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Are you in the training and/or human resources profession in the property management industry? This show is for you. JuvoHub is your central hub.

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Are you in the training and/or human resources profession in the property management industry? This show is for you. JuvoHub is your central hub.

    Learning and Development – Trends To Watch – Part 1

    Learning and Development – Trends To Watch – Part 1

    Episode 43

    Training is an ongoing challenge that affects every person in the property management industry. Emerging technologies and ways of “doing business” further complicate things. Jonathan and Mark sit down to discuss what trends to watch when it comes to learning and development, as well as some of the pain points that can be avoided.

    Host(s): Jonathan Saar from Market Me Social and Mark Howell from Howl Creative Concepts

    Show Highlights

    In part one of this series, we will break down three specific roadblocks that can affect learning and development and discuss best practices that will ensure a thriving working environment:

    * Organization Change* Technology Change* Engagement

    Key Questions/Topics Covered

    Organization Change

    When a change in ownership or management happens, there is an understandable amount of stress. Every company has its particular way of doing business or training its staff which inevitably leads to conflict when these changes take place. Can this be avoided? YES! 

    To start with, understand that not everything needs to change. Before you go in and start shaking things up, take a step back and talk to the people who will be most affected by the changes. Form a committee with representatives from every department, from corporate to maintenance, and truly listen to their feedback. Using this information, you can determine the most critical training material needed and the amount of time it will take to complete during the workday. 

    Also, consider the timing. Is it really a good idea to change up and expect training to happen at the height of leasing season? Your focus needs to be on delivering the most effective learning and development program that your staff will embrace, rather than overwhelmed.

    Technology Change

    New technology seems to pop up every day! LMS, CRM, the list goes on. When it comes to a technology change, the first question that needs to be asked is: Is it really needed? Will this be a change for the good? 

    Understand that not everyone is a natural-born tech wiz. You will get more buy-in when your team perceives the value of the change. 

    In addition to that, it is absolutely imperative that ongoing training is provided. We have seen many unhappy staffers thrown into the pool’s deep end and are held accountable when things go wrong. Or, new technology is introduced but ends up collecting dust on a shelf because no one knows how to use it, resulting in a waste of resources. 

    If it is decided that new technology is in the company’s best interest, be sure to check in with IT to identify any pain points. That way, your tech training can evolve to meet everyone’s needs.


    Your training and development program needs to be engaging, and if it isn’t, then it’s a complete waste of time. Another challenge to creating engaging training is that most workplaces have a diverse and generational mix of people with different learning styles and skillsets. 

    When planning your learning and development program, consider how your staff learns and what they want to learn. A hybrid approach might be in order—hands-on training like role-playing, video as well as written material, synchronous and asynchronous learning. By providing a variety of training options, you ensure that every staff member’s needs are met...

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    Making Your Specials…Special!

    Making Your Specials…Special!

    Episode 42

    Love them or hate them, specials and concessions are part of doing business in property management.  Rick Ellis, CPM, joins us to share how we all need to be making our specials…special!

    Host(s): Jonathan Saar from Market Me Social and Mark Howell from Howl Creative Concepts

    Our Special Guest: Rick Ellis from Ellis Consulting Group

    Rick Ellis, the owner of Ellis Consulting Group, has been in the industry for 41 years. He has been able to offer an array of services to the apartment industry including market studies, feasibility studies, contract leasing, and seminars for both the onsite personnel and executive teams with his group. Ellis Consulting Group is exceptional in providing solutions to special problems and unique challenges within the multifamily industry.

    Show Highlights

    This week we focus on the topic of specials and concessions. We talk about the right and the wrong way of handling them as well as the importance of education for all leasing staff.

    Key Questions/Topics Covered

    What is “making your specials special”?

    We have all seen it. A special is thrown out there as part of a scripted sales pitch like it’s expected and not that important. This is the exact opposite of what should be done and is ruining the whole point of having specials to begin with. 

    Added to this is the negative connotation within our industry that specials and concessions have. Specials aren’t good or bad and are very much determined by your property’s local marketplace. 

    Specials have two reasons: to create traffic or close traffic. When a special is done right, it should cost your business little to nothing and only be offered in highly specific circumstances.

    For example, that unit that is a little outdated and has been vacant for a while might need a special to get it rented. Your preferred penthouse apartment overlooking the water does not. Remember that specials and concessions also come in all different shapes and sizes. Get out of the rut of free rent. That new flooring or appliances that was just installed in a unit, well that’s this month’s special. This is what “making your specials special” means.

    The importance of leasing agent training

    It’s interesting to note that some property management companies have no problem throwing money away with free rent specials, but they do not see the value of investing in staff training. Properly trained staff will save you money in the long run. A well-trained leasing agent will know how to handle questions or comments like these:

    * The property across the street is offering free rent; why aren’t you?* What will you do for me if I choose your property?

