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Join Mark Moore, a New Testament and Theology Professor at William Jessup University for engaging conversations with guests about cultural topics and their impact on people and society.

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Join Mark Moore, a New Testament and Theology Professor at William Jessup University for engaging conversations with guests about cultural topics and their impact on people and society.

    First Nations Version: an Indigenous Translation of the New Testament

    First Nations Version: an Indigenous Translation of the New Testament

    Lead editor of the First Nations Version, Terry Wildman, joins the show to talk about this excited new indigenous translation of the New Testament. For more info on the translation, go to firstnationsversion.com.

    • 39 min
    Models of Evangelism

    Models of Evangelism

    Historian Priscilla Pope-Levison joins the show to talk about her book Models of Evangelism. The book is a fascinating survey of eight models of evangelism highlighting the diverse ways in which the gospel is proclaimed.

    • 37 min
    The Liturgy of Politics

    The Liturgy of Politics

    Author Kaitlyn Schiess joins the show to discuss her recent book, The Liturgy of Politics: Spiritual Formation for the Sake of Our Neighbor.

    • 37 min
    Season 3 Opener: Summer Reading List

    Season 3 Opener: Summer Reading List

    Welcome to season 3! Mark and Rex kick off the new season by looking back at their summer reading list. You will find a great variety in their selections and hopefully a new book to read.

    • 44 min
    Summer Rerun: Dan Kimball

    Summer Rerun: Dan Kimball

    Dan Kimball joins the show to discuss his new book How (Not) To Read the Bible.

    • 46 min
    Summer Rerun: Jemar Tisby Pt 2

    Summer Rerun: Jemar Tisby Pt 2

    New York Times' Bestselling author, Jemar Tisby, joins Mark and Rex again to discuss his new book How to Fight Racism.

    Hey everyone,

    welcome to the jest of thing podcast. I'm Taylor, the producer of the show. I'm here to let you know that these summer episodes are reruns of previous episodes from season two of the show. These were handpicked by Mark and Rex themselves.

    And here they are with a few thoughts. Everyone, welcome back to our second interview with Jim Hart has been is our third rerun of the summer, we hope you've been enjoying kind of looking back at these episodes. We're excited to have both of these interviews back to back. And this will be jamara talking about his most recent book, how to fight racism.

    And one thing I really appreciate about jemar besides his actually being on the show with us, is that he wrote his second book after he wrote his first book. Yeah, and and I think that's a very important thing.

    He lays out a really, I think, a clear and good and helpful path forward and how to confront racism in the church. Welcome to Jessup think I'm your host, Mark Moore, and your co host, Rex Gurney. And Rex, so excited to have jemar tisby. Back on the show on the show for the show. He is, you know, an author we had him on for the color of compromise. He's also the president of the witness of black Christian collective, where he writes about race, religion, politics, and culture. And he also co hosts his own podcast called pass the mic. And his the color of compromise became a New York Times bestseller this past summer of 2020. And he's just released a new book on how to fight racism, courageous Christianity and the journey toward racial justice. And I know you as listeners are gonna love this episode and learn so much because we learned so much being with desarae.

    hagemeyer We're so happy to have you back on the show. And how have you been since we last had you on the show?

    and running going? I'll tell you though, the holiday season was a bit more low key. And so do write for all of us. Yeah, exactly. And I think there was something to that, because we needed every ounce of energy for 2021.

    Right? Yeah, that is the truth, as a truth and you. So we had you on last time, I'm talking about the color of compromise. And then you've just released a new book, how to fight racism, and we're gonna be focusing on that. But also, like, I don't think we talked a lot about this last time. In the middle of all this, you're also a PhD candidate. How are you? How are you doing all this?

    Listen, I don't know that I am doing any of it. Very well. And so yeah, that is a Super Challenge. I'll tell you the dynamic is good, though. Because that the type of work required to write a dissertation, it's like this deep, focused work where you're just in a silo. And I feel like it steeps you in knowledge and information and data and truth. And then when you come up for air, and you see current events and everything, this is one of the reasons why I wanted to pursue this degree in history was to be able to bring all of that deep study that academic rigor, and just the context of history to what we're experiencing right now. So I like that going back and forth. I think if I was not in the program, with everything that's going on right now, I would just be even more scattered than I am. So.

    And speaking of right now, we're actually doing this podcast on January the seventh 2021, which is one day after January the sixth. And so, um, you know, that that just kind of places us right now in the context of, of what we're talking about. And so, you know, we really want to give you a voice tomorrow, because we respect him so much. And we really do want to get to your book, but yeah, you know, do you have anything to say about what happened yesterday, especially in conjunction with, you know, the fact that that, frankly, t

    • 34 min

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5.0 out of 5
25 Ratings

25 Ratings

NiccyBeans ,

Christian Podcast Taking On Big Issues

Y’all should interview Carl Trueman, author of the Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self!

I appreciate that you guys are trying to take on the big issues, but sometimes it can seem like an echo-chamber. Some of the language used in the latest episode (King’s Letter from Birmingham), and just generally the language surrounding the issue of race in America is pretty divisive and I don’t think it was handled well on this podcast in particular. The term “white fragility” is actually racist. This type of language is by its very nature intended to exclude white people who have dissenting opinions. If you want to start a conversation, it is a good idea to stop using terms like this. I say this as a fellow believer in the saving grace of Jesus Christ available to all people, and also as a big fan of the podcast. 5 stars because I am grateful for the thought provoking discussion and christian perspectives.

justanotherwjustudent ,

Good stuff

The absolutely only problem with this podcast is that they post episodes every other week. 2 per week would be DOPE! #wishfulthinking

Thelilengine ,

Tackling topics I care about

I’m always on the lookout for new podcast especially ones who take a look at Christianity and tackle difficult topics and questions. Most Christian podcasts can be either too cheesy, to agreeable, or too technical that I get lost. This podcast does a good job of taking on ideas that aren’t simple and addressing them in a way that challenges you and also helps you learn. They do all of this while remaining entertaining and not being cheesy. Keep up the great work everyone!!!!

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