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Welcome to Kiepersol Texas Podcast - The Legendary Food, Wine & Spirits Destination. We talk about local events, Texas Wine and community. Located in Tyler Texas. Winery, Distillery, Restaurant, Vineyard, Bed & Breakfast, Event Venues and more!

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Welcome to Kiepersol Texas Podcast - The Legendary Food, Wine & Spirits Destination. We talk about local events, Texas Wine and community. Located in Tyler Texas. Winery, Distillery, Restaurant, Vineyard, Bed & Breakfast, Event Venues and more!

    Texas Wine Month 2020 | @texaswinepod Shelly Wilfong & Ron Martin | ep 25 Kiepersol Texas Podcast

    Texas Wine Month 2020 | @texaswinepod Shelly Wilfong & Ron Martin | ep 25 Kiepersol Texas Podcast

    October is Texas state Wine Month!   

    Shelly Wilfong - @texaswinepod joins us to talk about Texas wine, her podcast, and using quarantine to help educate people to understand the issues facing the Texas wine industry!  You can also find some of the stories that Shelly has written on the Texas Wine Lover website txwinelover.com ! You can listen to her podcast "This Texas Wine" on all of the major podcast platforms.   

    Shelly's recommendations: 

    1) Texas has a lot of unique varietals of grapes growing, so visit a Texas Winery and let them guide you to find something you like in their tasting room.  

    2) Texas Rosé is a great goto wine with a wide range of styles, from dry to sweet options.   

    Shelly is dying to try the Kiepersol Fizzy Vit - canned wine in the Dallas area. We are working on getting our cans in the stores around the DFW area. The closest location to Dallas that has our product is Brookshire's Grocery Company in Forney, Tx. ** CORRECTION: There is no longer a Brookshire's in Rockwall.   If you're willing to help get our wines, especially Fizzy Vit in your local shop, you can request they carry Kiepersol Wines through our distributor Southern Glaziers.  

     With the shutdowns we didn't have an opportunity to release more podcasts earlier this year, so we take time to revisit with Ron Martin and look at footage from an East Texas winery tour we took in late 2019 and early 2020. 

    Ron also gives some tips on how to celebrate Texas Wine Month:  

    1) Go buy good Texas Wine. In retail or directly from the winery 

    2) Ask your favorite Texas restaurants if they have Texas Wines. If they don't encourage them to carry them! 

     3) Use a website or app to find some amazing Texas Vineyards & Wineries and go visit them! txwinelover.com is Ron's goto.  4) If you see if the bottle you're drinking is really a Texas wine   

      - If it says "For Sale in Texas" it's not made in Texas    

     - If it says "American Appellation" it's probably not a Texas wine    

     - If it says "Texas High Plains", "Texas Estate" or "Texas Wine" it is a Texas Wine  

    Ron and Michael visited 3 East Texas Wineries: 

    - Pella Legna - Tyler, Tx - Briar Creek Vineyards 

    - Whitehouse, Tx - 3 P's in a Vine - Athens, Tx

    For those listening you can watch the short video from this podcast here: https://youtu.be/2Nvke_KQLP0

     Thank you for tuning in to the podcast! Please subscribe to the podcast, leave us a review and keep up to date with things at @kiepersoltexas on social media!

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    Alex Lee | Sense of Place, Terroir & Kiepersol Estate Grown Grapes | ep 24

    Alex Lee | Sense of Place, Terroir & Kiepersol Estate Grown Grapes | ep 24

    Michael asks Alex about a saying that he keeps hearing in the wine community: "Opening up a drinking a bottle of wine is like experiencing a sense of place captured in a bottle, from a specific time and part of the world."

    Alex explains that there is a word for this experience and it's called "Terroir" (terˈwär). Often referred to as "the land" or in this case Sense of Place. Kiepersol is very terroir driven and grapes are grown 100% on the estate at Kiepersol. This means all the wines we make are grown exclusively on our land. Drinking Kiepersol Wines give a true sense of East Texas captured in a bottle. Alex works with the grapes as they grow and allows them to express themselves, highlighting their own naturally flavorful, elegant and fruit-forward characteristics. This scientific approach allows for Kiepersol to create wines that many people can enjoy, with low bitterness and a smooth balanced experience from the moment it touches your mouth, to the finish.

    Drinking a bottle of Kiepersol wine is an invitation. We welcome you to join us and drink the wine right here! However, enjoying a Kiepersol wines halfway across the country is like bringing a little bit of Kiepersol with you!

    Alex talks about the Kiepersol Artize and Azuca Artize wines. Artize is an Afrikaans (language) Word that means "Artistry". Azuca Artize Means "Sweet Artistry".

