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    POWER GRIDS & the October Alert System!—Be Spiritually Prepared! | Prophecy Live

    POWER GRIDS & the October Alert System!—Be Spiritually Prepared! | Prophecy Live

    “We love Him because He first loved us”.
    In this live stream, Joseph Z brings us insights into the October alert system and power grid concerns; urging us to be spiritually prepared for what’s coming. He begins by drawing our attention to a video clip warning us about a hack threat that’s most likely to put the US Power grid at risk of attack. Remember that Joseph had earlier prophesied that there would be a power grid failure in one of his recent live broadcasts, and we can see that happening with this current situation. Meanwhile, he urges us not to succumb to fear, for this can be averted if we fervently fight back with prayer. 
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    Moving on, Joseph reveals to us a global pushback against the wicked agendas lately, which he believes goes a long way to show that our prayers are working wonders. He proceeds further, disclosing how the characters behind the evil agendas are running helter-skelter because of the pushbacks they’ve received so far, as their plans are going in reverse motion from what they expected. Again, he brings exposure to the intention of global leaders to get everyone to accept a chip in them to perfect their digitalization plans. 
    Similarly, Joseph exposes that the ultimate goal of these evil characters behind the scenes is to live forever here on Earth. He explains also that the security alert system as most people have argued, could project a frequency that’s capable of engaging those who have the COVID-19 vaccines in their system. More interestingly, he believes that the ultimate plan may be to launch a black swan event, and their desperation could lead to severe action, ranging from weather manipulation, economic crisis, increase in military, power grid issues, and a round two of COVID-19. He urges us to be spiritually prepared for all that’s to come, for God will cause the populist to rise to the occasion.
    Furthermore, Joseph instructs that we must get the word of God into our hearts, urging us also not to be afraid, for we have Christ in us, the hope of Glory. In addition, he employs the word of God from 1 John 4:1-4 to clarify that the spirit of the antichrist is working through every medium, but we must be confident in Christ because He who’s in us is greater than he who’s in the world. Also, he brings our attention to the Book of 1 John 4:17-19 to reassure us that as Jesus is, so are we in this world; therefore we must not be afraid, for he who fears, has not been made perfect in love. He then prays for us all, breaking the spirit of fear, off every one of us, standing with us also over our children and everything we’re believing God for. 
    0:00 Introduction
    01:41 The Power Grid Narrative
    03:44 2030 Explained!
    06:57 The WEF 2030 Agenda: At Risk of Failing? 
    11:03 Their Plans Going in Reverse? 
    14:33 The WEF Ultimate Goal: Chip in Humans?
    17: 30 Their Real Motive
    24:00 A Black Swan Event?
    29:29 What You Must Do to Be Safe
    32:00 1 John 4:1-4 Understanding the Antichrist Spirit
    35:15 1 John 4:17-19: Christ in You!
    37:00 Conclusion
    September 28, 2023

