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Podcast by John Doe Bodybuilding

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4.9 out of 5
41 Ratings

41 Ratings

BB_POD_2019 ,


Honest, informative and inspirational!! Great podcast on bodybuilding 👍

B5662 ,

Favorite Podcast

His honesty is appreciated

NMBwisco ,


I was sincerely looking for a podcast that would educate me on the world of bodybuilding as it is something that I have recently become interested in but am ignorant to it. I believe this man is very knowledgeable in the world of bodybuilding but by the time I got to the fourth podcast where he started talking ridiculously inappropriate about women and his dog needing to “bust a nut “I just had to turn it off. I decided to unsubscribe. I don’t have a problem with F bombs and things of that nature but talking about women in a derogatory way and having to bring sexual innuendos into your conversation about bodybuilding is just stupid. I’m looking for someone who is serious about giving information not about sounding like Joe cool. Unfortunately, as a woman I was really bummed out to have to experience that. I was hoping for someone with a more sensitive attitude regarding those issues. However, by the way he was laughing at the comments he was making I’m inferencing that he could care less about my opinion. Too bad. I just came to the realization that he obviously knows a lot about that one thing and not a lot about anything else.

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