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Keith and his ex-girlfriend talk shit.

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Keith and his ex-girlfriend talk shit.

    3574: So You’re Going to Prison w/ Jesse Crosson

    3574: So You’re Going to Prison w/ Jesse Crosson

    New guest Jesse Crosson, who has been out of prison for one year, joins us as we discuss his two decades in prison, his rehabilitation, and his life’s work in prison reform. AND KEITH PASSED HIS LEARNER DRIVER PERMIT TEST!

    • 1 hr 26 min
    3573: Tony Pizza w/ Danny Vega

    3573: Tony Pizza w/ Danny Vega

    Danny Vega joins us along with his usual group of assholes, and Keith and Chemda help break it all down. They got pants-shitting, Trump’s stolen classified records, annoying nicknames, what it means to be a child, and the rules to ruining a good time. Enjoy!

    • 1 hr 21 min
    3572: COVID-19 IS OVER! (if you want it)

    3572: COVID-19 IS OVER! (if you want it)

    COVID-19 IS OVER! At least that’s what the CDC is having us believe. Keith and Chemda discuss that big news as well as actress Anne Heche not being expected to survive her intoxicated 90 mph car crashes. Disgraced actor, sexual assaulter, and cannibal-wannabe Armie Hammer’s new job is selling timeshares on the Cayman Islands, and the duo tries to make sense of it.

    • 27 min
    3571: Florida Man w/ Samantha Ruddy

    3571: Florida Man w/ Samantha Ruddy

    Samantha Ruddy makes her long-awaited return to KATG, and she helps discuss her personal life as well as Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home being raided by the FBI, Facebook giving private messages about an illegal abortion between a daughter and her mom to local authorities, and The Flash’s Ezra Miller robbing bottles of alcohol from a Vermont home.

    • 58 min
    3570: It Doesn’t Matter

    3570: It Doesn’t Matter

    Keith and Chemda share the top stories with you, which includes Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian’s break-up after 9 months, John Lequizamo calling out James Franco, Alex Jones being forced to pay an additional $45.2 million to the first family in his Sandy Hook-related trials, and Alec Baldwin’s thoughts and prayers to Anne Heche following her two 100 mph drunk driving crashes.

    • 45 min
    3569: Infowars w/ Courtney Maginnis

    3569: Infowars w/ Courtney Maginnis

    Court is in session! The fabulous Courtney Maginnis rejoins KATG to help discuss why we live in New York City, Netflix’s Trainwreck: Woodstock ‘99, and an 18-year-old Lollapalooza security guard who texted her supervisor that there’s a Lollapalooza mass shooting to get off of work early. A Russian court sentenced American Brittney Griner to 9 years in prison, Alex Jones’s first fake news trial cost him $4.1 million, and Kevin Spacey was sentenced to pay House of Cards producers $31 million over sexual harrassment. The news is hot and heavy, but with Courtney, everything is easy and breezy, baby.

    • 1 hr 22 min

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
1.6K Ratings

1.6K Ratings

Phoen ,


Love this podcast so much, I got a tattoo of their dot com. Over 3000 episodes and not slowing down, never a dull episode and always entertaining.

ClintD74 ,

One of the first, still one of the best

Aces ten

TheLexKin ,

The best pod in the world

I would give it ten stars if I could.

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