    • 46 min
    Joseph Z w Special Guest Troy Brewer! | Prophecy Live

    Joseph Z w Special Guest Troy Brewer! | Prophecy Live

    “There’s no reason to go looking for ministry, you first look for the kingdom and then Jesus brings you things”. “It’s not the frontline that kills you, it’s getting off the frontline, thereby forgetting what the battle is about”. 
    In today’s live broadcast, Joseph Z features Troy Brewer, and they talked about Troy’s ministerial work with vulnerable children. Troy shares how he started out with this ministry, which he disclosed began with his food bank initiative, which entails shipping food all over the world to the less privileged. On one of those occasions, he was introduced to two little girls with the proposition to use them for adult content, but seeing the ugly situation these vulnerable kids were, he utilized the opportunity to convert them to Christianity, which later led to the kickstarting of his children's ministry. Also, he goes on to share how he has maintained his passion for this area of ministry, given how challenging it is in terms of funding. 
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    Moving on, Troy goes further to share some of the miracles he has witnessed, disclosing his favorite to be when hitmen came to his house to murder him and his entire family, but God used people whom he believed were angels to rescue him. Interestingly also, he shares how he switched from his food bank initiative to follow the path he’s now on; disclosing also, the vision he had that inspired this present calling. Again, he went further to share the project he has with the government which is related to rescuing traumatic kids who were once in the care of evil people. 
    More interestingly, Troy leads us into his redemption ranch, where he accommodates all the kids who were rescued from different desperate situations. Interestingly enough, one of the victims he rescued, who is of Hebrew origin happens to bear a Hebrew name that means “rescued” when translated to the English language. Again, he shares how God shows him places in visions, and how people call out to him in some of these visions which as we learned will later become one of the places he visited. 
    Furthermore, Troy shares what he’s up to at present, insisting that if the body of Christ doesn’t stand to rescue the vulnerable kids worldwide, nobody else will. Joseph then urges us all to lend our support to Troy, as we all know, he has always been passionate about rescuing our children from the present evil culture. In addition, Troy then prays for protection over every one of us, especially over the Z ministry, that God would continually guide and protect us from the eyes of the enemy. 
    0:00 Introduction
    01:27 Troy’s Starting Point in Children’s Ministry
    05:33 Troy’s Motivation & Sustenance
    07:50 Miracles Witnessed by Troy
    09:22 Troy’s Experience with a Non-Verbal Kid
    11:13 Troy’s Prophetic Visions
    13:37 The Missed Miracles
    17:17 Troy’s Partnership with Government Agencies
    20:55 The Redemption Ranch
    22:53 Namshi: The Rescued
    26:57 A Call to Duty for the Body of Christ 
    29:21 Conclusion
    September 27, 2023

    • 33 min
    2024 is Coming! | Prophecy Live

    2024 is Coming! | Prophecy Live

    In this live broadcast, Joseph Z exposes prophetic insights about a great collision of kingdoms like we’ve not seen before, exposing also a roar, and a war coming in the coming year. He goes on to share a video clip of the recent happenings with the Philippines Coast Guard, and also a video clip exposing the tension rising in the South China Sea, what with the military drill that’s been going on in this location for quite a while now. He goes further to encourage the ones amongst us who are yet to give their lives to Christ to do so, so as to stay safe from everything going on in the world today. 
    Learn more about Z Ministries by following the link below:
    Moving on, Joseph shares once more, the recent goings-on in India with their security concerns regarding China’s ambitious moves to dock in Sri Lanka in the month of October. He went further to disclose that the Red Dragon is having a collapse internally, revealing also that their desire to come into the water lately could be fueled by a hidden ambition for war. Remember that on July 14th, 2021, Joseph prophesied that we would begin to see war games taking place in the ocean, and with what we’re seeing today in China’s desperate oceanic moves, this prophecy is not far from being confirmed. 
    Also, Joseph condemns the demonic agenda of using a public figure whose character and image are questionable to help rebuild schools. He goes further to frown at this plan and questions why a Christian organization was not employed for such a crucial role as this. He stands firmly against human trafficking going on in subtle ways that evade the notice of a lot of people. He went on to reveal what to expect in the years to come, ranging from roars of war, and international conflicts. Again, he reveals that things will get more serious in a variety of fields, but believes that we’ll have a window of opportunity for change. He insists that there’ll be one more round of intervention, and also a secret uprising that will be exposed. 
    Furthermore, Joseph reveals that he sees a middle-of-the-night activity that’s intended to change things overnight, but will be uncovered by the Lord before it comes to fruition. He insists that the world will not get better but the children of God will thrive; informing us also that we must occupy the world until the return of Christ. He went further to remind us that we're called to be obedient to Jesus and confront the darkness with the light of the gospel. He then confronts the spirit of fear in our lives and charges us to remember that God is calling us to a higher walk with Him and we must study the word of God until it starts talking back to us. He further urges us to present our bodies as a living sacrifice to God, and not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of our minds. 
    0:00 Introduction
    02:04 A Roar & War is Coming
    03:18 The Red Dragon: In Trouble with the Philipines?
    08:02 The Red Dragon Ship: Insisting to Dock in India?
    10:33 Joseph’s Past Prophecy about Oceanic War Games
    14:07 A Witch Ambassador for Schools?
    16:58 Year 2024: What to Expect
    19:20 A Window of Opportunity for Change
    23:34 A Hidden Uprising 
    26:23 Seven Thousand More Voices
    28:34 Prayer & Declaration
    37:29 Conclusion
    September 26, 2023

    • 46 min
    ROBOT COPS!!—Cl$mate L$ckdowns—Encouraging Prophetic Word! | Prophecy Live