    Many wine drinkers from all over the world love to drink a Pinot Noir wine. Since Kiepersol is located in East Texas, we aren't able to grow Pinot Noir. So we made Kiepersol Artize, a red blend, to mimic the same characteristics of a Pinot Noir wine. This is a lighter wine, with low acidity and no bitterness that highlights the fruit-forward characteristics of our grapes. The Kiepersol Azuca Artize is made with very similar ideas in mind as the Artize, but more of a semi-sweet approach. You can pick up the 2012 Vintages of the Kiepersol Artize and Azuca Artize in the Winery Tasting Room at Kiepersol or in retail stores throughout Texas.

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    Alex Lee - Kiepersol Winemaker talks Bourbon Barrel-aged Merlot | ep 23

    Alex Lee - Kiepersol Winemaker talks Bourbon Barrel-aged Merlot | ep 23

    Alex Lee is now officially the Kiepersol Winemaker! 

    On this episode, we talk about Kiepersol Bourbon Barrel-aged Merlot, the 2016 vintage of the Bourbon Barrel Merlot and how unique it is to have a Winery, Distillery and Vineyard all on the same property. 

    "If anyone orders a Merlot, I AM NOT **** DRINKING MERLOT." - Sideways (movie from 2004) 

    Sideways the movie gave Merlot sales such a bad wrap for many years, but Merlot is a really a high-quality grape and wine throughout the world. At Kiepersol, we especially love our Merlot and what the East Texas Terrior expresses in our wine! Kiepersol Merlot is not as bold as Cab Sauv, but has very fruit-forward characteristics. This makes for a bottle of very delicious wine and it pairs so well with a nice dinner meal. 

    Kiepersol Wines are made to be very comfortable wines and highlight fruit-forward characteristics. Since we've had such success with our Merlot, we've embraced it by taking our Kiepersol Bourbon Barrels, which aged Jimmy's Bourbon and started aging our Kiepersol Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon in those barrels! This allows for the marriage between the Kiepersol Merlot and the bourbon soaked barrels which add flavor to the wine in a wonderful way. 

    With the Holidays coming up, this wine pairs really well with those smokey meats and hearty meals. 

    Come visit us or purchase this wine online: shop.kiepersol.com 

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    Alex Lee - Assistant Wine Maker talks about the 2018 White Zinfandel and Vit | ep 22

    Alex Lee - Assistant Wine Maker talks about the 2018 White Zinfandel and Vit | ep 22

    Alex Lee - Assistant Wine Maker talks about the 2018 White Zinfandel and Vit ep 22 | Kiperersol Texas Podcast 

    Today we are joined by Alex Lee, the Assistant Wine Maker at Kiepersol. Alex has worked within the company for over 6 years now, starting off in the Restaurant at Kiepersol, then the Tasting Room Manager for the Winery and has been in the winery production facility for the last couple of years. 

    White Zinfandel is considered a "blush wine", which comes from the Red Zinfandel grapes, but is made like it's a rosé. "Blush" will almost always refer to a sweeter wine, while "Rosé" can actually be sweet or dry. This 2018 Kiepersol White Zinfandel has some strawberry-kiwi notes to it and is very juicy! This will be perfect for summer and nice lighter meals will be enhanced by pairing this wine with it. 

    2018 Kiepersol Vit (meaning "white" in Afrikaans) is a proprietary blend, which stylistically achieves the same goal in flavor, based on what the grapes taste like in that vintage. So it's not really possible to give the exact grape blend, as it changes from vintage to vintage, to achieve a Riesling style, semi-sweet wine. This 2018 Kiepersol Vit is very fresh, crisp, semi-sweet and pairs well with spicy food or even fatty meat cuts or can be enjoyed all by itself! 

    Alex recently spent some time in Napa Valley, California doing some research and was able to compare Texas Wine to Napa Valley. Alex's takeaway from his visit is that Texas Wine, specifically Kiepersol Wine, has a lot more "comfort" compared to Napa Valley Wines, while still highlighting the Texas terroir. Napa wines typically are very bold and beefy, but very different. 

    Texas is one of the fasted grape growing and winemaking regions in the nation. Kiepersol has been in business since 1999, making this our 20th year and we were the 34th bonded winery (since prohibition). There are now over 350 active wineries in Texas! Texas wine not only offers that comfort, but we have wine unlike any other region in the world. Alex recommends anyone interested in wine tasting really needs to experience Texas Wines. 

    Alex is a big fan of Port Wine and has been trying different Texas Port wines, other than Kiepersol's. He really likes Haak Vineyards & Winery Port. Alex likes Messina Hof Winery, William Chris Vineyards and a lot of other great wineries set up in Fredricksburg, Texas. One of our East Texas neighbors Los Pinos Ranch Vineyards - Pittsburg, TX just opened up a location down Fredricksburg area, which is exciting for the Texas Wine world! Alex talks about how Kiepersol embraces "competition" in our backyard, because it's more about the community growing together, rather than tearing each other down. We want people to have a great experience when they try Texas wine. By having more wineries show up, we will encourage each other to make a bottle of better wine, every vintage, every style, every time! 