    Training helps staff to answer effectively, know when to offer a special, and most importantly, highlight your property to close the deal.

    Specials training, three days or 30 minutes?

    One of the few good things Covid did was teach us how to be flexible when it comes to training. You don’t always necessarily need a three-day conference. We have all become much more comfortable with webinars, and these are excellent training resources.

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    Collaborative Career Growth

    Collaborative Career Growth

    Episode 41

    This week we have the privilege to sit down with the guru of collaborative environments, Brent Williams. We talk about the need to network to ensure career growth and overall industry advancement.

    Host(s): Jonathan Saar from Market Me Social and Mark Howell from Howl Creative Concepts

    Our Special Guest: Brent Williams from Multifamily Insiders

    Brent Williams works and plays in the apartment industry through Multifamily Insiders, the largest online social networking group for apartment professionals. Multifamily Insiders hosts blogs and discussions on a variety of topics, such as apartment marketing, apartment maintenance, resident retention, property management, apartment investment, multi-family development, and apartment jobs.

    Show Highlights

    Many of you know Brent from Multifamily Insiders, and he is a known trailblazer when it comes to social networking and collaboration within the multi-family industry.  We drill down about the need for collaboration, highlight the many benefits, and share tips on how you and your company can get started today!

    Key Questions/Topics Covered

    The evolution of Multifamily Insiders

    While many say that they fell into the multifamily industry, I proactively jumped into it. I started out with an event planning company that grew into a social network geared explicitly towards apartment communities. This was probably a little bit ahead of its time. MySpace was all the rage when we were building this, so social media was in its infancy stage. We were actually referred to as the MySpace for multifamily. C-Suite had no idea what social networking was and struggled to understand what we were doing or embrace its value. Thus began the process of educating our industry and showing them the value of the networking and collaboration space that we had created.

    Industry benefits of Multifamily Insiders

    Our industry has had a reputation for growing or evolving at glacial speeds. Having platforms like Multifamily Insiders has allowed people to collaborate and has stepped up the positive and effective change process. Platforms like these facilitate a place for industry professionals to share what has or has not worked for them. These have brought companies together on a national level and advanced individual careers by creating a melting pot of ideas.

    How to overcome the fear of property management networking

    Start with implementing a collaborative environment at the home level. Define what is needed and be open to cross-training. By doing this, you have the opportunity to hear different perspectives and share ideas. Seeing this in action will prove the benefits of property management networking. As an industry, we know that there is an idea of holding our trade secrets close to the vest. We are not talking about giving away what could be considered proprietary information. Instead, we are focused on sharing experiences and ideas that can help us all grow in our individual careers.  

    Why is it a good best practice to network?

    Even strong companies need to embrace networking.

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    From 0 – 60 in Property Management

    From 0 – 60 in Property Management

    Episode 40

    How has property management changed over the years? In a word, a lot! We are joined by Debbie Nicholson, who shares how she went from 0 – 60 in her personal property management career.

    Host(s): Jonathan Saar from Market Me Social and Mark Howell from Howl Creative Concepts

    Our Special Guest: Debbie Nicholson from Millennial Specialty Insurance

    Debbie is an accomplished property management professional with more than 25 years of multifaceted background in the real estate industry, including all areas of multifamily property management and operations, training, and development. Her vast responsibilities included marketing, development, resident relations, and lease administration. Her experience in short and long-range planning, implementing policies, and standards with P & L accountability, has allowed her to venture into many different areas of operations as well as being able to bring her knowledge to the vendor side of the industry.

    Show Highlights

    With over 30 years of experience, Debbie Nicholson, you could say, has seen it all. From operations to the vendor side. Her spirit and love for our industry are contagious. So whether you are new to the industry or are looking for where you would like to advance next, this show is for you!

    Key Questions/Topics Covered

    How it all got started

    I was first introduced to the industry when I was still in college. I hated living in the dorms and wanted an apartment, which meant that I needed a job. Well, wouldn’t you know it, I found an apartment that was also looking for an assistant manager/leasing agent. I learned a lot there and realized that this was the industry for me. From there, I have been privileged to work with many amazing companies. I have enjoyed working in different positions on the operations side and on the vendor side, which is where I am currently.

    Insights into joining the property management industry

    Years ago, there weren’t classes or degrees that you could look into. Thankfully that has all changed. The programs that are now available really allow you to see what this industry is all about. Another significant change that we have seen in recent years has been the diversity of paths that are now available. Beyond your standard leasing agents and management, we now have marketing and social media, accounting, or financial analysts along with other opportunities. It is no longer one path; there are many different directions you can choose to go within this industry.

    Benefits of housing affiliate associations

    Being part of a housing association is incredibly important and rewarding. The networking opportunities are endless, and here you have the chance to get to know all kinds of people from different avenues of our industry and make connections. There is always something to learn, and the insights to be gained are priceless.

