JBK On Air Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
66 Ratings

66 Ratings

KateLenderman ,


I recently discovered the JBK On Air Podcast and I’m hooked! The interviews are engaging, insightful and thought-provoking. Host JBK has a great interviewing style, asking the right questions and giving the guests plenty of space to share their stories and expertise.

I love the variety of guests covered on the show, from professional athletes to former beauty queens. Each episode feels like a deep dive into someone’s world, with plenty of nuggets of wisdom and inspiration to take away.

The production quality is also top-notch, with clear audio and seamless editing. It’s clear that the JBK On Air team puts a lot of care and attention into each episode.

Overall, I highly recommend JBK On Air for anyone looking for a podcast that will expand their horizons and leave them feeling inspired. Keep up the good work, JBK and team!

BeachGrl2022 ,

My New Favorite Podcast

I just discovered JBK On Air and it is my new favorite podcast! You have to check it out. The interviews are fun and still informative. Really, really good stuff! Keep them coming!

BryndenIsMusic ,

Amazing podcast!

This podcast is truly amazing! My brother asks the questions that matter and makes the process fun and informative at the same time! Couldn’t have asked for a better podcast to listen to on my drives to work!

mary kate karwoski ,

Love this podcast!

Worth the listen

Schultz975 ,

Jimmy is the man!

He asks thoughtful questions and is great at having a conversation with his guests instead of just hitting specific talking points. Fun listen!

pardonmylo ,

One of my favorite listens!

Jimmy has an incredible ability to connect and relate to such a vast and diverse group of people. It’s always so much fun to listen to him ask poignant, relevant questions in such an easy-going colloquial manner. I feel like he draws the best out of people while still maintaining a very real and honest conversation. Love listening to his shows!

thetonymichaels ,


Jimmy does great one on ones!!! Five Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The24thDunkle ,

Great Interviews w/ Unexpected Information

Jimmy is a fantastic interviewer able to facilitate awesome conversations about current events, pop culture, and other fun topics. Highly recommended. He’s interviewed some absolute gems and brings his audience into different experiences every episode through the guests on his show. A very enjoyable — and informative — listen!

allnamesaretakensothisisavent ,

The new standard

Jimmy sets a high bar for himself. He hosts a nuanced show with smart interviews and fun guests. He is the best of all of us.

Heybene1037 ,

6 stars out of 5

Jimmy is an amazing person with an amazing show! He is just as great off air. Its awesome seeing someone so worthy achieving their dreams, go JBK!