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Listen as experts discuss market trends, hot topics, deal coverage and other industrial news. Hosted by JLL researchers George Cutro and Chad Buch, the duo welcomes guests from various backgrounds to chat about these topics, and more.

JLL Chicago Industrial Real Time Hosted by JLL industrial researchers George Cutro and Chad Buch

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Listen as experts discuss market trends, hot topics, deal coverage and other industrial news. Hosted by JLL researchers George Cutro and Chad Buch, the duo welcomes guests from various backgrounds to chat about these topics, and more.

    Episode 34: COVID-19 and the state of industrial construction

    Episode 34: COVID-19 and the state of industrial construction

    Rick Steger, head of JLL’s industrial project and development services group, marks his first return to the podcast since Episode 3. In this installment, we discuss the state of the industrial construction market during COVID-19—including safety features clients are requesting in buildouts, and opportunities in e-commerce, manufacturing and medical/biotech. We also examine how a few trends have evolved since Rick discussed them back in 2017.
    2:50: Before COVID-19 hit, U.S. construction was projected to be flat in 2020.
    4:17: Project times have lengthened due to government shutdowns, productivity declines, labor shortages and delayed equipment/material deliveries during COVID-19.
    7:26: Construction hit its bottom April 22, when 60% of U.S. projects were put on hold or canceled, but began bouncing back by May 20, with many projects back up and running early to mid-June.
    11:48: The construction industry is predicted to be down 10-15% overall in 2020 vs. 2019 – not bad considering how much it’s grown over the past few years.
    13:18: Opportunity: Growing use of e-commerce, specifically grocery e-commerce, during COVID-19 is driving demand for new distribution centers in urban centers, multi-floor downtown warehouses, dark-store conversions, and more.
    16:54: Opportunity: During COVID-19, many manufacturers have been rethinking their supply chain operations, seeking to de-risk by building more facilities stateside and relying less on overseas operations.
    18:22: Opportunity: Some of medical and biotech also will move manufacturing back stateside following problems faced overseas during COVID-19.
    19:23: Ensuring safety on the job site: From temperature checks and questionnaires to HVAC systems and UV light.
    22:20: Preassembled components and automation likely to rise in use in the construction process due to COVID-19.
    23:34: Revisiting topics from Ep. 3: Precast supplies, 40’ clear and LEED/energy efficiency programs.

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    Episode 33: Post-pandemic trends in e-commerce

    Episode 33: Post-pandemic trends in e-commerce

    The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the way we’re working, shopping, living and planning for the future. In this episode, we discuss shifts in e-commerce to accommodate an influx in shoppers and expansion of the supply chain. We also revisit predictions from two years prior when we first spoke with Matt Powers, executive vice president for retail and e-commerce distribution at JLL.
    2:05 – Companies are not focusing on a single building in a single market, they’re looking to roll out a true network.  
    4:00 ­– Tertiary markets are as hot as they have ever been.
    6:33 – Consumers are more cautious in their shopping experience.
    8:33 – Starting to see a shift in the supply chain from global to regional.
    9:35 – Many retailers recognize the need to open a large presence closer to major metros and a secondary presence in tertiary markets to fulfill customer needs.
    13:24 – How different generations experience online shopping.
    14:23 – Opportunities for online ordering and pickup in the wake of the pandemic may create problems for inventory, especially in areas of cold storage.
    15:15 – Consumers forced to do “BOPIS” (Buy Online Pickup In Store) during the pandemic will now be more comfortable with this shopping method going forward.
    18:40 – The future is bright for grocery and their delivery services.
    18:56 – Following up on predictions from two years prior.
    19:38 – There’s a continuing demand and driver for e-commerce to arrive at the end customer more quickly.
    21:15 – Some companies are more sophisticated and ready to approach e-commerce and supply chain conversations, and others want to hear success stories and best practices before they take the next step.

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    Episode 32: Preparedness during a global pandemic

    Episode 32: Preparedness during a global pandemic

    When the pandemic first hit the U.S., it seemed everything came to a standstill. Now, we’re seeing how companies are reacting and adapting to in the way they conduct business. Listen to the latest episode featuring Christian Beaudoin, managing director, research and strategy at JLL to discuss how the firm is supporting clients and pushing forward during these uncertain times.
    3:09 – JLL is laser focused on helping companies with re-entry and how to safely get back into the workplace.
    5:50 – JLL’s Workplace Survey assesses available resources and productivity when working remotely.
    9:00 – JLL was well prepared to get ahead of the curve with a transition to working from home.  
    10:45 – Stories on how the research team is tracking transaction activity and collaborating virtually with our tech tools.
    13:45 – Supply chain reconfigurations could benefit Chicago’s industrial and transportation sector.
    15:15 – Closely tracking new available spaces coming to market to assess the impacts on vacancy.
    16:00 – Life on the home front: what does your daily routine look like?

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    Episode 31: Industrial Dock Door Construction

    Episode 31: Industrial Dock Door Construction

    With the rise of e-commerce, buyers expect goods to be delivered to them in one day. This in turn drives the amount of industrial construction needed to keep up with demand. A recent research study from JLL analyzed 4.2 billion square feet of industrial product representing 32 percent of the total United States industrial base, and identified trends and growth in 14 cities across the Midwest and Great Lakes regions in regards to dock door construction.
    Download the full report here.
    2:45 – Key findings from Cincinnati and other Great Lakes markets in the “e-commerce corridor” including Louisville, Cincinnati and Columbus.
    4:53 – Dock door ratios have grown to one dock for every 7,000 square feet, approximately.
    5:30 – Indianapolis has seen record dock door construction over the last three years.
    6:46 – Most developments are in urban areas.
    10:39 – St. Louis and Western Michigan saw the greatest increase in dock door construction.

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    Warehouse Design

    Warehouse Design

    We’re back with episode 30 and another segment of our industrial education series. Today,you’ll hear from JLL’s Managing Director of Supply Chain & Logistics Solutions,Bob Silverman,who supports JLL’s Northeast industrial group. We discuss rules of thumb and important considerations for both occupiers and developers when choosing an existing warehouse or designing and constructing a new warehouse facility. You’ll also learn about cubic capacity, best-in-class property features, how things flow “

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    Holiday Hangover

    Holiday Hangover

    In a new crossover episode from JLL Chicago Industrial Real Time and Where We Buy, JLL researchers discuss the holiday shopping season and a product’s journey from the warehouse, to the store, to the consumer, and sometimes a return.Listen as our experts discuss the triumphs of the 2019 holiday season, and how their predictions from their last collaboration in 2017 panned out.

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