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Author, agitator and activist Jim Hightower spreads the good word of true populism, under the simple notion that "everybody does better, when everybody does better." Read more at hightowerlowdown.org!

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Author, agitator and activist Jim Hightower spreads the good word of true populism, under the simple notion that "everybody does better, when everybody does better." Read more at hightowerlowdown.org!

    Why Trust High-Tech Billionaires to Save Humanity?

    Why Trust High-Tech Billionaires to Save Humanity?

    Here’s an interesting fact: Dinosaurs dominated Earth for 165 million years – and they assumed they always would.

    Which brings us to... well, us. We bipedal, far-ranging, Homo sapien primates have certainly established our dominance over modern-day Mother Earth. And even though our reign has only lasted about 200,000 years, we 21st Century humans grandly assume that we’re ordained by the gods to rule ad infinitum over our planet (and beyond).

    But – oops! – unfortunately we’ve based our preeminence on the unsustainable consumption of our domain, rather than on stewardship for the ages. Under the global misguidance of corporate, political, religious, academic, and other Powers That Be, our large-brained species has ended up making an awful mess of the nest we inherited. Elite plunderers and profiteers have imposed an ethic of greed, inequality, and even inhumanity that is devouring everything from Earth’s climate to our basic human values of fairness and justice.

    Leading this careless assault is a clique of arrogant and abusive high-tech gabillionaires who consider themselves geniuses because, well… they’re rich! Consider Elon Musk, presently the richest of the world’s richest, who postures as an uber-brained deep thinker, social engineer, and whirling corporate dervish. He presently runs not one, but three mega-corps (Tesla, Twitter, and SpaceX) while also rewriting the rules of free speech, telling American’s how to vote, and claiming he’ll save humanity by colonizing Mars.

    But wait – strip away the hype, and Musk is just another self-serving plutocratic ravager, a cartoonish robber baron whose “genius” lies in (1) taking credit (and profit) from other people, (2) demanding subsidies and special breaks from government, (3) cheating workers and customers, and (4) suing everyone for his failures.

    If billionaire humanoids like Elon really wanted to save us from extinction, they should do the honorable thing... by going first.

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    The Defrocking of Saint Ron DeSantis

    The Defrocking of Saint Ron DeSantis

    Breaking news: After years of failed Republican efforts to uncover any proof of widespread voter fraud by Democrats, Republican Governor Ron “Tough Guy” DeSantis of Florida has found not one, but 20 ineligible people casting ballots!

    Like Donald Trump and a gaggle of other GOP governors, DeSantis has used the phony bugaboo of an illegal voting epidemic as a political ploy to keep true believers believing. They spend millions of taxpayer dollars on partisan wild goose chases, and DeSantis even created a new police bureaucracy, the “Office of Election Crimes,” to snoop on voters. It was all just silly political nastiness, but then – aha! –Ron’s dragnet scooped up 20 of the diabolical culprits. Vindication!

    Who were they? All are former convicts who had previously been stripped of their right to vote, but each one unwittingly cast ballots in 2020, wrongly believing that their rights had been restored after serving their time. Who cares what they thought, bellowed the bullish governor? He trashed them as “election criminals” (conveniently ignoring their Constitutional right to be presumed innocent unless convicted by a jury).

    Well, gosh, why did all 20 think they could vote? Because each one had properly submitted voter registration applications that went to DeSantis’ state agency responsible for determining eligibility. But – oops – Ron’s own administration boo-booed, erroneously authorizing all 20 to get official voter ID cards. In short, the governor himself effectively told them they could vote – then he had them arrested and publicly condemned for doing so!

    This self-serving political thug now wants to be our next president, even claiming in a PR video this month that God has chosen him to rule because he’s “a fighter.” But – hello – Saint Ron fights the people, rather than fighting for them. He’s a bully – and there’s nothing godly about that. Nothing presidential either.

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    The GOP Is Literally Going Hunting for Illegal Voters

    The GOP Is Literally Going Hunting for Illegal Voters

    This election year has added a new season to our country’s calendar: The silly season.

    Not silly as in fun – but as in asinine... and pernicious. Forget any notion that America’s elections should be about lofty ideals, important issues, and real ideas. Instead, right-wing screwballs have turned the GOP into the Goofy Old Party, running campaigns based on frat-boy stunts, horror movie scaremongering, and moronic games of hate-your-neighbor.

    For example, the GOP reached a new level of political degradation this year by literally gamifying its obsession with non-existent voter fraud. Party honchos have repeatedly been humiliated by failing to produce any proof of their wild claims that Democrats are running a massive illegal voting operation across America.

    So, they’ve turned their snipe hunt into a national game, forming online posses of GOP voter fraud vigilantes who compete to find and out illegal voters. Post the name of an unqualified person supposedly scheming to cast a ballot, and you get two points. Name a group planning to bus illegal voters to the polls – Bingo! – you get 50 points. There are also bonus points if you report someone trying to vote by using the name of their pet or a dead person. Isn’t this fun?

    But the funnest part of this “sport” is that you score simply by posting names – no need for any evidence that it’s a real person, much less an illegal voter. What’s the prize? If you get enough points, you get to be called a “master.” Wow, this isn’t just silly... it’s pathetic.

    Far worse, though, given the screwball fantasies of today’s right-wing extremists, this “game” is deadly dangerous. Some of the GOP’s vigilante’s say they’ll personally go door to door to get proof of fraudulent voting. What could possibly go wrong with promoting such unhinged confrontational zealotry? Ask Paul Pelosi.

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    Which food future will you choose?

    Which food future will you choose?