    ROBOT COPS!!—Cl$mate L$ckdowns—Encouraging Prophetic Word! | Prophecy Live

    In this live broadcast, Joseph Z brings our attention to climate lockdowns and the new trend, which is the introduction of digital policing(robot cops). He begins by raising concern about robot cops and the hidden agenda behind it, which is control, and domination over everyone. He goes on to share with us the agenda behind climate lockdowns which also revolves around exerting control over the world. He goes further to make us see reasons why we all must stand up to fight back against the evil culture because it’s become obvious that we’re expected to shut up and put up with the series of wickedness that abounds every day.
    Learn more about Z Ministries by following the link below:
    Moving on, Joseph draws our attention to his broadcast of August 1st, 2023 where he revealed that there’ll be a climate lockdown coming onto the scene soon. We could also see that in 2021, he prophesied about climate change, lockdowns, and food shortages in one of his live broadcasts held on the 1st of July, 2021. In that same broadcast, he assures us that we can avert what’s to come by praying fervently to God. Also, in his broadcast of October 20, 2021, he insisted that there would be a climate lockdown agenda that would be pushed onto the scene like we’ve never seen before. 
    More interestingly, Joseph breaks down the big agenda of wickedness, ranging from economic, political, medical, and geopolitical issues; which he believes are all in a bid to push against the church of Christ and stop us from rising up to be what God has called us. Regardless of all these, he believes there’ll be an awakening, as the Red Church shall rise against this evil, thereby breaking past all of these evil agendas. Again, in his broadcast of December 31, 2023, he reveals that there’ll be a supernatural revelation, contracts, favor, bank agreements, and paid-in-full blessings for many of us. 
    Further into that same broadcast, Joseph reassures us that there’ll also be unexpected and supernatural promotions, a realigning of relationships that’ll herald blessings and victory for us all; for the Lord will make a great way for us where there’s no way. He urges us not to fear about what’s happening in the world today, for in the middle of these we’ll see a million raised up to reach a billion souls. He then declares the peace and blessings of God over us all, whilst encouraging us to remain in prayer and faithful in our belief in God. 
    0:00 Introduction
    02:07 Digital Communism
    03:41 Global Warming & Climate Change
    06:48 Rise and Take Dominion!
    11:38 Climate Lockdowns
    13:56 Induced Food Shortages?
    14:56 God Provides: One More Round
    17:05 What to Expect
    19:41 The Red Church: Revelation 12:11
    21:20 Prophetic Blessings
    24:45 The Lord Will Make a Way
    25:20 Conclusion
    September 25, 2023

    • 33 min
    Red Church | We Need to be Ready!

    Red Church | We Need to be Ready!

    In today’s Red Church broadcast, Joseph Z educates us on the need to be ready. He shares a little about the hurdles he had to scale through, and the things he gave up and was cut off from because of his decision to follow Jesus. He reassures us that there’s a recompense coming for the bold and for those who do not give up. He goes on to employ the word of God from the Book of Psalm 126 to remind us of God’s awesomeness and how He outdoes Himself for those whom He has called His own. He goes further to inform us that the reason why justice has not come as we prayed for, is because of the enormous mercy of God; for His sun shines on both the just and the unjust alike. 
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    Moving on, Joseph enlightens us more, instructing that we pay heed to the things that motivate our ambition because we should only go to places where the Lord has assigned us to be. He goes on to disclose that there’ll be a time of darkness for the US, which will lead to a new America. Although it will not herald everything we deem good but will be different from what we’re used to. Also, he narrated how Jesus interrupted His ascension to the Father, so He could show Himself to Mary and all the other apostles. 
    More interestingly, Joseph clarifies that it’s likely that we can alter the narrative of whatever we’re facing today, as Jesus has laid credence to the power of our presence, prayers, and demands by appearing before Mary after His resurrection, thereby altering His own ascension to the Father. This means that with prayers and intercession, we can alter the narrative; averting also, whatever evil is destined to befall us or the culture out of our human inadequacies. He asserts once more, that we need a heightened level of prayer, worship, and being active in the culture because darkness doesn’t stand a chance when we show up equipped with heavenly tools to war against it.  
    Furthermore, Joseph employs the word of God from the Book of Mark 4:16-17 to elaborate that persecutions come after us to destroy us, but we must not bow to it nor grant it power over us. He explains that persecution and trials come to us, to hinder us from altering the powers of darkness, but we must fight back with prayers, and with the word of God. He went further to inform us that the Lord needs us, and we must go after what the Lord has called us to do. He insists that America must repent to repair, but it begins with us and with our faithfulness in showing up for what God has called us to do. He then urges us to make our lives a living sacrifice for the Lord and desist from worshiping things that are not God. 
    0:00 Introduction
    04:44 Psalm 126
    06:15 The Reason why Justice is yet to Come
    11:00 Where God Sends You is Where You’re Protected
    12:39 30, 60, 100 Folds: Time of Darkness & Change
    16:15 Who is this King of Glory?
    20:28 One Woman Interrupted Jesus’s Ascension
    21:22 2 Peter 3:9: The Lord is not Slack in His Promise
    30:42 The Church Must Rise to the Challenge
    33:44 I am a Servant of Jesus!
    40:38 The Purpose of Persecution
    44:10 Conclusion
    September 24, 2023

