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Student podcasts and sound art from the Program in Film and Media Studies at Johns Hopkins University.

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Student podcasts and sound art from the Program in Film and Media Studies at Johns Hopkins University.

    Ophelia IX

    Ophelia IX

    Must-listen media coverage for those left behind.
    After the deadly failure of the first civilian mission to the terraformed Earth 2,  tune in to the fallout on Surf, the audio content aggregator app of the future, to piece together the darkly comic mystery surrounding their fate.
    Created by Anna Weaver and Udochukwu Nwosu.
    Music and sounds in “Ophelia IX” are sourced from Pixabay.com, FreeSound.org, and FreeMusicArchive.org.
    AI Voice was generated with VoiceBooking.com
    Music and Sounds:
    “Stoicism for the Information Age” by Adolus Ichnite
    “Believe Me” by Monument Music
    “Drone2” by LogicMoon
    “Alert 3” by Tissman
    “swoosh” by Halgrimm
    “Next” by Muzaproduction
    “Alien Alarm Broadcast” by Airborne80
    “SNORING” by jshine7
    “massive fart” by tackbackwards
    “Slide Whistle” by joedeshon
    “Bonk Sound effect” by thecoolcookie17
    “Short Guitar Riff” by masterg180
    “mgm (lion roar)” by mrrap4food
    “Crowd Boo” by deleted_user_2104797
    “sound-crying1” by zippi1
    “baby cry short” by aniovino
    “Game_Over_05_Terminal” by MATRIXXX_
    “Trumpet_Cry” by sweet_niche
    “Defenders of the Truth” by Daddy s Music
    “Tropical Summer Beach” by Alex MakeMusic
    “Five_knocks_on_closet_Door” by Omar Alvarado
    “Censor” by Xxx_d3x5n1p3r_xxX
    “Comedy Games Children Commercial Lively Music” by REDproductions
    “dive” by bruno.auzet
    “Backyard nature” by danieldouch
    “Funny Story” by PaulYudin
    “Fizzy vitamin tablet in a glass” by Archos
    “Elation” by Lesfm
    “Alice in Dark Wonderland” by Lexin Music
    “Spy Jazz” by Serge Quadrado
    “News Background Music” by Music Unlimited
    “Howling Wind” by JSliverSound
    “CrowdPanic” by belthazarus
    “Crowd Talking” by ken788
    “Explosion 01” by tommccann
    “TV glitch” by humanhasbeenneutralized
    “Mexico guitars country music” by Andrewfai
    “Latin Piano” by WaverMaster
    “strange sci-fi-like noise” by Tairblenn

    • 22 min
    Small Business Blues

    Small Business Blues

    Though many local businesses close, their memories live on.
    Each season, join host Claudia Sesso as she interviews people from a different town in America to reminisce about their community’s bookstores, restaurants, florists, hardware stores, and everything in between that have come and gone over the years.
    Created by Claudia Sesso.
    Music Credits (in order of appearance):
    Koi-discovery, “Beer Blues”
    HoliznaCC0, “Chills”
    All music sourced from Free Music Archive

    • 10 min


    Revisiting the choices that change us.
    In each episode, join Ivy as she follows one person’s journey in making a big pivot in their lives—whether that’s moving across the world, switching careers, or pursuing a new degree. Through interviews, Uproot explores their decision-making process, in carving out new, previously unexpected, paths for themselves.
    Created by Ivy Xun.
    Music Credits:
    Inner Life - HoliznaPATREON
    Eagle - Ketsa
    Moonbeam - HoliznaPATREON
    Wild Flowers - Independent Music Licensing Collective (IMLC)

    • 11 min
    Moral Mayhem

    Moral Mayhem

    Drawing the line between right and wrong is tricky and sometimes we never find answers.
    Come curious and open-minded to explore sticky moral situations where nothing is black and white. Leave with no satisfying answers. 
    Created by Caroline Winter.
    Music and Sounds
    Why by Atoll: https://freemusicarchive.org/music/atoll/single/why-1/
    Underpass by Golden Grey: https://freemusicarchive.org/music/Golden_Grey/Greenish_Blue/Underpass/
    Double Down Click: https://freesfx.co.uk/Category/Button-Clicks/111

    • 10 min
    The No Diaries

    The No Diaries

    What’s the worst they could say?
    Listeners will join me on a quest to get rejected by anyone and everyone in an effort to gain confidence in a highly judgmental society.
    Episode 1: Rejection Therapy.
    Created by Miayunique South.

    • 6 min
    Culture, Plated.

    Culture, Plated.

    You are what you eat after all?
    Identity and food are inextricably linked, so join Shanelle as she examines the cultural significance of dishes and how you can plate them yourself.
    Created by Shanelle Quinn.
    Music credits: Music Accessed using YouTube Audio Library, Free Music Archive, and Upbeat. Songs are listed in order of appearance. Ringside by Dyalla Name by WalzForgotten by SoundtrollParadigm Shift by Gavin LukeNostalgia by HoliznaPATREON
    Music from #Uppbeat (free for Creators!):https://uppbeat.io/t/soundroll/forgottenLicense code: Z8Q4YY1WF8LWP8ML
    Music from #Uppbeat (free for Creators!):https://uppbeat.io/t/walz/nameLicense code: LJNKQNOO3U4CBLRU

    • 9 min

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