    America certainly has an abundance of food (even though many Americans do not), yet we face a momentous choice of whether to pursue a food future rooted in the ethic of sustainable agriCULTURE - or one based on the exploitative ethic of agriINDUSTRY.

    What better symbol of agri-industry's vision of "food" than that ubiquitous Thanksgiving bird, the "Butterball" turkey. The Butterball has been hoisted onto our tables by huge advertising budgets and regular promotion payments to supermarkets. The birds themselves have been grotesquely deformed by industrial geneticists, who created breasts so ponderous that the turkeys can't walk, stand up, or even reproduce on their own (thus earning the nickname "dead-end birds'). Adding torture to this intentional deformity, the industry sentences these once-majestic fowl to dismal lives in tiny confinement cages inside the sprawling, steel-and-concrete animal factories that scar America's rural landscape - monuments to greed-based corporate "husbandry."

    As the eminent farmer-poet-activist Wendell Berry tells us, eating is a profound political act. It lets you and me vote for the Butterball industrial model or choose to go back to the future of agriculture, which is the art and science of cooperating with, rather than trying to overwhelm, nature. That cooperative ethic is the choice of the remarkable "Good Food Uprising" that has spread across the country in the past 30 years. Now the fastest-growing segment of the food economy, it is creating the alternative model of a local, sustainable, small scale, community-based, organic, humane, healthy, democratic - and tasty! - food system for all.

    To take part in the good food movement and find small-scale farmers, artisans, farmers markets, and other resources in your area, visit www.LocalHarvest.org.

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    When and where was the first Thanksgiving Feast?

    When and where was the first Thanksgiving Feast?

    Let's talk Turkey!

    No, not the Butterball sitting in the Oval Office. I'm talking about the real thing, the big bird, 46 million of which we Americans will devour on this Thanksgiving Day.

    It was the Aztecs who first domesticated the gallopavo, but leave it to the Spanish explorers to "foul-up" the bird's origins. They declared it to be related to the peacock – Wrong! They also thought the peacock originated in Turkey – Wrong! And, they thought Turkey was located in Africa – well, you can see the Spanish were pretty confused.

    Actually, the origin of Thanksgiving is confused. The popular assumption is that it was first celebrated by the Mayflower immigrants and the Wampanoag natives at Plymouth, Massachusetts, 1621. They feasted on venison, furkees (Wampanoag for gobblers) eels, mussels, corn, and beer. But wait, say Virginians, the first precursor to our annual November Food-a-Palooza was not in Massachusetts – the Thanksgiving feast originated down here in Jamestown colony, back in 1608.

    Whoa, there, hold your horses, pilgrims. Folks in El Paso, Texas, say it all began way out there in 1598, when Spanish settlers sat down with people of the Piro and Manso tribes, gave thanks, then feasted on roasted duck, geese and fish.

    "Ha!" says a Florida group, asserting the very, very first Thanksgiving happened in 1565 when the Spanish settlers of St. Augustine and friends from the Timucuan tribe chowed-down on "cocido" – a stew of salt pork, garbanzo beans and garlic - washing it all down with red wine.

    Wherever it began, and whatever the purists claim is "official," Thanksgiving today is as multicultural as America. So let's enjoy! Kick-back, give thanks we're in a country with such ethnic richness, and dive into your turkey rellenos, moo-shu turkey, turkey falafel, barbecued turkey...

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    How Progressive Groups Can Become Their Own Lawmakers

    How Progressive Groups Can Become Their Own Lawmakers

    America’s political, corporate, and media establishments were cocksure about their prognostications that a powerful “red wave” was about to hit America in this month’s elections. It would sweep Democrats out and push Republicans into office all across America, they exclaimed.

    How shocking and embarrassing, then, that their raging wave turned out to be just a little ripple. Republicans ran poorly, and many Democrats ran well. Still, the Dem Party as a whole could’ve done even better if its meek, don’t-rock-the-boat leadership had been gutsier, more progressive, and – yes – more Democratic, in the FDR mold. Well, murmur the Party’s Washington hierarchy, we can’t get too far ahead of the people.

    Really? Why not ask the people themselves? That’s the virtue of the “ballot initiative” system. It allows grassroots groups to put issues up for a vote, rather than letting the public agenda be controlled by a clique of lobbyists, legislators, and party-line followers. This year, there were 132 of these initiatives on the ballots in 37 states, and more on local ballots. And vote after vote showed that the people are way ahead of the political insiders in support of strong progressive policies.

    By big margins, three states said “to hell with the Republican Supreme Court,” enshrining women’s abortion rights in their state constitutions. South Dakota, supposedly a right-wing bastion, shoved their GOP governor and legislators aside to expand Medicaid health coverage to the state’s low-income families. In bright red Nebraska, nearly 60 percent of voters said yes! To a $15 minimum wage. A big majority in Illinois amended the state constitution to guarantee collective bargaining rights for workers. Seventy percent of New Mexico voters made funding of early childhood education a constitutional requirement.

    It’s not easy, but when politicians fail us, We The People can act. For more information go to Ballotpedia.org/Ballot_Measures_overview.

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4.8 out of 5
299 Ratings

299 Ratings

NYTreview ,

I will not lie

I would be happy to see 4 minute episodes!

I am grateful for every episode.

Thank you!


A must listen to.

Very informative, educational.…straight to the point👍🏽

jmontaj 9 ,

Tell it, Jim…

Always profound, direct and spot on when it comes to looking under the hood of Amerika’s machine. Wickedly humorous insight into the darkness of Empire. Gods bless Jim Hightower. If only he’d run for President…

The Canary in the Soul Mine of the Planet. Keep singing, Jim, et al., it’s the sweet Song of Survival & everyone should get to know it!

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