the opportunity to sit down and interview him. While he was visiting here in Upstate New York recently, we had a chance to sit down and talk for a few minutes about everything having to do with books....from writing to publishing to marketing and more!
    Todd's desire to create a legacy through his writing led him to publish his first 4 books, and he has 2 more that he's working on right now. He talks about those projects and gives you some insights from behind-the-scenes of the writing and publishing process.
    If you've always wanted to write a book and aren't sure where to begin...then this episode will inspire you!
    If you've already written a book and you want to get it into the hands of more people...then this episode will motivate you!
    And if you just need a dose of positivity...then sit back and listen into this conversation where Todd shares his uplifting story...and then some!
    Todd Durkin, MA, is an internationally recognized strength and conditioning coach, sought-after keynote motivational speaker, and best-selling author who motivates, educates, and inspires people worldwide. He is the mindset coach and trainer behind some of the world’s best athletes, including NFL MVPs, Super Bowl Champions, Heisman Trophy Winners, Olympic and X-Game Gold Medalists, and many other champion athletes, leaders, and entrepreneurs.
    Durkin has published four best-selling books, Get Your Mind Right, The WOW Book, The IMPACT Body Plan, and What’s Next, all of which have changed tens of thousands of lives.
    Todd is on a mission to grow a team of IMPACT coaches to proliferate the world and help ALL people live a life full of more passion, purpose, and IMPACT.
    Follow Todd: 
    Website:  todddurkin.com
    FB/IG/LinkedIn: @todddurkin
    Podcast:  The Todd Durkin IMPACT Show
    Connect with Scriptor Publishing Group:
    Website:  scriptorpublishinggroup.com
    FB/IG/LinkedIn:  @ScriptorPublishingGroup

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    From Ashes to Beauty l Heather Deffenbaugh #60

    From Ashes to Beauty l Heather Deffenbaugh #60

    We are excited to have Heather Deffenbaugh back for a 2nd time on the show. She recently released her audiobook for From Ashes to Beauty, a book she published in 2022. And we invited her back to share more about that experience. It's also a great opportunity to talk more about her story, her journey since she published her book, and some of the exciting things that are coming up for her.  
    We hope you'll enjoy the conversation.
    Heather is an author, speaker, and wellness advocate who aims to help people overcome strongholds and become the very best version of themselves. She has been in the fitness industry for over 30 years teaching group exercise, personal training, and coaching transformation programs. As a certified holistic nutritionist, she has guided and taught people how to infuse healthy and delicious food into their daily routine in order to achieve optimum health. She is passionate about “wholeness” in one’s life and teaches others how to thrive by achieving overall wellness in 5 key areas: physical health, mental health, spiritual health, physiological health, and emotional health. She is a devoted wife, mother, sister, daughter, and friend who loves to travel, cook for others, share the love of Jesus, and listen to music incessantly. 
    You can connect with Heather through the links below:
    Website:  www.heatherdeffenbaugh.com
    FB: @heather.andersondeffenbaugh
    IG: @heather_deffenbaugh
    You can purchase From Ashes to Beauty on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3t0UjGg

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    From Suffering to Surfing l Lizzie Claesson, #59

    From Suffering to Surfing l Lizzie Claesson, #59

    How many times have you felt like you were drowning? Maybe it's because you're overwhelmed at work or maybe you're battling with personal struggles that are weighing you down. If you can relate to those moments in life, then you will enjoy the conversation I have in this episode with Lizzie Claesson. Lizzie is the Amazon best-selling author of From Suffering to Surfing: How Successful Leaders Make the Leap. In our discussion, Lizzie describes how she incorporates the latest neuroscience research to coach leaders on how to navigate challenges and embrace change. 
    Lizzie Claesson is the founder and CEO of Brighter Leaders, a coaching company that specializes in leadership development for executives and HR leaders. With 20+ years of experience and a multicultural background, Lizzie uses neuroscience to help clients unlock their full potential. She’s certified by coaching associations in Sweden, Spain, and Denmark and authored the e-book ‘Stop Worrying about how to Level-Up your Leadership’.
    At Brighter Leaders, Lizzie and her team believe that leadership skills can be trained and improved, leading to increased happiness and success for both individuals and businesses.
    And you can purchase her book here. 

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5.0 out of 5
8 Ratings

8 Ratings

Kelly's Bootcamp ,

Such a great story with valuable lessons!

I loved listening to Jenn’s story of how she created the life of her dreams and married her passion of fitness, the outdoors and skiing all while enhancing life for her entire family. Jenn’s positive outlook and Kelli’s ability to share turn this story into a series of lessons on how to follow your passion and truly make your dreams come true!

Jenn Lockwood ,


Kelli and It Just Takes One podcast has a special gift of drawing out of everyone she meets what that persons unique gift is to the world. Kelli interviews a wide range of talented and successful individuals; what is extraordinary to me is to hear how “ordinary” these extraordinary people are! They are just like you and me - out there pants in one leg at time, come from humble beginnings, etc. What is extraordinary about them is their ability to “just take one” step, goal, failure or accomplishment and continue to develop, grow, learn, achieve and inspire! Takeaways for everyone after each podcast! Turn your ordinary to extraordinary by putting to use one lesson from each podcast!

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