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Nutrition Everyone Can Do! We talk all things nutrition, fitness and wellbeing.

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Nutrition Everyone Can Do! We talk all things nutrition, fitness and wellbeing.

    070. Where The Food Guidelines Really Came From

    070. Where The Food Guidelines Really Came From

    Belinda Fettke's research journey started when she was helping her husband Dr Gary Fettke save his medical license.  Belinda quickly discovered the influence of Religious Ideology, that had an anti-meat agenda. Belinda has since come to understand ‘when Ideology and Vested Interests align, they become very powerful allies…’
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    • 1 hr 14 min
    069. Food Addiciton

    069. Food Addiciton

    Find out why it is so hard for you to kick some certain nutrition habits.  Learn some simple ways to help you overcome this addiction. 


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    • 22 min
    068. Phil Maffetone: Music & the Brain

    068. Phil Maffetone: Music & the Brain

    Did you know that music is a part of wellness?  Dr Maffetone shares his journey on how he discovered he was a musician, and how music can help our health.

    Phil Maffetone's Music Site: https://maffetonemusic.com/albums

    Phil Maffetone's Wellness Site: https://philmaffetone.com/

    Intro Music by Phil Maffetone "Twice In A Lifetime"

    Middle song: "Flowers and Weeds" by Phil Maffetone

    Exit song: "Rosemary" by Phil Maffetone

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    067. 2019 Wrap Up

    067. 2019 Wrap Up

    2019 Wrap Up with your host Kate Cretsinger

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    066: Dr Gary Shlifer of Evolve Healthcare

    066: Dr Gary Shlifer of Evolve Healthcare

    Dr. Shlifer the founder of Evolve Healthcare in Los Angeles, focused on disease prevention and lifestyle optimization. He is also cofounder of Sapien, an organization focused on promoting health education and advancing health information technology.  Be sure to connect with Dr Gary on Instagram: drgaryevolve

    • 1 hr 31 min
    065: Dr Phil Maffetone Are You Overfat?

    065: Dr Phil Maffetone Are You Overfat?

    With the holidays upon us we are faced with more and more unhealthy choices. This episode talks all about sugar!  We discuss how to find out if you are over-fat, what the most accurate way to measure your health and what you can do to eliminate/reduce sugar. Article referenced https://philmaffetone.com/new-study-finds-americans-fatter-ever/

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    His music: http://maffetonemusic.com/


    • 1 hr 16 min

Customer Reviews

ecwilson6212 ,

Wow! Answered prayer!

This morning I prayed that God would show me the next step for what I need to do to lose weight. I’ve been at a loss for months now why I’m not seeing results. I wanted to hear more about Dr. Phil Maffetone’s method for better physical fitness and training. From K8’s interview with him I found more of her podcasts. After listening to the first few episodes on inflammation it occurred to me that God was answering my prayer. I literally have that answer: heal your gut, and start by cutting out grains. I’ll be honest, I’m super nervous to find out how my body responds. I’m afraid I’ll be super grouchy. But I’m also really excited at how this answer came about. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience so boldly K8!

KiddAM ,

Great interviewer

Loved the Phil Maffetone interview, host does a great job facilitating the conversation

SMB562 ,


I was fortunate to work with Kate for 12 weeks and learned a lot about the foods I was eating and how these foods affected gut health, workout performance, and sleep. These podcasts help keep me motivated and I’m still learning! While I’m consistent with my physical fitness, it is such a small piece to achieving my overall health goals.

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