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Bringing the public a precious load of edutainment each week, KaTR® News Network is the lifeblood of alternative journalism.

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Bringing the public a precious load of edutainment each week, KaTR® News Network is the lifeblood of alternative journalism.

    #92 "All Institutions of Power are There To #$% You!"

    #92 "All Institutions of Power are There To #$% You!"

    Kappo and The Rev return to the mainstream news to help people interpret what they see in the headlines and below. You can count on KaTR News to take in the lies and deceptions of our day and give you the lowdown in this entertainment news product. We normally don't publish our show but every now and again we create a great edutainment product and have to share it with the public at large.

    Topics Include:
    • How To Read/Watch The News
    • Trump wants to buy Greenland
    • Insider Lefty Politics with The Rev
    • Google Censorship Has Ruined The Internet
    • We Donate 80 Billion Dollars to Tulsi Gabbard\
    • Shipping Washington DC back to Rome, Brick By Brick
    • George Washington was actually King George III
    • Creating the Silence of the "Censored Culture"
    • The Epstein Monster Rises From The Grave
    • You Might Be Seeing The Pinky on the Hidden Hand
    • Figuring Out What is Theater and What Isn't
    • Everything is Pushing Us Towards the Externalization of the Hierarchy
    • Blood Rituals on Top of Pyramids on High Holy Days will be Mainstream
    • The Allure of "True Crime" Podcasts and the Hypocrisy of Modern Outrage

    Contact us: kappoandtherev@gmail.com
    Website: www.kappoandtherev.com

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    "Thundergod Vine" KaTR News Network Launch Show

    "Thundergod Vine" KaTR News Network Launch Show

    This is one of the first ever segments of Kappo and The Rev on the KaTR News Network! Listen as these pie-eyed youngsters take to the air and foster ideas that would come to fruition years later. We examine the concepts of the 'Thundergod Vine' and it's possible healing implications. This was back in the day when the idea of healing agents being held from the public was a semi-new idea for Kappo and The Rev. Now days we've well-exposed the system as the fraudulent beast that it is, so this episode has a high novelty factor.

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    The Time To Leap From The Beast is Now

    The Time To Leap From The Beast is Now

    It is time people! Leap from the evil platforms that make merchandise of your data and warp your mind with addictive platforms! It is time to re-define yourself outside big-social-media. Create your own personal sites, blogs, and streams! Re-connect with friends and family in the old ways, or create new ones!

    If we move in unison we can topple and confuse this beast that attempts to craft and control our every more. We can never destroy it, nor should we desire to. What we can do is create the "Class of 2018" of people who reject the control grid program. A fresh community of reality minded people, who seek to reduce 'screen time' in favor of re-discovering what being a free, autonomous individual is all about.

    You can be assured that the life you find on the other side is an improvement from that of a 'scroll slave'. You can still use the internet and technology. You can keep in contact with everyone you know. You can still create and share the art you create. You just have to take a more active role in doing so.

    It will still track you. It will still control the 'authorities'. It always will. However, we all have a powerful choice to reject the artificial personas, system strawmen, and false reality that has been placed before us.

    We need to put the problem into focus and plan solutions. [continue?]

    Even though he is a metaphor it as his system, this 'Beast'. I'm not a religious man, however I do believe there is a core truth found within the bible.

    "Cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life;
    ... In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return."

    To live out our purest purpose we have to live as close to this 'curse' as possible by coaxing our sustenance from the dust and living in concert with nature's perfect timing.

    At first man was left with little but his hands and a blank template provided by nature. He built tools, and before long there was man 'with tool' and man 'without tool' and nowhere to stand in between. It was the first buffer man had between this 'curse' and himself and it only grew from there. With every new innovation, another step away from the curse.

    It didn't take long for the entrepreneurial spirit to take over and before too long 'The Beast' was born. It is the system that delivers man as far from the curse as he can get. It took even less time for men to learn to ride the beast. It was the security of the Kings castle walls that allowed him to be an utter tyrant. That's why no matter how crazy this control gets we will accept it, so long as it comes with that cushion from 'The Curse'.

    Our way of life now is only the grand continuation of something that began with man in his current state and won't end until he extinguishes himself. This fact is encoded into all the ancient texts, it follows a timeline and a pattern that modern man knows little of. As this all unfolds, there will be those who discover this and make their lives in lockstep with 'The Curse'. This way there is no measure of control to hold sway over you, short of immediate murderous violence.

    There is so much to discover about the intricate history and details of the Beast and it's many riders but little of it can ever be disseminated on these censored platforms and the amount of dis-information makes solo efforts very difficult. Once you've learned enough however, it becomes theater and anyone worth their salty hides take the next step purposeful and knowing step.

    It's up to each person to decide how much 'hair of the beast' they want in their life.

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    Kappo and The Rev #91 "Death By Screen Time"

    Kappo and The Rev #91 "Death By Screen Time"

    Kappo and The Rev continue in their Quest For The Pulitzer on the KaTR News Network.

    • 1 hr
    Kappo and The Rev #90 "AI Crushes Humanity While Al Distracts The Goys"

    Kappo and The Rev #90 "AI Crushes Humanity While Al Distracts The Goys"

    Intro: Welcome to the New Format!
    Theme: "Thank You For Being A Fiend"
    How Not To Treat A Lady: Say Anything Sexual, Ever.
    • Victim Culture
    • No Statute of Limitations on "Allegations"
    • Heroes of Hypocrisy "Liberals and Conservatives"
    Bad News: "Block Chain A.I."
    • Bit Coin Greed Fuels AI Takeover
    • Russian Crypto-Currency Launched (US Left in Dust)
    • A.I. Citizenship
    This Week In Truth:
    • Flat Earth Conference
    • Youtube Censorship
    • Mainstream Coverage "Auto-Hoaxers"
    • Slaughter-bots


    • 1 hr 9 min

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