    The importance of mentors

    Mentors are forever. Mine has been with me since early on in my career and, to this day, is one of my dearest friends. It is super important to identify a mentor early on in your career and try to find more than one. This is a great way to learn more than one perspective. Then as your career grows,

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    From Trauma To Triumph

    From Trauma To Triumph

    Episode 39

    How can childhood trauma impact your career? Is it possible to go from trauma to triumph? Byrdy Kelley from Melan Property Management joins us to break down the stigma surrounding mental health and the workplace.

    Host(s): Jonathan Saar from Market Me Social and Mark Howell from Howl Creative Concepts

    Our Special Guest: Byrdy Kelley from REAME and Melan Property Management, Author

    Byrdy has been in the real estate industry for 17+ years now and is the CEO and founder of REAME and Melan Property Management. Along with being an author of an Amazon best-selling book, she is currently working on developing a revolutionary tool that will work to increase tenant retention in the world of real estate.

    Show Highlights

    The author of Amazon Best Selling book “Through the Storm of Early Trauma – Healing and Overcoming” joins us to discuss trauma, mental health in the workplace, and the ability to overcome obstacles to live a triumphant life both personally and professionally.

    Key Questions/Topics Covered

    From trauma to today

    Growing up with childhood trauma taught me how to power through situations and led me to be the woman I am today. As an adult, I tried to take my “monsters” and keep them tucked away into a closet, thinking this was the best way to manage. I have learned that I needed to face my monsters with the help of counseling for better mental health. I now use these values in life to help me navigate change.

    Overcoming the stigma of mental health care

    I come from a background where mental health care or “shrinks” were often stigmatized. This negative connotation can lead many to avoid counseling. That, coupled with the overwhelming corporate idea of leaving your personal problems at the door, led to my “monsters” starting to take over my life. Counseling provided a safe place to work through situations with an unbiased person to help navigate and build better coping methods.

    Negativity in the workplace

    I was that person too. By leaving my personal feelings at the door, I found that I couldn’t empathize with people. This can happen to anyone. So if you find that you are faced with a hostile workmate, look past your pain and look into the pain of the person that is hurting you. People that are hurting are looking for any way to ensure that no one finds out, resulting in these workplace conflicts. If we change the dialogue and stop pretending that everything is okay, we can better help one another. 

    Our past can directly affect our future. Self-care and removing the stigma around trauma and mental health need to be part of the conversation if we are to be triumphant.

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    Technical Training – Evolve and Adapt

    Technical Training – Evolve and Adapt

    Episode 38

    Fear of change is common. As a result, embracing new technologies can pose a challenge within the property management community. Mike Whaling joins us to discuss how a positive approach to technical training will help us evolve and adapt while enjoying the benefits that tech can bring.

    Host(s): Jonathan Saar from Market Me Social and Mark Howell from Howl Creative Concepts

    Our Special Guest: Mike Whaling from 30 Lines

    Mike Whaling is the founder of 30 Lines. 30 Lines helps with digital marketing for local businesses and real estate. Mike specializes in comprehensive online marketing programs using social media, search engine optimization, and reputation monitoring to create and manage a successful online presence for multifamily communities.

    Show Highlights

    Covid 19 has ushered in an unprecedented need for new technologies. While the goal of these new technologies is to make our lives easier, many are wary of the learning curve, not to mention the fear of being replaced. Today’s topic addresses these concerns while sharing how these new technologies can help us all serve our customers better.

    Key Questions/Topics Covered

    Property Management – A technological shift

    Over the last eighteen months, Covid has created a need for more and more technology to help adjust to a new way of doing business. Business growth and success have now become dependant on both service and technology. Companies need to determine where tech fits in with their communities and brand. By ensuring that the tech fits your business, you can deliver a great experience to your residents.

    How can property management companies embrace instead of hate tech?

    Management needs to communicate the why! By identifying the problem and sharing how tech will help, people are more likely to be on board with it. Make sure that your staff understands that the tech is not here to replace them. Instead, it’s there to help or complement them, helping them deliver a better customer experience.

    The future of tech in property management

    Tech is making colossal progress right now, and it’s only accelerating. We are focusing on creating tools that better serve our customers and educating our staff on using them to their full potential.

    Tech leading to new property management positions

    Onsite teams are already overwhelmed with their daily responsibilities. Expecting them to take on the additional role of tech support just doesn’t make sense. We will see an evolution and creation of job positions for people that specialize in property management tech.

    New Technology – Finding a balance

    A thought that is often raised is that employees can become too dependent on tech, resulting in poor customer service. It may be easy to blame the technology, but employee performance is based on the employee, not the tech, at the end of the day. You will always have employees that are only interested in doing the bare minimum while others are invested in doing more. Employees that embrace new technology and use it properly will consistently achieve a balance and deliver a superior ...

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