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Talking wrestling when the mood strikes. Classics, Joshi, NJPW, Independents, Filsinger Games & much more.

King's Road Pro Wrestling Podcast Sam Fain

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Talking wrestling when the mood strikes. Classics, Joshi, NJPW, Independents, Filsinger Games & much more.

    Blood & Guts & More!

    Blood & Guts & More!

    Thoughts on AEW's Blood & Guts show from the opening match to the final blood soaked screenshot. I'm going over what worked for me, what didn't, and where I think things might go from here. Plus some thoughts on people who can't seem to get past Jungle Boy's size, the finish of the Blood & Guts match, and the use of weapons in the cage. All that and some quick bites on AJPW Champion Carnival, NJPW Takagi vs. Ospreay, and more!

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    King's Road Chapter II - The New Generation Emerges

    King's Road Chapter II - The New Generation Emerges

    In this episode we pick up pretty much where we left off in Chapter I. Genichiro Tenryu is the new AJPW Triple Crown Champion, but his feud with Jumbo Tsuruta continues. How does it end and where do we go from there are the big questions we answer in this outing. The Four Pillars of Wrestling also make their first appearances in our story and we chart Mitsuharu Misawa’s life up until May of 1990. What elements of his upbringing drove him to wrestling greatness? What obstacles did he overcome? And who helped him along the way? All of these things and much more are covered in Chapter 2 of King’s Road: A 90s All Japan Retrospective.

    In addition to the context and background information discussed, we also take a look at the following four matches:

    * Tenryu vs Tsuruta 10/11/89 - Triple Crown III
    * Tenryu vs Tsuruta 4/19/90 - Final Outing
    * Tiger Mask II & Toshiaki Kawada vs Fuyuki & Yatsu 5/14/90 - The Mask Comes Off
    * Misawa, Kobashi, & Taue vs. Jumbo, Kabuki, & Fuchi 5/26/90 - New Generation Emerges

    Missing Pieces -

    Genichiro Tenryu left AJPW after his defeat in April of 1990 at the hands of Jumbo Tsuruta to be the spokesmodel for Megane Super - an eyeglass maker in Japan. However, the company seemed to have a dual motive in hiring Tenryu as they would launch a wrestling company shortly thereafter - Super World of Sports. The SWS was founded with the motto “Straight and Strong”. Megane threw a ton of money around to recruit wrestlers - mostly from All Japan - in an attempt to form a legitimate threat to the other big two - NJPW & AJPW. They even had a short-lived partnership with the WWF and promoted 3 shows at the Tokyo Dome with Vince McMahon’s company. SWS would not last and became a victim of both the economic downturn in Japan and perhaps their own overreach. Tenryu would go on to found another company - Wrestling and Romance, better known as WAR. Eventually he found his way back to All Japan and enjoyed quite a bit of success in his late 40s and early 50s capturing both the IWGP Heavyweight title and then the AJPW Triple Crown twice more.

    Horst Hoffman was a journeyman wrestler in the truest sense of the word. Born in Germany, he spent most of his early career wrestling in his homeland and honing his considerable technical skills. Hoffman caught the notice of fellow European Billy Robinson and found his way to the AWA for a time where he competed in upper mid-card and main event matches. Hoffman has been described as a shooter and his eventual exposure to a wider audience provided all the evidence one needed to apply that appellation. When he made his Japan debut in 1972 for International Wrestling Enterprises, it’s possible that an 11 year old Misawa first became acquainted with him, though he would go to even wider exposure in Japan when he began wrestling for AJPW in 1975. He competed at the highest level for the promotion notching victories over the Destroyer and Pat O’Connor and engaging in main event contests with Jumbo Tsuruta and Giant Baba. His final recorded All Japan tour came in 1977 when he teamed with Billy Robinson in the precursor to the Real World Tag League. They finished in the middle of the pack with 7 points. A minor figure in pro wrestling history by today’s standards, he was no less incredible in the ring and is highly esteemed by his peers and fans alike. If nothing else, he provided inspiration to a young Misawa when he needed it most and an older Misawa would pay a suitable tribute by adopting his ring colors and tights.

    00:00:00 Introduction
    00:10:00 Tenryu as champ
    00:11:00 10/11/89 Tenryu v Tsuruta Triple Crown
    00:17:00 Where next for Tenryu?
    00:17:42 4/19/90 Tsuruta v Tenryu Triple Crown
    00:24:00 Sayonara Tenryu
    00:24:26 Where do we go from here? Tiger Mask
    00:26:18 Mitsuharu Misawa
    00:34:43 5/14/90 Tiger Mask II & Toshiaki Kawada vs Fuyuki & Yatsu - The Unmasking
    00:36:21 What do I say?
    00:36:54 5/26/90 Misawa, Kobashi, & Taue vs. Jumbo, Kabuki, & Fuchi - The

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    Mania Night 2 Reaction Show

    Mania Night 2 Reaction Show

    Night 2 of WrestleMania is in the books and I have some thoughts. What worked? What didn't? I'm feeling good and ready to share my opinions on the matches, angles, production values, and everything in between.

    • 1 hr 3 min
    'Mania Night 1 Reaction & Mania Weekend Indies

    'Mania Night 1 Reaction & Mania Weekend Indies

    Immediate reaction to Wrestlemania 37 Night 1! What do I think of the main event? What about Bad Bunny? Omos? Cesaro? It's all here. Plus, I talk a walk through the last few days of indie wrestling, especially that showcased on IWTV. It's good to be back and talk a little wrestling. Give it a listen and join the conversation on Twitter @kopw72

    • 1 hr 5 min
    Filsinger Games Perennial Preview & 2020 Review

    Filsinger Games Perennial Preview & 2020 Review

    Todd and Mike join me to preview the upcoming Filsinger Games Perennial 2021 virtual con. We go behind the scenes a bit, discuss the schedule, and even have a couple of exclusive reveals! We also present our top 5 game cards for 2020 from each game line (CotG, Legends, & Indies). Head to filsingergames.com to sign up for the Perennial - $10 for tournament play, $7 for non-tournament participation - and join us on Saturday, January 23rd, for a day filled with the fun of galactic proportions!

    • 1 hr 40 min
    Happy New Year KoPW Style

    Happy New Year KoPW Style

    Happy New Year! KoPW Style... What does that mean? I'm not 100% sure but it probably involves vulnerability, humor, charm, and the search for perspective on life, love, & death. Oh, and wrestling! Lots of wrestling! Do I succeed? Who knows? What I do know is this past week has been a cathartic experience. I talk about Brodie Lee, AEW's tribute show, the past year, what's behind us, and what's ahead. Plus, what's on my bookshelf, who do I have to thank, and what are some of the people and things I'm grateful for. All that and a promise to you, listeners. Take my hand and come along for a ride...

    • 57 min

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5.0 out of 5
10 Ratings

10 Ratings

Big giant Wilbur ,

I’m very impressed

The King Of Pro Wrest win podcast is very professional and is probably only going to get better keep up the good work guys

lilcap ,


Informative and interesting, these guys genuinely enjoy the art of wrestling. Diving through the archives the past few months, and following along with the G1, a lot of what they discuss helps bring insight to NJPW and wrestling as a whole, there’s less of a focus on punditry and more focus on analysis which is refreshing. Good balance between the two.

- J (@bigpawsonapup)

WilfredNJPWUS ,

Best Organic Pod for Wrestling

I've found these guys on Reddit and we both got into NJPW blog/podcast at the same time. They are super intelligent, have great views and are a solid podcast with a big future. Fantastic stuff and keep it up!

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