    We look forward to having Alex back on the podcast to go more in-depth with some other wines and geek out over wine!


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    Lauren Alexander | ep 21

    Lauren Alexander | ep 21


    Lauren Alexander | ep 21 - Kiepersol Texas Podcast

    Lauren Alexander joined us in the Square of Downtown Tyler, Texas! Lauren grew up in Bullard, Tx and grew up playing music since she was a child! Lauren's parents were supportive of her as they had lots of instruments and equipment around all the time. Lauren started off playing country music and has evolved over the years! She now is an Americana singer and songwriter. 

    Lauren recommends visiting Tyler, Tx if you're wanting to visit a city that hasn't lost it's identity in the small town feel! Lauren reflects on how Tyler has grown and changed since she was a child! There are a lot more places to go experience live music and there is a growing culture of very talented musicians! In fact you can see/hear Meredith Crawford and Chris Rasco playing at an event in the Square, while we were recording the podcast! Meredith was on Episode 10 of the podcast if you wanted to learn more about her! 

    Lauren record an album about 5 years ago, but she has been in a place of singing, song writing and playing shows since! She is planning on releasing a new album towards the end of 2019. Lauren is a young mother, who is finding new inspiration for her music and work-life balance. She use to find inspiration for her music through traveling around and touring. She absolutely enjoys being a mother, which has created a whole new perspective on life! Lauren's creative process in making her music, starts off by using voice memos on her phone to talk out or establish lyrics first. Then she teams up with her husband, Richie, helps write the music to match the lyrics. Lauren has enjoyed playing music with Richie, which has freed up her creative space to be able to incorporate unique instruments into her music, such as the harmonica! If you haven't heard Lauren I'd highly suggest listening to her as she uses the harmonica so beautifully! 

    Lauren enjoys some of our Tyler Local Eats such as Stanley's Famous Pit Bar-B-Q and Cork. Food & Drink! She has played at both locations, but their food is great and well worth checking out if you're ever visiting us! 

    Michael actually met Lauren at Cork while she was hosting an Open Mic Night! Some people are a little apprehensive about going to a restaurant or bar that has an Open Mic Night. Lauren weighs in on the benefits and fun of attending and playing at Open Mic Nights. It's okay that people come up to play a song and it isn't very good. Success is built on failures. So if you're wanting to try out new songs, music, poetry, spoken word, etc, then find a local mic night and do you best! If you're wanting to hear some great local up and coming artists, attend these businesses that are hosting these events! Support local business and artists! 

    Lauren plays and original song for us, "The one that got away"!  


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    Cori Moore | The Diva Du 👠 | itri365 | ep 20

    Cori Moore | The Diva Du 👠 | itri365 | ep 20

     Cori Moore | The Diva Du 👠 | itri365 | Kiepersol Texas Podcast ep 20

    Hosted by Kelly Doherty

    Cori talks about iTRI 365’s The Diva Du race right here in the Vineyard at Kiepersol! One of Cori’s major goals is to empower women to empower women! Her platform to creating success in empowering women is through the ability to create races/events and coach women of all circumstances that postively encourages participation. This is an all female duathlon that is unlike anything else in the world! 🚴🏽‍♀️👟🚴🏽‍♀️
    If you’re interested in signing up, please visit the link in the comments! If you just want to come and cheer these women on, especially all the men out their, please come visit this Saturday! We have plenty of wine, cheese/meats, cocktails and fun to be had at this event! We do offer tours of Winery and Distillery at Kiepersol at 2 pm and 4 pm on Saturdays!
    Cori’s favorite locally own and family friendly restaurants in Tyler, Texas are:
    Fresh by Brookshire's
    True Vine Brewing Company
    Sola Bread Co. 

    More articles or resources on Cori Moore: 



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5.0 out of 5
7 Ratings

7 Ratings

Fenway823 ,

Ep1 and Ep2

I love the passion of these podcasts.
Marnelle is well versed and very knowledgeable about her craft and Mike seems to be a good interviewer.
I can’t wait for Ep3

angerty1 ,

Great for Wine Lovers

This is a promising podcast for wine lovers in Texas!

Nogrial ,

Kiepersol Texas is an amazing destination winery, with great insight on the Texas Wine World

I think that people are going to love this podcast as it grows! Kiepersol takes pride in being a Texas Winery, where they want to provide an opportunity to bring value to listeners outside of the Kiepersol estate-grown vineyard. We love their products, we’re excited to see what other opportunities and stories they have to bring to us in this podcast.

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