    • 45 min
    Prophetic Patterns—ROE V. WADE & AMERICA’s Future!! | Prophecy Live

    Prophetic Patterns—ROE V. WADE & AMERICA’s Future!! | Prophecy Live

    In this live broadcast, Joseph Z outlines prophetic patterns, bringing us insights also, into America’s future. He shared his broadcast of November 18, 2022, with us where he revealed that there would be food shortages, and this was confirmed during one of the press conferences of the Manchurian candidate in the year 2022. Also, in his broadcast of January 13, 2022, he revealed that there would be an Island that would experience difficulty and this was confirmed two days later after the prophecy was made. 
    Learn more about Z Ministries by following the link below:
    Moving on, Joseph takes us back to his live prophecy aired on the 20th of September, 2022 where he received a prophecy about Hawaii, and on August 13th, 2023, we witnessed a devastating fire ravaging Hawaii in the most tragic manner. He says a prayer for all those who have been affected by the Mauii fire, praying for justice and for all missing children to be recovered. Again, on his live stream of October 26, 2021, he revealed that there would be a truckers' uprising in demand for their freedom. This prophecy became a reality and was confirmed by CBC News, aired on the 25th of January, 2022. 
    Similarly, in one of Joseph’s interviews with Todd Coconato, he revealed a prophecy about farmers; exposing that they would rise, and speak up against all the malpractices that have been committed against them by a few privileged elites. This prophecy, as we would later discover, became a reality on June 23, 2022, when we saw a group of farmers protest against the unjust treatment meted against them. Also, in his live broadcast on November 15, 2021, he prophesied that things would happen to the queen of England. Again, in his broadcast of June 27, 2022, he revealed once more that the days of the queen of England were coming to an end, and also that there would be a land transfer when she departs. This as we all know has now come to pass with the demise of the queen of England late last year. 
    Furthermore, Joseph shared his broadcast of February 8, 2021, where he revealed that there would be a freedom technology that would come onto the scene, and also that, there would be a window of freedom of speech that would allow people to talk freely again. Also, he mentioned that Elon would be associated with this freedom tech, and we have seen this, with his purchase of Twitter(X). More Interestingly, in this live broadcast, you’ll find more past prophecies of Joseph that have now come to pass to the glory of God, who reveals things to us through his servant; to prepare us and reassure us of his ever presence in the affairs of men.
    0:00 Introduction
    01:57 Prophecy on Food Shortages
    03:23 The Smokey Island Prophecy
    07:23 The Hawaii Prophecy
    08:40 Video Clip of the Ravaged Hawaii Island
    10:47 Truckers’ Uprising Prophecy
    14:35 Past Prophecy on the Queen of England
    15:17 Past Prophecy on the Queen’s Demise
    17:26 Freedom Tech: The Prophecy
    22:23 Shaking the Institution: Elon Musk
    25:08 More Fulfilled Past Prophecies
    28:30 Conclusion
    September 21, 2023

    • 32 min

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4.9 out of 5
60 Ratings

60 Ratings

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The Power of the living soul

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Be lifted up

These teachings will encourage you and lift you to all God has provided to us though His Son Jesus.

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